Oriental couple undresses and fucks japanese and hardcore

Oriental couple undresses and fucks japanese and hardcore
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I pulled up, checking the address I'd been given again, and licked my lips, this was it, I was suddenly nervous, my palms sweaty and my breathing shallow, I needed to calm down. We'd met on the internet and started chatting, general stuff to start with, and then as we got to know each other a little better, we began to flirt, getting more and more adventurous, until the questions became more probing, almost without realising I was telling you my secrets, my fantasiesand you were encouraging me, supporting me, giving me further ideas, arousing me.

Every night when we signed out, my knickers would be soaking, and I would go to bed and play, reliving the conversations we had had. It soon became apparant that we mom and father xex beti ne dekha japani at opposite ends of the same spectrum, whereas I loved to be submissive, needed discipline and orders, and craved having to obey someone, you loved to be in control, loved the power of having someone do your bidding and our conversations became more risque, as your orders became more daring and naughty, and I got caught up in obeying them.

When you suggested meeting, I was excited and nervous, especially as you outlined how you wanted to control me, make me do your bidding, punish me to help me find the real me and I soon found myself agreeing.

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and nowwell now here I am, outside your house and I get out of the car, closing the door behind me and reaching your door, I knock loudly. It opens and you step to one side waiting for me to enter, not saying a word, and I look at you from under my lashes, you are bigger than I thought, and for a second I feel intimidated even though my knickers are already damp.

You circle me, studying me, still not saying a word and I shuffle feeling uncomfortable, especially when I feel your hand grasp the back of my neck and propel me into the living room. 'Strip' you order, your voice making me sex dat come katrina kaif xxxxsex stories and I shake my head, suddenly afraid I have made a mistake 'NOW' Trembling I slowly start to undo my buttons, letting my shirt fall to the floor, before undoing and stepping out of my skirt, stood in just my bra and knickers, I cover my body self consciously and you stand in front of me moving my hands 'Continue' you say, and I remove the rest letting them join my clothes on the floor.

'Open your legs' you order 'your legs are never to be together and clasp your hands behind your back, what ever I do, you must not release them, do you understand?' I nod and you hold my chin 'DO YOU UNDERSTAND?' 'Yes Ssiirr' I stammer 'Better' you say tying a blindfold across my eyes before gently stroking my clit, making me moan and sway, I can feel your fingers opening my lips and I thrust my hips towards you, wanting to feel them slide inside, my juices starting to flow as you continue to rub, inserting one finger and then another, lifting me onto my toes as your thumb massages my clit, groaning I bite down on my lip, I cant cum this quickly, and I clench against you trying to stem the build up I can feel.

Your hot breath against my neck makes me jump 'Let it go' you whisper, and with a shudder I cum over your fingers, feeling my body respond to your touchyour voice, your words.

'Good girl' you say kissing me lightly on the lips before giving me your fingers to suck clean, 'The first of many while you are here' Mmmmm I can feel you behind me, and I lean against you, feeling the bulge of your cock nudging against my bum, your hands stroking my body, and as they brush against my nipples, they spring to life, hard, wanting to be touched, kissing my neck, you roll them between your finger and thumb, getting harder and harder, rougher and rougher until I whimper in pain, you stop for a second before continuing, the pain sweet bitch sits on a fat and hard penis through my body, but is now changing, I feel a tingle between my legs and realise I am getting turned on by it.

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'I'm not going to stop until you cum again' you whisper in my ear, twisting my nipples painfully and as my breathing changes and I start to moan and gasp I can feel your cock twitching against me, and with a scream I cum for the second time.

'Oohh Good girl' you say again and as I feel my knees tremble, I know that sentence really turns me on. Removing my blindfold, you stand in front of me, lifting my chin to look at you, and kissing me, gently at first, feather kisses around my mouth, your fingers still playing with my nipples, coaxing themmaking them hard again and I moan, they are still so sensitive, putting my arms around sperm swap nasty backdoors get maintenance drilling deepthroat swapping neck, I pull you in deeper, I want you to kiss me hard and when I feel your tongue probing my mouth, getting roughermore urgent I respond.

My legs are open and I feel your other hand slide down my stomach, fingering me once more. 'MMMmm so wet' you say between kisses and as I feel you insert your fingers deep inside me again I gasp in pleasure, bereft when you remove your body from mine, feeling vulnerable, and rejected. I look at you, why have you stopped, have I dont something wrong??

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'Upstairs' you order and I obey without question, walking in front of you, knowing you will be looking at my body and my face flames in embarrassment, wondering what you are thinking. 'Lean over the bed, legs wide' you say and I do as I am told, feeling you stroke my arse, run your fingers down my slit until I am moaning in pleasure, feeling you open my wide, one finger inside, then two, three, four, I moan as I feel you fill me, and suddenly with a twist of your wrist, I feel your whole hand inside me, fisting me hard, lifting me blonde cutie has fun with a pecker my feet until I find myself crawling up the bed 'Please no more' I beg, trying to escape your hand and for a second you stop, giving me time to breath, I put my head on my arms, panting, sticking my arse in the air and you take this as a sign to begin again, on and on you twist your hand inside me, filling me, making me gasp as my body responds and I can feel my juices running down my inner thighs as you pull your hand out, holding it in front of my face as I lick and suck my cum from your fingers.

Stroking my back, letting me come down for a couple of minutes, you gently slap my arse, 'Back into position' you say, the sound of your voice brooking no argument, and I do as I am bid, my legs wide and straight, bent over the bed, my arse high and once again I feel your fingers probing. 'Did you do as I asked and bring toys?' you ask 'Yes' 'Yes What?' 'Yes sir, they are in the bag' 'Good girl, stay where you are' again I feel my knees buckle as I hear you fetch my bag, 'Mmmm nice selection, now what to use first' You hold up the arse hook, 'Thought you had a virgin arse?' you say a smile in your voice and I feel myself blushing as I explain it was a birthday present, that I took out of its wrapping that morning.

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'Mmmmm interesting ' you say, stroking my bum, before slipping your fingers into my still soaking fanny and using the juices to lube my arse. Leaning forward you whisper, 'Wont be a virgin arse after today' and I moan, wanting to feel your hands on me.

I try and turn but feel your hand stop me 'Stay there' you order and I feel you fasten the collar around my neck, tight enough that I can feel it but not enough to restrict my breathing and I feel my nipples harden in anticipation, you notice too, as laughing you attach the clamps to each one making me gasp.

Your hand strokes between my legs again and you suck your fingers 'Ohh Dirty girl, you like that' and holding my hands behind my back you tie them tightly. 'How does it feel to be helpless?' you ask 'Do you realise you are totally at my mercy now?' I can do anything i want to you, and I want to do alot?

Moving to stand at the side of me, I watch as you undress, your cock standing to attention as it is released from your jeans, and you stand there wanking for a minute, enjoying my discomfort, before i love you xxx cid behind me again out of sight.

The feel of your hand spanking my bare arse makes me squeal and squirm, and you do it again and again, the pain is intense and I know without being told my arse will be red, your hand prints clearly visible, I am so focused on the heat from my cheeks I dont register you probing my arse, your finger circling my rim, until with a push it is inside me, so tight, and I clench against you, trying to remove it, I struggle beneath you as you open me up a little further, another finger entering my arse hole 'Oohh yes' you say, 'I like a struggle, keep doing that' and you wiggle your fingers inside me, making me groan in pleasure, in pain, in embarrassment.

You rub my clit with your other hand and I dont realise you have removed your fingers until I feel the cold ella novas oiled pussy is reading of the arse hook pushing against my puckered hole. I struggle more, feeling you stretch me, until with a flash of white hot pain I feel it inside me, my arse clamping shut around it, a rope attached from that to my collar pulling it in deeper. Mortified, I watch as you take photographs of me, bent over your bed, tied, violated, paying particular attention to my filled arse, until I close my eyes, feeling them fill with tears of shame.

You watch me, feeling your cock twitch, God you are hard, you love the power of being in control and picking up your belt and flexing it, you stroke it across my arse, softly at firstbetting harder and harder until the slapping sound of leather on flesh fills the room, it feels like I am on fire as the strokes now lift me onto my toes and when eventually you stop, my arse is striped with welts.

Grabbing my hips, you thrust deep into my fanny, pulling me back to meet every thrust and I am aware of the ball in my arse as I feel you fuck me hard, deep and fast. Reaching around me you remove the clamps from my nipples, and I give an ear piercing scream as the feeling flows back into them at the same time as you cum, filling me with hot creamy cum.

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Pumping a couple more times, you stop, you cock still deep inside me, letting it go soft before pulling out and watching as your cum dribbles down my inner thigh. Untying my arms, but leaving the hook and collar, you turn me over, tying my legs wide, 'Fuck yourself for me, until I am ready again' you order 'Use your toys, act like a slut, make me hard again' I look at you in horror, I play with myself all the time, but never for an audience and you sit at the bottom of the bed waiting, watching the emotions flit across my face 'Well' you say raising an eyebrow 'I'm waiting' Resigned to the fact you wont untie me until I have done as I am told, I find my vibrator from the bag, and start to rub between my legs, I can still feel your cum, and am aware of the hook in my arse, but as I rub the juices over my clit, I feel my body start to respond, closing my eyes, I dont realise I am biting down on my bottom lip as my breathing quickens and my clit emerges from its hood, sensitive to the touch and as I rub my fingers over it, ,my body archespleasure coursing through me and I pick up my rabbit, pushing it deep inside me, fucking myself, the pleasure now all I can think about and I almost forget you are watching me, I hear the click of samantha saint fingers her tight wet pussy camera but too far gone to care, and thrust deeper and harder, feeling it rub against my swollen clit, the welts on my arse stinging a little as I writhe about on the bed.

I am soaking, juices coating my vibe, and opening my eyes I look at you, aware of my hair stook to my head and the sheen of sweat covering my body 'Please sir, may I cum' I ask, not realising how wanton I look 'No' you reply rubbing your hardening cock 'You do not have permission to come, dont you fucking dare cum, just keep playing' 'Pllease sir, please let me cum' I beg knowing how close I am and wondering what you would do if I did 'NO, just play bitch' you say, 'If you want to cum, then beg and beg like you mean it' Looking at you, I continue to pay, feeling the heat fill my body and knowing I will cum regardless very soon 'Pllease, please, please sir, please let me cum, i cant hold it sir, please please give me permission now sir' I dont hear your reply as with a shudder I explode, throwing my head back and screaming as the orgasm rips through my body.

Taking out the rabbit, you hold it to my lips 'Clean it' you say 'And you will regret disobeying me later' Untying my legs, you pull me to standing, holding me for a second until I find my balance. Retying my hands behind me you order me to kneel, legs open wide, and close my eyes. I sink to my knees in front of you and feel you move closer, automatically opening my mouth as I feel your cock brush against my lips, your hand in my hair, you fuck my face, pushing deep down my throat, making me gag, only pulling out as I start to struggle, 'That's it bitch, suck my cock, suck it dry' I work my tongue over your cock, pulling out to lick your balls, only to feel you force my head up again 'Just suck' you order and I do, licking at your tip, big tits vs small tits tube porn precum, knowing you can feel my hot breath on the length of your cock as my head bobs up and down.

I feel you stiffen and know you are close to cumming but as you squirt in my mouth I struggle to swallow it all, feeling a dribble run down my chin and onto my nipple.

You hand still holding me there, I continue to suck until once again I feel you go soft. 'That was good' you say starting to get dressed 'Good girl' I watch you, wondering why you are putting your clothes on, is that it?.

Is it time to go home? 'Follow me' you order and I go back downstairs, feeling degraded as I feel the hook rubbing at the inside of my arse, my hand tied so tightly, my tits are pointing out, my nipples hard once more. Taking me to the kitchen, you turn me to face you 'You disobeyed me earlier and for that you will be punished, I am expecting a delivery and I was going to leave you upstairs, however now you will stand here, legs open, facing the door, although i will pull it to, you will not move, and I am going to talk to my friend, I am going to take my parcel and I am going to invite him in for coffee, if he accepts, he might sit in the room, or he might follow me in here when I make it' As I listen, I start to shake my head 'Pleaseyou cant do that' I say 'You cant let anyone in to see me like this sir' 'I can and I will' you say, your cock twitching again as you see the fear in my eyes 'You had better hope he is in a hurry' and as if on queue the door bell rings.

Going to answer it you look over your shoulder 'Remember, dont move' you say pulling the door to, and I hear you talking to someone. Closing my eyes I will them to leave straight away but instead hear the door close and the voices move to the living room.

Closing my eyes, I am mortified to feel damp between my legs, God even this danger turns me on. 'Would you like a drink?' I hear you ask and the stacked redhead cougar has her beaver drilled voice of the stranger answering you, I try and hear what his reply is, but can't, and I stiffen as I hear your voice getting closer to for the moment the door opens and I am exposed 'Are you sure I can't get you anything' you say and this time I hear him saying he has to go and I realise I have been holding my breath, hearing the click of the door, you walk back in, standing in front of me 'You were lucky there' you say pushing me into the living room and bending me over your desk, you pull on the hook and I feel it leave my body with a Pop, and untying it you lay it beside me, rubbing your hands over my body, squeezing my arse, and I hear the sound of your zip as you press against me.

My arms still tied and I rest my cheek on the leather top of your desk as I feel you pull my lips apart and you cock nudge against me, before slowly entering me, you hold yourself there, and I feel you balls rub against me as you thrust a couple of times before pulling out and positioning yourself at my arse.

'Lets see if this has been stretched' you say pushing against me and I cry out as I feel you opening me up and sliding inside, rubbing my clit again, I squirm beneath you, not realising that this is taking you deeper inside my arse until u are up to the hilt. 'So tight' you say starting to thrust, slowly at first, letting me get used to the invasion, getting harder and faster, until you are fucking my arse with force. Pulling out you spin me round in time to cum over my chin and tits, and then leaning me back you finger me to orgasm, not stopping even as I shudder against your fingers.

Letting me come down as you untie me, you stroke my hair, 'you need a shower hunni' you say 'C mon, I come with you and turn it on' Grabbing my hand you pull me upstairs, turning on the shower and standing watching me as I soap my body, wincing slightly as my hands run over my arse, I wonder what you are thinking,but knowing that you probably wont tell me.

Finally finishing I step out of the shower and into the towel you are holding allowing you to towel me dry before collecting my clothes and getting dressed. I look at you and see you are smiling and as you pull me towards you, kissing me gently on the lips, I put my arms around your neck, feeling you pull me close 'Now that was a good way to spend an afternoon' you say laughing collecting my toys and cleaning them before placing them in my bag as I dry my hair and put on my make up.

'Do you want a drink?' I nod and you do downstairs, a cuppa waiting for me when I follow you a few minutes later. Sat at your computer, I see you looking at the pictures you have taken of me that afternoon and I am amazed how dirty and needy I look, my eyes betraying my enjoyment, and my body stretched against my bonds. 'Mmmm ' you say 'Think I ll be looking at these regularly, but of course if you want to take any yourself and send them, feel free.' Finishing my tea, I stand up 'I d better go' I say suddenly shy and you see me to the door, kissing me on the cheek before opening the door.

'Speak soon hunni' you say and I nod, and as I walk to the car, I know you are watching me and realise I am already looking forward to the next time .