Sexy solo action with busty blonde ashlee graham

Sexy solo action with busty blonde ashlee graham
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The Daddy File I work from home doing computer work for a construction company. Naturally, I was totally dependent on my laptop. When I tried to boot it up one morning in early summer, I got nothing but a blank screen. An hour later, I was at Best Buy handing it over to a member of the Geek Squad. They said it would take them at least twenty-four hours to even have a look at it, and then they had me make a list of folders they should copy mia khalifa xtra 15 2019 a flash drive—just in case they couldn't get it repaired.

I was dead in the water. At the bare minimum, I needed to check my email, and I couldn't wait a day or two to do it. Finally, I went to my daughter's room to use her laptop. Fortunately, it wasn't password protected, so I was able to log on and check my email. I was just about to close down her laptop when an icon on her xxx hous story full sex stories caught my eye.

It said simply "Daddy". Mandy was only two when her father left us so I couldn't imagine what that icon was all about. Surely she couldn't remember her father. I felt only a slight twinge of guilt when I clicked on it. What I found changed my life forever. * * * Dr. Jen (Jenifer Rollins), explained to me that girls were starting puberty earlier and earlier, and I shouldn't be alarmed by Mandy starting puberty at eleven. By the time she was thirteen, she was almost completely developed physically.

She'd already lost most of the baby fat on her face, and at 34D, her breasts were bigger than mine. That's when, at Dr. Jen's suggestion, we started her on birth control. When Mandy turned fourteen and entered high school, I strongly discouraged her from dating Jeff Blake.

He was a junior and already the superstar linebacker on the football team, and a very handsome young man. He had his driver's license and owned a bright red corvette convertible. His family didn't have that kind of money, so it was widely speculated that an alumni of one of the many colleges trying to recruit him had given it to him as a gift.

Jeff could have any girl he wanted, so why, other than her obvious physical attributes, could he possibly see in Mandy? I wasn't naïve.

I assumed they were having sex, but that didn't really answer the question. Dillion carter you are next bro the previous client his own age were probably lined up to date him and have sex with him, so why Mandy? What did she bring to the table the others didn't? Jeff was very polite around me—almost too polite. His politeness reminded me of that old TV show "Leave it to Beaver". Eddie Haskell was polite around adults, almost to the point of being sickening, and an asshole when adults weren't around.

Was Jeff like that to Mandy when they weren't around me? Gorgeous eighteen year old zaya cassidy first monster cock experience idea that Jeff and my daughter were probably having sex didn't bother me that much.

I lost my virginity when I was fifteen. It took me a couple of years to discover what I considered to be good sex—sex with a boy who cared enough to tend to my needs as well as his own. Most boys didn't have a clue. I really wanted to talk to her about that, but I didn't know how to go about it.

* * * The Daddy File A mother shouldn't read things like that about her daughter. She shouldn't know her daughter has become totally submissive to a boy. She shouldn't learn that her daughter is required to call her boyfriend "Daddy" even when in the company of their friends in high school—both hers and his. A mother shouldn't know her daughter is suffering humiliation at the hands of her boyfriend.

She shouldn't know that her daughter can deny her boyfriend nothing. A mother shouldn't read about her daughter being ordered to show her boyfriend's teammates her abundant breasts. She shouldn't read about her daughter being ordered to give her boyfriend's brother a blowjob. More than anything else, a mother shouldn't read about her daughter obeying those commands willingly and happily.

She shouldn't know her daughter is repeatedly subjected to very rough sex, that she is drug around by her hair, that her boyfriend forces his large cock down her throat story sex pantat besar black porncewe negro holds it there until she passes out.

A mother simply shouldn't know those things about her daughter. The problem was, after reading the "Daddy file", I did know those things and more. * * * I've wished for many things over the years. I've wished I could win the lottery so finances wouldn't always be an issue.

I've wished I wouldn't gain two pounds every time I stopped working out for a week, causing me to work out that much harder for the next month. And I've wished I had a fuck buddy who would come over and service my sexual needs on demand. Now I had a whole new wish list. Now I wished I hadn't read Mandy's "Daddy File". Now I wished I didn't have an almost constant fantasy about being in her shoes and experiencing what she was experiencing.

And I wished, just once, I could masturbate myself to orgasm without thinking about all the things I read in that file. But the old saying comes to mind, "Wish in one hand, spit in the other and see which one fills up the quickest." * * * "So, how are things going with you and Jeff?" I asked Mandy one evening.

I was sitting in the living room and working on my second stiff drink. She beamed all over, "Wonderful.

. perfect. He's a dream come true. I'm in love with him, Mom." I swallowed hard, "He's going to be going off to college soon. Have you thought about that?" My daughter looked right at me and answered without batting an eye, "Yes. I'm going with him." "You have to finish high school." I said sternly. She shrugged, "I know. I can go to school wherever we end up living." "Does he feel the same way?" "Yes, Mom. He loves me very much. We're meant to be together." I knew I was treading on thin ice, "Mandy, does he treat you good?

Does he respect you?" "God yes, Mom. He treats me like a queen." * tender homemade shower scene julia and oliva * On Saturday morning, I was leaving to go grocery shopping. I was just getting in my car when Jeff pulled into the driveway.

When he greeted me in his usual very polite way, I told him Mandy was in her room and he should go on in. I watched as he walked into the garage and entered the house.

Goosebumps sprang up all over my body. Jeff was a large boy, six one, a little over two hundred pounds, and none of it fat. He was wearing a sleeveless football jersey that showed off his huge biceps and blue jean shorts that allowed a wonderful view of his muscular legs.

I had to shake off my revere enough to drive. I was just walking permeating hot honey from behind hardcore cumshot the grocery store, "Damnit!" I said aloud when I remembered that I'd left my credit card beside my laptop on my desk in the living room. I'd used it to buy a birthday gift for my mother. There was nothing to do but return home to retrieve it.

I left my car running in the driveway and entered the house through the garage. When I was half way across the kitchen, I saw them. Jeff and Mandy were both totally naked. She was bent over the back of the sofa, and Jeff was fucking her from behind. He had a handful of her hair and was pulling her head backward far enough that I'm sure it was painful. From behind them, I couldn't see his cock, but I could see his balls swinging between his legs. They were huge. I'd dismissed Mandy's deion of his cock in the "Daddy File".

I naturally assumed she didn't have anything to compare it to, other than his brother's, so her describing it as "huge" and "massive" didn't really mean that much to me. Now though, as I stood there frozen in place watching him slam into my daughter, the size of his balls made me think her deions of his cock may well be accurate.

I must have been standing there for a full minute watching Jeff fuck my daughter. He was really slamming into her, and she was half moaning and half screaming with every forward thrust.

I didn't know what to do. Finally, I composed myself enough to walk quickly past them, "Sorry guys. I forgot my credit card." I said without looking back. Neither of them said anything, but when I turned around and started out, I noticed a huge grin on Jeff's face. He never missed a beat. He just kept slamming into Mandy as if I wasn't there. If anything, he was thrusting into her even harder. I could still hear her lustful cries even after I was back in the garage and the kitchen door was closed.

I was shaking violently, and my pussy was drenching my panties. It took me several minutes to calm down enough to drive. * * * Jeff's convertible was gone when I got home. Mandy must have been watching for me out of the window. She met me even before I got out of my car. "I'll get the groceries. There's a drink waiting for you in the living room." I started to say something, but thought better of it. Instead, I grabbed a hand full of groceries and headed inside.

I sat my purse and the groceries on the table and walked into the living room. Sure enough, there was a tall screwdriver waiting for me on the table next to my recliner. I was a little surprised to see a second drink on the coffee table, but given the circumstances, it didn't piss me off. From my recliner, I could see straight into the kitchen.

I sipped my drink and watched my daughter put the perishables into the fridge and freezer. When she came into the living room, I was just finishing my drink. Without asking, she came over and took my empty glass. And then she went into the kitchen and fixed me another. "Okay, I'm ready." Mandy said when she sat down on the sofa and took a long swig of her screwdriver. I looked at her hard, "Ready for what?" She looked puzzled, "Aren't you pissed?" I decided to play it cool, "I already knew you two were having sex.

I just wasn't prepared to witness it. I was surprised Jeff didn't at least stop when I came in." Mandy took another sip of her drink, "Honestly, he heard you come in from the garage. He knew you were behind him watching us. Afterward, he said it was too bad you didn't stay and watch." "You're kidding!" She shook her head and showed me a naughty grin, "No, he was serious.

He would have loved that. He doesn't—we don't think about sex the same as other people. We just have fun with it." I hadn't intended to, but I found myself confessing, "Do you remember when my laptop was in the shop?" She shrugged, "Yeah, why?" "I used your laptop to check my email." At first, she didn't get it, but then her face turned bright red, "You read the file." She said flatly.

When I nodded, she drained the last of her drink, then got up and took my empty glass and hers to the kitchen. A couple of minutes later, she returned with two fresh drinks. While she was handing me mine, she glared down at me for several seconds before returning to the sofa. "When is the last time you read it?" "Just that once." I answered honestly. She surprised me by jumping up and almost running to her bedroom. When she returned, she handed me her laptop. "You might as well get caught up." She said somewhat sarcastically.

"I. . I don't need. . ." "Mom! Read it." So I clicked on the file and scrolled down to the place I'd last read. The thing that really stuck out was her and Jeff having a threesome with another girl, and then there was a bombshell. Jeff wanted to fuck me. That entry was made several days ago. "You're kidding!" I said in an astonished tone.

She just shook her head, so I asked, "So you just watched him fuck the other girl?" "No, Mom. She and I got it on first, and then I licked her clit while he fucked her." I tried to imagine how that would work, but I couldn't get a mental image of it. "How—I mean, is that even possible?" My daughter giggled, "It's not that difficult.

We were in a sixty-nine eating each other. She was on top, and he got on his knees behind her and started fucking her. I could lick his cock and her clit at the same time." "Oh wow!" I exclaimed. "Haven't you gotten it on with another girl before?" I just shook my head, so she asked, "Not even in college?" Again, I just shook my head.

She shrugged, "It's no big deal. A lot of the girls do it, mainly to turn their boyfriends on. It drives the boys crazy. Of course, some of the girls do it just because they like doing it.

Now, aren't you going to ask me about the last entry?" I felt my face and neck turn hot with a blush. "I don't know what to say about that one." "Mom, I'm not sure, but I'm guessing you haven't gotten laid in a long, long time—years. When we've talked before about you not dating, you always say you don't have the time or energy for the whole dating thing.

I hear you at night sometimes with your vibe, so I know you still have the desire. Jeff can rock your world." I couldn't believe my daughter was actually trying to convince me to fuck her boyfriend. "Just like that?" I scolded her with my tone, "He just mentions wanting to fuck someone, and you set about to recruit them for him like it's nothing." "It is nothing, Mom.

It's just sex. I love him and I know he loves me. Sex is just a physical thing." "And you'd be okay with that?" I asked, still struggling to understand her casual attitude about sex. Mandy got up and came over to me. She took my empty glass and went to the kitchen to make me yet another drink. "Whew!" I said under my breath when she was out of earshot. I had to admit to myself, the idea wasn't displeasing to me at all.

After handing me the fresh drink, my daughter leaned down and put her lips next to my ear. Lovely teen lesbian babes play with fake penis girlfriend and homemade then she purred in a sultry whisper, "Mom, I'd be way more than okay with it. The idea of it really turns me on." While she was still hovering over me, she put her hand on my right breast and gave it a gentle squeeze, her thumb circling my nipple.

At the same time, she kissed me on the lips—not a passionate kiss, but more than a mother-daughter kiss. It only lasted two or three seconds, but as she was pulling back, she let her tongue slide across my lips. I was still in shock when she straightened up and peered down at me. She got a wide grin on her face and said, "I'm going to have sex with you before Jeff does." It sex sixe story sex stories hospital com me a few seconds to get my voice, but then I said, "You.


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you sound pretty sure of yourself. . and me." "Tell me you haven't been thinking about it ever since you walked in on us earlier. You're nipples are hard as rocks right now, and if I had to guess, I'd say your panties are soaking wet. You're so horny, you're dying to cum. Tell me I'm wrong." When I didn't answer, she said, "That's what I thought." And she held out her hand, "Stand up." When I did, she stepped up to me and slid her hand behind my neck.

I knew what was coming, but I was powerless to stop it. She drew me to her and kissed me, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. When my daughter broke that very long, very hot kiss, she slid to her knees and began unzipping my shorts. "Take off your tank top and bra." She said in a stern voice as she was pulling down my shorts and drenched panties. "Mandy. . I. . we can't." I'd barely gotten the words out before her tongue touched my swollen and throbbing clit.

She immediately sucked it into her mouth and began flicking her tongue over it. I couldn't help myself. I came with a loud lustful moan. Mandy didn't waste any time standing back up and kissing me passionately again.

"I really need to pee." I told her in a raspy voice when she broke our kiss. She giggled, hairy teen threesome vintage and amateur white college teens first time assslave yoga too.

C'mon". After taking turns on the toilet, I told her, "That was amazing. Thank you." My daughter giggled and then showed me a naughty grin, "We're just getting started." Instead of returning to the living room, Mandy led me into my bedroom.

We stood beside the bed and made out for a very long time. During that time, her hands were all over me, kneading my breasts and ass. Somehow, I managed to help her out of her clothes. We took turns kissing and sucking each others breasts.

I loved the feel of her mouth on me almost as much as I loved feeling, kissing and sucking her magnificent boobs.

I never dreamed I'd enjoy doing that so much. I reluctantly let her push me back onto my bed. She immediately crawled between my legs and began licking my pussy. When she put two fingers in me and began massaging my G-Spot, I came hard, but she didn't stop. In fact, I came hard three more times before she finally crawled up and kissed me. "It's your turn" I told her when we broke our kiss.

I was surprised when she shook her head, "No, today is for you. My pussy is still sore from the pounding Jeff gave it earlier." I chuckled, "From what I saw, I'm sure you have a good reason for being sore." "Hell, you haven't seen anything yet. After he comes once, he can fuck for hours. You'll see." I turned more serious, "Mandy, I'm not sure I--" "Mom! You don't have to be sure. I'm sure enough for both of us. He's going to fuck you silly, and he won't stop even when you beg him to.

I'm going to be right there with you. You read my file, so I don't have to warn you that he can get a little rough." "Do you like that part of it?" "God yes! I love it, and so will you." "What makes you say that?" "Are you going to try to tell me you haven't been thinking about it when you're playing with your vibe?" "Okay, so I've thought about it.

Satisfied?" My daughter giggled, "That's what I thought." * * * I was out of brazzers com sex sex stories story porn star sexy full sex stories movies shower and had just finished drying my shoulder length auburn hair when I found myself standing naked in front of the full-length mirror on my closet door.

I knew I still looked good, but I was seeing myself through fresh eyes—those of a teenager. At thirty-seven, my five foot seven, one thirty-five body was mostly fit and toned. I worked hard to keep it that way.

My ass wasn't as round as I would have liked, and my 36C boobs had small girl gets the pump and dump to sag just a little. My nipples still pointed straight out, but that was disappointing since they had previously pointed toward the sky. "Yes, Mom, you still look great." Mandy's voice startled me back to the present.

I glanced around toward her, "For my age." She giggled, "With a few changes to your wardrobe, you could pass for a lot younger." "Speaking of wardrobe, what should I wear today?" "What you'd wear on any other Sunday." "Mandy?" I asked in a serious tone, "I don't have to call him Daddy, do I?" That caused my daughter to burst out laughing. When she could, she said, "Not until he earns it." I raised an eyebrow, "Earns it? How will I know wh--" "Trust me; you'll know." I looked at my clock and was surprised to find it was just noon.

Jeff wasn't supposed to show up until one, so I got dressed and headed for the kitchen. I mixed myself a stiff drink and horny babe dana vespoli and gia paige ass fucking into the living room. To say I was nervous would have been a gross understatement. I was shaking so hard, I had to hold my drink with both hands to keep from spilling it.

I hadn't been sitting there long when Mandy came in. She'd obviously just gotten out of the shower. She was wearing only a red thong. God she was sexy. She was my height and general build, but she had a pronounced rounded ass, and her boobs were closer to DDs than Ds.

She wore her dark brown hair shorter, but it was still long enough to put into a ponytail when she wanted to. My daughter giggled when she saw the drink in my hand, "I was going to suggest that. You should have a couple." * * * I'm not sure what I expected to happen when Jeff came through the kitchen door. All kinds of scenarios had gone through my mind. Would he come through the door and demand that I get naked for him? Would he grab my hair and bend me over the sofa and fuck me like he had done to Mandy?

I finished my drink and went to the kitchen for another. Before sitting with it though, I went to my bedroom and took off my bra. My nipples were already taut and poking through the material of my light blue t-shirt. When Mandy saw me, she giggled, "Nice touch.

He'll love that." And she reached out and ran her fingers over my nipples. She was still just wearing a thong, "Aren't you going to get dressed?" "No, why? He likes me naked." I raised an eyebrow, sat down in my recliner and took up my drink. Mandy went to the kitchen and began watching out the window for her boyfriend.

"Are you starting to settle down?" She called to me. "A little, but not much." I told her honestly. She giggled, "Then you'd better drink up. He'll be here in a few minutes." * * * "He's here." Mandy announced a few minutes later. And then she went to the door and opened it. I quickly drained the last of my drink and set the empty glass aside.

Jeff wrapped his arms around her naked body and kissed her passionately. When they broke their kiss, she slid back down to her feet.

He pulled a beer from the plastic ring and handed her the other five. She immediately took them to the fridge. He was looking straight at me during his walk into and across the living room.

He stopped right in front of my chair, sat his beer on the end table and offered me his hand. I took it and let him help me to my feet. When I was standing in front of Jeff, his size was overwhelming. Of course, I'd been in close proximity to him several times, but not like this.

I felt like a little warm cock juice collection for sexy asian standing in front of an adult. He surprised me by placing his hand gently on my cheek. Smiling down at me, he asked, "Are you nervous?" I nodded and squeaked out, "Yes". His smile turned into a knowing grin, "I would like to kiss you now.

Is that okay?" That wasn't at horny cute babe alana cruise loves fucking what I expected. He was actually asking permission.

"Yes". Hearing that, he put his hands on my waist and lifted me up to him. Instinctually, I slid my arms around his neck.

At first, he just brushed his real mother and son incest homemade softly across mine, and then he pulled me tighter to him and kissed me again, this time sliding his tongue into my mouth. I felt like a rag doll in his powerful arms. That kiss only lasted a few seconds, but it was enough to melt away my nervousness. And then he lifted me again and lowered me back to my feet.

Seconds later, he was popping the top on his beer and having a seat on the sofa. He noticed my empty glass, "M, get your mother a fresh drink." "Yes, Daddy," and she set about to do just that. Jeff was staring right at me when he said, "I've wanted you since the first time we met." And then he immediately followed that with a question, "When is the last time you had sex?

Please be honest." "Three. . three years." I managed to get out. Mandy was just returning with my drink, "Mom!" Jeff shot his head around to her. He put his finger to his lips. That caused my daughter to blush bright red. She'd just been scolded by her Daddy, and it visibly affected her. She lowered her head and stared at the floor. When he turned his attention back to me, he said, "If you don't mind, I'd like you to tell me about that, where, and who—the circumstances." After handing me my drink, Mandy went to him and sat on the floor between his feet.

He responded by reaching down and gently stroking her hair. I think that's really when it soaked in on me just how submissive my daughter was to this boy. I'd prepared myself for him to strip me naked and fuck my brains out, but I'd never considered him wanting to talk. I took a big sip of my drink, and then a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

"I. . I attended a friends bachelorette party. We went to a comedy club. We had a limo waiting, so we were free to drink as much as we wanted. After the show, the five of us were invited backstage and then to the bar at the hotel where the performers were staying.

I went upstairs with one of them. We had sex and then returned to the bar." While Orignal mom sun sex stories xxx story was talking, Jeff drained his beer and handed Mandy the empty can. She immediately got up and went to the fridge, returning seconds later with another beer. Then she slid back to the floor between his feet. "Did you enjoy it?" He asked me while still looking me right in the eyes.

I shrugged, "It wasn't memorable." I answered honestly. He nodded his understanding and then he asked me, "Would you mind undressing for me?" I took another deep breath and then stood up. I knew this was coming, so I wasn't surprised by it, except for how politely he asked.

I pulled my t-shirt over my head and immediately unsnapped my shorts and tugged them down. When I hooked my thumbs into the hem of my panties though, he stopped me. "Leave those for now, if you don't mind." I was standing and facing him, so I held my arms out from my sides a little and watched his eyes flow over my body. I was relieved when he smiled, "You are every bit as beautiful and sexy as I imagined." He tapped Mandy on the shoulder and she stood up.

He got to his feet and pulled his t-shirt over his head. Without being told, Mandy unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his shorts and began tugging them down. He wasn't wearing underwear. OH MY GOD! I'd never seen anything like that in my life—oh sure on porn flicks, but not in person.

Even in its totally flaccid state, it was huge. "Wow!" I said without trying to restrain myself. Jeff chuckled, "Yeah, I get that a lot." And then he gulped down the rest of his beer, "I need to excuse myself for a minute.

Just sit and relax and imagine all the fun we're going to have today." I was surprised when Mandy padded off to the bathroom after him. I couldn't imagine why. I sat and took up my drink.

I was trying to guess how big his cock was going to be when it got hard. I knew some men don't grow all that much. I sincerely hoped he was one of those. If it didn't grow at all, it would still be at least half again as big as any I'd experienced. When they came back to the living room, Mandy headed for the kitchen go fetch Jeff another beer. He stopped in the middle of the room and crooked a finger to me. When I was standing in front of him, he gestured to my chest, "May I?" When I nodded, he immediately brought his hands up and cupped my boobs.

I was surprised at how gentle he was.

While he was still feeling of my boobs, he leaned down and kissed me again. When he pulled back and frisky lesbos fill up their monster asses with milk and ejaculate it out threesome and anilingus, he said "I love your tits." I felt my pussy grow instantly wet. I don't know how I got so bold all of a sudden, but I did.

I backed up a little and gestured to his still flaccid cock, "May I?" He grinned and tilted his head, "Of course. Take all the time you need." I knelt down and put my open palm under his cock and lifted it. I couldn't believe how heavy it was. When I slid my fingers around it, I could barely touch my thumb to the tip of my middle finger. I examined his cock and huge balls from every angle.

After a couple of minutes, I could feel it starting to fill with blood. It began getting warmer and heavier in my hand. At least to that point, it wasn't growing much. It was, however, getting thicker.

It wasn't long before it was starting to lift a little. When I released it, it was pointing at my chest. "What should I call you?" He asked while looking down at me. To that point, he'd always called me Ms Rollins. I smiled up at him, "What would you like to call me?" I was surprised by his answer, "Sometime in the future, I'm going to call you 'pet' and you're going to call me 'Sir' or 'Daddy'.

For now, I'd like to call you 'Mom', if that's okay with you." "That's fine." I said as I turned my attention back to his massive cock. A few seconds later, he said simply, "M". Without asking what he wanted, my daughter got on her knees beside me. Her hand joined mine on his thickening cock. A second later, the huge engorged head was in her mouth, and I watched in awe as inch after inch of his shaft disappeared from view. When she had at least half of his massive cock in her mouth, he said, "That's enough.

Let Mom try." Jeff's cock was fully hard now. Much to my relief, it hadn't gotten too much longer—only thicker. My pussy juices were flowing freely as I closed my lips around the huge head. I came right then. I was determined to see how much of his nine or ten inches I could take, so I forced my head down and opened my jaws as wide as I could. I was having some success until the engorged head hit the back of my throat. I began gagging and coughing, causing Mandy to giggle.

When I stopped coughing, I looked up at Jeff, "I want to learn it. Will you help me?" He grinned, "M". Again, she didn't have to ask what he wanted. Each jade nile my hot wife likes it rough us had a hand around his long shaft, so she pushed my hand away.

She put her mouth on him again, and again she took maybe have of his length before stopping. When she stopped, Jeff put his hands on the back of her head and pushed her forward. I could see and hear her gagging, but he just kept forcing her to take more.

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That was one of most awesome things I'd ever seen, especially when her nose was nestled in his pubic hair. Even more amazing was when her tongue came out and licked at his ball sack. It couldn't reach his balls though. They were hanging amateur babe sucks public agents cock outdoor below. After maybe fifteen seconds, Jeff began pulling her head back and then slamming it back down.

I could see her throat expanding with every down stroke and contracting on the up stroke. He was actually fucking her throat. "Do you still want to try that?" Jeff asked me when he pulled my daughter free of his massive cock. I nodded, "I do." "M" Mandy immediately got to her feet and disappeared.

While she was gone, he grabbed my hair and forced the head of his cock into my mouth. He just held me there with only two or three inches of his cock in my mouth. Mandy returned with the small trash can from the bathroom.

She placed it between his feet. I didn't understand until she told me, "Use this if you need to throw up." When Jeff pushed my head down more, I began gagging and my stomach started lurching. He immediately pulled me off of his cock. "Still sure?" He asked me. Mandy said, "You can do it, Mom. Go for it." I looked up at Jeff, "Ye.

. yes. Just do it." He showed me a skeptical look, and then he chuckled, "Okay, you asked for it." With that said, he forced his cock into my mouth again. He wasn't gentle this time. Instead, he just crammed his cock into my mouth and pushed my head down hard.

At the same time, he thrust his hips forward. It all happened so fast, I couldn't even gag. His cock was forced violently into my throat.

I tried to breathe through my nose, but it was full of snot and saliva. Finally, I could feel his course pubic hair on my face. He held me there for only a few seconds before pulling my head back. I grabbed the small trash can, and began heaving.

Fortunately, it was just dry heaves. Nothing came out, except for what was coming out of my nose. "M" In a flash, my daughter's mouth was on him. She had half of his cock in her mouth and was stroking his long shaft with both hands. Seconds later, he grunted and began filling her mouth with his cum. Jeff had a handful of her hair and a handful of mine. He yanked her off of his cock and forced it back into my mouth.

I couldn't believe how much cum there was. I was gagging within seconds. When he was finished, he pulled my head back and his cock slid out of my mouth. Mandy was on me in a flash. She kissed me passionately. Obviously, she hadn't swallowed because her mouth was still full of his cum.

"M" Mandy immediately got up and headed to the kitchen. While she was gone, Jeff pulled me to my feet and led me over to the sofa. He sat down and pulled me across his lap. Mandy returned and handed him a beer and me a fresh drink. With one hand kneading my boob, he smiled at me, "You did great for your first time, Mom." * * * My daughter pushed my feet up close to my butt and pushed my knees apart.

Jeff leaned down and kissed me just as her mouth closed on my pussy. I was already so horny; it only took her about a minute to make me cum. Jeff took my drink and set it aside, then lifted me to my feet. Mandy got up too sunny leone husband licking pussy came over to me, immediately kissing me passionately.

I caught on quickly. He wanted to see us make out. I had no problem with that. I'd actually learned how much fun it was to make out with her.

After a couple of minutes of us kissing and running our hands over each other, Jeff spoke, "M, get her ready for me." Mandy purred to me, "Lay down on your back." I couldn't imagine why they thought I wasn't ready.

My pussy was already drenched. She wasn't trying to get me off this time. Instead, she put two fingers inside me and quickly added two fingers from her other hand. She was stretching me open. I glanced over to Jeff and saw him slowly stroking his hard cock. I was finally going to find out what it feels like to be fucked by a massive cock.

Jeff finished his beer and then got to his feet. He offered me a hand, and when I took it, he pulled me to my feet and immediately scooped me up into his arms. Mandy went ahead of us. She stacked two pillows on the side of my bed. Jeff lowered me down with my ass on the pillows.

He pulled my legs xxx sexy ebony burma story and over his shoulders. And then my daughter reached between us and began moving his cock up and down my pussy. When Jeff pushed forward, the huge head of his cock forced itself inside me. Wow! Mandy moved up beside me, "Don't worry. He'll go slow until you get used to it." Thank God he did. It felt like my pussy was being torn apart as he pushed inch after inch of his cock into me.

I could hear myself gasping out "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" as he reached new depths. When he bottomed out, he stopped long enough to let me catch my breath. "Are you okay?" He asked me. "Y. . yes." I managed. He slowly withdrew his cock about half way and then slowly pushed it back in me until he bottomed out again.

It hurt, but not nearly as bad as I'd expected. I'd mentally prepared myself for much worse. After maybe five minutes, the pain began to subside a bit.

"I'm. . okay." I managed through my gasping. Jeff didn't have to be told twice. He immediately began increasing his tempo and the force of his thrusts. I felt like I was right on the verge of a powerful orgasm, but I just couldn't quite get there.

It wasn't until he began really slamming his cock slender teenage bombshell pleasures two fat rods me that I finally exploded. "GOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD!" Jeff stopped until my body stopped quaking, and then he went right back to work, this time with even more force. He was half thrusting forward and half pulling me to him. I managed to turn my head enough to look at Mandy. She was grinning from ear to ear. She started pinching and twisting my nipples.

When Jeff hit his stride, only my head and shoulders were touching the bed. I felt like a rag doll in his strong hands. I could feel myself building to another orgasm, "Oh fuck! Oh God! I'm. . Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Jeff took that as a signal to redouble his efforts. His thrusting became violent and unrestrained. This time, when I exploded with my orgasm, he didn't even slow down. He just kept thrusting his giant cock violently into my pussy. I lost all track of time, and I lost count of how many orgasms I had.

I didn't want it to ever end. Without warning, Jeff twisted my legs until I was on my stomach. He pulled me up onto my knees and began slamming into me from behind. Again, he was thrusting forward and pulling me back to him. I moaned out loudly every time he thrust into me, "Yes! Fuck! God yes! Fuck. . me, fuck. . me." Sometime later, the last thing I wanted to happen did.

It was starting to get really painful. I was afraid I might pass out from the pain. "Hurts! Hurts! Hurts!" I gasped with each thrust. Thankfully, Jeff took pity on me. He pulled me off his cock and rolled me onto my back. I was still fighting for air when I heard my daughter start grunting loudly as the bed rocked back and forth. I managed to open my eyes enough to see her on her knees.

Jeff was slamming his huge cock into her from behind. He had her by the hair and was pulling her head back violently. I would have been jealous of my daughter if my pussy hadn't been hurting so badly.

"Do you want some more?" Jeff asked me with a grin on his face. I shook my head, "Yes, but I can't right now. Can I have a rain check, Daddy?" Hearing me call him "Daddy" made him smile and Mandy giggle.

Even though her head was being pulled backward and her eyes were looking at the ceiling, she said, "He owns you now." "Yes, yes he does." I said honestly as I slid off the bed and headed to the bathroom. "Bring me a beer." He told me unceremoniously. "Yes, Daddy." * * * The End. . for now. Please don't forget to vote and leave a comment.