Amateur teenage chillin with a hot tamale

Amateur teenage chillin with a hot tamale
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It was a avarage day nothing out of the ordanary. I woke up around 5 am and had to use the restroom just like anyother morning my step mom would just be getting up and around.she is one of those woman that take 2 hours to get ready. Like anyother morning she was just getting out of the shower and had a towel on.

I knocked on the door just as i hada hundred times. She yells out just a min like always. I wait just as always and she comes out for some reason today she looked amazing.

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I had never thought of her in a sexual way cause she is my step mom but today i don't know what it was about her but she caught my eye like never before. Let me tell you a little about myself and her.

At this time i was 16 about 5'7 165 or so not the skinnest kid but not fat i guess you would say athletic build with a little extra. I wasn't the stud of the school or nothing but had had no problem keeping and getting girls my age.

My step mom Mary jane she was amazing at this time she was i wouldguess her at about5'4 120 with perky smaller sized c's she has sandy blonde hair green eyes that would turn any man on. she is the mother of 2 and at 29 she was a head turner While I was in the restroom i couldn't help but notice her panties in the floor over by the hamper. I reached down and two boyz is what that attractive babe requested them up they were so soft i couldn't keep from niffing them.

They smelt amazing. I used the restroom and before I walked out I decided to pick them back up and take them back to my bedroom. I stuffed them down in my boxersand walked out she was standing impation like sextury redhead teen gets assfucked and facialed right out side the door I walked down the hall to my bedroom and noticed dad was up and in his chair watching tv. I payedhim no mind and went in my bedroom shuting and locking the door and got back in bed pulled those beautiful red panties out and smelled them again my young cock got hard as fastas it ever has.

I rubbed the panties acrossed it Omg it felt like nothing I had ever felt before. I couldn't keep from stroking my cock fragicly it wasn't maybe 3 minutes before I was cumming all over them. I didn't know what to do with them i stuffed them under my matress and went back to sleep i woke up to the alarm and got ready for school. The whole day at school she was all I could think of I wasn't getting anything out of my teachers I was in la la land.

The day couldn't go by fast enough all i could think ofis getting back home and going threw her dresser drawers. And finding more panties. My girlfriend at the time was trying all day to pass me notes to asking "whats wrong" "why aren'tyou talking to me today" "are you mad at me" I couldn't even think about her i finally wrote her back "nothing is wrong i'm just having trouble at home" to keep her off my back Before i knew it the bell rang "yes time to go home" I thought to myself.

The old bus just couldn't get there fast enough. We were almost to my house when i realized "oh shit what about my little brother I can't go in dad and Mary jane's room without him telling on me" then I thought about it i would just let him ride my four-wheeler that I never let him ride we got in the house and I got the keys and went and rode it down the road and then back to the back porch and there he stood he screamed out " can I please ride it i promise not to drive fast and stay off the road" woo yes i thought as he said that just what I wanted him to say i threw him the keys he couldn't believe it he ran as fast as he could to get on it and off he went out in the pasture.

I ran as fast as i could to dads room and there I was in heaven I went threw her top drawer and there was ever color and every style of panties thongs and all I was fumbling threw them and I felt something else in there I moved the panties out of the way and I almost faited when i seen it.

A dildo what is she doing with this she isn't a freak or nothing she is just a tipical mom. I picked it up and checked it out I had never seen one up close just on movies and stuff. I was in total shock. I grabbed a few pairs of her panties and went to my room and starting playing with Mr. Happy and dreaming about how she would look in them. And just as i was about to blow my load I heard the four wheeler coming I ran in dads room and threw the panties back in the drawer and shut the door and ran back in my room just in time to hear the back door shut.

I turned on the tv there was nothing on and so i turned on the playstation and started playing a game it wasn't long and dad came in from work and then mary jane. She started dinner and we done our homework on the kitchen table I couldn't even think strieght I couldn't keep from looking at her. What was wrong with me. I was a sicko or something.

Then said to myself "she isn't my real mom so is it wrong" or what." We ate dinner just like any other night. All sat down for a movie like anyother night. She went to the bathroom to put on her night clothes and when she came out I couldn't stop staring at her I noticed that the night shirt she was wearing the sleeves were toren enough for if she bent just right I might catch a glempse of her breast.

Sure enough it wasn't 20 minutes later that I seen her red haired cute shoplifter rough fucked on the cctv clothes and evertime she bent over to put socks in the basket I could see her breast meat almost the nippe. I had a ragging hard on after about the third time I seen it. My cock was sticking strieght out "oh shit how can i hide this?" I grabbed a cushing and sat it in my lap and tried not to look anymore It finally started shrinking down and then I caught another glimpse of it.

bam he was back in full action. I waited till everyone had there eyes s son sex xxx gujrati deci the tv and got up and went to bed.

As soon as I got in bed I remembered the panties from this morning I got them out and smelled them they still had the amazing aroma they had this morning I beat Mr. Happy like I had never before it wasn't a min in I was shooting cum all over my stomach.

I laid there for a long time thinking of how I could see her naked then I realized she goes to get several cups of coffee while she is getting ready and i know she gets all her makeup on before she gets dressed so maybe she will go get her coffee in full nude if there is no one awake. I had a smile from ear to ear thinking about this.

So the next morning I had my alarm set for 4 am to make sure I was up before she was. At 4 am I was up and adam and for some reason I wasn't tired at all. I cracked my door and got out of the light in the shadow back far enough I could see down the hall.

About 4:20 I could hear her alarm about 5 min later she came out of her room in the pink long sleeveless shirt she had worn to bed. I could hear her turn on the shower it seemed like she was in the shower an hour she came out just shortly after that I seen the light from the bathroom door coming open everything was in slow motion she came out she looked awsome bout she had a towel wrapped around her. I watched from my bedroom for about 4 weeks and only seen her once in bra and panties and once with out her bra her bare breast were amazing I couldn't believe how perky they were.

You would think they were tits from a 18 year old after her having two kids I figured they would have sagged but they were still as high as ever. I was home alone one sunday and went yanks brunette tegan mohr humps her foot there room to look for naked pictures or anything else she had sexy.

I went all threw her clothes and found only one little pocket rocket vibarator. But still I couldn't believe that she used these thing. My mind started racing thinking of her using them I kept looking while I had a chance. I was almost done looking not haveing any luck and the thought of getting caught was scareing me I found a little box in her night stand that was locked. I thought I was in heaven till I realized that the lock was unpickable.

I put it back just where I found it and went in my room and started whatching porn. On my computer and rubbing my cock I had not thought of it before now but I had a web cam there on my desk that my mom had bought me to chat with her so we could see each other since she live 10 hours away and hardly ever got to see each other I decided to try and hook it up in the bathroom to try and catch her naked.

I crawled under the house and found a whole under the bathroom sink with 5 usb cords I had enough to reach from the bathroom sink under the hallway and into my room there was a whole where my phone line ran up I got it all set up and couldn't wait to catch her. She got home and I knew she was gonna do some yard work and would be all hot and sweaty and would need a shower.

I went out and mowed as soon as she started working on her flower garden's we worked together for about 3 hours she would get a wheel-barell full of weeds and such and I would dump it for her she looked sexy out there all sweaty in her short shorts and tank top.

Her hair pulled up in a ponytail. When it started getting dark she said she was headed in to tend to the younger kids and get dinner ready i knew that she couldn't go long without a shower cause she is a clean freak from hell i'd seen her shower more than 5 times in a day before.

I finished the yard and went in sure enough she said that dad should be getting here soon and that she was gonna jump in the shower and get the grass in sweat off her. As soon as she did I put on a movie for my little brother and sister and ran to my room and turned on the web cam.

"shit i missed her getting in so i waited and waited. I heard the front door open it was dad just got in from the driving the tractor.

I heard him yell for her. Then I seen him come in the bathroom. I could see that he was talking to her then he started getting undressed to get in with her.

He pulled his boxers down and his member flung free I don't know if he was already horny for her or what they were talking about made him this way but he was hard as a rock I noticed his cock was big but not any bigger than mine that was what made me think I may have a chance to please mary jane some day.

He got in with her and for a while I couldn't see anything and all at once I seen her get out she was everything I had expected her to be she was beautiful from head to toe.

Her bush was neatly trimmed I could see she must tan in a tanning bed cause she had no tan line anywhere. She dried off and dad got out we started kissing on her neck and around her ears her eyes were closed and she was in la la land you could tell from where I had placed my web cam and to her face couldn't have been more than five feet. Sell your gf coed fucked for student loan shaved pussy cunnilingus cupped her breast and then slid his hand down her stomach to her crotch.

He pushed her head down over the vantity and licked his hand and smeared some slobber on her pussy. and with one jab he slammed his cock in her.

No more foreplay. It was all buisness now. He just started pounding her hard you could see that he was hurting her from the looks on her face but he didn't seem to care. It didn't last 2 minutes and he was done he pulled out and shot his little load on her ass and smeared it in. PUlled his boxers on and out of the bathroom he came.

SHe stayed in there for a min she sat on the toilet with her hands over her face and seemed like she was crying but why I wondered. she finally after about 10 min she came out I shut off the cam and went in the living room. She came out of her bedroom and I was right she had been crying you could see it in her eyes. But why I couldn't figure it out. We ate dinner and petite brunette minx rides on a bbc we ate dad said he was going to go out of town for a week to a auction of the state.

I didn't think much of it then I started thinking maybe she will masturbate while he is gone. the next morning I was up at 4 and turned on the cam and watched mary jane shave her legs put on makeup all in the nude I must have cummed 4 times watching her naked.

She left for work and dad told us all bye and left for the auction. We had just got out of school for the summer. So I had all day to myself the younger kids had went to daycare my younger brother was at his moms for the summer. SO it was just me.

I decided to move the cam into dads room to try and catch her masturbating. The first night she just went to bed watched tv and went to sleep but for some reason I enjoyed watching her sleep I couldn't sleep for watching her sleep. So needless to say I slept in the next day till about 10.

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I got up rubbed a few off to her panties she had left on the bathroom floor. And played video games. THat afternoon she got home and she had no kids with her. She had some things from the store so I helped her carry them in and on the way in the house she said that the kids had gone to there grandma's for a night or two. "wow just me and her tonight" I thought to myself. As she was putting things up I noticed she had bought a bottle of wine.

Now i'll just tell ya she is good with drinking she don't drink often cause she don't know when to stop. I have seen dad carry her in drunk a time or two. And have heard some wild stories when dad was talking to his friends. She asked what I wanted for dinner.

I suggested we just eat something easy so swallow loads of cum and tight white teen ass we get to observe her giving it a great she didn't have to spend alot of time in the kitchen she smiled in said good idea I like your way of thinking.

We had a sandwich and she opened the wine soon after we finished. She turned on the lifetime channel which I didn't mind I had always liked some of the movies they showed The first movie on was about a cheating husband and we had seen it before but i noticed she was drinking alot of the wine. As the night went by so did the bottle it was almost gone and i knew she had to be getting tipsy but she hadn't got up so i couldn't tell.

Finally the second movie was about half over and she got up to go the bathroom and she stumble a time or two before she made it to the door. I was really thinking about trying something but what if she didn't like me or she told dad he would cut Mr happy of and prolly my head. She came back and sat down on the couch with me instead of the recliner she asked if I would rub her feet she said that she had a bad day at work and her feet were killing her.

JUst for the records i don't have a foot fetish but I know sexy feet and they do turn me on in a way. I started rubbing them and she handed me a bottle of lotion I had a hard on by the time I swithed feet they were almost perfect feet you could tell that she spent alot of time keeping them smooth and sexy they were soft everywhere here toe nails were paited perfect i don't know what it must have cost but she went some where fancy to get em done.

Once I finished with the first one she sat it right in my lap right on my rock hard cock I froze but she didn't seem to notice it I started to massage the other and Mr Happy started to twitch with the thought that she was resting her foot right on top of him. I finished the massage.

THinking I done a good job and she would want more. she hits the power button and turns off the tv. My heart was racing thinking I might have a chance to get what i been dreaming of for the past 6 months but she says "well omg perfect ass teen gaping her used pussy wide open got to get to bed.

I got to get up early and go to work but tomorrow we'll stay up late there is some good movies coming on and I don't have to work wendsday" I went to bed as well laying there stroking my cock thinking of what could have happen. "shit the cam " wonder what she is doing? I turned it on and yes what I was wanting to see I may not have gotten in her pants like I wanted to but I must have left an impression on her cause she was pounding her little love hole with her dildo i couldn't believe my eyes.

I just sat there in amaziment wishing that was me. I must have spanked it 5 times that night thinking of her and her toy. As soon as I got up the next morning i got up and went and found her dildo that after looking for 10 minutes was still in her bed. It still had gue on it. I whipe some off and tasted to my surprize it was tasty kinda musky but good i thought I felt that I was gonna wear the hide off my cock before the day was over.

It was about 6 and I knew mary jane should be getting home anytime. I decided to surprise her and cook dinner. I cooked her favorite dish and had it on the table when she walked in the door to my surprise she had a bottle of patron and let me tell ya I knew right then my chances were looking good.

We ate dinner she thanked me about 10 times and told me she was so impressed that I was the sweetest guy she ever new. We finished dinner and I told her to go get a shower and get in something she could relax in I had to argue for with her over the dishes but she agreed and went to get in the shower when she got out she looked amazing she had on langire I had never seen her look so sexy I had the dishes done and her movie was about to start.

She cut a few limes and poured her a shot. We sat there for most of the movie without saying a word then she asked if I minded rubbing mom and son caugth cheats feet again and ofcourse I agreed. She went and got the bottle of patron and took another shot and came back and sat by me she hugged me real big and tight I could feel her breast pushing into me.

I got hard instant hard on she than laid down and put her feet in my lap and once again and handed me the lotion. I started rubbing them and while doing so when the tv got bright I noticed that I could see right up her nighty she wasnt't wearing any panties I massaged her left foot for about 20 min befor switching to the right cause i was afraid i wouldn't be able to see once i started it but to my surprise she couldn't see the tv very well in that position and asked if i minded switching places which was to my advantage.

while we were tossing around geting cousy I cought a perfect glempse of her womanhood. Horny teen miko synz is skilled in making his prick happy tender pink pussy. I massaged her feet for a while longer and decided to push my luck and ease up her leg alittle.

She didn't seem to notice. I didn't know if that is what she wanted or if she just didn't notice because she had had 7 shots of patron and to a woman that don't drink much and is less than 120lb she had to be getting drunk. I almost made it to her inner thigh when she said she could use a back massage. I quickly said sure would love to. she she rolled over and removed her robe and slid the straps of her nighty down almost showing me her breast.

I put some lotion in my hand and got it all nice and warm and started rubbing her shoulders and then down her back she at first was tensed up the she relaxed and I could hear her start to moan. this lasted about 10 minutes before she asked if i minded taking this to her room so she could spread out and enjoy it. I almost jised in my pants thinking of it I told her to got get ready and i was gonna change into something alittle more comfortable I almost ran to my room and put on my silk boxers and sprayed some axe on and went in her room to my surprise she was totaly naked laying on her stomach.

I took no time getting straddled her and picking up where i left off. THen I started thinking what if she passes out would she wake if i started fucking her or would she realize it in the morning and tell my dad. Thinking of this my cock started to get hard i figured she would say something but never did. i massaged all the way down her back and to her nice firm round ass and just kept going down she never flinched at all when i crossed her butt. I made down her legs and started back up.

I did this a time or two from her neck all the way down to her feet and back up ever time i came up i'd rub my cock alittle harded on her ass till i was humping her but still she didn't flench.

i decided i'd kiss her back. I started just above her waste line at the small of her back and with soft warm kisses i worked my way to her neck i could feel goose bumps poping up knowing i must be doing something right. when I Kissed her neck i liffed her hair and worked my way around to her ear she laid there not moving I wanted to ask if she was awake but was afraid i'd mess things up i kept kissing and massaging then she started to grind against me.

my cock slipped out of the slot on my boxers and was right against her sweet little ass crack. i could have cummed the second my cock hit her skin but i knew i had to make it last she finally lifted her ass up just enough for my cock to slid across her soaked lips.

She done for about 5 min and just when i thought she was gonna let me slid my cock in her. Her cell phone started singing some country song I knew it sexy brunette women are great at lesbian pleasures dad she jumped up like it was a bad dream and grabbed it and walked out of the room i could hear her talking telling him that she had had a hard day and was about to turn in i could tell she was trying not to talk much so dad wouldn't know she had been drinking.

then it was bye i love you bla bla she came back in and sat on the corner of the bed and said i had better get to bed. I went to my room wondering why he had to call at such a time. I laid there thinking about it all. I just couldn't believe i was that close and bam the phone rang. I was about to fall asleep when i wondered what she was dady sex gay older man 3 gp i turned on the cam and she was ramming her cunt with her dildo i got up and walked to the door i could hear her saying "oh Brandon i love your cock i have wanted it for so long" I couldn't take it any longer i eased her door open just i grabbed my cock and started stroking it watching her pound her cunt.

she was now almost yelling my name. And out of no where i don't even know where i got the guts but i said " would you like the real thing" and started walking towards her she never said a word just watched me walk to her with my cock in hand i was stroking from the base to the head nice and slow. watching her still pounding her pussy with this beast of a dildo. it had to be 10inches and i don't know how big around i had never seen this one before but it was doing her justice by the look in her face.

She started to arch her back and tilt her head back i couldn't help but reach out and touch her breast they were perfect i rubbed them and cupped them she started shaking and i knew she had gone over the edge i thought to myself shit she is cumming she will be done and not want what i have. she finished and roled over to me and looked up and me right in my eyes and asked "did you enjoy watching me climax thinking of your?" "yes" I stumbled threw "looks like you have thoughts of my by looking at that beautiful cock" she said smileing up at me I just kept stroking it staring at her.

"Well you seen my show i want to see yours" she whispered I started pounding my hard rode right next to her face i knew if bitch hd big tits and blowjobs with cumshot whipshandcuffs and a face total of cum went that she would get her face covered. "thats it stroke that young hard big cock for my baby" "YOU WANT YOUR STEP MOMMY'S PUsSY DON"T YOU BIG BOY" that was all it took for me i blew my load right in her face i was quivering from such a drainging cum.

i didn't ever member cumming so hard. THen she said something that I will never for get. "I love my face getting splashed with cum your dad can't get it to shoot like that anymore." i just smiled and said " i can do it over and over again" "I was hoping you'd say that" she said as a reached up and grabbed my cock and put her lips over it she took the whole thing like she had done it 100 times. now just to let you know my cock isn't huge but it was just under 8 inches at that age and it was pretty big around.

but she was sucking it like a porn star. it was hard as ever in less than 5 minutes and she was still taking the whole think. i had had a blow job from a couple of older girls down the street and they couldn't get near all of it in there mouth i was in heaven and loving it.

She sucked it for about 20 minutes seemed like the as i was about to explode in her mouth she stopped and said "not yet big boy i want you to fuck me" I had never heard her use the f word in the 8 years i had know her but i was liking the dirty side of her. SHe mom and son toylet sex no time at all at getting me in her she pulled me over to her in missionary position and guided my cock in her i had had sex several times before with girls my age and once a 20 year old but never some one as mature as she was.

I wanted to make this the best for her knowing my dad just wam bam thank you mamed her all the time i knew i could do a better job than that.

I eased my cock in her it was wet i mean really wet i couln't believe how wet it was i went as deep as i could go and when my thighs meet hers i could feel her sweet juices i swear a foot from her pussy she was soaked. I started off with a slow deep pase and slowly began to pick up speed i reached under her and grabbed her by the shoulders and tryed to push my cock as deep as i could in her and then she kissed me i don't know why i hadn't tried sooner to kiss her i guess it just slipped my mind with all the action.

As she kissed me i couldn't believe how pasionatly she kissed me it wasn't like any kiss i had had before the kiss seemed to last forever still mouth locked i began to pound her little love hole to my surprise she was tight even after having as she called it the purple beast in ther i wa filling her up nice it fit perfect. The harder i pounded the deeper she kissed me and the harder her nails dug in my back i had never put pain with sex but it was turning me on even more than the fact that i was now pounding the living hell out of the hottiest woman in my life.

her body started to twitch and i knew she was on the edge when her pussy started to milk legal age teenager beauteous nymph is longing for lechery hardcore and massage cock it was it for me i started spraying her cunt with my sperm when the first squirt hit her she started screaming like she was hurt i think the neighbors could have heard her. I just colapsed on her we laid there and kissed softly for a few min then i rolled off her still holding her tight looking in her eyes we kissed for hours seemed like and finally fell asleep.

i woke up about 3 and starting rubbing her pussy she would let out a moan ever now and then i crawled down and started to lick her clit she was still asleep but she was pushing her cunt to meet my tounge with ever stroke i stuck one finger in her and then two she was placed her hand on my head and pushed me hard against her love hole. I got brave and started rubbing my thumb around her ass hole she started to arch her back again i thought of that as an okay to do more to her ass i stuck my thumb in it she never said a word just increased the pressure on my head.

I started rubbing her pussy juice around her ass and then raised up without a word flipped her over and stuck my now hard cock in her pussy and started pounding it i asked her "where is your little vibarator" "How did you know i had it as she reached for her night stand." "i was looking for nude pictures of you one day and found it." "you naughty boy" "did you look in my special box?" "no it was locked" "the key has always been under the lamp right here" "damn" "here is what you wanted.

You better becarefull that is untouched back there." "i will" "i know you are such a sweetheart" she said as she handed it to me i turned it on with my hard dick still in her love hole i started rubbing it around her tight little asshole. I eased it in as i slowed my pace in her pussy, she flenched then let a deep breath out and relaxed it slid in deeper and deeper till i was moving it in and out and the same with my cock in her pussy i increased the speed till i was pounding her ass and her pussy i was almost to cum when i stopped and pulled the vibarator out slowly it made a little pop when it came out knowing that it was gonna be tight i got my cock at the entrance of her ass and started pushing it in she told me "hold still i'll get it started" she pushed back and it started going in.

she got about 2 inches in and started rocking back and fourth on it till then she had 3 and then 4 and with a slow long stroke she took it all and just stopped and relaxed for a min getting uste to it. She says with a little pain in her voice " okay just be easy" i started slow short strokes and then slow deep strokes and started increasing the speed till i was ramming my cock in her ass like a wild man i had never done anal before but i was in love with it now.

she i could feel her hand come under my nuts and start rubbing her clit. she started screaming again "yea fuck my ass you dirty little boy" "fuck it like a man boy" thats all i needed to fuck with all my strengh and might. i was fucking her the love makeing was over the harder i pounded the louder she got.

"fuck yes fuck yes i'm cumming oh oh oh oh' and she fell down on her stomach i got up and straddled her face and started stroking my cock pulling on it like a milking machine till i once again shot cum on her face. "oh my god brandon your an amazing lover" "Mary jane you are as well i hope we can do it again" "I promise i'm here when ever we have a chance" "i know now why all those girls always call the house wanting to talk to you. You know how to treat a woman in and out of the bedroom" "thank you your the best lover i've been with mary jane" "well i can't say that yet but with some training i can make you mine i think" as she kissed me and cuddled up with me.

we both fell back asleep woke up the next day. like nothing ever happened till she got ready for a shower and said she'd like for me to join her ofcourse i did. We had sex about 3 more times that day and evernight till dad got home and every time we got a chance. She hooked me up with some of her friends and even some other family members but that is to come later.

`THANKS FOR READING THIS I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT. I know that its a little long i promise the next won't be so drawn out. please leave comments and be nice this is my first story. I have many more to come.