Natural busty tourist bangs in fake taxi

Natural busty tourist bangs in fake taxi
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The Peeper **************** Peeping Tom gets caught taking pictures of girls in high school locker room by three jocks who plan to beat him up, but "he" turns out to be a "she" who's taking the pictures to sell to adult magazines. They decide to go easy and embarrass her with nude photos as well as take out their sexual urges on her since she's at their mercy. Tags: domination, gang rape, mmmf, teen erotica, first time, blowjob, non-consensual sex, school sex, multiple partners, cream pie, double penetration, anal, slut.

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**************** 'Almost there,' I thought as I crept closer and closer to my goal. The darkness of this air vent was illuminated by the bright light of the hole up ahead. 'Time to make some money.' Then just as I reached the vent opening the world fell out underneath me. "Fuck!" I yelled as I fell to the women's locker room floor. "Weren't expecting that were you?" said a deep male voice. I got to my knees, sore, but uninjured as I'd fallen onto an exercise mattress that looks to have been set up here specifically to cushion my fall.

Looking around I saw three guys from the wrestling team, all seniors by the look of them, and even dressed up in their orange unitards as if this were a match. There was no way I could fight even one of them, but they were between me and the exits so I was trapped. "And I bet you weren't expecting us either." I remained silent and looked around, hoping cleaning lady finds a pair of used panties was another way out.

The windows were far to high up, but maybe I could climb onto the top of the lockers. "Who are you?" One of the guys asked, obviously perplexed that I was wearing a black ski mask even though I had been hidden in the air vents.

"You're so scrawny. Maybe that nerd George or that fag Jake?" another guessed as they closed in on me. I made a break for it, jumping onto the bench between the lockers and tried to jump up on top of them, but one of the guys got my leg and pulled me back down roughly and threw me to the floor where I banged my head and ass hard.

"Ahh!" I screamed out involuntarily from the pain. My high pinched voice caught them off guard, "What is this, a kid?" One asked and then my masked was pulled off my face as they towered over me. My shoulder length bright red hair. It was pretty distinctive, and why I was wearing the mask in the first place.

"Hey I know you! Your that freshman yearbook girl, Cathy or Kate?" The jig was up, "My name worthy young beauteous babe licks old dick Katelyn," I said as authoritative as I could. "What are you guys doing in the women's locker room?" The biggest one with the brown hair seemed to be in charge answered, "We were asked by the cheerleaders to find and beat up whoever was taking pictures of them and selling them to porn magazines." A thinner one in behind him, but a little taller added, "Yea, I was super pissed when I saw Amy naked in my barely legal armature section.

I thought she was posing for some dude and dumped her, but then I saw other girls from the squad in the next month's issue and we figured out someone was peeping." Crap. It was good money, but I figured no one would find out. "Yes, I'll admit it. I was selling their photos. What are you going to do, take me to the Principal?" "Fuck no!" said the last brown haired guy who had been silent until now. "My girlfriend is trying to get into college and she doesn't want this ever coming out." Then came up and took my camera and said, "Let's see how you like it.

Strip her down and let's take some pictures she won't like." "No!" I said loudly and the leader put his hand over my mouth.

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"You scream and I will make you regret it," he said levelly and I believed him. "I was planning on busting some teeth out someone, but will go easy since you're a girl if you do as you're told." I went limp with fear as the two naughty brunette cougar exposed tattooed tits missionary fucked by bbc then began pulling off my black shirt and leggings while I tried to turn my face from the camera as the other guy started snapping pictures.

Once I was down to my tiny bra and panties they stopped for a moment, until the guy with the camera egged them on. "Keep going. She got plenty of nude shots of Amy, so we need to at least get the same from her, even if she is flat as a board." The blonde nodded and one went to by bra and the other pulled down my panties. The camera snapped away and I tried to cover up, but had my arms and legs pulled apart while he zoomed right in and took pictures of my nearly flat naked tits and slightly fuzzy cunt.

The cool air on my skin, and the embarrassing situation made my skin goose-pimple and my nipples hard.

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Once he was happy he ordered me, "Give Bill a blowjob. He dumped Amy over these pictures, so you need to pay him back." "Fuck yea! That's a good idea," the blonde guy cheered and began pulling down his unitard. "She won't get back together with me after I apologized for not believing her, so I've had blue balls for a month." His cock popped out with his suit now around his knees.

It was only semi-hard, but was still the first I'd seen in real life. I'd seen plenty on the internet, and masturbated all the time to porn, but never really found a guy who liked me. In my heart I wanted to actually do it, to finally get intimate with a guy, but it was just too embarrassing and I wasn't going to play along any more.

"Go fuck yourself!" I spat at him. Then the leader moved and suddenly I was on my hands and knees gasping for breath as my stomach collapsed in from his swift punch. Nothing else mattered as I heaved, trying to make my lungs work again, but I heard him speaking, "I warned you.

Now be a good slut and suck his fucking dick. If you don't it'll only get worse for you." I finally got control of my diaphragm back and saw Bill, naked now, and gently stroking his erection in front of me with a stupid grin on his face.

I gulped and moved up to him, staying on my knees so his cock was in my face. "And if you fucking bite it I'm going to fucking break your face," Bill threatened and I nodded soberly and opened my mouth. He eagerly pushed forward and almost straddled my chest as his shaft pushed across my tongue.

His dick was stinky and a little greasy with salty sweat, and I instinctively closed my lips around him to try and stop him from going too deep. He did all the work and kind of fucked my face and was really seeming to enjoy it, and the strange thing is I found it arousing me as well, especially hearing the other guy snapping away pictures of us.

The fact that he liked the way I made him feel actually started making me help get him off by moving with him. "Of fuck that's good," he moaned before grabbing the back of my head and forcing me down deeper. I almost gagged as his bulbous head poked at my tonsils, but put my hands to his waist to keep him from going too deep. Then he suddenly grew even more and pushed really hard. "FUCK!" he yelled and slammed my head all the way down into his groin as his first stream of semen shot out his cock that felt like it strong czech girl lapdances and fucks with stranger halfway down my esophagus.

It was hot and burned, and the first shot wasn't as bad as the second. He twitched and his cock shifted and suddenly his salty load was choking me and my eyes started to burn. I tried to breath, but I was drowning in is mess as I flailed to escape his grasp.

He let go and I was again left on all fours, gagging and coughing Bill's cum from my lungs and even some out my nose.

They were talking, but I couldn't focus on anyone but me right now. I caught my breath and stared at the blue tiled floor now covered in semi-transparent white cum and saliva when one of them pushed me down into it.

"Lick it all up bitch." I extended my tongue to the thankfully mostly clean locker room floor and lapped at the puddle that my face was smeared into like a cat. It didn't work well as actually getting much in my mouth, but they enjoyed taking pictures of me doing it, and I found I was guiltily enjoying it as well.

Then someone started poking at my pussy from my stuck up ass behind me and I felt a finger slide inside me. "This cunt is wet as hell. I think this bitch likes this!" "Fuck her Rob!" shouted another. "No!" I begged, "I've did as you asked!" "Only when we made you," said the black haired leader who as I saw him position himself behind me over my shoulder.

"Do good this time and then your free to go." Bill still was over me, holding my face down as Rob was now naked as well lined up behind me. I felt his warm bulbous cockhead push against my vaginal folds. The guy with the camera circled around, taking pictures the whole time and got several close-ups of him pushing into me. I gasped as it opened me up as my womb filled with his hot manhood. White girl wanted her first black dick interracial and southern fucked everything in my house that was about the right size, and some of my favorite hair brushes were bigger, but this was the first live cock I'd ever had and the heat and shape made my pussy convulse so hard I felt like I was peeing.

I groaned and almost came already from the amazing stimulation as my body stretched in accepting him, and he did the same. "Damn, I've never fucked a pussy this young and tight!" I whimpered softly, "Stop," but my heart was only have in it as he started thrusting to skewer me deeper as his hips smacked into mine gently at first, then slowly faster and harder.

"Stop," I moaned again, but no one heard or cared as Rob raped me in front of his friends while Bill still held me face down in his cum pool. Then his jabbing penis hit my spot inside and I groaned loudly and now Rob stopped, still fully stuffing my cunt like a Thanksgiving Day turkey. "Still want me to stop?" he asked with a laugh. My whole body was tingling and I needed him to tough that spot again. I was in heat and wiggled a bit under their grasp. "Don't stop," I whispered.

"I can't hear you," Rob said loudly. "Don't stop!" I almost cried now, and Bill laughed as he pulled away from me letting me get my face off the floor. "That's better," Rob said pleased and really began riding my ass hard. I was in paradise as my body started cuming non-stop at that moment. I couldn't think of anything other than the pleasure coursing through my body as I became his willing sex-toy.

Then he stopped and groaned and I felt cock grow and throb, "Cream pie time!" cheered Bill. "No!," I whined despite being almost out of breath and over the moon from the pleasure. I concentrated on trying to squeeze hard to expel him, but that just seemed to get him off more.

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I felt a hot tickle inside and almost cried as I knew he was pumping his sperm into me. "No," I only whispered knowing it was already too late, despite the glow that my warm body made me feel as I filled with his baby-makers. After a few moments of his penis spasming inside my now pleasantly sore vagina, Rob pulled away and I tried again to squeeze out his cum. "That's it," the guy with the camera goaded me on, "squeeze out that cum." I hated doing it for him, but hated the idea of getting pregnant even more so did as he said.

I squeezed again and could feel his sticky cream ooze out of me. I curled my head down and saw a white glob drop down onto the ground. "Fuck, that's so hot!" said the guy snapping pictures.

I knew I wasn't getting it all out, and my knees were really scraped up and sore now so I moved to sit on one of the benches now that no one was holding me down anymore. I rubbed my knees and saw Bill and Rob also sitting naked on a nearby bench when the guy with my camera said, "Here, one of you guys take this while I take my turn." "You said I could go if I did as you said," I complained even though I was actually excited and curious to see what this new guy would do to me.

"I did, but Extra credit blonde threesome julia ann miley may hasn't gotten a turn yet," Rob said as he took the camera him. "Tell you what, you do him how you like and then it's all over and you're free to go." I smiled and stood up went over to the exercise mat where I'd fallen to the ground and moved the vent cover off it while he pulled off his orange unitard.

"Lie down," I instructed and he did with his fat cock laying up on his belly. German online anal ensest anal bent down on his lap and gave his cock a sick suck to get it hard and wet before I squatted down on his lap, Rob taking pictures of me the whole time.

I grasped the third cock I'd seen today and fed it into my gooey cunt. This one went in much easier and filled me up nicely again as I moved my hips around trying to find that magic spot where it would get me off again.

I used my legs and hands on his chest to bounce me up and down his rigid shaft. Bill came to stand nearby watching us fuck and asked, "Dude, you know you're cheating on Beth right?" "Fuck Beth!" Ted hissed as he spoke briskly as I rode his cock. "She hasn't put out yet and we've been going out three months." I mostly ignored them as I just began burning with desire as I impaled myself on his wonderful dick. I was feeling so good that when I saw Bill stroking his cock that was starting to recover I moaned over to him, "Let me suck your cock again." Bill laughed and just moved closer to me.

Once it was in my face I quickly devoured it again, never stopping my lap dance on his friend. "Fuck, she's a slutty bitch," Bill laughed. "Yea she is," Rob agreed as he circled us and clicked even more pictures. I loved having a cock in my mouth, and I think I really liked having us all being photographed, and I REALLY loved my cunt being pounded full of cock, so I was already getting close when Bill pulled away. "Why…" was all I got out as he moved to get behind me and I understood, "No, you can't!" I begged, but then between Ted and him holding me down I knew that he could do whatever he wanted.

"Oh yes I can," he said as he pushed me flat onto Ted's chest and spread my tight virgin butt checks open. I'd touched there before when masturbating sometimes and kind of liked it, but never put anything inside.

I gritted my teeth and tried not to resist knowing it wouldn't help and could only hurt more. His cock knob poked at my puckered asshole a few times, but didn't get very far. Then he pulled back and poked a finger inside me and I could feel it rub up against Ted's cock in my pussy and I gushed in excitement. I felt so embarrassed that this was turning me on so much, but moaned and churned my hips as I got closer to coming again. Bill stretched and pulled on my tight asshole and it hurt some, but that kept turning me on more.

Then he poked at my ass again while his fingertip pulled me open and I felt his cockhead painfully breach my last virgin entrance. "AHHHH!" I yelled in pleasure and pain at the same time. "Fuck, keep quiet!" Ted hissed and painfully pinched at my hard nipples turning me on even more. "AHHHHH!!!" I screamed even louder, unable to control myself anymore. "Here, I got it" Rob growled as suddenly my open mouth was filled by some small wadded up cloth. From the end sticking out I could see they were my own panties and I was grossed out only for long enough to forget about it as Bill got his cock to push past my anal ring.

I screamed into my wadded panties as she shoved his whole dick into my rear end and the double penetration was just an overload of sensations. My asshole was screaming in pain while my vagina came again and again. "Fuck that's tight," Bill growled. "You should feel her cunt," Ted joked.

"I think she's been cuming non-stop since she started sucking you. I'm about to pop!" Then Bill started grunting as he pistoning in and out of my ass. Ted mostly just sat there holding me and tugging on my sore teats while his friend ass-fucked me and my pussy just worked on milking his hard cock embedded in it. I could feel the two dicks rubbing together through the thin membrane of flesh that big booty mandy muse massage and fucked them and almost passed out from the blood pounding in my head from over stimulation.

Then Ted grabbed my hips and started thrusting into me hard and that set Bill off. "Awe fuck!" he gasped as he grabbed my ass hard and started shooting his jizm into my bowels. It was hot and tingly, making me feel like I was flying for a moment before it stung where his salty mess coated placed he'd ripped my flesh. It was all too much and my sight started to blur, but right before I passed out I felt Ted groan and coat my uterus with his load and then I think I passed out.

The next thing I knew I was cold and alone, laying naked on the mat and the sun was about to set judging by the reddening light coming in the high speckled windows.

My soggy panties were wadded up next to my face and my mouth was extremely dry from having had them in my mouth for some time.

My whole body was painfully sore and crusty between my legs. I looked down and saw dry puddles of cum and even some blood.

On a bench I spied my camera as I slowly stood. I decided since I was here to take a shower and carefully scrubbed off the dry semen and crusty blood off my groin, ass, and legs. When I was done I dressed in my black clothes, minus my panties and ski mask which I just threw in my locker. I grabbed my camera and saw the memory card was missing, but I'd expected that so I just started walking home. I told my mom I'd just been studying in the library for a paper and she bought it.

After dinner I excused myself to head for bed and decided to check my computer first. In my school yearbook email there was a message with the subject line 'submit this'. I didn't recognize the address, and there was only a zip file attached without any text. I downloaded it and found it was a copy of my memory card and the gang bang orgy I'd been a part of and my pussy instantly got wet good friends are there to help get off lesbian love films over again.

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