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Dirty wife fuck huge objects
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After having sex after lunch Chris didn't see Lindsay until later that night at the bond fire. A bunch of the campers were around it and Chris found a spot next to Lindsay.

She seemed cheery. "Earlier was a lot of fun Chris." Lindsay said as Chris sat down. "It sure was. Do you want to try and do it again?" Chris said. "Of course I do. It was fantastic, but we just need to be careful.

It was really risky. I think we could meet tonight. Like in the middle of the night.

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That would be best." Lindsay said. Chris agreed and they made plans to meet in the dead of night. They would walk down a hiking trail a little ways and do it in the woods. By now they were both horny again and could hardly wait until the night came. They sat around the fire and tried to socialize to pass the time. Chris and Lindsay would turn to each other every once and a while and give each other a sexy look. Eventually the campers started to turn into their cabins. The boys went to the north field where their cabins were and the girls went to the south field near the lake.

Looking at each other one more time Lindsay and Chris left to their cabins. Chris was one of the last ones to get to his cabin. He didn't dare mention it to the guys; it would be far too risky.

He quietly tidied his belongings got onto his bunk and rolled onto his stomach. His sleeping bag still smelled of sex from earlier. He took a deep breath in and the smell turned him on. He thought about what happened earlier that day. Eventually the lights went out and the guys talked for an hour as usual. Chris tried to stay in the conversation talking about girls tits and who has the best ass. He wanted so much to tell them about Lindsay.

While this was happening Lindsay was at her cabin. Her friends were naked in front of her and she stripped down too. Lindsay hated that she had such small boobs. She wished she had huge tits like Alex. Lindsay caught herself staring at Alex's tits as she got changed.

Then Lindsay quickly got dressed.

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Once the girls went to sleep Lindsay waited in silence. She wanted Chris so badly. She lay there waiting until the time came, she was getting ready to creep up and out of the cabin when she heard someone doing the same thing. One of her friends was leaving the cabin too. After the person left Lindsay followed her out and tried to follow the person as quietly as possible.

Lindsay tried to figure out who it was and judging by the perfect ass she thought it was her friend Madi. It seemed like Madi was making her way to the bath and shower room.

That is where Lindsay told Chris to meet her. Lindsay hoped that Chris wouldn't be there before them. Lindsay followed behind Madi quietly. They made it to the bath room and Madi went inside. Lindsay stood outside the bath house on a side without a light. she looked desperately for Chris, and when she spotted him she heard something coming from the bathroom. It sounded like a moan. There it was again Lindsay thought.

Holy shit Madi is masturbating Lindsay thought. Ohh man Chris will love this. As Chris blonde teen blowjob swallow and white milf playfellowly family competition approached the bath house Lindsay emerged from the shadows with a finger up to her lip telling Chris to be quiet. Chris stood next to Lindsay and she signaled for Chris to listen.

The stood still and could hear quiet moans coming from the bath room. "Thats Madi" Lindsay whispered. "Holy shit are you sure?" Chris responded.

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"Yeah I followed her here" Lindsay said and she grabbed Chris's hand and led him to the door of the bath room. The moaning got louder and louder as they silently opened the door and began creeping in. They looked under the stalls and surly there was a pair of feet on the floor with pants an panties on the ground.

at this point they could hear Madi's wetness. Slick slick slick. She was truly getting her self off. Lindsay savoring legal age teenagers wet cum hole hardcore and blowjob pulled out her iphone and turned on the video camera. Chris was rock hard by now and watched as Lindsay started recording and slowly put the camera under the door and pointed it up.

Nothing changed and Madi kept going. She must not have seen the camera. And then it happened. "what the fuck!" Madi yelled as she stood up and opened the door. She saw Chris and Lindsay standing there laughing. "what are you doing delete that!" "No I have another idea" Lindsay said looking to Chris. "Your going to fuck around with the two of us or everyone sees this video." "what.

wait no. what do you mean fuck around with you?" Madi replied. "I mean you're going to fuck us." Lindsay said as she put her phone away and started leading Chris and Madi outside. "wait you guys want to have sex with me?" Madi said.

"I honestly dont have an objection to that. Im so fucking horny anyways." "Perfect" Chris said as they grabbed towels from the bath house and made their way into the woods.

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Once they were there, lit by a full moon, Chris and Lindsay stripped down immediately. They wanted each other so badly. Madi took a minute, but as Chris and Lindsay started making out laying down on the towel covered ground, Madi took of her shorts and shirt and bra. She hesitated with her panties as Chris and Lindsay watched her. She slowly took off her thong and showed off her tight pussy and perfect ass. She was really starting to get into it now. "Let me see that" Lindsay said pointing to Madi's juice covered thong.

Madi handed it to her and Lindsay stuck the whole thing in her mouth sucking on it and then pushed it with her tongue into Chris's mouth. They made out with Madi's thong in their mouths and Madi kneeled next to them on the towel and grabbed Chris's dick. She started stroking it slowly getting a solid feel for it. Her hand pumped up and down his shaft as Lindsay and Chris continued making out with her thong.

Madi leaned down and took Chris's cock into her mouth. This made Chris groan and throw his head back. Madi pushed herself down onto his cock and got it really wet. She used her hand at the same time and with the other cupped his balls. She was truly a pro at this. The blow job continued and Lindsay took Madi's thong out of her mouth and put it on herself. The spit and pussy juice covered thong covered her pussy and turned Lindsay on even more.

Lindsay started rubbing her pussy through the thong as she kneeled on the other side of Chris. "Madi, have you ever kissed a girl?" Lindsay said as Madi took her head of off Chris's cock. "No, not really" Madi said right before Lindsay moved in and kissed her fiercely.

Chris almost blew right there. Two girls were making out right in front of him. He couldn't believe it! The girls continued to kiss and Chris raised his hands and squeezed one of each of the girls boobs, and Lindsay reached down and continued stoking Chris's cock. He almost lost it. This was the hottest thing Chris had ever been in! The girls leaned back from their kiss, out of breath. They both sat on their heels their chests rising up and down. Their tits are out and Chris continued to squeeze them.

"Well that was fucking hot." Madi said, and Lindsay nodded in agreement. Without speaking Madi leaned down, spit on Chris's cock and then turned to sit on his cock reverse cow girl. Lindsay grabbed his cock and positioned it for Madi. His cock slid into her tight cunt and Madi pushed herself down onto it. Her pussy walls squeezed his cock and the warmth from her pussy drove Chris crazy.

With her feet on the ground Madi started fucking Chris like a pro she bounced up and down on his cock and started to moan. Chris watched as the most perfect ass he had ever seen, bounce in front of him. Madi was really fucking hot.

Mean while, Lindsay sat on her ass and played with her own pussy. She watched as Chris's cock was swallowed up by Madi's pussy over and over. "Lindsay come over here and sit on my face" Chris said. Lindsay got up and squatted on Chris's face. He immediately went to eating her pussy.

His tongue danced around her pussy and he sucked her clit into his mouth. Lindsay moaned louder and louder and Madi continued riding his cock. "Spit on his cock slut" Madi said to Lindsay as she leaned up and took his cock out of her gaping pussy. Lindsay leaned down and sucked Chris's pecker and then spit on it. The spit provided supreme hardcore japanese sex with ruka mihoshi lube for Madi's tight pussy.

Chris moaned as she sat back down on his cock. All the while he never stopped licking Lindsay's cunt. Ever so slightly, Lindsay began moving her hips forward pushing her pussy away from Chris's mouth and slowly replaced it with her ass hole. It took Chris a minute to figure it out but as soon as he tongued her ass hole she yelled. "ohh fuck right there yes!" Lindsay said.

Chris had never licked ass before but if Lindsay wanted it he didn't care. He was to fucking horny to care. He kept licking her tight ass hole and it got him thinking. Spitting on his finger he moved his hand to the base of his cock, and without asking, he penetrated Madi's ass hole with his finger as she sat down on his cock. "Ohhh fuck!! Both holes?

Fuck yeah!" Madi yelled as she continued to bounce up and down. "We're such fucking sluts Madi, using this stud to pleasure our selves. You like that finger in your ass you whore?" Lindsay talked dirty and made Madi loose it even more. She reached back with spit covered fingers and provided more lube for her ass hole as Chris worked more fingers into it. The lovers fucked in a way only horny teenagers could. Full of lust and passion. Lindsay was now moving her hips having Chris's tongue move from her pussy to her ass.

Back and forth. She held it on her pussy. "awwww fuck im gunna cum!!" Lindsay yelled and Chris sucked her clit. Lindsay reached climax and squirted a little onto Chris's face.

He swallowed it all, and Lindsay collapsed on the ground next to him. With Lindsay off sweetheart adores erected schlongs hardcore and blowjob face, Chris looked up and watched as three of his fingers disappeared into Madi's tight ass hole. Chris told her that he was going to cum and Madi pulled off to Chris's despair, but Madi motioned to Lindsay who leaned in and spit into Madi's ass hole. Her spit fell into the gaping ass hole and dispeared inside Madi.

After, Madi plunged Chris's cock deep penetration with oral pleasure smalltits hardcore her ass. It was tough at first but soon Madi was fucking him as fast as before. Her ass feels different to Chris. It feels hotter and tighter, and almost like it was sucking his cock into it. As Chris watched this perfect ass fuck him he starts to cum and fills her ass up with his seed.

He has never came inside a girl before and this felt un real.

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Her ass pulled every drop of cum from his cock. "ohhhh fucckk! you can stop now" Chris said as Madi continued fucking his overly sensitive cock. "Not until I've cum!" Madi said. Without missing a beat she shifts his cock from her ass to her cunt again.

Chris yells as his over sensitive cock is still stimulated. This was insane! It felt was TOO good. He tried to push her off but Lindsay pounced on him and held his hands down. "Let the horny little slut finish." Lindsay said as she watched Madi ride his cock. Chris felt like he was going to explode as Madi finished and clenched his cock.

He came again and her pussy seemed to drain all the cum from his balls. Madi collapsed off his cock and fell to the ground panting. "Holy fuck that was good!" she said. Chris lay on the ground almost unconscious from the over exertion.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Madi sitting on her butt with her legs open and his cum leaking out of both her holes. "Ive always been pretty curious, how about we explore our sexuality" Lindsay said as she ignored Chris and leaned into Madi's pussy.