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Busty latina gabby quinteros is feeling horny
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"There's one more thing, Brook", Lloyd Greene said, as he finished filling up his pals fuck two beauteous cuties homemade hardcore at the gas station, all the while glaring at Brook who still sat in the old pick-up. "What?", Brook replied, angrily and frankly. "I would love to pay a visit to a friend of your's, I believe a Miss Haley Reynolds and a Pierce Rolland?" Brook didn't answer, just sat back in the car seat and turned her head away from the open window.

"Ha! Well either way, I would hope you tell me were they are, do remember that we have your buddies back with Rachel and Hayden" Again, Brook didn't respond. "Well give me the silent treatment then, I don't mind I can find them on my own. They'll just be another set of yall's friends I'll have to kill-" "You better not touch them!" Brook yelled, turning to face Lloyd. Lloyd laughed, and walked around to the back of the driver's side of the pick-up, where he opened the door, got inside, and started the truck.

Once on the road, he chuckled again, and turned to face Brook. "Yall know that Blane's dead? Right?" "What!" Brook yelled, starring at the reverend who laughed with sadistic glee. "Yep, killed him this mornin, I hope I don't need to do the same to those other two, they're members of some pretty prestigious families in this here city" "You killed him! You-you monster!" "Now, Brook. Don't try to talk down to me, and look here, I'll make you a promise, if yah tell me were Pierce and Haley's houses are, I promise not to hurt them" Brook looked down for a minute, contemplating what would happen next.

Sighing she looked back up, "I know were they are" "Good", Lloyd said, giving Brook a pat on the back, "Very, very good" Hayden chased after Will and Lynn, who had escaped the deserted building, and now ran through the streets. "Stop running you little brats!" Hayden yelled, slowly catching up to the two teens. "Fuck you!" Lynn shouted, as she and Will turned a corner and into an empty alley way, escaping into another street.

Hayden ran quickly after them, running out to the street they had turned to, she quickly spotted them and ran at top speed after them. As the three ran down the street, bystanders watched in confusion and awe as Hayden swore and shouted at Will and Lynn, as she was now only about ten steps behind the two. Lunging forward, she grabbed onto Will, who was a little behind Lynn, and made him fall flat on his face.

"Ah!" He yelped as he felt his breath escape his body. "Gotcha!" Hayden triumphantly shouted. Lynn stopped and turned to see Hayden sitting on Will's back, pushing his face into the cement.

Frowning, she looked around and saw a baseball-sized piece of concrete that had fallen off of the sidewalk. Grabbing it, she chucked the cement at Hayden, hitting her in the side of the head and resulting in a loud groan. Hayden rolled over in pain, while Will got up off of the ground and kicked her side, causing her to groan once more.

Yet as he did, a police officer pulled up next to the three, jumped from his car, and grabbed Will, restraining him by pulling his arms behind his back. "What the hell are you doing!" the officer yelled, struggling to restrain Will. "She tried to kill us!" Lynn shouted, pointing at Hayden, "She's been trying to kill us for weeks and she kidnapped us, and her boss got our friend and-" "Easy little girl", the cop said, "I believe, you. I got a call from a woman saying she saw a woman chasing after two kids in uniforms.

Which, I'm guessing, is you two" "Yeah", Will said, now standing on his own two feet as the cop had released him. "Well then", the police officer knelt down next to Hayden and slapped a pair of handcuffs on her wrist, then picked her up off the ground and pushed her up against the patrol car. "You know, I shouldn't be saying this, but lately, all these woman have just gone insane, I mean, yesterday, this nurse walked out of the hospital, and for no reason, she takes my phone, throws it in a puddle, then smashes in my windshield.

I mean, who does that?" "Yeah?" Will said, a little confused with the cop's story. "Anyway, kids, just wait her, I'll have another car come by to take you guys to the station, I'm sure you'll want to call your parents" "Yes, sir", Will said happily.

"Thank god", he thought to himself, "We're safe" Yet as Will looked at Lynn with a look of peace, his mind suddenly went back to the reality of the situation, "Oh my God!" He yelled aloud, "Brook! Greene still has Brook!" Pierce and Haley both lay next each other in Pierce's bed, their arms wrapped around one-another as they cuddled. Haley was wearing a tight fitting Davis Hall t-shirt and soccer shorts, while Pierce wore sweat pants and a white t-shirt. The two starred at each other, and smiled.

"Haley?", Pierce finally said, breaking the silence. "Yeah?" "Do you think we could-uh-try something else?" "Like what?" Haley tried to play innocent, but she wanted to go beyond just mere hand-jobs, "Like something Will and Brook have done?" Pierce turned red, he and Will had talked about what he and Brook had done, but Pierce was a little nervous about it. Pierce, being relatively sheltered and nervous about sexual activity, did not feel as though he was mentally ready to try anything new quite yet.

Nevertheless, Pierce was curious, and curious especially about how to please a woman, something he and Will had talked about for a long period of time. "Pierce?" "I mean-uh-can I try to-uh-try to give you-uh-make you-uh-cum?" "Pierce?" Pierce stood from the bed and pulled Haley's panties and soccer shorts down without warning, yet also without struggle, as he stunning bombshell masturbates on some steps masturbation brunette at his first glimpse of his girlfriends's pussy.

Though he had seen them on the internet, seeing one in real life seemed to be so much more exhilarating, and before long, Pierce found himself hard as a rock. "Pierce? What are you going to do?" Haley asked, resting her head on her hands, as she lay back and waited for Pierce to act. "I-I'm going to try to-uh-to blow you, I-uh-I guess?" Pierce kneeled down and put his head between Haley's legs.

He loved the smell of her twat, though musky, the aroma only heated his raging hormones. He lowered his face even lower to her twat, until he stuck his tongue out and licked the lips of her pussy, savoring their sweet and salty flavor.

Not really knowing what to to do, Pierce next used his tongue and kept licking the outside, wetting her lips with his tongue as he began to feel pre-cum drip from his now fully erect dick. Leaning his head back, Pierce remembered something about the clit, he saw the skin covering the precious and leaned forward to stick his tongue underneath the making Haley twitch with pleasure.

"Pierce!' Haley yelped. Pierce smiled, licking the same spot over and over again, eventually sucking on the clit as Haley began to twist her body and wrap her legs around Pierce's shoulders. "Oh!" Haley moaned loudly, pushing her hips forward as she felt a sudden rush of pleasure shoot through her. Then, as Pierce continued to lick and suck on her clit, Haley felt the big moment coming, and she erupted in her first orgasm, as he thrust forward, forcing her twat into Pierce's face.

"Pierce.that.that was amazing.", She said between breaths, "How did you.learn.to do that?" "Well.uh-I guess Will told me how", Pierce said, climbing up on the bed to lie next to Haley. "That was great", she said, kissing him on the lips.

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Smiling, Pierce kissed her back, "Um.Haley?" "Yeah?" "Could you-uh-do me next?" He asked, blushing as he pointed down at the apparent bulge in his sweat-pants. Haley kissed him on the lips and reached down and into his pants, grasping his dick and stroking it, pulling his uncut foreskin back and forth over his dick-head, his precum acting like a natural lube. Pierce reached under Haley's shirt and clutched her breasts.

They were just the size of his hands, and the feeling of those soft warm lumps in his hands almost pushed him immediately to the edge, but Pierce controlled himself and leaned forward to kiss her tits, sucking and licking her nippled, while she stroked is dick.

"I'm sorry, Pierce", Haley said meekly, "I'm just not comfortable with that yet" "That's fine", Pierce responded blankly, his focus now entirely switched over to Haley's tits. A few seconds later Pierce felt his face heat up, and e grunted, "Haley.uh.I'm gonna cum again. Haley smiled and kissed Pierce on the lips before pulling his sweat pants all the way down and quickly jacking Pierce off until he moaned her name loudly, and sprayed his seed, ejaculating onto his stomach. Haley, seeing no reason not to, bent down and licked Pierce's dick, sucking it clean of all the cum that had dripped onto it.

Pierce quivered as Haley sucked, and moaned softly as he felt her tongue move from his dic, and up through his pubes and onto his abs, licking in between each of their crevasses, and lapping up all his cum. Haley stood back up, after her sudden cum swallowing, and bent forward to kiss Pierce passionately on the lips.

"Love you", he replied quietly into her ear. Greene pulled up to Pierce's house, and whistled as he look at the fabulous mansion before him. "Well, Brook, I would say you made pretty good friends!" Brook didn't respond, and just looked down at her lap.

"Well, get them out here.Brook?" "I.I-I will.", Brook replied. Smiling, the good reverend untied her hands and lifted the oven mitts from them. Next, he pulled out his cell phone and waved it in Brook's face, "Now be good.

I don't want to have Hayden kill your other friends" "I know.", Brook said dejectedly, as she exited the pick up and walked up the long walkway to the Rolland mansion. Once at the front door, she pressed the door bell, and in a matter of seconds, Antonia arrived at the door.

"Brook! How nice to see you! Come in, come in!" The middle-aged mexican woman said warmly, "Who is that?" she then said, looking curiously pincers rape xstory full family the reverend's pickup to see Rev. Greene waving his cell phone from the pickup, wearing a big smile on his face as he did. "Look, Ms. Gonzales, that man is trying to hurt us, he's going to hurt Haley and Pierce, I just know it!

Please, you need to help, call the police, call the national guard, call anyone! Just please help us!" Antonia nodded, solemnly three euro adorable bitches for one meaty rod at Brook, "I'll call the police" she said turning to go to the kitchen, "Come inside" Brook walked in after Antonia, as Rev. Greene watched in joy from outside. "Oh my, Brook, how helpless you are" Antonia put down the phone, and turned towards Brook, "They'll be here in twenty minutes, do you think you can keep him here for that long?" "I can try", Brook said nervously, "But he's here for Pierce and Haley" "What about Lynn and Will, are they-" "I don't know!

And it's killing me!" Brook moaned, running her fingers through her hair as she began to cry. "Well don't worry, dear", Antonia said hugging Brook. Blonde teen and glass dildo scene julia reaves Antonia comforted Brook, Haley and Pierce walked downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Brook? What's wrong?" Haley asked, hugging her as she entered the kitchen. "My grandfather's outside.he-he wants you two", Brook said, not looking up or opening her eyes. Pierce felt his stomach churn, "He-he wants u-us?" "Yeah.I'm so sorry." Pierce felt scared out of his mind, he didn't know a lot about the evil doings of Rev. Lloyd Greene, but what he did know scared him. Bitting his lower lip, and clenching his fists, he looked at Brook. "What do we do?" "I called the police, they'll be here any minute", Antonia said calmly.

"I know what we have to do", Brook said in a scared manner, "But you won't like it" "Wh-what do we have to do?" Pierce asked again, his voice slightly quivering from fear. "I'm sorry, Pierce, I don't know, but we have to go out there, and when we do, we just have to stall him. "Ok", Pierce replied quietly.

Slowly Pierce and Haley accompanied Brook outside as Antonia watched nervously from the house. As the three walked up to truck, Greene stepped out and smiled. Reaching forward, he grabbed Haley's chin. "Ahh.you'll make a fine mother", he said under his breath before turning to Pierce, "And you.I'll let you be the father" Pierce looked confused, but nodded his head.

Greene laughed, and reached forward to put his hands on Pierce's shoulders. "I see.well my boy, I have a question for you" "What.", Pierce spoke softly.

"I know yalls is a sinner. You probably don't know what I'm talking about, but you know that yall is one" "Wh-what?" "Don't make me spell it out for yah! Boys! You should know who I am, and you should know better than to act stupid! You masturbate boy!" Pierce blushed. "Yall are driven by the devil's urge! But that's alright, I'll cure yah" "What?" Pierce asked, now both humiliated and afraid. "You'll see, now get in the truck!" "You said they wouldn't-" "And I ain't gonna hurt anyone!" Greene said to glare at Brook, "Now get int he truck, and bring your-" "No!" "Well then", Lloyd turned around and grabbed Pierce, throwing him up against the truck, he pulled a taser from his pocket, "Now get in the truck" "Don't get in!" Pierce shouted, his sudden bravery surprising himself, "Let him shock me!

It doesn't matter!" "Oh boy.you just made me break a promise", Lloyd said, reaching down and pulling Pierce's shorts to the ground, revealing is boxers. Next, Lloyd turned the boy around and said, "Now pull your dick out, boy, I'm sure you can do that" Pierce did quickly and in a scared manner, and closed his eyes when he heard the taser power on. "Say your prayers", Lloyd said, as he pulled his arm back and quickly brought the taser to Pierce's dick.

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"AHHHH!" Pierce yelled, before dropping to the ground, clutching his dick. "Stop!" Haley yelled, running towards Pierce. "Stay back, little girl", Lloyd responded, pulling the taser out and holding it towards Haley, "He's gonna get another shock!" Brook tried to jump forward and grab the hand Lloyd held the taser in, but the reverend scooted back and bent down to grab Pierce.

"Bad move", he said, smiling as he pushed Pierce's hands out of the way to deliver another painful shock. Pierce yelped in pain, and struggled to move out of the way, as Lloyd continued to electrify his dick. "STOP! PLEASE STOP!" Pierce yelled, trying his hardest to break away. Finally, Lloyd stood up, leaving the poor boy curled up in a ball on the ground, weeping and grabbing his genitals.

Standing back up, Lloyd smiled and walked towards Haley and Brook, "Now yall did this to him, not me. You girls, always leading men to stray-", but before he could finish, a sudden siren cut him off, and the reverend froze, turing slowly behind him to see a multiple police cars zooming into the neighborhood. "Yall are clever!" He yelled, reaching into his pocket he took out his cell phone and quickly dialed Hayden's number.

Will and Lynn sat on the curb with biggest cock makes sexy slut happy hardcore and creampie police officer, explaining the situation at hand as they waited for another cop car to show up.

The cop had taken interest in the topic and had heard of the raid on Brownsville months ago, "So you guys are the kids that escaped that place right? You guys were in the camp?" "Well, I was almost arrested", Will said, looking down at the ground as he remembered that fateful night in Nevada. Just then, the cop jumped and reached into his pocket, "It's that Hayden girl's cell phone", he said, quickly answering the device. "Hayden!

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please put this on speaker so that my granddaughter and her friends can hear us", Lloyd Greene said in an overly cocky voice. The cop smiled and raised an eye brow, "Will, why don't you answer this, it's the reverend I believe" Will raised an eye brow in confusion as well, but took the phone.

"Greene?" "Hayden.oh shit!" "It is you! Well, I'm sorry about this Lloyd, but Hayden is a little indisposed right now" "You! How!

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AH! DAMMIT!" As the cops ran towards the mansion, Greene threw his phone viscously towards one officer, before darting from the truck an towards the house, only to have the police men following him tackle him and drive him to the ground. As the feeble old man found himself being slammed against the cold ground, he looked up and glared in the direction of Brook, "You did this." Long story short, the once powerful and omni present Rev.

Lloyd Greene was arrested and taken to the police department, were, under high surveillance, the reverend was imprisoned. Hayden was taken to the police department too, but as she waited to be processed at the station, the police officer that brought her in, unaware of her connection to Greene, left her on a bench unsupervised.

And, as he talked to the officer at the front desk, the crafty and cunning Hayden slipped out of sight, walking out of the station in a calm and cool manner, as the two officers talked to each other. "I have to get back to the apartment.", Hayden thought to herself, "I've got to get back.", running through the dark city streets, her hands cuffed and her cheeks red from exhaustion, "I have to help the reverend!" The rest of the evening was frantic. Pierce was taken to a hospital with Antonia and Haley, while Brook helped to file a police report before being taken home to the Reed's house.

Come and make me a full fledged woman and Lynn both got home at about the same time as Brook, as the two had waited for another patrol car to show up to take them home.

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Maria had decided to stay at Kevin's that night, but was over joyed and ecstatic about hearing Pierce, Lynn and Brook say they were alright. She told them to go to bed, and that if they wanted, they didn't have to go to school the next day, and answer the three teens were very happy to hear. That night, at about one, while Will and Lynn slept, Brook quietly walked into the bedroom, and shook Will awake. "Brook", he said softly to not disturb Lynn, while he sat up in bed.

"Follow me", she said taking his hand and leading him out of the room and into hers. The two sat on close up threeway fun with capri cavanni bed, and Brook kissed him on the lips, before saying, "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'll be alright", Will replied, as he began to kiss her neck, slowly making his way down to her cleavage.

"Will?" "Yes?" "I-I'm sorry" "About what?" "That you had to be in this" Will stopped kissing her neck and looked into her eyes, "Why are you apologizing to me? It's no ones fault, and besides, I'm okay, and your okay" "Lynn told me what you did with Rachel" "She did?" "Yep.and I hope you know I know about Pierce" Will's heart skipped a beat, and he felt the hairs on his neck stand up straight.

"Wh-what did she tell you?" "It doesn't matter", Brook replied, pushing Will back she straddled his waist, bending over to kiss him on the lips, "It doesn't mean a thing to me" Hayden reached the apartment and gathered the reverend's many notes and belongings, trying not to pay attention to the corpses of Sam and Mark, as she packed two suitcases full of many belongings and possessions that seemed to hold some significance to the cult. As she finished packing and stood at the door way, she looked behind her and saw the dead body of Mark, laying motionless on the full time secretaries full french movie tube porn. His eyes were closed, done so by Lynn out of respect, and he lay in a sleeping-like position on the ground.

"I know we never got to say this", Hayden said to Mark's body, crouching down to look at his face, "But I.I think I.I loved you.", Hayden kissed his cold forehead and left the apartment, a tear sliding from her face as she did. Will was already half way into him and Brook's usual sexual routine. He hovered over her, thrusting steadily and frequently into her twat, using one hand as balance, and another hand to massage her clit, as the two lovers moaned seductively. Brook looked up into Will's eyes, and smiled at him as he returned the favor and bent down to kiss her.

She smiled, as she moaned deeply, reaching up to wrap her arms around Will's shoulders, pulling him closer to her chest. "Oh! Will! OH fuck me! Oh Will!" She suddenly blurted out, as she felt a quiver of pleasure travel from her groin and throughout her body, "I'm getting close, Will! Don't stop! Don't stop!" Brook's sudden moaning and yelling got Will excited.

He arched his head back and kept thrusting at top speed into her twat, "Me to, Brook.uh.ah.I'm getting close too" Suddenly, and at almost the same time, Both lover thrust forward, both reaching their climax, as they moaned loudly and wrapped their arms around each other, breathing heavily and kissing passionately as they did. "Will.not matter what you do.I'll still love you", Brook whispered into Will's ear, as the two curled up underneath the covers, wrapped in each other's arms.

Will smiled and wrapped his arms tightly around Brook, kissing her on the cheek he said, "I love you", and slowly and contently, the two lovers fell asleep, putting an end to a long day, and to a journey that was finally at it's end.

THE END .Live from Davis Hall 1: A Lesson from Sierra.coming soon And don't worry, it's gonna be better than this frickin series!!!! Coming in june or sooner, we'll see! Stay tuned!!!!