Mom and son porn marhati

Mom and son porn marhati
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Mom went to work soon after she told Grace and Ashleigh she knew what we'd been up to, she was fine with it, seeing as I had fucked her during the night. So the rest of the day was the same as when Mom had been away. The three of us went straight to the lounge and fucked all day, making the most of the time we had before Dad, my Aunt and Uncle returned.

Mom came home about three, she walked into the lounge to find me pounding Grace's pussy, while Ashleigh fucked her ass with her strap-on "Having fun are we" Mom said "OOOOOHHHHH FFFFFUUUCCCCKKKK YYYYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH" Orgasm hit Grace, her pussy squirting its juices all over the couch "UUUUUUUHHHHHAAAAAA, FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKK, Busty blonde gets nailed in a threesome, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, UUUHHHHHHAAAA" Ashleigh chanted as she joined Grace in orgasm "I'll take that as a yes!" Mom giggled I turned to face mom, still pounding Grace hard, She had one hand shoved in her panties, whilst the other was rubbing her tits.

I felt my balls tighten "OH FUCK!" I cried, I pushed deeper in to my cousin and exploded inside her Ashleigh had pulled out, she was lying on the floor, her finger's a blur between her legs "FUCK, you know how to please a girl" mom said, as she started stripping "Mind if I join?" Mom removed her panties and threw them at Ashleigh, who immediately buried her face in them "Mmmmmmm" she purred "You smell delicious" "Wanna taste the real thing" Mom sat on the couch and spread her legs Ashleigh jumped across the room and started furiously licking my Mom's slit "OH FUCK, LICK IT BABE, LICK MY CUNT" Mom threw her head back as Grace jumped in her lap and started sucking her tits "I've wanted to do this for years" Grace said "OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, KEEP GOING, I'M CLOSE" Mom panted, her breathing becoming heavier and faster.

Ashleigh picked up one of her dildos and shoved it in my mom's pussy "OOOOOHHH FFFFUUUCCCCKKKK!" Ashleigh was going mad with the dildo, Grace reached down and started rubbing Mom's clit. That took her over the edge "UUUUUUHHHHHHHH, SSSSHHHHHHHHIIIIIITTTT, UUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA" Orgasm swept over her body.

The girls kept going, Ashleigh picked up her pace even more "OH,OH,OH, OH, OH, OOOOOOHHHHHHH FFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, FUCK, OH FUCK, OH, FUCK, OOOOOOOOUUUUUUHHHHHHAAAA" another orgasm swept over mom Grace and Ashleigh finally stopped, letting my mom regain her breath.

I took my chance I walked over to the couch, flipped mom over and shoved my cock deep inside her "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, OH FUCK!" Mom cried as I built up pace. Grace and Ashleigh were scissoring each other on the floor "PLAY WITH MY TITS" Mom purred "PLAY WITH YOUR SLUTTY MOM'S TITS" I took one in each hand and twisted them between my finger and thumb.

A third orgasm hit mom "UUUUUUHHHHHHHH, SSSSHHHHHHHHIIIIIITTTT, UUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA" Her pussy erupted, her juices squirting all over me. "UUUUUUUHHHHHAAAAAA, FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, UUUHHHHHHAAAA" another orgasm hit Grace, and Ashleigh wasn't far behind "FUCK, MOM I'M CUMMING" I panted, shoving my cock deeper, that took Mom over the edge again. Our orgasms subsided, My cock popped out of Mom's pussy, Grace and Ashleigh lay panting on the floor.

After about five minutes Mom stood up, "I have to taste your pussies!" she said, kneeling beside Grace and Ashleigh, who stood hot stepmom tara fucked by black son to give mom better access. She licked each girls soaking pussies, before she shoved her tongue deep into Grace's cunt. She reached over and rammed two fingers in Ashleigh. Both girls were moaning and groaning, their knees buckling every time Mom touched them.

I walked over behind Ashleigh. I reached round and grabbed her tits. I rubbed my cock around the rim of her ass. I slowly pushed my cock inside her.

Her breathing becoming heavier as I started thrusting. Mom still sucking on Grace's clit. "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, OH FUCK" Ashleigh panted as I pushed deeper inside her. Mom was still working her fingers in Ash's pussy.

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I tightened my grip around her waist, and lifted her off the floor. "OOOOOOHHHHHHH FFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, FUCK, OH FUCK, OH, FUCK, OOOOOOOOUUUUUUHHHHHHAAAA" yet another orgasm hit Ashleigh.

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Her ass milking my cock. "OOOOOOHHHHHHH OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, FUCK, OOOOOOOOUUUUUUHHHHHHAAAA" Grace's knees buckled as her pussy exploded its juices onto moms face "mmmmmm, give it to me baby" she purred, as Grace's juices kept flowing "You taste fucking delicious" Ashleigh and Grace's orgasm calmed, Me and Mom immediately switched.

Mom started on Ashleigh's clit, again shoving tow finger inside Grace, as I prepared to shove my cock up her ass. The girls top notch one eyed monster riding pornstar hardcore going mental; Ashleigh couldn't keep on her feet. Mom rolled onto her back, and Ashleigh collapsed on her face, her hips bucking in time with my Mom.

My cock was deep in Grace's ass, I built up speed as I took a nipple in one hand. "OOOOOOHHHHHHH FFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, FUCK, OH FUCK, OH, FUCK, OOOOOOOOUUUUUUHHHHHHAAAA" Both girls came together, Grace's knees bucking again, my hold on her tits kept her upright. Both Girls lay panting on the floor, their pussies flowing with a mix of their juices and my cum.

"SHIT, we'd better get cleaned up" Mom said looking at the clock "Dad, Aunt Lesley and Uncle Graham will be back soon" "Relax mom" I replied "we still have an hour" "Just enough time to take care of you" Ashleigh purred picking up her strap-on Mom giggled as I positioned myself on the couch. She climbed on top of me.

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I guided my cock and pressed the head against her ass. She Gasped as I slowly entered her. Ashleigh climbed between her legs and pushed her dildo into my Mom's pussy. "OH FUCK!" She screamed as we started gaining speed.

Grace had climbed on to my Moms face. She shoved her tongue in her pussy. Ashleigh switched on her vibrator. "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK ME, FUCK YOUR SLUTTY MOM" She purred as I went deeper into her ass.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHH FFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH" Grace and Ashleigh cried together, as orgasm swept over them. Mom's legs were shaking, I sensed she was close. I pulled out of her ass, and shoved my cock into her pussy, matching Ashleigh's rhythm immediately. "OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK" Mom screamed as my cock and Ashleigh's dildo pounded her pussy. The vibrations from the dildo were taking me closer to cumming, Mom arched her back as a powerful orgasm hit.


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"FFFFUUUUCCCKKK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, UUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHAAAAAA" another orgasm hit Mom. with her pussy milking my cock, and Ash's vibrator I couldn't hold it any longer. I thrust deeper and exploded in Mom's pussy. We collapsed on the couch, cum flowing from Mom's pussy, while Grace's juices coved her face. "I'm going to miss this" I said "What do you mean "miss it"" Mom replied "Why stop?

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I know a little place we can go" "Where?" Grace asked "Just come to my office about 5ish tomorrow" Mom answered "no one's ever there at that time, now come on, let's get cleaned up before everyone comes back" Mom helped Ashleigh with pesta sex son and mom dildos, they walked out of the room "OOHH, I like this one" I heard Mom say as they went upstairs Grace was still sat on the couch.

I sat down next to her, putting one arm around her "You enjoy that?" I said, rubbing her tits "Yeah, it was great, Aunt Trish is a real slut, but."she trailed off, she lowered her head "But what, I've never seen you cum so much" I replied "I know, it's not that.

I should of said something before." she seemed upset "Well then, what is it?" "Mark, I'm. I'm pregnant" To be continued