Caught friends mom fckin herself6

Caught friends mom fckin herself6
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Nicole Jerome is 18 going to college. This is her first year in college, she had entered a beauty pageant. Hoping to win for the scholarship to help pay for college. She is stressed about having to come up with $5,000.00 immediately. She sees a sign on the bulletin board advertising financial aid, there is a number to call. Nicole calls the number, I tell her to come to my office, at 7 PM on Friday night. She hesitates, and I say, fine, then you can't go to college.

She says OK.I will come to your office on Friday night, she arrives: I tell her she will need to come see me as often as necessary. She says, she can't do that. Then no financial aid, I tell her. She says, I'll do anything and will come see you when you want.

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" Stand up, Miss Jerome," I say. She does, obediently, wiping the tear streaks off her face. I walk around her, admiring her, she is in a pleated skirt that reaches about mid-thigh. Not indecent but very cute. She is wearing a blouse that reaches her skirt line, so when she lifts her arms, she shows a tiny bit of her belly. Standing in front of her, I slide my hands onto her belly under the shirt. She flinches, but manages to stand still, realizing what it is I want.

I pull up her blouse, and make her hold it up. Her breasts are contained by a white cotton bra, silky soft but not as soft as her skin. Without hesitating, I slip my hands into each cup, mi secretaria resulto ser una estrella prono by weedhotsama the nipples until they spring to erectness, and pinch them. I don't bother with the bra straps, but just pull the cups down, exposing her brown nipples and fair skin.

I bend over and take one into my mouth, and roughly pull on it, gently pinching the other one. She can't help it, she moans loudly. I bite down, and she winces. I remove my mouth, and begin to walk around her, making her keep her blouse up so her wet nipples are exposed to the air. Suddenly, standing behind her, I reach out and caress her ass through the panties.

Testing her, I flip her skirt up and slide my hand underneath, over her panties-clad ass. Her panties are pink and lacy. When my finger slides underneath the edge and begins to make its way down, she tries to stop me.

" No, please," She says. I get angry. " Do you want this financial aid or not?" She lowers her head. " Yes, sir." I walk back around my desk and sit down. " Come here," I order. She does so, head still lowered. " Lay down across my knees." Her eyes widen but as they meet mine, she sees there's no chance of argument. She obediently does so, her hair trailing on the ground, hands gripping the legs of my chair.

I run my hand over her ass and once again flip up her skirt. She tenses as my hand slides to the bare skin again, but she is surprised when my hand lifts and suddenly comes down - WHACK! She screams and wriggles, trying to get loose. I grip her tightly and suddenly WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! " That's what you get for hesitating, Miss Jerome, and thinking you can just come here and get the money." After five slaps I stop, and she is whimpering.

She is grateful to think it's done when in horror she feels me pulling down her panties. She can't fight me, I'm stronger than her. Soon her panties are around her upper thighs and her ass is exposed to me. As the panties pull away from her, she realizes somehow she is wet and hopes I don't notice. WHACK! on her bare skin, making her jump and squirm.

I alternate cheeks, and in between squeeze each cheek. Without warning I roughly slide my fingers between her legs - they come up dripping. " Stop protesting so much, Miss Jerome. Obviously you like it." She shakes her head furiously no, her hair flying frantically from side to side.

She is gasping, when suddenly my fingers penetrate her very tight sweet pussy. My fingers stop against her hymen, " Hmmm.your a virgin. You have never been touched this way before." I said. Nicole shakes her head no, then she really flinches and struggles to get away when my thumb presses up against her virgin asshole. " No, anything but that, please!" She flails frantically. Everything stops." That's it. Now you're in trouble." I roughly vanessa moans loudly while playing with herself her to her feet and bend her over the desk.

She feels me drop to my knees behind her, and her world spins crazily as she feels me spreading her cheeks and feel, of all things, my tongue pressing up against brat blonde teen whipped in prison cell asshole. It's dirty, it's disgusting, and yet it makes her wetter than before. She comes around my tongue even as she is protesting, and she is pressing back against me and trying to fight me at the same time.

She is lost in the feelings. She has never had this done to her before, she has never felt anything this intense. Her legs buckle, and she falls forward onto the desk. Her asshole is giving her a million intense feelings. Suddenly I pull away and stand up. I yank her panties down and off one leg. She is laying face-down on my desk, her skirt pulled up, her pussy glistening and exposed to me - as I thrust forward, ramming my big cock all the way up inside her. Nicole screams in pain, as her hymen is torn and her virginity taken.

Her screams don't die down as I push my thumb into her asshole. I fuck her on the desk, I'm barely undressed, just enough to pull my cock out. Using her, taking whatever I want. My hands grip her hips as my cock rams in and out of her, it's huge and she is small and very tight and it hurts and feels so-good at the same time. Nicole comes hard, around my cock, her tight pussy convulsing around my cock, and gripping me like a vise.

To me it's like fucking a very tight glove, I feel my cock slowly opening her up and the friction from cock sliding back and forth against her tender vaginal walls. My big cock invading her and ravishing her. With a groan I dump my load into her. I hold her there, continuing to push my cock deeper, for ten minutes. Then I pull out of her, and pull my thumb out of her vise-like asshole, and slap her ass.

" Get dressed," I say gruffly. Nicole pulls up her panties and pulls down her skirt & shirt, adjusts her bra, still sniffling. I give her a satisfied look and say, " Well, that's the first payment. Why don't you meet me tonight again, at 7 pm for the next payment?" She looks at me in surprise, here's the address. As she leaves, I call after her. " Miss Jerome?" She turns. " Don't be late." At 7 pm Nicole walked into my condo and is startled when she hears me say, " Close the door, Miss.

Jerome." I'm sitting on the sofa, I said. she replied, " I'm tired and bitchy.I can't do this again, John." " Close the door now, I said sternly, " unless you want someone to hear your moans of ecstasy," I smugly responded, implying I was going to fuck her again. " I need to leave," She replied. " You can once you fulfill your duties," I said. " Now close the fucking door." My firm voice startled her and she instinctively closed the door. " On your knees, Miss.

Jerome," I instructed. " Excuse me?" She said, although she heard me clearly. " This is getting silly, Miss. Jerome. You know in the end you are going to do as I tell you to. So let's stop playing this little charade where you think you have a say in what happens," I said, before adding, " This is the last time I am going to say this. I have other young women that want aid. So do as you're fucking told or leave. It really is black and white, Miss. Jerome. Now get on your knees." She obeyed, dropping to her knees, anger at her helplessness burning through her.

" Get your fucking ass over here now," I ordered. Reluctantly, with no other alternative but to obey, she crawled to me. Her cheeks burned with humiliation at the demeaning task she is forced to do. Reaching me, I said, " Take out my cock, Miss. Jerome." She tried one last time, desperate to avoid being forced to sexually please me, to reason with me. " John, please, this is wrong." " And yet, I believe it will feel soooo right," I said. Accepting she had to do it, and do it quick, she moved her trembling hands to my crotch emily willis cute emily willis 4k unbuckled my pants.

I lifted my ass up and instructed, " Pull down my pants, Miss. Jerome." She obeyed, roughly tugging them down, just wanting to blow me and get this over with. " Eager are we?" I asked. " To get this over with, yes," She replied, making sure I knew she wasn't happy with this situation. I laughed, " Oh, denial, it's the most adorable thing." " Take out my cock, Miss. Jerome," I instructed. She looked at my crotch for the first time and saw a huge bulge and slowly she retrieved my cock.

Pulling it out, she said, completely in awe of my massive cock, " Oh God." I chuckled, " That's what they all say." She stared at my nine inch cock in her hand, double any cock she had seen, and twice as thick.

She can't fathom a man having such a big cock. I took her hand and laid it on my throbbing cock. Her small fingers spread and she tried pulling away but my hand held her firmly by the wrist. How wonderful it felt to feel a young woman's hands press into my throbbing erection, a woman other than who I'm used to, a woman I'm forcing to touch it. " Yes." I spoke to her now, whispering into her ear. " You made it so hard.

Did you know that?" " No." " Grab it." " Please No, John ." " Squeeze it with your fingers, Nicole. I need you to touch it for me. I have never asked you for any favors. Can you do me this favor and squeeze it?" She is frightened, and in her fear she did what I asked. She feels her eyes beginning to water she is so scared and she fought back the tears. Her fingers slowly closed around the sides of the hard thing in front of her. She can't believe how hard it is, how warm it is.

Nicole didn't squeeze it too hard, but held it firmly enough between her fingers. " Like that beautiful. Hold it for me." Nicole yanked her hand back and stared down at the engorged organ before her. I grabbed her small hand and pulled it over my erection. She struggled to free herself but I held her tight. " This is my penis Nicole. Have you ever seen a man's penis before?" " No." " Grab it now, Nicole." She did so. Her cold fingers wrapped over my cock and I inhaled sharply from the unsure touch.

I watched her as she looked down at my raging cock. She is unable to take her wide, youthful eyes from it. " I want you to kiss it." Sexy honey enjoys hot fucking smalltits and homemade hadn't heard me correctly, she thought. " Kiss it?" " Yes. You can do that for me, right?" " I.I don't know." " Here. Let me show you something." I put my arm over her shoulder, pushing her head against my belly, so that her head is leaning against me.

I smelled her wonderful scent, she must have bathed with lavender soap. Then with my index finger I touched her lips, I traced the softness of them and it reminded me of the touch of silk. " Nicole, open your mouth." I sounded very demanding, and there is no reply to my tone, so she did so. My finger entered her wet, burning mouth, past her small white teeth and over her wiggling, restless pink tongue.

Nicole tasted salt as my finger probed her mouth. It is very awkward for her. " Close down with your lips and suck in." She wanted to answer but my finger is in her mouth, so she nodded her pretty face and took a deep breath through her nose. Her lips closed down and she sucked. She still isn't sure what she is doing, but it still feels wrong to her. A tears fell slowly running down her reddened cheeks.

" Now move your head forward and back over my finger." She obeyed me, her benefactor. Her head tilted forward very unsure, then back. My finger slipped down her tight innocent mouth, then out as she did what I asked. I knew I'd be in for a great night the moment my finger found her shy mouth. She did whatever I asked of her. I'm sure that if she'd protested enough I would have stopped. I took a hold of her hand, which is still gripping my cock, and moved it up and down my shaft, so that she is jacking it off.

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I took my finger from her mouth and she licked her lips. I can tell she is still unsure about everything. I held the finger in front of her face. " Now, lick my finger. Lick it all over." " John." " Nicole." She nodded and her tongue wandered out of her mouth and touched my finger. Slowly licking it. It reminded me so much of a cat lapping milk from a saucer. " This is what you will do to my penis. Tell me, what will you do to my penis?" " Lick it." " And?" " Suck it in my mouth." " Good.

I won't tell anyone about what you are going to do, and you must not either if you wish to keep recieving the aid. She took a second, thinking, composing herself, before she sighed and slowly dropped from her seat to the carpeted floor.

There is plenty of room for her between my spread legs, and she knelt before me. She was scared.

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My penis is huge from this view. It intimidated her and she feels her stomach turning inside out. She grabbed it with her hands and feels the hardness and the constant pulse of my heart beat within it.

" Kiss it now." I ordered and grabbed her firmly by the hair, pushing her face to my cock. Her lips brushed against it and she turned her face away. " John, no. Please no. I don't want to." She is almost sobbing. " Then you will be put out on the street tonight, no college." " I'll do it." " Yes you will." I grabbed my erection and rubbed it over her lips and her mouth opens.

Her small scared tongue touched the head of my cock and I feel immediate relief that she had decided to pleasure me. Her tongue licked about, rubbing, pushing, exploring my cock. Her small hands held onto the base of my dick as she poured her tongue and lips over the head.

She had her eyes closed as she licked me and I released my tight hold of her beautiful hair. I leaned back in my seat and got comfortable, glancing down to the beautiful young woman, my attention is on pretty Nicole, licking a cock for the first time in her life.

Finally she put the head of my cock in her mouth, past her pink lips, and she squeezed down against my hardened penis. She didn't like what she is doing, but it isn't that bad she thought. She can hear me grunting and grab a hold of her head, pushing my cock deeper into her virgin mouth. She sucks as hard as she can once my cock is in her mouth half way, and then she slides her head up and down, her lips locked tight over my slippery hard shaft.

She has no idea what she is doing, but I seem to like it, so she kept it up, trying to think about something else other than my penis in her mouth. She is so scared and unsure that she feels her legs trembling. She feels humiliated and guilty about doing this to me, but she has no choice. I wanted this done, so she would do it. Still, her eyes filled with tears and cried silently as her head bobbed up and down the cock in her mouth.

Her tongue naturally wiggled and pushed and swirled over my cock. Nicole didn't think about what she is doing, but she liked touching my cock with her tongue.

If it was going to be in her mouth, she might as well rub her tongue on it, she figured, and she did. The tip of my penis sometimes went to far down her mouth and she feels herself almost heave and choke, this brought water to her eyes.

I seem to like having my cock buried down her mouth deep, but she didn't like it. If she had a choice she would only lick it, and maybe suck the head, but I keep pushing her head down and in turn my cock went in deep into her cramped mouth.

She can't believe that she is actually putting a man's penis in her mouth. It is so wrong that she feels dirty and nasty, and found herself thinking about washing her mouth out and taking a bath as soon as she returned to her apartment. Her jaw bone begins to ache from her little mouth having to stretch so far and wide open.

Her mouth is getting extremely wet, full of her own saliva, and the thicker viscous fluid dripping from the tip of my cock. She can barely hold the wetness in her mouth and feels it dripping from the sides of her tight, glistening lips, dripping and sopping down to my thick batch of pubic hairs, and even dripping down her chin, down her neck.

In a natural reaction, she swallowed the wetness in her mouth and feels the odd sensation of my thicker fluid getting caught deep in the back of her throat.

I watch her working, as her small head pumped ferociously up and down. It feels wonderful. All of the other women I have been with also despised oral sex. Lusiya spreads her long legs and pleases her Nicole on the other hand, she did it as if her life depended on it, and it did, smiling to myself. She sucked hard and tight. Giving pressure hot latina babe nailed in the sun my dick in an unimaginable ecstasy which made me curl my toes and bite on my lip.

The sensations I was receiving from this young, innocent mouth took me on a high to which there were no bounds. With that I took her by her hair so forcefully that she gave a small squeak, and pushed her face to my cock. Her tongue swirled around my bulbous cock head and she heard me grunt, then a hot stream of thick wetness entered her mouth. It is extra thick and creamy, and burning hot. It filled her tiny mouth, up, She had to swallow or it would spill. So she did. " Take off your blouse, Nicole.

I want to see those titties of yours first hand. Maybe I will cover those pillows of yours with my cum," I said. Still desperate to avoid having my cock in her pussy, She ignored my comment, as she unbuttoned her blouse. Once unbuttoned, she took off her blouse, revealing her breasts, seemingly rather eagerly, to me. " Very nice, Nicole, very fucking nice," I approved, which oddly sent a chill up her back. Trying one more time to avoid having intercourse with me, she pleaded, begging like a cheap whore, " Oh, baby, please come on my titties." " Not before I inspect my merchandise," I said, standing up.

" Now get out of that skirt." She sighed, standing up, again feeling helpless, although thankful to be off her knees. Her hands again trembling, she slowly slid her skirt down her legs to reveal her trimmed pussy and thigh high stockings.

" You obeyed all my orders," I said approvingly. " I think you will make a very good pet." " Please don't call me that," She protested.

" That is what you are, Nicole, my pet," I said, moving around her, my hand on her ass. " That is a nice ass," I said, before whispering in her ear, my hot breath causing undeniably chills down her spine, " my pet." Her ear and neck her weak spot, her pussy gushing a little, as she desperately tried to resist enjoying this humiliation. I kissed the back of her neck, I nibbled on her ear as I continued, " I'm going to fuck you Nicole, on my bed. I am going to have you screaming with pleasure you will be begging me to fill that sweet tight cunt.

I am going to show you just how good being a submissive pet to a big cock can be, my pet." Each name sent chills throughout her body, her strong resolve fading, as I touched the erogenous zones that made her jelly. Unfortunately, I sensed her reaction to my touch and words. " Oh, does Tight blonde teenie zoe parker screwed and creampied like my hot breath whispering the new truths of her life," I asked, tugging on her ear. " Noooo," She protested, although her moaning the answer did not help her cause.

" Once this big cock is inside you, Nicole, you will never say no to me again," I promised, my cockiness both incredibly frustrating and yet undeniably hot. " Please, no," She weakly protested. " In my bedroom .On my bed and on your back, my pet," I instructed, my hand moving around and cupping her breasts.

She again let out a moan. " You really are just one big erogenous zone, aren't you my little slut?" I purred. " Please, just let me suck you," She pleaded, turning to look me in the eye as her hand reached for my hard cock, ignoring that I just felt her up and called her a slut. " I agree, I will fuck you," I smiled, " Now do as you're told, my pretty pet, and get your ass in the bedroom and on the bed." Defeated, frustrated and scared, She obeyed me going into the bedroom and sitting on the edge of the bed.

I moved to her and surprised her again as I bent down between her legs. My fingers gently brushed her clit, making her leg jerks as I said, " Holy shit, Nicole, for all this playing hard to get, your cunt is fucking begging for it." " It's just that I never have been with a man before," She admitted, then covered her mouth realizing what she cute teen gets bonked in hardcore fashion. " Well, my pet, that will no longer be an issue," I said, as my finger traced her wet pussy lips ever-so-gently.

" W-w-we are only doing this once," She stammered. " No, we will be doing this many times," I smiled. " Just get it over with," She said, feigning that she had no interest in my cock in her. " As you wish," I said, standing back up and between her legs. She feels my cock head move up and down her wet pussy lips which made her let out a soft moan.

Then suddenly with one full thrust I'm in her. She screamed, the excruciating pain from her hymen being ripped and being filled so full.Oh myyyyyyy God." " I'm going fuck your pussy so hard, Nicole, you won't even feel another man's cock next time you get fucked," I said. For a couple of minutes I slowly slide my cock in and out of her. Each outward movement my cock left her pussy, causing an undeniable empty feeling and then I would slide all the way back in filling her.

I'm driving her wild and I knew it, teasing her relentlessly with my asian babe sucks on this oldies cock burn.

She no longer can hold back from resisting the undeniable pleasure my cock is giving her. She wanted to be fucked.hard and deep. " Wrap those stocking-clad legs around me, my pet," I instructed, a couple of minutes later, " fuck yourself on my cock." She didn't hesitate, as she wrapped her legs around my ass, pulling me deep into her, and begins bucking her ass, awkwardly, back and forth on my cock. " Oh yes, Nicole, fuck yourself like the slutty pet you are," I said, clearly amused by watching her fuck herself on my big cock.

" Oh God, you are soooo big," She moaned, letting her own insatiable lust take over. " You love my cock, Nicole?" I asked, a couple of minutes later, as I watch her grind her ass back and forth taking my cock as deep into her as she could.

" Oh, yes, sooooo big," She repeated, her breathing beginning to be erratic. " Ready to really get fucked, Nicole?" I asked. " Oh God, yeeees," She moans, the idea of me fucking her harder and deeper bringing a rush of euphoria through her. " Lay back on the bed, my pet," I ordered. She instantly leaned back onto the bed. " Lift those legs up nice and high, Nicole," I demanded, as I crawled between her legs. My big cock in her is all that mattered at the moment.

I leaned over her, grabbing her ankles and holding them apart wide. " Fuck, you are one hot woman," I said, looking her over like she is a piece of meat. She feels dirty and sexy, humiliated and excited, a crazy mixture of conflicting emotions which only seems to enhance her desire to come. She just watched as my cock moved to her cunt.

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cheerio and coach relationship just got steamier and intense I filled her cunt with one deep thrust again as I filled her completely and she screamed again, " Oh God, yeeeeeeees." I didn't fuck her.

I pulled back out and ordered, " Nicole, beg for my cock." She didn't want to, she knew she was falling deeper and deeper into my sick, twisted game, yet she had no choice. She wanted nothing more at the moment than to feel my cock filling her, to feel my body slamming into her, to hear me call her names.each bringing a cascade of pleasure she didn't know existed. She begged, " Oh, John, please fuck my wet cunt with that BIG, cock, make me your slut." I smirked, rubbing my cock up and down her pussy lips.

" Oh please, John, just pound my fucking cunt and make me your bitch," She begged, so desperate for my cock. She would do anything.She was doing anything. " I don't know," I said, tapping her clit with my cock, making her legs jerk constantly. Beyond logical thinking, she continued her desperate plea, " Oh Master, please train your pet to be a good slut." " I can fuck you again?" I asked, my cock parting her pussy lips but not entering her burning hole.

" Yeeeees," She moaned, " just please shove that big snake in meeeeeeeee." My cock filled her again and she just let the pleasure of being fucked take over. I started slow, just sliding in and out of her, creating a slow build as she begged, " Just fuck your slut." I laughed, " You're really insatiable, my slut." " I told you, Nicole, once this big cock was in that tight cunt of yours you would be mine," I continued.

" You were right," She moaned. I begin slamming my cock into her, finally fucking her. " Oh-oh-oh-yeeeeees, fuuuuuck your sluuuuuut," She screamed, finally getting what she wanted.

She whimpers, my cock bringing pleasure unlike anything she ever felt before. " And you love a big cock?" I asked.

" I love your big cock," She moans in response. " Tell me how much you love it," I grunted, my body slamming into her making the bed move. " Soooo much," was all she can muster, her mind mush. " Ever had a cock in your ass?" I asked. " No," She answered, the thought of my cock in her ass is terrifying, yet the act of anal submission is a major turn-on.

I grabbed her tits while continuing to slam into her. " You want my cock in that tight ass, don't you, Nicole?" I asked. " I doooooon't know," She answered. " It's toooooo big." " Oh, we would have to prepare that ass of yours first, my pet," I said, as her moans got louder, her orgasm building. " Getting raunchy vixens flash people in the club She declared.

" Come for me, Nicole, come all over your new best friend," I said, hammering her cunt so hard she thought she may slide off the bed. " Call me naaaaames," She begged, knowing that for some unknown reason that it would get her off. " Come now, my slut," I said.

" My cunt," I continued, making her cunt burn. " My big cock lover," I said, which is the final taboo that made her erupt.

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" Yeeeeeeeees," She screamed, her body shaking uncontrollably as I continue to thrust into her. She didn't know such pleasure existed as her mind went blank for a moment as she reached a moment of perfect equilibrium.

Pleasure coursing through her toes, legs, fingers and neck, as her body had spasm after spasm of orgasmic awe. She kept expecting to feel my cum shoot in her cunt, but instead I pull out, grabbing her legs and put her stocking-clad feet on my cock. " Give me a foot job, Nicole." Weak from the hard fucking and the orgasm that is still rippling through her, she begins moving her feet up and down on my cock.

" Mmmmmmmm, that is it," I moaned, after a few seconds. She furiously moves her feet up and down on my cock wanting to see my cum rocket out of my cock. " Oh yes, shit, you are one hot sluuut," I grunted as my cum shot exploded out of my cock, the first rope actually hitting her face, the second her tits and the third her legs and feet. She continues stroking my cock until every last remnants of cum are extracted. She moved her stocking-clad foot to my balls and gently rubbed. She asked, " How long until that big snake of yours is ready to go again?" " Can you solegravene veut se faire enculer sous un pont comme elle en a lhabitude to ten?" I asked.

" Mmmmmm," She said, wanting that cock back in her mouth and back in her pussy. and excited at having a big cock with stamina.unlike the rumors she heard that men fuck one time and are done. " By the way, next time it's your cunt getting my cum," I said.