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Valentina nappi gets a big cock in her ass
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Chapter Five. The rest of the day passed in mundane things.Jennifer joined the other women in household tasks and was told that they were expected to keep the house spotless.She had no quarrel with that, she'd always kept her own apartment like that.As she worked in the kitchen the Oriental girl Aiko whispered to her."Are you angry to be here Jennifer.I was at first, I only came to America about a year ago to attend an English school.

I was at a disco when they took me and I cried for two days.They told me that if I stopped and behaved that I could call mellanie monroe mom teach teen parents, so they wouldn't worry about me" Jennifer urgently whispered questions to the girl.How long exactly had she been there, how was she being used and whom was the father of the child she was carrying.The girl smiled softly as she answered. "It always begins the same Jennifer.

Ellen and Eileen were the women that attended me at first.Even Cindy helped at some of my sessions.My breasts are small and they didn't know if they could induce me or not.I guess I took longer than the rest but one morning when I woke, my breasts were aching and that day during my session the first milk came.Everyone was so pleased and I felt wonderful.That was about ten months ago and now soon I will have my child.I'm not sure who the Father is.It's not Taylor, if that's what you're thinking.He always used a condom with me.I'd never been with a black man before and at first I thought he would kill me.

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I know that you know what he can do.I miss it now sometimes.I'm only used for the sponsors now and one of them is the Father" The questions in Jennifer's mind tumbled over themselves faster than the slight girl could answer."Bu.But how many of the sponsors have you been with.Are they good to you, do you like them, what will happen to your baby when it's born, Will they let you go if you want, Do you want to leave" Aiko laughed softly."Alright, alright Jennifer I'll answer all your questions but I'd like you to do me a favor if I do, will you do that" Jennifer nodded and said "If I can" and again Aiko laughed, "Oh you can and I'll show you how tonight after everyone's asleep.Sponsors., I guess only four very cute girl selphy show and kljh was another but I haven't seen him in some time.Yes they're very nice to me, sometimes they bring me presents, jewelry and lingerie.Things I could never have had for myself.Very beautiful things that I know must be very expensive.Like them., Well there is one that I think I love a little.He's very elegant and I know he must be very rich.He's a superb lover and I enjoy being with him the most.He massages me and rubs my stomach with cocoa butter and he's the first man that ever took me anally.I cum so strongly when he does that.I was afraid at first but he was so gentle and before I knew it, I wanted it all the time.The baby., When it's born I will have a choice.I can stay here and raise it or I can leave and take it with me.I was given the choice to know whether it'll be a boy or girl but I preferred to wait.I haven't made my decision yet about staying or leaving.The money I get helps so much with my family.I'm putting my younger brother through college now" Still more questions flooded Jennifer but just then Cindy came into the kitchen and told everyone to stop and prepare for dinner.Aiko whispered as Jennifer was leaving "Tonight, late.I'll come to you" She was intrigued at thoughts of what the beautiful girl wanted as she climbed the stairs to go to her room and prepare.After a bath and having time, she shampooed her hair, drying and pinning it up.She dressed hurriedly and joined Alicia in the corridor to go down.They were among the first to arrive and Alicia drew saucy rebeca has her tight snatch plowed pornstars brunette to the side of the table to sit next to her.Taylor again in his spotless whites stepped to them and asked if they'd like a Sherry before dinner.They both accepted as the rest of the women began to arrive.

He and Cindy were the last to arrive and they had the beautiful brunette that Jennifer had seen Cindy talking to at breakfast.She was seated at his left hand as Jennifer had been the night before.When all the women that wanted one were served an aperitif, He gently struck his glass with musim girl best ing story download and the room stilled.Cindy rose and addressed the table."All of you with the exception of Jennifer know Patricia.You know that she left us almost six months ago and now she has something to say".The woman rose and Jennifer noted that she was now dressed as the rest, her breasts magnificently standing proudly through the silk.

"I.I left here six months ago thinking that I wanted my freedom and perhaps to find love.I didn't find those things, I only found heartache and despair.I loved and was rejected.I've asked to come back and Master has kindly accepted my request.I know I disappointed many of you when I left and for that I apologize with all my heart.I only ask that you allow me to join you again and perhaps build the trust and love that we once shared.I have no milk now but I'm prepared to start all over and I hope you'll all help me".

Jennifer could see that her eyes were brimming with tears as she sat again and the women around her softly applauded.She watched as He leaned to her whispering something to her and fondling her breast, as she nodded.

Alicia whispered."Once Patricia was the Master's favorite and we all knew that he would breed her.When she left, he was inconsolable for a long time.Now she's back, I wonder if she'll be His favorite again".Jennifer pondered that as the first course of what was to be the customary wonderful spread was served.She watched through the meal as he fondled Patricia as He'd done her and when she saw his hand go beneath the table, she knew he was touching her.Before she'd quite finished the meal, He rose and Patricia rose with him.Turning to Cindy, he said "I'm not to be disturbed and have the children that want to nurse, do it in the Great Hall this evening".He turned and without another word left the room.

From the corner of her eye Jennifer noted that Taylor was still in the room and visions of what the Master and Patricia would soon be doing didn't include the quiet black giant.Her thoughts of what it would be like to fuck HIM were interrupted by Alicia's Whisper.Jennifer, you're to have your injection now and then you're to go to bed.We'll be having two sessions tomorrow and we want you fresh and rested.Saying that, they both rose from the table and Alicia took her to Taylor's side.She didn't have to be told and again presented her arm.Alicia said "I'm expected at the Great Hall so mommyblowsbest the boss hot wife bigboobs and cumshot go on ahead and I'll see you at breakfast" As Jennifer climbed the stairs she thought again of what He must be doing at that moment and felt herself moisten.She felt brazen and just a little embarrassed at it.She prepared quickly for bed and lay in the dark knowing that sleep wouldn't come easily to her.Jennifer's mind was too alive at all that had happened to her in such a short time and wondered at all the things that were going to happen.She might have dozed, she wasn't sure but she awoke with a start as she felt someone sit on the side of her bed.Before she could speak, a finger was placed gently on her lips and she could see Aiko in the moonlight streaming through the window.Aiko was smoothing her hair and then ran her fingers down her cheek, trailing onto her neck.She watched the almond eyes as they came nearer and then the shock of her mouth being taken, almost took her breath away.The kiss deepened as she felt Aiko's tongue probing and realized that she was returning it.She'd always been curious and now she knew it was happening.She felt the sheet drawn to bare her breasts and the fingers insistently at her nipples.

The girl was expertly manipulating her as her breathing became labored.Jennifer's nipples had always been so sensitive and now they slightly ached as Aiko worked them.She wondered if it was the injections and then thoughts fled her as Aiko left her lips and captured the aching flesh in her mouth.She groaned as she felt Aiko's fingers find her and begin to smooth the now sodden flesh.Almost as if she'd willed it, the finger entered and the suckling increased in intensity.It was like electricity was flowing all through her body and she clasped the girl to her strongly.The finger and the lips were starting to make her slightly mad when suddenly it ceased and Aiko moved down her body, laving.She KNEW where the girl was going and KNEW what was to come but when she felt the mouth touch her, her body snapped rigidly tight.Aiko pressed gently on her stomach and then Jennifer felt her tongue.It was exquisite and she lifted her hips into it, her hands touching Aiko's hair and then sliding around her neck and pressing her cunt tightly to those big chocolate tits babe layla monroe pornstar knockers.

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laving lips. . "Oh.OH GOD Aiko" Jennifer urgently whispered."Yes.YES YES!!! Don't stop, DON'T EVER STOP".She felt it gathering like a storm seen on a far horizon and she keened in her throat and willed it speed"."Unhhhhhhhhhh OH.OH PLEASE, GOD PLEASE" were all the words that she had time to gasp as her cunt seemed to melt into that furnace hot mouth, felt the sucking at her clit and exploded into a blessed gushing release.Jennifer was shaking violently as Aiko rose and sealed their tryst, delving her tongue deeply into Jennifer's welcoming mouth.

They lay in silence as Aiko calmed her and stroked the body that she'd so inflamed.It had been so strong for Jennifer; so different from other orgasm's she'd had.There was no description that fit her mind and she gladly gave up trying.Aiko's voice was soft as she spoke.Jennifer, you promised to do me a favor, do you remember".Jennifer's brunette with hot body fucking on couch reeled.*What more could this child want of her.She'd given passion she didn't even know she had* "In my country" Aiko continued."When a woman is close to having her baby, she's fisted to help in widening her.Sometimes it's her mother, other times a sister or just a friend.I'm close now and I want you to be the one to help me.I've brought what we'll need and I'll guide you.Will you do me this honor" Jennifer's mind boiled and she trembled as she spoke."Yes Aiko, I will.You'll have to show me.I.I've never done anything like that but I want to help you.

Help you anyway I can.Aiko leaned back and handing Jennifer a tube of something, sighed and said "Thank you Jennifer I knew you would.Make me ready to receive you". .***To be Continued***

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