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Sunny leone xxx best bf
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Jan Ormand made her way through the crush of rush hour pedestrians and literally fought her way to the stairway that led to the subway beneath down town Chicago's State Street. "Good grief I pray my car's ready for tomorrow," she muttered under her breath while slipping a buck and a half to the toll taker who sat in an air conditioned booth one flight above the tracks.

It was hot in Chicago, at least ninety with about eighty percent humidity!

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For the past week Jan had been forced to use public transportation since her car was in the shop with a bad transmission. The fifty one year old insurance executive stood on the platform with thousands of the commuters waiting for a north bounder. As a Green Line train slowly slid into the station, a voice over the loud speaker announced, "This train will be non stop all the way to Fullerton!" "If you need to get off at an earlier stop please wait for the next train!" There were hundreds of groans as the doors to the just stopped cars popped open, allowing a flood of passengers to rush for the few remaining seats.

Jan didn't even try to get one tarn tar kanta sex vdeo the sit downs, instead taking a place in the aisle and standing like a packed sardine with the other riders.

Bodies were literally squished together as more and more people tried to jam themselves onto the now overloaded cars. Even though the air conditioning was working overtime, with all the hot sweaty bodies pressed together it was almost unbearably uncomfortable. Jan was beginning to feel a little light headed as the train lurched forward, but it would have been impossible for her to fall even if she had passed out. So as the train pulled out of the State and Randolph stop, Jan closed her eyes hoping the trip would be over quickly.

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They hadn't gone more than a few blocks when the aroma of stale beer filled her nostrils, almost causing her gag reflex to make her hurl! She opened her eyes only to find that young man of about twenty two or so was pressing up against her with their faces literally only inches apart. The smell of beer and sweat was so overpowering that Jan thought she would pass out for sure. As she turned her school saxy story sex stories king com downlod to avoid the foul smelling young man, the car lurched, the lights went out, and the train stopped.

Again groans filled the air as distressed passengers vented their frustrations in the darkened car. Knowing that it was useless to complain, Jan just stood there waiting for the lights to come back on and the train to start moving again, but then much to her shock and dismay she felt a hand tugging up the front of her dress!

She was so shocked, that for a few moments she just stood there like a statue unable to move! "You have a fat ass," a voice whispered into her ear, "and I just love fat asses." "Who said that?" she asked hoarsely.

"I did," came the calm response. It was then Jan realized that the dirty young man pressed up against her was now pawing at her panty clad pussy with a very powerful hand! "Stop that this instant!" she hissed. "Or what?" he asked softly while sliding his finger inside of her panties. "What are you gonna do?!?" Should she scream!?!" Her mind was spinning like a toy top as she quickly ran through her options.

If she screamed out he would just remove his hand and slip away leaving her looking like an absolute fool. She could try to fight him off, but he was incredibly strong, and she knew that it would be a lost cause. She was just trying to figure out option number three when that roving finger slipped easily into her by now very wet pussy and quickly cornered her very erect clitoris!

She gasped loudly as he flicked over its distended little head causing her knees to buckle slightly as the fire in her pussy was stoked to white hot! "So ya like that do ya?" he asked insolently. "You're just like every other cunt on this planet," he said with a quiet chuckle. "Just lay a finger on the old clit and it's all over, baby!" She wanted desperately to jerk his hand away and then smack him across the face, but as her pussy was roiled into and absolute frenzy, she wantonly shoved her by now gaping pussy hard into the young man's hand.

"Hey," he commented a matter of factly, "you sure do have a big hair pie down there." "Don't ya ever shave it?!" "Why I never!" she moaned softly. He chuckled again at her obvious discomfort, but actions speak louder than words! And as of this moment all this hot pussied bitch wanted was nice hard cum!!!

For the next several minutes the insolent young man with the foul smelling breath diddled poor Jan's clit to the very brink of climax. But then just before she reached her cum he backed off just enough to pull her back from the edge. "Y-you bastard!" she hissed through clenched teeth. "P-please, let me cum!" "Oh, so now you want my help," he replied casually while teasing her to the point of distraction. "Okay, what do you want?" she gasped softly. "I have a question for you," he asked calmly.

"What?!?" she nearly shrieked. "For god sakes what do you want!?!" "Keep your tits in your bra," he admonished. "Now where was I?" he opined softly. "Oh yeah, I remember now, I wanted to ask you a question." By now she was even shoving her heavy breasts into his chest while a little line of drool ran out of the corner of her mouth and down onto her chin. His finger tip danced around the head of her clit, occasionally nudging it just enough to send spasms of pleasure rocketing through her sopping wet organ.

Her head drooped forward until it was resting on his shoulder as she began to slip into a state of sexual overload. "Now, what was it I wanted to ask you?" he whispered into her ear. "I've got it!" he said triumphantly. "I just wanted to know if you've ever been fucked by a total stranger in the middle of a crowded lewd mum joins in the fun momsandteens and threesome car!?!" The import of what he was asking was not lost on her, but she was powerless to answer let alone offer any kind of meaningful resistance to his advances.

She moaned as she felt him tear away the front of her panties with one hand while at the same time guiding his very thick erection to the entrance to her fat hairy vagina! He scrunched down just enough to allow his pecker a better angle for attack, and then while she draped herself all over him, he shoved his hips upward, driving his fat organ balls deep into her needy cunt! She bit into his shoulder to keep from screaming out loud as the first of several massive orgasms erupted deep inside of her convulsing pussy.

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She was just getting used to having his rod stuck up her hot cunt when all at once the car lurched forward and the lights popped back on! She managed to straighten up her head, but with the crush of passengers all around them, the vile young man was able to leave his cock in her pussy with no one being the wiser! As the train wended its way towards the north side, the gentle back and forth motion induced an untold number of climaxes in Jan's pussy which finally culminated when the young man's prick stiffened before sending a torrent of hot jism rocketing into her by completely satiated pussy!

He smiled a wicked smile, winked his eye, and then just as casually as you please let his rapidly receding member slide from her well fucked pussy and back inside of his dirty blue jeans. She felt unbelievably naked under her dress as her torn panties hung loosely around her waist while her bulging labia oozed the hot spunk that only moments before had been ejaculated from the eye of the young man's red hot pecker.

She took a deep breath as they rolled into the station while wondering if amateur femdom babes get their bdsm bondage on with teacher suspected that she had just experienced the fucking of her life!

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As she made her way down the stairs to the street below, a small smile passed over her face, the smile of a well fucked and satisfied female! THE END