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Julian's First Julian was a 15 year boy at the end of his sophmore year in high school. He was fairy popular but he had a problem…he was still a virgin.He has had plenty of chances to get it over but everytime something went wrong. Standing at 5'11" with a athletic build,brown eyes and black wavy hair, he was considered a "pretty boy" by much of the people he's friends with. In the past Julian had top notch one eyed monster riding pornstar and hardcore plenty girls but for the last two years he hasn't really found a girl that he has really wanted to date.

Its not that he didn't want to date anyone but he just didn't want a random girl, but little did he know he was in for a surprise at the end of his sophmore year. "Julian WAKE UP!!!" his mom yelled "You're going to miss you bus again!!!" "Mom just give me five more minutes" he said. Julian got out of his bed noticing he was hard at the time.

Usually he never jacked off before school but lately he had been doing it a lot lately. He decided he needed to take care of it before his mom came back. Pulling down his pants, he looked at his penis. At 7 inches long he really didn't think it was a problem. He laid back on his bed and got some lotion from off his dresser. He didn't have enough time to find a video online so he thought of something better…his friend Ashley.

Ashley was a girl he had a crush on for a couple of years but he never could tell her. Ashley was about 5'6" had long brown hair, 32D breasts and because of track she had a very tone body.

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Julian just kept wondering what she looked like naked while he was stroking his self. For about 5 minutes he kept stroking and he had finally came.

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He cleaned his self off and got ready for school. School went by slow that day for Julian. He just couldn't concentrate on anything at all. Right when he was about to go to sleep in class he had gotten a text from Ashley.

Ashley:Hi Julian  Julian : Hey. What's up Ashley: Nothing just was kinda bored. Are you going to the Kappa Party Friday? Julian: Idk. I have to find something to wear. Ashley: You HAVE to come! I have a surprise for you ;) Julian: Really?

Ashley: Yes! But I have to go ttyl Julian: Bye Julian wondered what the surprise was. He sat there puzzled for a minute until his bestfriend Matthew hit him on his head. "Hey dude why you looking so stupid right now" " Ashley just said she had a surprise for me" "Really?

What is it" "She told me to come to the Kappa Party Friday and I would find out" "Haha bet you don't get none" "Fuck You" The class bell had finally rung and it was time to go to lunch.

Lunch at his school was horrible he just eats there because he is hungry half the time and plus all of his friends are usually in there. His friends Donnie and Antonio were Kappas' so he decided to tell them what happened. Julian: How about Ashley said she had a surprise for me at yall party.

Donnie: Youre talking about that fine girl teen creampie on amateur threesome webcam sex show McRoy High Julian: Yeah Antonio: Boy you better be on her or some other dude gonna take her cause you know every guy wanna talk to her.

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Donnie: Everybody wanna talk to her too Julian had been realized that every dude and some girls did wanna talk to her awhile ago. He talked to her almost everyday so he knew what would happen if he didn't do what they were saying he was gonna lose her… Even though he had a crush on Ashley he still messed with girls at school. He was messing with a girl named Lesbians licking and rubbing in classic clip. She was in one of his classes.

He didn't speak to her alot because they hung around different people so during math he did as much as he could to her. In class he always fingered her since their desk covered their legs and the teacher never looked. Her pussy had a nice feel and taste to it.

She always moaned when he stuck his fingers into her tight pussy.He would play with her clit and try multiple fingers at a time and when she came he sucked his fingers because he loved the taste of her. He had never eaten her pussy but he was gonna try sooner or later. After class Chenal had told him to meet her in the snack room.

He didn't know why but when he opened the door to the snack room, Chenal was standing there naked. Chenal was only two inches shorter than him. Her short blond hair and blue eyes always attracted him to her. She was no more than 125 pounds at least. She was a very dominant female and when she wanted to do something with Julian he never disobeyed her.

Julian had locked the door when he saw her. Chenal wanted to be fucked right then and there and Julian wasn't about to pass up another opportunity. Julian walked over to Chenal, put her on the counter ,and started kissing her. While he was kissing her Chenal had took off his shirt while he took his pants and underwear off.

Julian really wanted his dick sucked and she was the best whoever sucked him. Chenal got on her knees right in front of him. She wasted no time while she was sucked him.

She started by licking the head of his dick really slow because that got him real hard. She spit on his dick and started jacking him off.She was two fingers deep in hairy step mom fuck stepson hard pussy.

Julian was moaning a little because he hadnt been sucked off in awhile. She was looking him dead in his eyes while she engulfed his cock. He watched as she put his whole dick in her mouth. Her mouth felt really good too. He was just about to cum in her when someone started calling his phone.

He didn't want to answer so he just continued. She was licking his shaft and his balls now while still looking at him. That set him him off. Julian: Open your mouth She didn't hesistate at all. She open her mouth while he started pumping his cock.

Julian started to moan while he started to cum.

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Most of it landed on her face and when he finshed she sucked his dick dry. Chenal: I want you to fuck me NOW! This was gonna be both their first times and when she bent over his dick was rock hard already. Due to her using dildos she wasnt going to be in much pain.

Julian was getting ready to put his dick in her pussy when someone knocked on the door. They were caught. They rushed and put their clothes on before the coaches opened the door. Coach Daigle: Whos in here? He didn't hear a thing at all so he just he started looking around not knowing that they took the other door out.

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Since Chenal was in trouble they couldn't finish for awhile. With that said Julian walked off angry about still being a virgin. He still had the party though.

He had a surprise waiting for him and he was gonna be there to find out what it was.