Obsession chocolate cream pie (creampiler tube porn

Obsession chocolate cream pie (creampiler tube porn
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sex with my adopted sister Breanna. I can't resist her, and she has told me many times she really loves & enjoys are sexual play time with each other. As it is summer & hot outside she wears these nice low cut tops and nice shorts. She does that cause she knows i love that, seeing her wonderful cleavage peachy blondie acquires agonorgasmos hardcore and massage her amazing sexy body.

It had been 6 days since we last had sex. her & me are having lots of fun in our cross country trip sight seeing, the movies, dinners, shes glad that i invited her to come along with me. she has always wanted to do a cross country travel but never had the money to do it so she was very happy that i asked her if she would like to come as our trip went on, we got lots of good pictures and movies, got lots of shopping & great foods too. Arriving In Arizona the Grand Canyon is about a 30 mind drive from the RV park.

heading out after we had a nice breakfast, arriving at the grand canyon, taking pics & movies, then a horse ride into the Canyon was very enjoyable for us both around Lunch time we found a nice quiet spot to sit, no1 around we ate our lunch I had in my back-pack, we got to playing with each other for a bit, slow kissing & tongue to tongue, slowly pressing her 34D tits through her top and her touching my penis tho my shorts I got hard as she played with it.

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that went on for about 15 mins, we then went out walking around the canyon, after 2 hours of walking we heading back to a building where there where some free snacks & drinks. resting for a bit talking, and playing some cards for an hour & a half, we then heading back to the RV park It was around dinner time then. this time she made the dinner, and it was great.

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after dinner we put on our favorite movie, I moved closer to her to her so we could cuddle. as we where cuddling she slowly moved her right hand towards me slowly running her hand down my body to my penis she slide her hand into my pants and started to play with my penis making me get hard, with my left hand I slowly moved towards her running my hand slowly up her leg sliding my hand into her shorts and slowly putting a finger into her vagina half way tho the movie we got naked and kept on cuddling and playing with each other, after the movie was over we went to the pool it was now after midnight, we had the pool our selfs no1 was around it was quiet, we swam under the moonlight & stars.

after 30 mins of being in the pool I came close to her got behind her and kissing her on the neck while i squeezed her tits hard, turning to face each other we kissed upskirtscock ninja studios brother blackmails sister full movies to lip her 34D tits pressing into my body felt great, with her left hand she put it around my penis and stroked is slowly I was rock hard, we got out of the pool, sitting on one of the pool chairs, she got on top of me face to face and she rode my hard penis up & down for about 20 mins we then heading back to the RV dried off.

she dropped to her knees and slowly sucked on my penis for about 15 mins then she laid on her back on the couch where I slide my hard penis into her vagina and slowly fucked her then did it harder & faster.

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she was loving it, Im about to cum I told her so I pulled her closer so I can push in deep and unloaded a huge load of cum deep inside her. just the look on her face of loving it and enjoyment holding my penis in her vaina for about 30 mins after I came deep inside her, then pulling out and going to the bathroom where her enema bag was hung went to fill it came back out and placed it on a hook above the couch, she got on her knees and arms up on the couch.

slowly inserting a finger 1st to check for blockages there was one I held my finger against it for a while, then slide the enema nozzle in and held it there this time she admitted that she liked the feeling of it being held there against the blockage and she asked me "can you hold it there for a good while" i said sure I can hold it there as long as you want me too an hour goes by Im still holding the nozzle there, I pushed the nozzle against the blockage harder she was liking it alot she asked me to push it even harder so I did.

pushing it very hard against it I held it there some more she was still loving it.

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then taking the nozzle out and using the shower shot enema to get it clear worked as it always does, then went back to using the bag, I changed the nozzle on it putting on a longer thicker one with no lube on it I shoved it in hard & deep she said ohh mmm do that again, so i pulled out the nozzle and again I shoved it in harder and deeper. then I started the flow of water, she took the whole bag, gave her 2 enemas.

she did the same for me going back to the couch her in dogie style I was hard still I rammed my penis into her ass, fucked so hard she said more more, i gave it to her good, as im about to cum I quickly pull out and slide it into her vagina pushing in deep I came in her again. she loved it and said ohhh I love that warming was 6am by now, she was like wow that was great, we both went to bed for 7 hours and slep with each other naked I held my penis in her vagina with 1 finger in her butt and one of her fingers in mine as we slept waking up was still in.

we kissing and fucked again.

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Having sex, anal & enemas with Breanna is very good. she loves it alot, shes told me so many many times, she wants to keep on playing shes a wonderful kisser with them full lips she has mmm. she hugs good too close & tight the way I like it only as she can do. I love my adopted sister Breanna alot, and she loves me a lot too, best adopted sister ever