Anissa kate has huge tits and a pretty smile pornstar and knockers

Anissa kate has huge tits and a pretty smile pornstar and knockers
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I woke up in a haze wondering where the fuck i was. Quickly I realized that I was in a dark and damp room and that my mouth had duct tape over it. I was sitting down in a chair with my hands handcuffed behind my back and my legs tied to the legs of the chair.

I am still fully clothed wearing my jeans and my tank top and when I look around I see 7 of my friends in the same situation that I am in, tied down to a chair and they are all up. When I look up I see one of my friends naked with her arms separated above her head and tied to the ceiling around some rings.

I see her legs spread apart in the same way her arms are. She is still knocked out with duct tape over her mouth. "Good, you're all up, welcome to the what's going to be your sexual awakening." The man that is pinay sex scandal viral vedios is not even a man he's a boy.

He's a boy in my grade, a senior, and I've known him my entire life. He's a boy that me and my friends have neglected and not been nice to. It's not that he's ugly or anything but there was no reason to be friends with him, he wasn't "popular." Let me rundown my friends for you.

We are all white girls from the suburbs and had nice lives. We were in a line with the 7 of us and of course the one in front of us. Kaitlyn is the athletic one, she was stuck up with an ok body and no sexual experience. Jordan is really tall with a beautiful face with long black hair and basically no body and no sexual experience.

Ryann is a petite girl with blond hair, a nice face, a nice ass, and also has no sexual experience. Alex is also a petite girl with blond hair but she has an ok face with nice perky tits, a beautiful ass, and legs to die for but she also has no sexual experience. Janelle is a quiet girl with a good everything basically, black hair and has been fucked before by her boyfriend. Jocelyn is a girl with nice full b cups, a huge ass, and she was fucked by her ex-boyfriend.

Nadia is a beautiful girl with full c cups, a tight ass, a beautiful face, and has been fucked by her boyfriend. She is absolutely perfect. My name is Kerry and to be honest I am pretty hot.

I have blond hair with blue eyes, a very nice face, b cups, the absolutely perfect ass, and long luscious legs. I have been fucked before by many guys and I am sort of known as the school slut. The girl in front of us, Mary, is easily the ugliest one of all of us. She is relatively heavy but not too heavy with a bad face.

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One good thing she did have was a nice rack. A "fat pack" she had nice D cups. I noticed that one of us was missing when.

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"As some of you may have noticed one of your friends is missing. Your friend Nicky has sold you out. I paid her to give you highly effective date rape drugs, she wife fucking a homeless guy them in your drink. It turns out she really didn't like you guys, at all." I can't believe that Nicky fucking did this to us, I'm going to kill that bitch. "Don't worry she is long gone by now and you will never see her again.

You may noticeI have left you the common courtesy of leaving your clothes on. You also may notice your friend Mary here, she is totally knocked out and I have decided to get the ugliest one done first." I knew what he meant and I'm sure my friends do to. He threw a bucket of water on her and she immediately woke up.

She immediately recognized the situation she was in and how bad it was. She started wiggling trying to get out but it was no use, the knots were tight.

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"Bitch, stop you're going to get fucked and you will like it, trust me." He stripped down to his birthday suit. I immediately noticed his average sized wang.

It was pretty small considering all the guys that have fucked me have had bigger cocks but it was still average, I think at least. "I have given all you ladies the pill so you won't get fat and ugly on me." He started massaging her tits and I could tell he loved it, he was basically toying with her.

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he was brooklyn daniels in daughters little secret movie night up both her tits and she started to groan, it feels good i know. He then started to finger her pussy and hard too. "God you are so fuckin tight, I can only get one fuckin finger up your pussy." As he was going on he started to get more fingers up her pussy. She was getting wet and he could tell she was ready for it. "It's time bitch get ready for the big show." He plunged his dick into her pussy and started to go in and out.

In the beginning he could only get part of it in but with his pushing he got all of it within the first 10 minutes. They were both groaning and she started to bleed, her cherry had been popped. I could tell Mary wasn't liking it by her eye movements and how she was so wide-eyed.

She kept looking at us for help but we couldn't do anything because our chairs were bolted to the floor. He kept on going at her and didn't stop, I didn't know how he could keep it going for so long, I couldn't help but get a little hot by the whole situation.

I didn't want to admit to myself but I was liking this.

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While all my friends looked scared and couldn't watch I was embracing this. It was the first time I had ever seen another girl get fucked. There was so much movement he kept on pumping and all her body parts were in motion. Her beautiful, big tits were jiggling up and down and all her body fat was being pushed up against his and there poonam ki chut mein ddlund both sweating and sticky and wet.

I noticed my pants were now wet with precum and I was I had my hands so I could massage my pussy and masterbate. He had finally blown his load inside her pussy and Mary immediately became almost limp, she was exhausted.

When he turned he looked at me and saw my wet pants. His eyes made contact with mine and he started to smirk. "Girls take a look over here your slutty friend Kerry is actually turned by this situation. What a bad girl, look at all that cum. I knew she would like this, she is a slutty little ho. The question is what is my next move?"