Exquisite blonde schoolgirl gets fucked by a big cock

Exquisite blonde schoolgirl gets fucked by a big cock
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As I sat in the student lounge at The Art Institute, I looked around the room. A guy was becoming frustrated with a vending machine, a girl was packing up her mac book and another girl playing video games.

It was just a normal day at school. Just waiting for class to start with nothing to do for the next two hours. I thought about how I could continue on a homework assignment, but allowed my lazy side to come out. "Fuck, I wish I had something to do other than homework." I said to myself. "This damn place gets way to quiet." Just skinny teen gina gerson gets dp for christmas I thought that, my cell phone began playing I Touch Myself by Blondie.

I guess someone had decided to text me today. It was Alice, this girl that I had been drooling over since my first quarter. Damn was she hot, about 5'8", hundred something pounds, on the lighter side, nice tits, about a B, small C. Muscles and sex lines in all the right ways. "Hey, I need your help, will you meet me in 218?" the text said.

I packed up my shit and started walking up the stairs to go see what she needed. "Alice?" I called out, getting into the room. She called out from the light room so I walked in and couldn't see her.

"Um Alice?" "Over here Sammie" I followed her voice and found her, leaning against the wall looking up at me with her hair covering part of her face, her eyes playfully teasing me. She was unbuttoning her shirt slowly, showing off her chest and stomach. I smirked and set my bag down, walking over to her, just about to put my hand on her waist when she stopped me.

"Nuh-uh, no touching." She smirked and slid her shirt off her shoulders and ran her hands through her hair. "Fuck that!" I grabbed her arms and pinned her to the wall, pressing my body firmly against hers.

My mouth was on her neck in an instant, sucking, biting, and massaging her skin with my tongue. "Oh my god, Sammie stop.mmmmmmnnnnngggghhhhh," She moaned as my mouth sucked down her neck to her collar bone. I grabbed her waist and massaged her hip, pulling her body against mine, moving my hand up her flat stomach to massage her tit.

I pulled chaines sex with his sister bra away from her, ripping off a strap. Her bare shoulder was completely exposed to me, so I moved my mouth to her shoulder and began to bite firmly down on her skin.

I wrapped my hand around her elbow, loosened her from the wall and twisted her around, pinning her to the wall, this time facing away from me. She ground her ass back against me, making me want this all the more. I undid her bra, releasing her tits and exposing her back to me. Bending down, I licked my way up from her lower back above her pants to her neck, biting with force, along the way.

I was getting rough with her, and I could tell she liked it. I bit the side of her neck, wrapping my hand around the front of her neck, gripping her jaw and pulling her head back. Reaching around her front with my other hand, I began to unbutton her tight jeans, sucking roughly on her neck, knowing there would be a large hickey there when I finished.

She was moaning more now, making my want to ravage her body stronger. Once her pants were unzipped I shoved my hands down the front of her pants and grabbed her small mound. She wiggled her tight ass against me, whimpering and moaning. She was beginning to really get into this. I slid her lips apart, moving my fingers firmly over her moist clit. I moaned softly at the feel of her hot pussy.

She moaned as well, but not nearly as soft as mine. I ran my finger down her slit, through her lips, relishing the feeling of her moisture. She pushed against me, becoming sexy chanel has her tight anus plowed at my teasing.

I pushed her against the wall, crushing her body, retreating my hand from her pants. I moved my lips up to her ear, "Don't, think you are going to be in charge of this." I whispered.

I licked the edge of her ear, softly blowing as I did. Sweetheartmia big nipples on cams hardcore blowjob hands ran down her slim arms, my fingers wrapping around her wrist, firmly and slowly, I moved her hands above her head against the wall. I moved down, slowly running my hands down her sides, scraping my nails across her skin. I knelt behind her, kissed just above her pants on her back, and gripped the rim of her tight jeans.

Slowly, as her pants slid down her ass, I kissed and licked her in random places over her ass. After I uncovered her ass, I pulled her pants fully down to her ankles and made her step out of them. She pushed her ass out at me, moaning softly. "Sammie, just fuck me already, stop fucking teasing me!" I slapped her ass, hard, making her squeal as a smile spread across my face.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. I was kneading her ass, making her think I was just playing around, but as she started moaning and rocking her hips slightly, I leaned forward and licked her asshole. She jumped slightly and tried to move away but i grabbed her hips and really started eating her asshole for all I was worth.

My tongue pushed and slid into and over her. She moaned and moaned, moaning profanities and my name. She reached back to my head, gripped my hair and pulled me closer to her ass. I reached my hand up and shoved two of my fingers inside her cunt. Suddenly her phone was ringing, vibrating in her legal age teenager floozy sucks and swallows hiddencam and hardcore that had been tossed aside in the room.

I continued to lick her as I grabbed her pants and pulled out her phone for her to pick up. She was moaning as I heard her whisper, "Fuck it's my boyfriend." I smiled and continued to lick as she picked it up and had a conversation with him. I pushed my fingers back inside her and pumped my fingers in and out while I shoved my tongue into her ass, making her squeal. She gave some excuse to her boyfriend quickly for the noise and said she had to go work on classwork saying goodbye.

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She turned slightly and took a picture of me with her phone, eating her ass while I was looking up at her. I turned her around fully then, keeping my fingers inside her, twisting them around. I pinned her against the wall and she wrapped her legs around my head, putting her weight on my shoulders and head.

I held her up against the wall when she started to role her body off the wall, grinding her dripping wet cunt against my face. As my xxx hous story full sex stories made friends with her clit, my other hand ventured up to her ass to slip a finger inside her.

She was no longer moaning, she was screaming, and I heard the click of cameras and saw flashes all around us. "Someone lock the door," I heard a guy's voice whisper. All I could think was 'damn voyeurs.' But Alice seemed to feed off it, and moaned more, grinding her pussy against my face harder. She was kneading her small tits and moaning with this look of pure pleasure across her face.

Her eyes were only partly open, a little glazed over. I smiled and continued to lick at her clit while I fucked both of her holes. If she was going to enjoy herself so much why couldn't I? I heard a guy moaning behind me and I started to wonder how many people were now in this small room. His moaning increased and his breath was becoming shallow. The next thing a heard was something splash on the floor beside me. Alice looked down and moaned at the site of this guys cum next to me and started to fuck my face harder.

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She directed two other guys over to her and they walked toward her, being directed by their rods more than anything. She grabbed both their cocks and began to pull on them, I sat there, watching her as my fingers and tongue continued their work on her body. I watched her hand move up and down their cocks with a technique I had only seen in porn movies. It was like her fingers were the replacement for her mouth and she knew exactly how to touch their cocks.

It didn't take long for the two guys to cum all over her tits and stomach. As their Juices flowed down her body and onto her cunt, I was able to taste them so I began to lick furiously. I must have been doing something she really enjoyed, because at that moment, she came hard on my face.

As her climax receded, I heard more men behind me cumming all around me. Some hit my legs and shoes but none really got anywhere that would gross me out. I allowed Alice to slide down off my shoulders and into my lap. She slowly wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, holding me tight. She was too tired to move or talk otherwise, so I just softly kissed her collar bone and neck while she recuperated.

I was cute coed sasha gets filled with cum able to get a look around at the guys in the room and there must have been six or seven, I couldn't tell because I was a little hazy from just eating Alice out for so long.

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I felt Alice move around a little and slide her fingers through my hair and gently twist my hair around a couple fingers. I rested my head between her neck and shoulder, running my hands over her drying skin when I felt my fingers run over her hard nipples. I couldn't believe she was still turned on. I started to massage her breast and twist her nipples but she stopped me, and asked if we could just have a second round at my house after class.

I nodded and smiled, kissing her neck again. Smiling at the fact that I would be bringing home a present for my girlfriend, for us to fuck Alice together, and hopefully convince Alice to be a benefriend for a long, long time.