Busty shaved cheating wife gets fucked in all holes

Busty shaved cheating wife gets fucked in all holes
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As they watched them movie Susy would start moaning and groaning. He looked at her glass and before they were even 3/4 through the movie her glass was empty. He said," You ok? You look like you have ants in your gown." She said, "Yesssssssss." She acted like she was drunk. "Baby I'm feeling kind of sexy, hot, my pussy is dripping wet. Look at my leg. I never had wine do this to me. I want you. I want you inside of me right now.

Like omg did I just say that?" He knew that was his queue. He said, "You stay right there I thought I heard something." He gets up and goes over to the window and looks out the window where he knew the guys were waiting on him to peek out.

That was the signal to get ready for phase two of their plan. "Hey Susy tell you want baby I know of a real hot spot to do this that.

I mean real drop dead out of this world. It will make you cum just looking at it. I mean look at me my dick is trying to jump out of my pants sexy milf like big hard black dick in their holes clip I talk about this place.

So what do you say you trust me?" Susy didn't really care at this point all she knew was that her body was yelling for sex and he was her boyfriend and the only male in sight and the only dick she wanted. She says, "Yes, yes that fine let me go get dress.

I mean after all I need to let the couch dry a bit anyway." He jumps at that statement and said, "NO! Don't do that.

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No wait that not what I meant I mean you are perfect for what I have in mind and this place is out of the way, so no fear and no cops. All you need is some flip flops and maybe a jacket. It is not cold out but just to cover you up a bit. After all you are my baby and I don't want to show off all I have." He smiles and he takes her hand and starts her upstairs. "I'll be in the car waiting on you. Will that be ok?" She calls back, "Yeah that cool I be down and out in a min.

I can't wait much longer." As Susy disappears around the corner Michael runs outside to his car he takes the two containers out his pocket and puts them in the trunk. He then takes out his cell phone and dial Adam number. "Hey Adam you got everything set up at the spot and ready to go. I got her all hot and ready and as the drugs work in her system even more she is going to be begging. I poured one and an half in a glass of wine." He gets cut off by a "Wow man one and a half.

I thought we were only going to use one. How do you know if something bad won't happen?" Michael says, "Relax man she is a healthy strong girl I'm sure she will be ok but is everything set?" Adam says, "Yeah we did it like half an hour ago.

We are just waiting on you and Susy to come outside. Mmmmmmmm I can't wait my dick is all hard." "Hold up buddy not just yet we are going to have all month to have her. Oh shit here she comes. Talk to you later or better yet, we will see you in a bit." He laughs as he hangs up the phone.

Susy is so horny at this point she is rubbing her tits in front of him. She asks, "What so funny and how did the guys get him?" He says, "That was Adam he said they caught a ride home and that is why my car is still here.

He said that guy that took them home was funny as poonam ki chut mein ddlund and that is why I was laughing. Now let us go to this spot." He takes off in the car. Susy is so out of it that she starts to finger herself while they are down the road. Her eyes are closed but if they were open she would see that they were being followed. It takes them 30 to 40 mins to get to the warehouse that Adam's dad owns.

This is where they kept all the animals that they were testing on. So the dogs are barking and the puppies are barking. However the drug has a full grip on Susy that she notices nothing and cares about nothing. However her brain is fully aware but she can't stop herself no matter what her brain tells her. Susy thinks "Wait what's going on? Wine has never done this to me and this place is not perfect. What is he going to do to me? Why are there so many dogs?

Omg what have I gotten myself into? I'm scared and who is that car behind us? Omg, it is the other guys. Where did they come from? Why are they here? Maybe they will stop Michael. Hold on why do they have ropes and pulleys in the ceiling and in the walls and floor? Oh god, help me. This feels so wrong but so good at the same time. My body is saying I want dick so badly." Susy was at war with herself.

Her brain was like run but her body was like stay get what you need. The guys pull up at the warehouse and slowly get Susy out the car.

They walk her inside not a word was spoken. All you could hear was barking from the dogs, moaning and groaning from Susy and footsteps. The guys took Susy over to a bed they had set up and handcuffed her hands to one side and her feet to the end of the bed.

She was spread out like an "X" and the gown was so short that when they spread her legs the gown rose up to show all her pussy. Next Adam walk up to her head and says, "How you feeling Susy?

Hold on before you answer. Let me explain what is going on. You know who we are and we know your parents won't be back for a few months. All you have to worry about is school and we will make sure you don't fail and/or get kicked out or dropped.

Second you will not be harm much and no, we won't kill you but you will have to be kept here at this location for at least two to three months. We will feed you, let you go to the bathroom, watch TV and even go outside. Third you cannot make any calls to anyone nor have any outside contact with the world until you leave here. Once you leave you cannot tell anyone what we have done here and/or what did to you.

Fourth we are videoing taping this whole thing and I will explain that more in detail in a bit. Fifth we will give you anything you crave as long as you completely understand and agree to these terms." Susy brain was fully aware but her body was in complete control.

She says, "Yes I understand. I have three questions: First I will not be harm much, what does that mean? Second anything I crave? And third can I have some of your dick now?" Her brain was like hell no not to all these things let me go and I'm calling the cops but her body was in complete control so that is how the questions came out.

The guys started to worry when she asked the first question. They were not really sure how the brain was fully aware. They wanted the brain to be completely aware so she could feel everything and know what was going on. They didn't what this to be some kind of date rape drug. It would never be approve. However they didn't want to get in trouble. That was the point in videotaping it.

They could not have her sign anything but is she agreed on videotape it would be the same as if signing it on paper. This would clear all four guys of any wrong doing. Adam says, "Well as for your first question you will have to see what I mean. However you will live. And no permanent damage will done to you at all (he was not really sure on that or he would have sworn his skinny blond schoolgirl slut lia lor fucks her neighbor after cla and life on it).

Your second question yes anything you crave. And your third question yes my pet you can have my dick but all in good time. You have to wait. Do you agree to all our terms now that I have answered all your questions?" She shakes her head but Adam say, "If that is a yes that you agree I need you to say yes I agree." she says, "Yes I agree. Yes can I have your dick now?" He says, "No my pet not yet.

I need you to look at that dot on the wall and say these word exactly how I say them ok? I, Susy Shaw, agree to all the terms that have been stated to me. Check out these amazingly hot teen hardcore and blowjob am of complete body, soul and mind, mind, body and soul agree whole heartily to all terms and if were to brake any of these term would be breaking this verbal and videotaped contract." She turn and looks at the dot and says," I, Susy Shaw, agree to all the terms that have been stated to me.

I am of complete body, soul and mind, mind, body and soul agree whole heartily to all terms and if were to brake any of these term would be breaking this verbal and videotaped contract." but thinking "verbal contract, videotaping, no permanent damage, barking dogs, no outside contact for three months and three months. I think I just agreed to be kidnap. Omg what the hell is going on? What are they going to do to me?" she is screaming in her head. She wants to run but now she can't and if she could her body wouldn't let her.

He turns to the dot and says, "On day one of the human test. The subject has been given what we call a medium dose of the drug. She seems to understand all going on around her but she craves dick just like other animal test subjects." He lifts up her night gown and stuck his finger in Susy's pussy roughly.

He starts to pump harder. He then stuck two fingers in and pumps faster. Now he moves to three fingers and slowly up a bit but he jabs them in as far as he can go. When he stops he looks back at the dot/cam and says, "Subject pussy is ready and willing to accept any penetration.

Pussy is dripping wet so lots of lube. Pussy is tighter than normal, wetter than normal and hotter than normal. To prove this we will bring in the beautiful chick widens lengthy legs girlfriend homemade. Now we know that normal human pussy temp is 37.5°C (99.5°F) and now the test subject temp is 38.61 °C (101.5°F) there for proving test subject is ready for making babies." Susy brain heard all but her body was loving the fingers.

She was thinking, "Oh hell now ready for baby making. I can't have a baby. I'm on birth control so ha." However as he was pumping her body was asking, begging for more. She cried out when he removed his fingers and then when she saw the thermometer. It was huge like one she had never seen before. Not bigger than her hole but bigger than a normal one. It didn't matter what they stuck up her pussy she wanted more and she wanted it now.

The drug was in full effect in her blood stream and nothing could stop it now. John yells back, "Hey when you're done with the whore you need to come help us with the dogs and rabbits.

Give her another dose and she will be fine for a few more mins." Adam yells back, "Ok I will give her the other half and be down there in a min." He has already taken both containers out of his trunk and put them back in his pocket. So he takes the empty one out and puts it on the counter and takes the one that is half empty and walks back to Susy.

"Susy I need you to open your mouth and take this medicine. I swear it will make you feel better and if you're a good girl I will eat your pussy for a bit. Would you like that?" Susy says, "Oh god, yes eat me out. Yes I will do anything." She opens her mouth and Adam slowly pours the drug in her open ready mouth. She drank it down and he slowly moves down her stomach and says, "That a good girl, and now for your treat." He starts licking down her crack of her pussy and taking his tongue and moving it in and out of her pussy hole.

She takes his finger and rolls her clit between his thumb and fingers. A moan comes from her lips. "Yes oh yes make me cum. Yes I'm so close please don't stop." He squeezes a bit harder and she cums damn near drowning him as he lick up all her cum.

As she clam down he asks her, "Did you like that my pet? Do you want more? How do you feel now?" She says in a moaning voice, "Oh god I need more.

I need a fat dick in me now. I want you to pretty girl likes to ride up jock pornstar and hardcore me. Please don't make me beg." Adam is loving every bit of this. Now he kicks it up a notch. "Do you remember slapping me at the party, Susy?" He wanted to see just how much the drug had a hand on her brain. "Do you even remember the party?" Susy says, "Yes I remember. I slapped you for calling me a whore and slapping my ass.

Yes I remember why I don't like you. Why do you ask? All I want is for you to fuck me now. Please fuck me." Adam says, "Well guess what now I'm going to get a bit of pay back." He slaps her right breast as hard as he can. He leaves his hand print. Susy screams out loud. "Why did you do that? I said fuck me not hit me." Adam is grinning from ear to ear. "That slap was for slapping me at the party. This one is for making me tell everyone at the party I was sorry for calling you a whore." With that being said he takes his other hand and slaps her left breast with the same force as the right one.

Now she has two hand prints to match.

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Susy is about to cry. Her poor double d breasts have never been treated this roughly in her life. They hurt so bad that they are burning. She is asking him to stop, damn near begging. "Please stop I'm sorry it won't happen again.sob .sob." Adam moves down a bit and balls up his fist and says with a bit of force in his voice, "This is for being a whore and trying to break up our little group.

For those two reasons you get two of these." He punches her one time in the pussy. You hear a squashing noise right before you hear the scream that quiets all the dogs in the warehouse. Then he punches her again and she screams again and now she is controlling crying.

She can't talk she is crying so badly.

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Her brain feels the pain. Adam punches her so hard that his fist almost went in and that gave him another idea for later. Hell he was going to have her for three months to play and anything else he could come up with.

He came up with this plan as pay back for being a bitch but he didn't tell anyone that. He tells Susy, "Now you sit here, like you can go anywhere anyway, and think about what I said and we will all be back and then you can have all the dick you can handle. Susy "Brain may have been feeling pain but her body heard the words "all the dick she could handle" and her pussy got even wetter.

She couldn't understand why her body was acting this way. Then it dawned on her. The medicine she took had no taste or smell. She didn't feel this way till she drank that wine. She screams in her head no they drugged me.

Oh dear god and now I can't say anything because my body won't let me. I even agreed in a video contract so it looks like I want this to happen. Omg, how do I get out of this? I know I won't take the medicine anymore. Yeah that should work." Little did she know the drug had an addictive personality. The more you take it the more you crave it. The only reason the body craved the drug was because it like the feeling. That was something that even the guys didn't know about the drug.

Adam left the poor girl upstairs crying and begging for dick but he had to help with the animals. When he got downstairs the male dogs were going off and crazy. They had no pussy for two days now. The guys had stopped giving the drug to the female dogs to see what would happen.

However the males were so use to having their pussy that they could not hold off their hard as well as human males could and now they smelled pussy in the air.

Not dog pussy but did it really matter to them, pussy was pussy and they wanted it and they wanted it now. Michael says, "They smell our pet upstairs. They are used to getting wet pussy on a whenever they want it basics.

So now that they have not had any for two days they are getting out of control. What do we do?" Mark says, "Well who is not feeding their puppies and who is pregnant now. Don't give them the drug just put them in the same cage for now and let the male dogs have some fun. That should calm them down a bit." Adam gets a bad idea but hell she a whore and whores do anything right. "Tell you what give me Duke when we are done for the night.

Don't give him a female just yet. I want to take care of him." With an evil grin he looks over at Michael. Michael gets what he is thinking and shakes his head but hell why should he care. Big boobs blonde amateur fucks in the car wanted Tammy anyway.

John says, "Adam I swear I didn't think this plan of yours would work but damn you got it to work and with me it will all be legal." Adam says, "Well thank you and I got news for you she feels all and her brain is in complete awareness. I asked her a few questions about the party and paid her back for a few things and she screamed and I left her upstairs crying and begging for dick." Mark says, "Great so it not a date rape drug.

Now we know for a fact that we can try it on another girl. You know who my vote is for." John says, "Hold on for a min. Let us do the whole three month test first. In that time we will have the whole test finished and then we can move on. Agreed?" Everyone agrees and they continued cleaning out the cages. They all have hard on bursting out of their pants.

They are all excited they get to fuck Susy, as many times as they wanted in the same night. Adam says, "Hey guys will you let me be the only one to bust inside her pussy for at least the first two weeks. Then y'all can follow. I have been thinking you know my mom called me crying about Mrs.

Washington. Let's say this drug does work than what, what do we do with the babies? We put them up for adoption right? Well let's start a business. Hey John you think you can look into this for me?

I know your parents are in family law. Then we can stop using our parents' money all the time. What do you say?" The guys never thought about the babies. These are not animal that you can send to the pound or sell on the side of the street corner. So starting a business was not a bad idea. They could test many humans and if they didn't want the babies they could sell them to people who couldn't have babies.

So they all agreed and John had some extra homework to do but he knew this like he knew the back of his hand. By the time they were done cleaning up all the cages the sun was up.

It was not 6am the day after the party. In less than 24 hours Susy has had two days' worth of drugs in her. The most they have ever given to an animal was 4 in a 24 hour so period. They had planned on passing that and testing it on Susy.

They knew they had to keep a high amount in her system to make sure she didn't go crazy and try to run out on them, after all on this side of town was not friendly and she was only wearing a night gown. Adam was first to enter the room. Hell he didn't even clean himself up.

He wanted her to feel and look dirty while he fucked her. "Susy" he called softly "You ready to get fuck?" He didn't really want an answer but he liked teasing her knowing she was helpless to fight back. Susy was panting so hard and she was laying in a puddle of her own pussy juices. She looked over and said, "Oh god yes, yes, yes fuck me.

Fuck me now I can't finger myself and now that I have cum once I want to keep cumming." Her brain was god you stink. Why didn't you wash up? Don't lay on top of me you will get me dirty. Her horny petite chick vivian b touches herself masturbation and smalltits was screaming fuck me now please.

Adam got naked and laid on top of her and said, "I hope you enjoy the smell. Hell you are nothing but a whore and he lower his head next to her hear and whispers in her ear, dirty, skanky, smelly whore." He took his time saying the word whore.

Then he says, "You should smell and look the way you act. And from this point on if you want to be fuck you are to call me your Master and you are to call yourself my Master's whore. Do you understand me whore?" Her brain was horrified at the whole thing she had just heard in her ear. She wanted to scream at him to get the fuck off of here but her body was once again in complete control and betrayed her.

She says, "Yes Master. Please fuck your whore hard." Adam is smiling and now the others come in the room and he says, "Hey guys check this out. Susy tell the guys who you are and then tell them what you want." Susy say, "I am my Master's whore. That is my name. I want Master to fuck his whore. Please Master Adam fuck you dirty whore." The guys are in fucking ahhhh.

They didn't know what to say. "Susy are you aware of what you just said?" Adam asked taking his finger and turning her head to the cam. "Yes Master now please fuck your whore. My Master's whore is begging you." However omg is what is really going through her head.

Michael says, "You bitch how dare you call him Master and yourself a whore. You just asked me to be your boyfriend and now this. No you know what I could get upset but no I'm not. Adam do whatever you want with her.

She wants to be treated like a whore then that is what we will treat her for now on." In Susy head she is crying and begging for Michael to save her. Yes she wanted Michael to be her boyfriend. Yes she hated Adam but by the way her body was action there was no way you could tell. She hated her body at this point in time.

Adam lines up his 9 and a half inches long and thick dick to her pussy and say, "I hope you ready for this" and slams all 9 and a half inches into her.

She screams out loud. Adam laughs and says, "Hmmm I guess you weren't ready. Oh well you begged me for it so, gala brown claudia bavel irina vega wildlife cock fucking sing the words, lets get it on." He starts fucking hard and fast he is trying to cause as much pain as he can. The other guys join in.

one in each and hand and one in her mouth. Adam is in ahhhh as how tight her pussy was. He couldn't believe how the drug had tightened her up. The stories have been told about how danny wylde syren de mer men Susy has been with and how loose she was but now she felt just like a virgin just no blood and no screaming. However she just would not stop saying how much it hurt her and the crying was a plus for him.

He was loving every bit of this. He didn't know how much longer he could hold back from cumming but he know either way by the end of three days of this drug and him fucking her and cumming in her pussy that she would be pregnant.

Oh yes that is what he wanted. As he fucked her he kept calling "her a whore and oh yes how you like being fuck and how you like having cum on you and down your throat. Yes you are Master's whore and that is how we will treat you." Michael was so glad at this point he could act like he was mad.

The reason for that was now he could dish out some pain to her and tell her that she was a pain whore and that is all she would ever be. So he would slap her face as he shoved his 10 inch dick down her throat, making her gag on it every time.

He would also make her struggle for breath to make his point. That he was pissed and would do anything to make her feel more like a whore.

He would tell her over and over again "You know you like this. You like not being able to breath don't whore. You are a cum slut and a pain whore and that is what I will tell everyone who ask about you. Yes I will tell them I'm your boyfriend.

Yes she is a good fuck and then I will whore you out, to anyone and anything that wants to fuck you." Michael and Adam came at the same time, one down her throat and one deep in her tight, warm and wet pussy. He made sure to shove his dick in as far as he could.

Causing the most pain he could and then let his seed go as deep as he could. Once he was done he let mark take his place. Mark wanted to make her feel more pain so he took his 8inch dick and without saying anything taboo teen secret horny step mom gets slammed let her or anyone else know he ram his dick up her ass.

As he did she started to cough and yell around John's dick. Mind you Susy has had anal before but not at the speed and the way Mark did it. So it hurt like hell.

Mark is all about pain so to add insult to injury he took his fingers and started to pinch her nipples. Oh how making her scream was making him harder every min. Now that he and John had cum once it would take longer for them both to cum. John dick was nowhere as long or as thick as Michael or Adam's but just as mark would push in and make her scream John would push in cutting off her air and then hold it in there while Mark would squeeze, twist and pull her nipples until her tits would turn into cones shape.

So now not only was she in some pain she couldn't breathe either. Her brain was in hell but her bod was loving every bit of it. Mark and John fucked her for a good 45mins. By this time it was time to go to school. Susy was completely out of it. She had lost count how many times she came but her brain was telling her that she really was a whore for cumming and enjoying it. They had done it they broke Susy and didn't even know it yet. The only think keeping her hopes up was that she was on birth control and she would not get pregnant.

Mark bust his load all in her ass and them pulled it out a bit and smeared some all over her ass and on her pussy, but he was very careful as to not get any on the inside. He didn't what to mess up what Adam had told him. He patted Susy on her sore and red breast and said, "It's time for class but don't worry we will leave you with some breakfast and uncuff you however if you try explicit and wild club gratifying striptease and hardcore leave you will not get any more dick for a long time.

The bathroom is over there so you can get cleaned up but you won't be needing any clothes because you are not going anywhere anytime soon. You can also watch TV. We have an alarm system to keep you safe and guard dogs on the outside of the warehouse. Oh and I wouldn't let the dogs get near you. They just might jump up and fuck you." He laughs at that part. Know the drug is still in her system capri cock milking a cock to a happy ending she still wants dick.

"Have any questions?" She whispers, "No." He says, "Ok well we are on our way see you when class is out and we will have homework for you." The guys took both cars and left Susy in the warehouse all by herself.

The drug has not started to wear off yet because little did she know was taking it again. They had put another dose in her OJ and just a drop or two in her eggs. They need to keep her on it for at least three days to make sure she didn't run away. Once she was done she went to take a hot bath.

The water felt so good to her sore ass and tits. She also needed to get the smell off of her. As she sat and soaked she was thinking. How do I get out of this? I mean this is against the law. They can't really do this to me. All that talk about how my pussy was the right temp for making babies and the drug they made me take. All of this was being videotape. So if I do get out of this I need to take that tape with me.

As she was thinking she was slowly rubbing her clit. She didn't know it at the time she was thinking because the drug had taken hold of her again.

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As she busted nut after nut she got out of the tub and went over to watch TV. She thought it would take her mind off the fact her body was yell at her for some dick. What she didn't know was that the guys had rigged the TV. Every channel had porn and even one channel was everything that happened to her last night.

They did that so it would remind her of what happen and how it will look to other that watch it. It looked like sleeping mom xxx storys sex stories did everything willingly.

Who would believe her that she was kidnapped and was having a war with her brain? On tape all you saw was a very willingly person who was very happy to do it and/or have these things done to her. It played it over and over again in a loop. She found herself watching that channel more than the others. It was now 12 noon and she had rubber her pussy raw.

With the drug in her system she could not keep hands off herself. So then she though if she took a nap it would help take her mind off of sex and maybe this was just all a bed dream. Hell she needed the rest and so did her sore pussy, ass and breast. Senny lione xxx pong star she slept she dreamed about all the dick in the world.

She dreamed that there was no pain. As her dreamed flash from one dick to another and from one fuck to another her breast started to make milk. She didn't know it but her milk gland were kick into over drive. Her double D's were turning into E's. They weren't just sore from the rough play but from the milk glands waking up.