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Fat ass bbw bella smothers milf mia takes scum wad on her tits
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##################################### Part 2 Jerry had gone into the bathroom and masturbated to get over the thoughts and feelings he was having about two girls. After pumping a massive stream into the shower he dressed and decided to go out. As he walked down the hall he looked into Nita's room and saw the two naked bodies entwined in each other.

His cock jumped at the sight and his mind went wild. He could not imagine anything sexier than his sister and her friend naked in bed with him.

Then he thought, "dam you fool how old is she, you are going to end up in jail yet. Better stick to fucking your mother and sister, at least they won't tell the cops or anyone else for that matter." The next day Nita and Sarah had gone to town to check out some clothes. Jerry had just stayed home. June came home at noon and found Jerry in the back yard on a longue reading a book. She looked at him in his shorts and T shirt and got all horny again.

She went back and called the office to tell them she would not be back after lunch. Then she went and changed into a very short sundress. Jerry heard the door open and looked to see devyn heart rides step bros thick cock with her pussy mother coming out in a very sexy little dress. His mind and cock remembered the other day. Putting the book down sat up and looked at the sexy woman walking toward him.

"So is that the way you dress for work?" "No, I am not going back to work this afternoon. I know you are leaving tomorrow and will not be back until school is out so I wanted to make the most of the time you have left here." Before Jerry could stand up she was bending over him and pulled his T shirt up and off. "You have such a nice body Big natural tits milf threesome and skinny short hair first time big tit stepmom gets a want to see it." She then kissed him on the lips while her hands filled with his hair.

Her tongue pushed its way into his mouth and he responded in kind. His hands reached out and touched her leg at mid-thigh. The feel of her smooth soft skin beneath his palms sent a wonderful sensation through him and his hands then moved up the outside of her legs. She shivered at the touch of his hands. They sent a tingling sensation through her body as they slowly moved up her legs. She had not worn any panties and so she moaned deeply as his hands reached her bare butt cheeks.

He was a little surprised to realize she was not wearing panties but then he just cupped each butt cheek and squeezed and pull them apart. He then inched his finger toward her now wet pussy.

She was moaning deep inside herself as his finger touched the edge of her lips. Her lips moved to his shoulder and she then bit into him hard as his fingers started to probe her pussy.

He slipped the middle finger from each hand into her and pulled them back stretching her pussy open. This allowed him to add the ring finger of each hand and he pulled more. She moaned and then bit harder on his neck and shoulder. Her hands had now moved down his back and her finger nails were digging into his flesh. He pulled her pussy as wide as possible and put his little finger in. Now her pussy held 6 of his fingers.

His cock was straining his shorts so he pushed her back and stood and dropped his shorts. Then naked he moved to her but she just pushed him back to sit on the little stool. She then straddled him and sat on his lap. The sun dress was around her waist and so the nice hard cock had no trouble finding the wet warm pussy.

She easily impaled herself on it and let out a loud moan. Jerry moaned as his cock found itself deep in a hot wet pussy. Then he felt her pussy muscle tighten around his cock and relax. She did that several time and it drove Jerry to the brink. He had never pinky and taylor jones and ricstrong many women and the fact one could grip his cock with her pussy muscle drove him wild.

He pumped a load of cum deep into her and she just tightened her hold on his cock and then bounced up and down. Being young and very healthy his cock did not go limp and so she was able to continue to fuck until she reached her orgasm.

She had not taken the sundress off and that was not bad as right after her orgasm, and she was sitting upeksha swarnamali sri lankan actress sex storys dawnlod his lap all calmed down, Nita had walked by the kitchen window and seen her mother sitting on her brothers lap. She had yelled hi out the window.

This was just enough warning so that Jerry could pull his shorts up as Nita had come out of the house. Nita looked at Jerry then her mother and thought; no way could this not be happening.

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She would not believe that her mother would want Jerry or he her, besides she was OLD. Still there was something between them that she could not explain. Jerry looked so good in just his shorts and the bare chest was a real turn on. She walked up to him, "hello brother" and kissed his cheek. It was then she noticed the marks on his shoulder and neck. She ran a hand down his back and then felt the welts from the nail scratches. She looked at her mother, then Jerry. This is going to get very extremely tight asshole kimberly moss gets treated like a superb tiny bitch she thought and walked away.

She was confused and a little angry. June entered Nita's room; this was going to be the strangest mother daughters talk ever. The talk between June and Nita had been long and rather difficult. June first told Nita she knew about Jerry and her and then went on to explain how she needed sex and that all it was between her and Jerry. It took Nita awhile to digest all but then she just accepted it and figured she was just going to have to share Jerry. The trouble is she was beginning to think she might have to share him with Sarah as well.

She was thinking that there just might not be enough of him to go around and she might have to start looking for another cock to fill her pussy. It was almost a month before Jerry returned but it was still before school was out. Jerry could not wait or go without any longer. He had called ahead with the excuse of confirming the job but his mother knew better. He pulled up in the early evening and as soon as the car stopped Nita was running out to greet him.

There was no longer any pretense about sex as it was all out in the open, well almost, Jerry was not sure what his mother and sister had talked about exactly. Nita jumped into his arms and kissed him with such passion. Her legs were wrapped around him so tight he lucky newcomer has a chance to prove himself in front of two whores she would break something.

She was wearing a Tshirt and shorts and no bra. His hands were under the shirt and feeling the bare skin of her back and then dropped to hold her butt. They parted long enough to get his things from car to house and then June greeted Jerry with a kiss that was not a motherly one. He saw her coming and instantly got a massive ereection. She simply warped her arms around his neck and planted a hot hard kiss on his lips.

She pushed her tongue into his mouth and sought his. She ground her hips into his crotch and felt his cock jump to life. As soon as her tongue found his and they started to dance he lost it and wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in close. When she ground her hips into him he simply moaned and let his hands drop to cup each butt cheek.

He squeezed and pulled her ass to him. Then he realized Nita was still around and broke the kiss and stepped back. Nita was on the other side of the room just smiling at them. Jerry now looked at both and was really confused. Taking his bag he headed to the room he usually used followed by June. "I guess I better explain a few things quickly before we get too involved.

I had a talk with Nita and I explained about you and me and how I just needed some sex and also that I know you two have been together. So I am not sure how Nita will take it all but no matter I want you and I want you soon." With that she walked up and kissed Jerry in the most passionate manner possible. His body wanted her and so he just reached up under the blouse and released her bra and then lifted the top over her head.

He broke the kiss to lick and suck her nipples while he opened her shorts. He kissed 5 star tits in a gangbang her belly as he pulled the shorts and panties down. While she stepped out of the shorts he licked and tongued whipped her pussy. Soon they were on the bed and his cock was deep in her pussy.

To get better penetration he had lifted her legs to his shoulder and was fucking her hard and deep. His hands were squeezing her breasts and his fingers were pinching and pulling nipples. She started to moan as her body twisted and bucked with every thrust. Nita had let her mother go to Jerry's room as she said she wanted to tell him about their talk but when she had not returned she went to see what was taking so long.

Then as she neared Jerry's room she knew why as she heard her mother's moans of passion. She was not sure what or how she felt but she peeked into the room she saw Jerry and her mother. She instantly became wet and very excited.

Nita was looking at Jerry fuck his mother, her mother, and she was very much enjoying it. Jerry had bent her in half with the legs on his shoulder. She thought she wants to try that with him. She was also hoping he would have enough energy to fuck her tonight. June used her pussy muscle to squeeze his cock and that caused him to moan and holler out, "oh god you got a tight pussy, oh fuck I'm going to cum you wonderful bitch." He then pumped a massive load into her cunt and she screamed, "yes fuck me you rotten bastard fuck you mother hard, fill my cunt with cum, yes." June's hips bucked up high and her body stiffened and she racked his back with her nails.

Nita was so turned that without any thought she had her hand in her panties rubbing her pussy and clit. The other hand was rubbing and playing with her breasts. As she reached her peak she moaned and said to her, "yes fuck her you bastard and then you fuck sexrani mukharji xxx story in, yes oh yes fuck me." Well almost to herself as the words had escaped her lips.

Jerry lowered her legs and then bent down and kissed her softly. "Well that was a very nice welcome home. I think I better take a shower and then I am a little hungry." June got up and looked at the very sexy man standing there and smiled as she took her clothes and walked out naked. June thought no sense putting on clothes as she knew Nita had watched them fucking and so knew her mother was naked and seen everything.

She went to her bathroom and took a shower. Jerry had gone into the main bathroom and started to shower when Nita walked in. "So you have enough teen eager to make her own sex tape to give me some loving." She was naked and just walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

Her tongue sought his and then the tongues danced. Jerry was young and Nita was good looking her cute breast and the tight pussy with just a start of a brush turned him on. His hands went down her back and cupped her butt cheeks with a squeeze. As he lifted up her legs wrapped around his waist and the feel of her nipples and breast rubbing against his chest sent shivers through his body.

As he was young and his libido very healthy his cock stood at attention. It was curvy sweetheart rides on a weenie hardcore and blowjob against the crack between her but cheeks.

Jerry used his finger to pull her but cheeks apart and worked his middle fingers to her pussy lips. He then parted the lips and guided his cock head between them. She stiffened and moaned as the head of his cock slipped past her lips. She then broke the kiss and bit into his neck and moved to his shoulder. Jerry turned and pushed her to the wall and felt his cock move deeper into her tight little pussy.

She was young and not fully grown so her pussy was tight. There was some enjoyable pain involved. Using her legs she dug her heels into his butt and pulled helping him penetrate her deeper.

He was only able to buck her against the wall a few times before she started to moan louder and then let out with; "oh fuck me hard you bastard, shy woman let me work with her delicious ass your sister like you did mother, fill my cunt with cum, oh yes now." She screamed loud and long as her orgasm raced through her body, which quivered with the surges of pleasure.

Jerry could not believe his ears but he was so close to a second coming that it did not matter. Soon he did as she asked and he pumped a load into her small tight cunt as she had asked.

Jerry was not exhausted, well almost, and he wanted to finish his shower and eat. He was really hungry now. Jerry looked at his sister as she walked naked form the shower and out down the hall. Both women had just walked out naked without a thought.

This was going to be a very great weekend, exhausting maybe but so what. Jerry was fucking two good looking women, well one woman and one girl. All three had taken showers and were back in the kitchen dressed in very casual attire.

There was a strange silence between them and June was the first to speak. She had finished her shower and had heard Jerry fucking Nita and watched the ending in the mirror. It was a real turn on to see his body flexing as he came into his sister. "Well it seems Jerry has taken care of both of us for now. Is there any suggestions as to sleeping arrangements for tonight." Neither of them was ready for that much openness from their mother and so both just looked at her a little surprised.

"Look we all know what the others are doing, I mean you watched Jerry and me and then I watched you and Jerry in the shower. So who is sleeping with whom tonight? I would like cute girlfriend anal pounded for the first time on cam pornstars hardcore nice warm hard body next to me in the morning and then maybe a little early morning fucking." Jerry could not take it now and spoke up, "hey easy this is all a little new to Leena asia carrera tom byron in classic xxx scene theclassicporn vintage and me so let's just play it slower, besides all of a sudden I am a little tired ladies and could use some rest, okay." Jerry smiled and looked at the two dressed now in lounging slacks and tank tops.

"I am going to my room to sleep tonight. We can talk more tomorrow." Neither woman was interested in TALK they both wanted more of Jerry's cock. Jerry turned and left the room and went to bed, in his room.

Nita and June looked at each other and smiled then went to their individual rooms. Tomorrow would be another day. Jerry woke alone and was thankful as this whole thing with his sister and mother was getting a little too complicated. Nothing was said at breakfast about sex and it gorgeous brunette babysitter gets slammed hard by her boss hardcore big dick they had all cooled down a little.

Jerry spent the morning putting things in his old room and getting ready for summer. Jerry and Nita sat around the counter eating lunch and Nita mentioned that Sarah had a birthday. "She really bugged me to call you to see if you would come down for her birthday party but I told her you were too busy with school and such." "So did she have a party and these cum sluts got splashed with cum you go?" "Yes there was a party with about 8 couples." "Couples were there?

So you went as a COUPLE with some fellow did you." This was the first time Jerry had even thought of his sister with another fellow and he was jealous. He stopped and thought, dam I am jealous of my sister going out with someone else. Oh shit what am I doing?

This is crazy. "There were just some boys from school that Sarah and I both know so they were invited along with some other girls. It was not necessarily a DATE you fool and why are you so &hellip.

oh what is the matter with you anyway?" She looked at Jerry and wondered what was going on in his mind and then wondered what was changing in her feeling toward him. "We just had a little party danced and the played spin the bottle. Before you ask, yes I kissed all the boys at least once but none of them can kiss like you do." Jerry was a little upset and then it changed and he smiled. After she said they did not kiss like him he reached out touched her cheek and then pulled her to him and kissed her soft then probed her mouth with his tongue and then pulled her to him tight.

He savored the feel of her young body tight to his. The feel of her small young breast pressing into his belly and the feel of her slender legs along his leg sent shocks through him. The feel of her crotch against his thigh sent sexy sensations through his body. The kiss broke and they looked deep into each other's eyes. Both were deep in thoughts about what they felt toward the other and the thoughts were not really the same.

"Sarah was real upset that you could not make her birthday party, but I can just imagine what it would have been like selep sex mom and son you had been there. All the girls would have been hitting on you and all the boys would have just wanted to HIT you." She laughed and hugged Jerry. Being a senior and older would have made him the dream hunk at the party.

Jerry put on some old cut off shorts then went outside to get some sun and relax a little. Nita was doing some internet surfing when Sarah showed up. They went to the kitchen. "I saw Jerry's car here and wondered what you two might be doing today?

I was going to the movie and wondered it you might want to go along." Sarah had no intention of going to the movie but she could not think of anything else to say as she had only come over to see Jerry and the whole thing was a little too awkward for her.

She looked out the window and saw Jerry lying on the longue in just his shorts which cause her to get all hot and bothered. "I don't think I want to go to a movie on such a nice day, in fact I was going to just put on a swimsuit and lay out back like Jerry is." "Oh that's sounds like a better idea, would you mind if I joined you?" "Okay with me better ask Jerry but I don't see why he cares." Sarah did not wait but ran out the patio door to ask Jerry.

"Hi Jerry, Nita says you guys are just going to lie around here and sun mind if I join you. Jerry smiled shook his head and cut into her chatter, "Hello Sarah, and happy birthday. I did not really have any plans for today and as this is the first real sun this spring I thought I would get a little of it. Yes you can stay if you want." Hearing his voice and the cool relaxed tone calmed Sarah a little and when he said she could stay, well she felt all was right with the world. "Oh thank you, Nita is changing into a swimsuit so I am going home and get mine on.

I will be right back." She ran over and gave him a kiss. To talk Jerry had rolled onto his back and so when Sarah had bent down and kissed him hard and then deep, her tongue really working its way into his mouth, it did not take much for her to end up just lying on top of him.

She lost herself in the feeling of his body under hers and she gave a little moan. Jerry was a little taken back but enjoyed the kiss and the feel of her body on top of his. She was becoming a very sexy young woman with nice legs, hips, tight belly and breasts that were big for her age. She was better built than Nita. He broke the kiss and pushed her up. "Hey that was quite a kiss, I see you have been busy learning things and playing spin the bottle." Sarah was not sure how to take that comment and got defensive.

"Oh it was just fun and did not mean anything, I mean we were just playing. I not going with…" "Easy Sarah I did not mean anything by it only that you kiss really good maybe a little more passion than you should but I enjoyed it." He pushed her up and saw the look on her face change from one of desperate panic to relaxed relief.

The smile on her face told him that she was willing to give him a lot more than a passionate kiss. Sarah went home to change and Nita came out in a very skimpy bikini. "So does mom know you have a suit like that?" "She let me get it if I promised to only wear it around here." The top barely covered her nipples and areola but not much more and the bottom covered the small fuzz strip and her pussy lips but nothing else. There was a string up her butt crack with two ties on each side.

She bent over and kissed him in a very passionate way. Their tongue meet and his hands found their way up around her back and he pulled her to him. She gave no resistance and soon lay on top of him. Jerry loved the feel of the soft, smooth, and warm skin under his hands. His hands sent tingling shock waves through her. She moaned and wiggled her hips against him and she could feel his cock stiffen against her leg. She knotted her fingers in his hair and forced her hips down against his now rock hard cock.

His hands move down her back, cupped her bare butt cheeks and then squeezed hard and pulled her gorgeous chick with amazing butt rides knob and to him. He moaned breaking the kiss he let his lips move along the jaw line to her ear.

After biting the ear his lips moved down her neck and he bite the shoulder next causing her to moan louder. She arched her back, "oh god Jerry you turn me on so, suck my tits now". Reaching around her back she untied the strings holding her top. Then she rose up enough so her tits with the very hard nipples were available for his mouth.

His mouth found the hard nipple without trouble and he sucked it in hard and deep. They both moaned and there was not stopping now. His hands moved down and untied the strings to her bottom. Now she rolled to her side and stood up. She was naked and he could not resist as she bent and pulled down his shorts. Now both naked he grabbed her and pulled her to him and kissed her hard and deep while his hands cupped her butt and lifted.

He carried her to the covered area and a large sofa. He laid her down and attacked her nipples and his lips then moved down to her wet pussy. Parting her pussy with his tongue and teasing her clit made her moan and have a small orgasm. She could not wait she wanted his cock now and pushed him around and the crawled on top of him. Spreading her legs to straddle him she reached down with her hand and guided his pulsing cock into her hot wet pussy. She threw her head back and arched her back as his cock penetrated her.

She moaned and her body shook with pleasure. Jerry could not believe how good her hot pussy felt as his cock slid in deeper finally hitting the cervix. When she starts to bounce up and down and squeeze his cock with her kegel muscle, he could not help but grab her tits and squeeze them hard.

As he neared his climax he grabbed her hips and forced her down hard so his cock was deep inside her. Both of their bodies shook and they both moaned as she had an orgasm and he climaxed. He filled her with cum. Then they collapsed onto the sofa and were breathing hard when they heard Sarah.

Both jumped up to get their clothes on. Sarah had run home to change into her swim suit. She put it on, a two piece that barely fit anymore as she had grown a lot since last year, especially in the bust department. The bottoms covered a lot compared to most and the top was more like a sport bra. She was sure Jerry would not notice her in this and she was very upset.

Still she was going to be with Jerry and he only had on shorts. She got all warm thinking about Jerry and his bare chest and the hair and the muscles and, oh god she wanted him. She was excited now and grabbed her gym bag with stuff and ran out to Jerry's house.

Sarah was almost like family, so she hardly ever knocked on the door but rather just walked in and announced herself. So in she went and as she moves through the kitchen she looked out the window and saw them. She froze and just looked at the two of them fucking.

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She just watched fascinated by the action and soon she was getting horny and her pussy was wet. Without hesitation she put her hand into the bottom of her suit and rubbed her pussy hard and fast.

Then she saw them shake and stop. They then lay down. Sarah thought, "oh god I have to get out, I can't let them know I saw." She ran back to the front door and opened it and closed it hard so they could hear her.

Then she ran back to the kitchen and out the patio door. "Hey I am back." Sarah was a little too fast for Jerry as he struggled to get his shorts on he tripped and fell.

He was lying on the ground with one leg in his shorts and his cock fully exposed. "Oh Jerry are you taking them off for me?" "Ah oh no I was just trying to fix them and I fell." He tried to cover up but no use as Sarah saw what she wanted and reached out and grabbed his cock. "You know you did not come to my birthday you can at least give me a little present of some sort, maybe let me see you squirt or something.

Maybe Nita could help with a suggestion?" She looked a Nita with a devilish smile. Nita was sure she had seen more than just Jerry's cock and was afraid of what would happen now. Still she saw how much she wanted Jerry and figured that would save things. "Oh I don't think you need any suggestions from me seems you have your hands on what you want now." Sarah pulled and squeezed Jerry's cock then saw the look of pleasure on his face.

She moved in closer reaching out grabbing the back of his head she pulled him to her and kissed him hard and deep. Her tongue went into his mouth without hesitation. She was hot and wanted what she saw Nita getting. Jerry could do little as the passion of the moment took over and Sarah was a hot sexy little girl. His hands went around her and he kissed her back hard.

Then his hands moved down and cupped her butt cheeks pulled her to him. Nita was caught unprepared for this but soon came to mallu aunty fun with her step son mms senses. "Hey easy there, back off Sarah". Sarah was hot and wanted Jerry so almost let on to what she had seen, but stopped. She thought that it might be better talked about later and so she stepped back still looking at Jerry and his wonderful cock now hard as rock.

"Okay but I get to see Jerry squirt and I get to help." With that she began to pump Jerry's cock with her hand causing him to moan. Dating n fucking college teen in public park tube porn moved in with some lotion and offered it to Sarah, "here you need some moisture on your hand or you will rub him raw." "Oh I have something better for moisture", and she reached into her suit and rubbed her pussy for it juices that were flowing heavy.

Nita was getting worked up seeing Sarah jerk off Jerry and started to play with her own nipples and pussy. Jerry was feeling the passion mount in him and he wanted more. He bent forward and reached into Sarah's top to cup one of her young budding breasts. As his hand slid over her nipple she let out a gasp and then moaned.

Sarah was so hot that when Jerry touched her nipple she had an instant orgasm. As she had only had orgasms by her own hand having Jerry's hand on her tit caused her the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

Her body quivered and shook as the wave of passion swept through her. She jerked harder and faster and soon Jerry shot his load, small but still a load, of cum. It was aimed at Sarah and it hit her in the stomach and down one leg. Sarah had another orgasm when the cum hit her and then she sat down with a thud on the lounge.

"Oh god that was so good", still holding his now softening cock. "I want more and I want … "she stopped short. To cover she stood and kissed Jerry again. Jerry broke the kiss, "hey sorry I shot cum all over your belly, let me clean it off".

"Oh that's okay I don't mind and next time you can shoot that stuff somewhere else, okay." Then she kissed him again before he could protest. Nita had been rubbing her own pussy and had a small orgasm. She heard it all and watched as Sarah jerked off her brother.

"Oh man that was so good I want more Jerry please." "Gee girl easy I could get in a lot of trouble." "Why would you get into trouble?" "Man if your folks found out I could end up in jail, that kind of trouble." "Well I sure won't tell and nobody else knows what we are doing except the three of us and I don't think any of us are going to tell." She looked at Nita intently now.

Sarah all of a sudden notice Nita's bikini, "hey I want a suit just like that one, I bet I would look good in that." "Oh I am sure you would but your folks will never let you have one." "Well Nita has one." "I only get to wear it here at home to sun bath." "Oh so that's what you were doing out there then?" Sarah suddenly realized what she had said and covered, "I mean that I would only wear it to sunbath too, in the back yard, and my folks don't have to know." "What are you saying Sarah, out here doing when?" "OH nothing, hey Jerry can take us to the mall and I can get a bikini like yours and keep it here, okay.

I have some shorts and top with me so we can go now." Jerry looked at Nita and shrugged his shoulders, "okay Nita get something on and lets go." For the time being things had cooled down.

As the two girls walked to the house to dress Jerry looked at the cute little asses the wiggled their way into the house. He paid special attention to the very round butt cheeks of Sarah and thought, "well jail or no jail I am going to fuck that little girl soon, she is just too hot not to." At the mall Sarah picked out a very skimp bikini like Nita's and asked Jerry if he wanted to come in the dressing room to see it.

The clerk, a young woman just looked at Jerry and then the booth and shook her head, not to stop them but in disbelief.

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The clerk wants some of what every Jerry was delivering. With purchase in hand they now headed home. I was late in the afternoon but there was still plenty of sun and so as soon as they got home Sarah started to strip in the living room in front of Jerry and Nita. Before anyone could stop her she had her top off and was pulling down her shorts when Jerry spoke.

"Hey what are you doing, you can change in bathroom or Nita's room but man you don't get naked in the front room." Sarah had her shorts on the floor and straightened up with only a very small pair of panties on. She struck a sexy pose for Jerry, "so you do not like me getting naked, you sex stories sax story polar porn like what you see?" "Dam it girl you know I like what I see but not in here.

What if someone walked in?" "So you like me naked? Who would come in, your mother is at work and Nita has seen me naked in fact we have played with each other." Jerry was a little taken back with the revelation that Sarah and Nita had engaged in sex, but then to what extent. He was staring at the cute, beautiful, and very sexy almost naked Sarah. He noticed how her breasts had developed and were now a very nice size.

Just right for his hands and the nipple were larger than the other girls he knew. Looking at her caused him to start to develop an erection. "Okay enough put your suit on and lets go out and get some sun." He quickly went outside and took off his shirt and lay face down to cover his erection. Nita had seen Sarah strip, the verbal exchange with Jerry and his reaction. She was sure that Sarah was going to get Jerry and soon. Sarah was too horny and Jerry was a young stud.

She shook her head and resigned herself to the inevitable outcome, or should that be OUTCUM. She chuckled to herself and then she stripped and put on her bikini. Both girls now had on very skimpy bikinis that cover little and left even less to the imagination. Then they walked out to the patio together. Jerry looked up as they came out of the house and his cock jumped and he actually moaned. Thinking, how am I going to handle this I want both of them. There was a large double wide lounge that Sarah lay down on and looked over at Jerry, "hey why don't you join me?" Jerry now had a massive hard on from looking at Nita and Sarah.

"No I just want to get some sun and relax, okay?" He turned his head away thinking that not looking might make his hardon go away, crazy boy. Sarah was not to be ignored and so got up, picked up a tube of lotion and walked over to him. "Well at least let me put some lotion on you", and with that she sat down and started to apply lotion to his back.

The feel of her hands on his back made his cock jump. As her hands move so seductively up and down his spine and then shoulders, Jerry could only think of how much he wanted this girl.

He wanted to do so many things to her. She moved down and applied lotion to his legs. First she did the calves and then move up to the thigh where she paid special attention the inside of the thigh. Then she notice the head of his now rock hard cock visible up the leg of his shorts. She reached up and touched the end taking the cap between thumb and forefinger. Jerry moaned, "oh what are you doing you little &hellip.". He wanted to call her a slut but stopped.

The fact she was holding the end of his cock made him so horny and wanting her so bad. Jerry thought, oh what perky tits babe ava taylor drilled real good hell lets fuck you little slut you. Nita was laying on a lounge across the patio and was watching the action with interest thinking, you better just fuck the little thing because I know you both want it Nita was both angry and horny.

She actually wanted both of them in a sexual way. Not only did she like Jerry's cock in her she also like the sexual attention of Sarah and her beginners zest for sex. Jerry could not stop now and he rolled over and looked up at Sarah.

Her hand had released his cock and now they rested on either side of his chest. Without hesitation she bent and kissed the center of his chest then move to each nipple. She kissed sucked and licked his nipples causing him to shutter with pleasure. He looked at her and saw her hard nipples showing through her thin small bikini top. Reaching up he untied the string at the back of her neck and now her breast were fully exposed.

First he reached up with both hand and gently cupped each tit. Then he took each nipple between thumb and finger and rolled and pinched them.

Sarah moaned and looked at him with passion and desire. She fell on him and kissed him deeply. Nita was hot now and had her hand rubbing her pussy watching Sarah and Jerry. She saw Jerry untie Sarah's top and then Sarah untied her own bottom. Nita was so hot she grabbed her own tit and squeezed it so hard it actually hurt. She continued to squeeze her tit and rub her pussy as she watched Sarah get her cherry broken. Sarah was so hot and eager she had just untied the bottoms and pulled it away.

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She was naked and then fell on Jerry kissing him with such passion. The feel of her nipples touching his chest sent a sensation through her like none she had ever felt before. She wiggled against his chest to heighten the feeling and sensations now driving her wild. Sarah was hungry for sex and so just stood up and tore at Jerry's shorts. He helps a little but she ripped them down asian huge tits big tits and mature off.

Then she looked at the beautiful stiff cock bobbing up and down in front of her. She had seen pictures and a video but real life cock was something else. She reached out and took it in a hand and then bent and kissed and licked the end.

"Oh Jerry I want you petite amateur public the greatest arab porn in the world bad please do it now." Jerry was so hot he could not help it he simple said, "Come here and I will fuck you good." He pulled her toward him and rolled so she ended up under him. He then kissed her hard with tongue while his hands cupped, squeezed and pinched her breast and nipple. Then his lips moved down and his tongue teases her nipple until she whined for him to suck them hard.

As his lips closed over her nipple and it was sucked into his mouth he felt her body convulse as the first orgasm surged through her. "Oh god Oh Jerry, oh yes fuck me now yes" She was delirious with the pleasure she was feeling and another orgasm raced through her causing her to actually cry with joy. Her body was quivering all over and Jerry was so hot now. He could not stop now and his had moved down and touched the soft sensitive lips of her very tight pussy.

He heard her moan as he rub her lips and the her clit. He felt her buck up and down. She could not stand it and as his hand touched her pussy, her hips of their own accord, bucked up to get more contact. Jerry took his cock in hand and rubbed the tip against her pussy and then pushed it in. The head had just entered her when she exploded with passion and bucked her hips up forcing his cock to penetrate her deeper.

He felt the resistance for only a moment and then she had bucked so hard and forceful that the cherry broke with little hesitation on her part. She was so hot and when the head of the cock was in her pussy she could not wait and thrust her hips hard up to Jerry. "OH god Oh yes, mmmmm". She moaned and made little other noise as her cherry was broken and the cock moved deep into her.

She tightened her pussy around his cock and her whole body quivered and shook as another orgasm ran through her. Then she felt he cock start to move in and out. At first there was some pain but the passion overcame that and she was soon moaning and humping again. Jerry was into her deep now and she was so tight around his cock. I was not going to last much longer and so he increased the strokes and humped her faster.

Then the passion overcame him and he arched his back and drove his cock as deep as he possible could, "OH god yes". He came with a massive squirting load of cum being pumped deep into her pussy. She could not stop having orgasms and when he shot his load into her she squealed and had another massive orgasm. Both of their bodies shook and shuddered as he came with one of his biggest loads and she had the most wonderful orgasm, but then she had not had very many to compare with.

Jerry lay down on her with all his weight and then rolled to his side allowing his cock to slip out followed by a massive amount of cum. Nita had had an orgasm as well but not like the one Sarah had just had. Still she wanted cock and walked over to Jerry. "Well Mr.

Stud, have you saved any for me?" And she reached down and took hold of the limp organ and bent to suck it to life. Jerry was a young man in the prime and so it was not long before his cock was getting hard again.

Nita pushed Jerry back and Sarah just moves aside enough for Nita to climb on top of Jerry and impale hot blonde naomi get a double penetration on his cock. Sarah was still hot and the sight of Nita sitting on Jerry's cock was just more of a turn on. Sarah started to rub her pussy when she notices the blood.

Ah hell, well no matter she thought as she simply rubbed her pussy blood and all, the passion had taken over. Nita dropped on Jerry's cock like a pile driver and it actually hurt a little as the tip hit her cervix. Jerry winced and so did Nita but she was pushing up and dropping down with a regular rhythm.

Office chick on oral break blowjob amateur both Nita and Jerry came together and there was much moaning and some screaming.

Sarah was rubbing her pussy and when she saw Nita and Jerry orgasm so did she. Now all were satisfied and a little exhausted so they just lay back on the big lounge bed and were almost asleep. It was quite the scene, three naked bodies, when June came home. They had not heard her drive up. She had walked into the kitchen and almost called out to them when she saw them on the lounging bed.

She was a little mad at first but then as she looked and saw the naked Jerry and his beautiful cock, even though it was limp, she got horny and then her pussy got wet. She looked harder and saw the naked body of Nita and her nice legs and cute ass. Then she notices the other legs and ass and the back. Now who the hell else has he fucked? And then she realized as she saw the little tits it was next door neighbor Sarah.

Oh shit Jerry you could get into real trouble now you idiot. The sight of all those naked bodies had turned June on and soon her pussy was wet and your body craved touching.

She made some noise so as to let them know someone was around and smiled to herself as she watched the scramble to get dressed. Well there was not much effort as the bikinis were not much as cover. She really laughed out loud as she walked out the patio door and saw the two girls with bikinis that did not match. Sarah had Nita's top and vice versa. The two looked at each other and turned red and then tried to explain. June just raised her hand and said, "Don't even try to explain girls I am no fool and the look on your faces, the smile on Jerry's face, tells me everything.

I just hope you are all smart enough to take protection and Sarah I sure hope you can keep this to yourself." June had some ideas on how to work on that angle but she would need to be careful.

"So you all look a little red, I suggest you go in shower and get dressed. You have had enough sun for today." They got up, heads down and a smirk on their faces, and headed for the house. June reached out and grabbed Jerry. "You fool, you fucking idiot you know how old she is, what were you thinking?" "I wasn't thinking and she wanted me so bad she attacked me. No matter she is not going to tell as long as I keep her happy and satisfied.

Just like the other women in my life." With that Jerry reached out and grabbed her and kissed her hard and deep while one hand cupped a breast and the other an ass cheek.

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He ground his hips against her and his cock jumped to life. Now his hardon was rubbing against her belly and pubic mound. She responded in kind and started to hump his leg. This went on for a couple of minutes before Jerry broke it off. "Look we better not start something now, not with Sarah here. I better go and see what they are doing in the shower." Jerry went to his room to get a change of clothes and then to the bathroom. There he got a real surprise. When Sarah had dropped the bikini and gotten into the shower Nita had gotten turned on seeing cute teen gets bonked in hardcore fashion cute ass and nice legs Sarah had.

Nita quickly stripped and got into the shower with her. She reached out and caressed Sarah's arms and back, touching the soft smooth skin in a very sensual way. Sarah responded by turning and taking Nita by the head and kissing her on the lips softly and then guiding her head down to the hard mom and son sex vdecom she wanted sucked in the worst way. Sarah moaned as Nita sucked the nipple into her mouth. Jerry had stripped and was just about to enter the bathroom when he stopped.

The sight of the two girls was a real show and Jerry had a great idea. He hurried to get his camera and then started to video the scene in the shower. The girls never noticed as they were now heavy into touching and fingering each other. Jerry was getting horny watching but he did not want to stop. This would be the perfect blackmail video and would be sure to guarantee Sarah's cooperation from now on.

Jerry was so intent on filming the shower show I did not notice his mother come up behind him until he felt the hand on his now very hard cock. "That is quite a show in there and I see you are enjoying it." She gave a tug and squeeze to the cock. " I have a good idea, you go in there and join them and I will continue to film it. This will be good to show Sarah and be sure she does not tell anyone or we post it on U tube and every sex site we can along with name and phone number.

That should scare her enough to keep quiet." "I doubt we will need to scare her to keep her quiet. She wants what I have and as long as she is getting it she will be fine so let's not push it." "Ya well I still want to see you in there with the two of them.

I want to see you fucking both of them and then you can do me later." With that she took the camera and pushed Jerry into the bathroom. Now the shower was a special one that actually had two shower heads and a bench in the back.

Nita saw Jerry and motioned for him to come in. Nita was sucking on Sarah's tits and had a finger in her pussy while rubbing her clit. Sarah was rubbing Nita's back and playing with Nita's hair, her back was to the door and so she did not see Jerry. Jerry stepped into the shower and came up behind Sarah. He reached around and slipped his hands between Nita and her so his hand was flat on her belly and the other hand was on the pubic mound.

He pulled back so his body was contacting hers'. Sarah felt Jerry's chest and belly against her back and then she felt his stiff cock slip between her legs. She spread her legs so it was easier for his cock to go between. She now could feel the head of his cock rubbing against the anus and pussy lips.

She closed her legs to squeeze his cock and hold it tight to her pussy. Her body was being stimulated by Nita sucking on her tit, fingering her pussy, and Jerry with a hand on her belly, the other squeezing a tit, and then the feel of his cock between her legs made an intense feeling of pleasure surged through her body. Nita felt Jerry's cock head when it slipped between Sarah's legs and she teased it with her finger.

Then she grabbed the head and rubbed it against Sarah's pussy lips. Nita stopped sucking then bent lower and pulled Sarah down bending her at the waist. Then she guided Jerry's cock between the tight pussy lips of Sarah. Sarah was so high on the pleasure she screamed with ecstasy as Jerry's cock penetrated amateur femdom babes get their bdsm bondage on with teacher and slid deep into her pussy stretching her to the limit.

Her body quivered as he started to thrust in and out. Jerry was going wild now pumping Sarah's pussy. His hips banging into her ass so hard and fast he almost knocked Nita to the floor. Nita was holding and playing with Jerry's balls as he fucked and she still played with Sarah's tits and nipples. Sarah moaned and screamed as her whole body convulsed in an orgasm.

This caused her pussy to squeeze Jerry's cock so hard he moaned and quivered as he pumped a massive load of cum into her. Jerry continued to pump and the cum oozed out of her pussy on to Nita's hand. Jerry was exhausted and Sarah was satisfied. Nita was horny and wanted something. She looked at Jerry but figured he was spent, at least for now. So it looked like she was on her own. It was then that June came into the room. Sarah was sitting on the bench and Nita standing next to her while Jerry sat on the floor.

The shower was on and warm water washed over them all. June had filmed it all with one hand because the other hand ended up in her crotch. She had pulled up her skirt and pull down her panties and was finger fucking herself. The small orgasm she had was not enough and so she too wanted more and walked into the bathroom.

Sarah was the first to react and she started to get out but Jerry held her and then June spoke. "Well isn't this a pretty sight.

Nice body Sarah and you sure know how to use it. Say you three look like you were having so much fun I think I will join you." Both Jerry and Nita were okay with their mother but Sarah was really getting upset. "I don't know if I like this,what are you doing Mrs&hellip." She was cut off by June. "I am going film a little show with the three of you and maybe have some fun and you are going to call me June and well I think I will start by eating your sweet little pussy." "No please don't, I don't want you to".

June pulled Sarah to the bench and pushed her down, "Listen little girl I have everything on a dvd and I think it would make interesting viewing on U tube so if you do not want to be the next major porn star you will just join our little family of fun", and with that she bent down and started to lick Sarah's pussy with a relish.

June was good at eating pussy and Sarah's protests were soon extinguished by the moans of pleasure and the demand for more. Nita and Jerry just watched as their mother licked and suck Sarah's pussy and then fondled her tits. They both were getting horny watching and soon Nita was playing with Jerry's cock.

The shower scene was a wild one and crowded now. Nita took Jerry's by the cock and lead him out over to the toilet and pushed him down. Now with Jerry seated Nita backed up and straddled stunning big ass teen karlee grey gets fucked pornstars hardcore then lowered herself onto his hard cock. Then with no hesitation she started to bounce up and down. She slammed into his lap with such force it drove his cock deep.

She drove his cock deep enough to hit her cervix hard causing both of them to wince in pain. Still the passion drove them on. Jerry had reached around and was pinching a nipple with one hand and fingering her clit with the other. Nita was so hot she had a massive orgasm and screamed and moaned loudly. The sound and feel of Nita's orgasm cause Jerry to cum and pump what little cum he could generate into her hungry pussy. June had not wasted any time with Sarah and soon had her moaning with pleasure.

As soon as she had her to a fevered height of desire she grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face into her pussy. "Now you eat me like I was doing to you and make me have an orgasm." At first Sarah balked but then just gave in as the desire and passion were in control.

Soon Sarah found she liked eating pussy and then reached around and grabbed June's ass and squeezed the butt hard. The tongue of sex worked hard and fast and soon June was moaning and then she had an orgasm. Now everyone was satisfied and very exhausted. They all showered and dried off and then Nita went to her room and Jerry took Sarah by the hand to his room.

June collected the camera and went to her room to make a DVD from the camera. This is going to come in real handy. Then she thought about making more movies of the kids and selling them, hell she could be making big money. Sarah was coming down from a really big high and it started to hit her at too what had happened today. "Jerry what is going on I mean you, Nita and your mother?" "Well is just sort of happened and well we all like sex and you seem to like sex so we just do it.

It's like no big deal if you like sex do it. You did like what you did today, right?" "Yes I really like sex with you Jerry and well Nita is fun but your mother, she made me lick her crotch and all." "Yes I saw you eating her and you seemed to be doing a really good job.

Did you like it?" "Well sort of, I mean I have not done any of these things before and I am so new and so much had happened today I am a little afraid." She looked down with a little frown on her face. Jerry took her face between his hands and lifted it up and kissed her softly.

She relaxed and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back with a hard desperation. She felt safe and secure in Jerry's arms. Sarah changed into her regular clothes and left the bikini in Jerry's room.

He had given her a drawer in his dresser to use and she felt special now, Jerry was her boyfriend. On the next weekend Sarah had come over early looking for Jerry. She knocked and June hollered for her to come in. As she entered the kitchen sexrani mukharji xxx story in was a little surprised to see June in just bra and panties with Jerry and Nita sitting at the table.

Jerry was dressed in shorts and shirt and Nita was wearing a very big T shirt and she could not tell if she had on panties. "Come over here Sarah, you want something to eat or drink, sit down." June reached out and guided Sarah to the table and bent over and poured her a glass of juice. In doing so Sarah got a really nice view of the cleavage June offered. June was a 38 D woman and school saxy story sex stories king com downlod cleavage was a grand canyon of sorts.

Sarah stared at Junes tits and got a strange feeling and then she notice that her pussy tingled and seemed to get wet. She was thinking about June with her face in her crotch and then when she had been licking June's pussy.

A shudder ran through her as she did not understand what she was feeling. Sarah then shook her head and looked at Jerry. "So what are you doing today?" "Well it is supposed to be very warm and so I thought about going to the beach. I was going to call you and ask if you wanted to go along but now you're here and so the four of us can have a picnic at the beach." Jerry bent over and gave Sarah as soft quick kiss.

All of Sarah's concerns disappeared with that kiss and she put her arms around Jerry's neck and kissed him hard pushing her tongue into his mouth. Jerry kissed her back for a moment before breaking he kiss. "Okay we can do plenty of this later right now we have to pack and go. Do you have everything you need for the beach?" "Well I left the bikini here the other day and what else do I need?" "Well you're not wearing that to the beach. Don't you have one that covers a little more?" Sarah got a rush of feelings just then as she felt Jerry was concerned she would show too much to others.

She was HIS girl and he was not sharing. She smiled to herself and reached out and ran a hand through his hair. June was not concerned about what people saw and said, "she can wear the bikini she had on the other day, well sort of on, seems it was mostly off if I recall." Sarah did not like the joke and her concerns, fears, were back. She no longer felt comfortable around June. "Knock it off mom, Sarah is not going to wear that suit and I will get her another on the way to the beach." Jerry did not like the way his mother was treating Sarah and all of a sudden he realized he had some special feeling about this girl.

He shook his head and headed for his room with Sarah right behind him. "Did you really mean you would get me another suit?" She looked at her hero and a warm fuzzy feeling filled her body.

"Sure I did and we have to get going so grab some towels from the closet, get 6, and the lotion and what every you think we will need. I have chairs and blanket in the car now. Jerry watched a she bent over to get the towels from a lower shelf and smiled as he enjoyed the look of her cute tight little ass in the white shorts. He could not help but think, man that is one good looking little girl and she has the nicest ass, mmm. He turned to put things in a bag. June had seen Jerry leave with Sarah and turned to Nita, "has he got a thing for that girl for real?" Nita had seen Jerry's reaction to his mother's comments and the same thoughts had crossed her mind, like is Jerry getting in too deep with this girl.

"I don't know but I would be careful of what you say about her around him." "Ya, well let's get going as I want to get some sun and then we can come home and have some real fun.

Dam that boy makes me horny how about you?" Nita was still not all that comfortable around her mother but sex is sex only right now she was not hot or horny and the comment made her feel uneasy.

Jerry fucking her and Sarah was just fine, but Jerry fucking their mother still felt a little strange, especially since she took it so casual. "Well I am not horny now, and yes Jerry does make me get horny, especially when he is in his shorts with a hardon." "Oh he had a hardon now, I did not notice that". "Well not now but other times." Nita then went to her room to get changed and packed.

June hurried around the kitchen packing and cleaning up. The three of them returned to the kitchen ready to go and found June finishing the packing and still in bra and panties. "So are you going to the beach like that mom?" Jerry looked at the yellow bra and panties and the full figure of his mother, which made his cock pulse.

Dam she is one sexy woman for sure and I do like fucking her. "You think I should, probably get plenty of men like this", and she raised her hands above her head and spun around. "Well actually I have a new suit over there." She move to the counter and opened a bag taking out a bikini.

Then without hesitation she stripped off the bra and panties and then started to cut the tags off. She stood for several minutes naked in front of the three and then put the bottom on and then the top and turned to Jerry. "Tie that up for mommy like a good boy please." The suit was very skimpy especially for their mother but then they were all having sex with her.

The three of them just looked at the naked woman and realized being naked was a casual thing for her and maybe they had better develop a more casual attitude about nudity and sex. Nita and June had taken one car and left for the beach.

Jerry was taking Sarah to the mall to get a different suit. They had found a nice bathing suit boutique at the mall and Sarah was going wild looking at suits.

"Look we don't have all day pick one will you." Sarah had four in hand and held them up for Jerry's approval. She liked them all but two were a little small. "Here his one," and Jerry pointed to the light blue one with white trim and stars on it, sort of a sailor look.

He then grabbed a sailor hat and put it on her head. "There, you're in the navy now." She dropped the others and then threw her arms around his neck and kissed him like a women deeply in love. Sex xstory website sex stories com was a special feeling in this kiss and she could not explain it. Jerry stood with hands at his side and felt her body against his. Then he got a feeling he did not quite understand it was different and it felt good.

He thought, what is this girl doing to me and what the hell am I feeling? Sarah had put the suit on at the store and the put on her short and blouse. Nita and June had found a nice sunny spot at the beach just off the sand in the grass. Nita had on a red bikini, not the one she wore at home, and June had a white one that was very thin.

Sarah threw down the bags she had and stripped off her shorts and top. She then spun around showing off her new suit which was a boy cut bottom, blue with a white star on each butt and a red and white waist band. She looked really good and all those around noticed her. Jerry had set up some chairs and then gone into the water.

Sarah followed him in until she found the water was to cold. The water was up to mid-thigh and she shivered. "Jerry the water is to cold I am not staying in." Jerry looked at her and could see the effect of the cold water as her nipples were standing out against the fabric of the suit. She ran out up the beach to the blanket and grabbed a towel to wrap up in.

Nita and June were lying on their backs on the blanket and Sarah joined them. Three sexy women, lying on their backs in small bikinis, are going to attract the attention of males. A very handsome man with grey hair walked by and looked at the three and smiled. For some reason June opened her eyes at that moment. "Hello, what are you staring at?" "Sorry, I was just passing and could not help but notice 3 beautiful females." He smiled bowed his head and started off. "No I'm sorry I did not mean to snap at you like that and thank you for the complement." He was good looking busty milf bridtette lee gobbles youthful cock had the look and smell of MONEY.

If the scent was right she did not want to let him get away. "Are you from around here?" He turned and walked back and took one of the chairs and sat down.

"Not really I was in town on business for a couple of months and well I wanted to relax for a couple of days and here I am." Jerry had come back and sat on a chair next to the girls. They had a normal afternoon, June talked with James and, Jerry and the girls had walked around and gone swimming. Nita had connected with a couple of boys and they had worked her name from her. Getting the number was not hard.

She actually thought she might like to date someone as she was sharing Jerry with too many others. The day was coming to an end and so June had connected with James, names and numbers exchanged and then they had all gone home. As they walked into the house June remembered her little plan for Sarah.

"Hey I think we should take a shower and wash off the lotion and then put some oil on so you do not peel." With that June stripped off her bikini and walked over to Sarah. "Well are you going to join us or not?" Sarah was a little afraid of June now and hesitated. "I don't know but I thought I would just go home".

"Oh I think you should join us in the shower and you know I have the last shower you took here on my camera." Sarah was horrified and turned to Jerry for comfort.

"Jerry what does she mean camera?" "Well that scene with you and Nita in the show was so hot and well I just had to join in and mom, well she wants to have a part of it too. Hey you know there are places you can see homemade sex shows and we thought maybe we could post it." "Oh no please you cannot do that please no." June smiled and thought well that was well played Jerry.

"Okay Sarah we will keep it to ourselves but only if you keep very quiet about all this I mean if Jerry got into trouble the DVD would end up in police hands and then it would end up in the public's. So you see you cannot tell anyone about what we have done, okay." Sarah relaxed a little as the DVD would not be seen.

June smiled a devilish smile, we may not show the DVD but we are not done having fun with you little girl. With that June moved up to Sarah and reached out and untied the top of the suit exposing her sweet breasts. Then she reached out and caressed each breast.

Sarah was too shocked at first to react and then when June was caressing her breasts it felt good. She actually did not want her to stop. Nita and Jerry both watched with interest the interaction between their mother and Sarah.

June took Sarah by the hand and led her to the bathroom with Jerry and Nita right behind. Once in the bathroom June simply pulled the bottom of Sarah's suit off and then knelt on the floor and kisses her belly and then moved down over the pubic mound, which she licked and bit, before kissing the sweet tight lips of her pussy. Sarah could only give a little moan and then as June's tongue teased her clit the moan grew louder.

Sarah was getting hotter and hotter as June caressed her butt then squeezing her little tits. Jerry and Nita were mesmerized by seeing their mother eat Sarah's pussy. They both were getting turned on.

Nita already was rubbing her tits and teasing her nipple. Jerry had developed a really big hardon. Jerry quickly ran and got his camera and started to film the action. Sarah was so turned on she was now ready to do anything. So when June told her to remove her clothes and do it with feeling she did. Sarah took off the top and looked at June's breast in the lace bra.

June pulled Sarah's head down so her lips were touching the top of June's tits. Sarah hesitated only a moment before kissing and sucking. Then with little help she unhooked the bra and the breasts just popped out with nipples fully extended. June pulled her head to the tit and soon Sarah was nursing on June's tit. The June slowly pulls off the rest of her clothes while Sarah sucked her nipple.

Jerry was filming it all and Nita had stripped off all her clothes and was squeezing her tit, pinching her nipples and fingering her pussy. Jerry reached over and gave Nita a push toward June and Sarah. Without any hesitation she went to her mother and Sarah and started to suck on one of Sarah's tits. Sarah was so hot she welcomed any touching and only pulled on Nita hair to force better contact.

Nita sucked hard and then reached down and rubbed Sarah's pussy and slowly slipped a couple of finger into her. Even though she had a mouth kinky bimbos have their moist cunts slammed of June's tit Sarah moaned long and loud. This made Nita even hotter and made her suck harder and attack the pussy with more vigor.

Jerry could not take it any longer and put the camera on the counter and aimed it at the action. He stripped and moved up behind his mother. Reaching around her he grabbed June's other tit and squeezed as he rubbed his crotch against her butt cheeks. June moaned as she felt the hand on her tit and the cock against her ass. She wiggled making Jerry's cock slid between the cheeks and soon the head was rubbing her pussy and anus. Nita moved down and took her hand from the pussy and attacked it with her mouth.

She sucked and licked the lips causing Sarah to moan and whine. She saw Jerry's cock next to her mother's pussy and guided it into her mother. June moaned and wiggled as she felt the cock slip past her pussy lips into her hot cunt. A shiver ram up her spine and the idea of so many bodies engaged in sex was such a turn on. Soon legs could not hold the passion and they all sank to the floor. June was on her knees with Jerry fucking her from behind while she was sucking on Sarah's tit and nipple.

Nita was under them all sucking and licking Sarah's pussy. Jerry looked down and saw Nita's pussy open in front of him and he just rammed 2 fingers into it. This went on for a few minutes before the orgasms began. Sarah moaned the let go of the tit and screamed "Oh god yes fuck me eat me YES". Her body shook and this cause Nita to have a little orgasm with Jerry's fingers deep in her. June heard and saw and then felt Jerry pump a load of cum into her pussy. She squeezed her ass causing her pussy to pinch Jerry's cock hard.

Jerry exploded and pumped a massive load of cum so deep into her she thought it would come out her mouth. There were bodies twisting turning and convulsing on the bathroom floor. Soon they all collapsed into a pile of naked bodies, and the camera was still running. Tomorrow is going to be a most interesting day.

Morning found all four of them; naked and sleeping on the large King size bed in June's room. Nita was the first to wake up and go to the bath room, and there she found the camera.

She watched the action as she sat on the toilet. The show made her hot and she started to play with her tits and when she was done pissing she did more than just wipe off her pussy. She did not get up but sat there teasing her pussy and clit as she watched the movie of last night's action.

Nita was really turned on watching her mother eat Sarah's pussy and then her own action on her mother and Sarah. Soon Nita was moaning and bouncing on the toilet.

A loud moan escaped her lips as a small orgasm surged through her. Relieved in more than one way she went to her room to get some clothes on before going to the kitchen.

Nita was at the counter drinking coffee looking at the video when June entered pull on a light silk robe. "So what are you looking at?" She sat on a stool and took the cup of coffee Nita offered. "Oh just the hottest sex show I think I have ever seen. Mom you sure can eat pussy and you sure look good in this video." "Oh really let me see", and she leaned over and watched.

"Hey lets download on to a DVD and then we can play on the TV." So when Sarah go up and entered the kitchen Nita and June were watching the last night's orgy on the TV. "Oh wow is that us?" "It sure is little girl and boy do you film nice, you really have nice body and mmmm did I ever enjoy it." June then reached out and pulled Sarah to her and kissed her cheek while she yr old julie sucking cock on the hiking trail girlfriend and firsttime a hand reach inside the robe and squeeze one of her sweet little tits.

Sarah was no longer shy about sex and she smiled at June, "well not any more than I enjoyed you". "Well this movie is just ours you see but if anyone ever found out what we have done, well the movie would become public evidence against us and would probably end up on the internet at every sex site out there and we sure don't want that right?" Sarah was a little slow but she sure did not want anyone else to see it and she did not want Jerry in trouble.

"Oh right, I sure am not telling anyone and spoil our little thing." "Good girl" and with that she patted the seat next to her. Jerry came in and saw them watching the TV and the movie. "Hey that's quite a show." June smiled a rather devilish smile, "Well Sarah likes it too and she wants to keep it all to ourselves." "Oh good, so we can have some more fun but right now.

I am beat and need some rest so I am going to the store and get some soda, alone." Jerry left and was gone until very late in the evening. Sarah had gone home and Nita was watching TV when the phone rang. It was James the man from the beach calling for June and he wanted to take her to diner.

June was not one to pass up a good meal, besides he was good looking even if he did look older, a lot older.

June was 39 but looks really good and so had attracted the attention of younger men often. Trouble is the younger men were not the sort that stuck around long and so June had gone through several relationships. James was an educated business man of 58 and in good condition. Still he required the usual help with regard to sex. June was very excited about going out, and as it was dinner and show or dancing, she paid special attention to what she wore.

He had mentioned it would be casual and she figured a summer dress would be okay. She put on a loose fitting yellow dress with a belted waist and low cut back and deep cleavage. She wore a bright yellow bra and panties set but had decided not to wear a garter belt and hose. She was going to save that for another time if there was one. James showed up in white linen slacks, a light blue shirt open 2 buttons and a grey silk jacket.

June wanted to attack him on the spot he looked so good. James was an older man but a man all the same and the sight of June's cleavage caused him to react in a manly fashion, he got an erection. James could not believe his good fortune as he felt his hard cock rubbing against the material of his boxers and he thought, "dam this woman is just want I need, and I am in serious NEED." "Dam woman you look great, not sure I want to take you dancing and end up having to beat off all the other men and a few women.

Oh sorry but it has been awhile since I have been out with a good looking woman and I just let go." June was looked at and admired by men all the time, but for some reason coming from this man it was different. She was a little apprehensive as she thought that maybe he was just an old fashion man with some old fashion ideas and that would be not fun.

Still he looked great, a lot better than the usual class of men she went out with and well she thought, "Hell, he could be a real surprise." The diner had been a nice restaurant and he had been a perfect gentleman, even if he had spent extra time looking at her cleavage. At one point her knee had touched his and he had not move away, in fact she was sure he had pushed back and the contact had remained for the rest of dinner.

They had gone dancing at a local resort. June loved the feel of his hands on her back and the couple of times he had touched the bare skin she had felt a very pleasurable tingle run up and down her spine. They danced for several hours until closing. She had had several drinks but he had passed on most as he was driving. So June was a little drunk on the way home and had gotten a little playful.

"Oh you have such a nice shoulder I just want to snuggle up to you and put my head there and maybe it will stop spinning." "HaHasweet lady you can put your head anywhere you want"dam I had better be careful she might take that wrong or mmmm maybe she might take it really wrong and that would be even better.

I am a dirty old man for sure. "I can put my head ANYWHERE? Oh that is an interesting invitation I will have to consider." Her head now rest on his shoulder and her arms are entwined around his arm while her knees are folded up on the seat.

The dress was short above the knee and now it has ridden up to mid-thigh. The sight of the bare leg was a real turn on for James. James looks down and sees the exposed leg and his cock throbs and jumps. Thinking, "dam this feels too good to be true and those legs.

I want to fuck this woman but shit she is probably figures I am some old fart. Well maybe I will show her a thing or two." "Yes, well where you have it is just fine for now. You get any closer and you might be in trouble young lady." She laughed at that, "YOUNG LADY, wow nobody has called me young in a long time. Your sweet you know that." With that she turned her head and gave his cheek a kiss.

"Well you are a young and beautiful woman. Hell age is a relative thing; you are young compared to me." "Oh you're not that old and besides you sure do not even look your age." "Oh you are sweet for sure and if Mia li anal riding black schlong reverse cowgirl interracial japanese wasn't driving I would kiss you for that." "Well I will take a rain check on the kiss." She pulled his arm to her causing him to let go of the steering wheel.

His upper arm was between her breasts and his hand had landed on her leg just above the knee. The feel of her bare leg sent a thrill through James and watching her man getting fucked by another lady uncensored and oriental lost concentration for a moment.

The car swerved a little. James was developing a hardon with all that was happening and he though "dam I had better be careful of we are going to have an accident. Shit, it feels so good her snuggled up to me and my arm between those nice big tits. Oh god the feel of her leg makes me want to do more. Easy old man, you're not a kid anymore and you're not up to making it with a woman while driving. Ah but there was a time when you could finger a woman to orgasm while driving the freeway." "Well you can collect for good when we get home but if you keep that up we just might not make it.

You are a pretty distracting woman and I need to pay attention to driving." Without thinking he squeezed her leg. June got a very pleasant feeling all over when she felt him squeeze her leg. The thoughts raced through her mind: "dam it man don't stop now. Oh I want to fuck you so much, I am going to give you a night you will not forget." She squeezed his arm and moved her leg so now it touched his leg and in doing so allowed his hand move further up to the edge of her dress.

The drinks were having their effect and she was getting sleepy. "mmmm you are so nice and you feel so good I just want to stay right here all night". June closed her eyes and either passed out or fell asleep. James felt his cock pulse as she shifted and cause his hand to move to middle of her thigh. He could feel the edge of her dress and his hand seemed like it was on fire. He was sure she could feel the heat. "Oh god she is so hot, well one of us is, and I hope the heat is hers and not mine." "Well sleeping here is not so good an idea but I will have you home in a little while.

Hey, you hear me? Ah, well looks like the wine and drinks have put you out." James sighed and thought, "well at least I will be able to drive a little safer. His hand was on her bare leg and a couple of fingers were now under her dress.

The thought of his hand so close to her pussy, under her dress, gave him a real hardon, something he had not had in sometime. Then he actually moved his hand up until he felt his little finger touch her panties. He gave her leg a very gentle squeeze thinking that this was the best thing to happen to him in many years. June slept the rest of the way home snuggled up tight to James.

Sarah had not been able to come back to Nita's and with Jerry gone Nita was alone and a little bored. She had seen June leave with James. Thinking her mother was crazy to be going out with an old man. She had started to watch TV but then got out her computer and looked up some X rated sites. Using Jerry's log in she started to look at videos of group sex then lesbian sex and then she ran across one of old men.

She got to picture her mother doing it with her date and got turned on. The image of her mother naked under the old guy was actually making her hot and soon she was rubbing her pussy. As was her custom she was only wearing panties and a tee stylish sex by agile lesbian awesome babes. The TV screen had an old man fucking a young girl and Nita's mind had James doing her mother.

Her pussy was wet and she pushed 2 fingers into her wet hole and started to finger fuck herself. Soon her other hand was up under the T and she was pinching her nipple. Now she was on the floor, hips privatecom claudia claire gets covered in cum hardcore european up and down as her fingers, now 3, fucked her hot wet pussy.

She was pulling her nipple with such passion she actually caused her to winch in pain. She was just about to have an orgasm when she heard the car pull up. She pulled her hands out of her panties and T, then sat up looking out the window.

She saw James get out of the car. "Oh shit they're home and I did not get to finish. Mom will have a fit if she finds me like this." She then turned off the TV and ran to her room to put on more clothes. June had not woken up all the rest of the way home and in fact it seems she was passed out cold and would not wake. As he pulled into the drive James thought, "damn home and now I have to give up my hand against her pussy. Well let's see what happens when we get inside." He tried to wake her but got very little reaction, other than a grunt and moan.

"Damn woman I sure hope the I can manage this", and with that he picked her up. He had her in his arms but she was more like a limp rag than anything and barely kept her head on his arm. He carried her up the steps and opened the door and was slapping and fucking of a sexy whore toward the sofa when Nita came back into the room.

"Hey you guys are home early it's only 12:30. What's with mom?" "She had a good time and a little too much to drink. If you show me to her room I will put her down and you can put her to bed." "Oh, ya, sure this way." Now Nita had grabbed the first thing she could find and it was a pair of very short shorts, so as she led the way her butt cheeks were very visible.

The fact that she had just been masturbating had also left her nipples very hard and very noticeable in the Tee shirt. James was a man and had no trouble noticing Nita's nipples and the cute butt cheeks as she walked ahead of him. In June's room James put her on the bed gently and turned to leave. "I suggest you put something on her to sleep in.

What does she wear?" "Oh she sleeps in anything and a lot of time nothing." Then she realized what she said and was a little embarrassed. She was afraid what her mother would say if she found out. "Oh man don't tell mom I said that please she will kill me, please." James smiled, "no worried it will be our little secret and besides a lot of people sleep in the nude." "Oh ya do you sleep naked?" She was looking at mother laying on the bet with her dress up almost to her waist and from her angle she could see the yellow panties and was sure James had seen them as well.

The thought of a strange man seeing her mother like that and then the conversation, well she was getting turned on again. "I am not sure you should be asking me that and I know I should not answer it." James was not looking at Nita now but at June and more specifically looking up her dress at the yellow panties.

He had a really good hard on and wanted to get out of here to do something about it. "I think you need to look after your mother and I need to go. Tell her I will call tomorrow, well actually today. Okay, can you handle getting her undressed and into pajamas?" "Oh sure, unless you want to help me undress her?" She laughed out loud. "That is not very funny little girl and I do not think you mother would like that at all." He turned and left the room in a hurry before things got any stranger.

Nita looked at him as he left and thought, "well you do not know my mom old man cause she would let anyone undress her." She then proceeded to take the dress and bra tiffany rayne takes a very big dick up her ass x traordinary pictures, after which she just covered her with a sheet. She then headed back into the living room. James was a little taken back by the comments of the daughter, the very sexy daughter.

So when he was going through the room and saw the screen on her laptop with pictures of naked people he stopped cold. It was a stopped at a video of an old man fucking a young girl. James was just staring at the picture when Nita came into the room.

At first she did not realize want he was looking at but then she saw her computer screen and ran to it. "Hey that's private stuff you should not be snooping around like that." "I am sorry but I was not snooping and if you don't want people to see what you are watching then you should be sure to close the page. That is some very graphic material. What would your mother say about that, and how old are you any way.

You are too young to access that site." "Well my mother knows and I get on through my brother's name. My age! What about you and my mother and how old are you anyway?" "Well I am old enough to date your mother and more, but I doubt you're old enough to be accessing a porn site. I think I had better go now, just give you mother my message, thank you." James turned and left quickly before Nita could say anything.

He felt very uncomfortable with the conversation he had just had. She was young napile girl xxx bf forest time seemed to be very knowledgeable in certain things.

He kept thinking of what she had said about her mother knowing and her brother.