Kinky aurora has her tight anus destroyed

Kinky aurora has her tight anus destroyed
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Aria's eyes slowly fluttered open as the scent of bacon filled the air. Her holes were tender and sore, and she realized that David must have carried her from the barn, cleaned her and put her to bed.

She gave a small stretch, then stood up out of the comfy bed and made her way down the hallway, not bothering to cover her nude body. She heard David's deep voice echoing from the kitchen, and she assumed that he was on the phone. When she turned the corner into the kitchen, Aria gasped. Standing next to the fridge there was a sax usa hot sister xxxxxxxx she didn't recognize.

She froze and stood in front of the two men completely naked, and very confused. "Good morning babygirl," David smirked. "Did you sleep well?" "Oh! Umm…" Aria mumbled and turned around. "Sorry. I didn't realize you had company, I'll just go and put--" "Aria." David said firmly and cut her off. "Y-y-es?" She stuttered and turned back to face him. "Come on in here babygirl," David grinned over his shoulder.

"I'm sure my friend Carlos would love to get a closer look at your body." Aria's cheeks went bright red, but she didn't protest and she slowly made her way over to the man David referred to as Carlos. Carlos smirked and as soon as Aria was within reach he reached out and slapped her large ass with both of his hands. He then pulled her body right up against his and ground his hips up against hers. With one hand, he gripped one of her tits and pulled it up to his mouth and started to suck.

Aria let out a whimper and wrapped her arms up around his neck, and pulled herself closer to him. She heard Carlos chuckle before he switched what tit he sucked and nipped.

Aria started to gasp and moan as she pressed her cunt right up against the hardness in his pants. She turned to look at David, who gave her a wicked grin. "That's my good little slut," David praised.

"Mmm, she is a good, thick slice of fuckmeat." Carlos grinned as his deep brown eyes wandered her body.

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"You see, slut, I've been friends with David for a long time. He told me about your filthy ideas, and I just had to come down here with my best breeders and see how much horse cock you can really take." Aria's eyes lit up, "Wait, really?" "Really." Carlos said.

"Can I fuck them now?" Aria moaned, "I took my very first one last night and it i control your orgasms from now on so good.I need more!" "My god," Carlos laughed and ran a hand through his short amazing ultra sex stories porn storys hair.

"Dave, you weren't lying about this one, were you!" "I wouldn't have had you drive all the way out here if I was." David laughed as he brought the food over to the table. "Come on now babygirl, you need to eat before you can cum." "But-but Daddy!" Aria whined. "If you keep giving me attitude like that, someone will be locked in the basement and punished. It will not be fun for you, I can promise you that." David reprimanded her. "Y-y-es Daddy." Aria mumbled and walked over to the table and started to eat her breakfast.

Aria kept quiet at breakfast, mostly so she could finish her food quickly. She needed to be fucked again, and soon. The only thing that kept playing in her mind was horse after horse filling her cunt up, and how much cum she'd be covered in by the time all of the beasts were done with her. She was about to stand, but David gave her a look that made her sit back down in her seat. She felt like the two men were taking forever to finish, and she needed cock. As she imagined the different horse's cocks twitching and throbbing inside her, her little pussy cried out for attention.

Finally, David and Carlos were finished and they all stood up. "We can't go outside just yet," David smirked as he led Aria down the hall. "You olia young ass fingering teen soft sex to prepare yourself for your new suitors." Aria looked at him quizzically but when he opened the door to the master bath, Aria realized what he meant.

"Now go ahead and shower babygirl, but don't take too long." David kissed her head and left the room. Disappointed, Aria turned on the shower and stepped inside. The shower was huge, and had a seat against the back wall made out of the same white marble the rest of the shower was. The glass doors fogged up from the steam as she slowly washed herself.

She slowly massaged her scalp, and conditioned her deep purple hair. She made sure she cleaned every inch of herself, because she wanted to be ready for anything the two men had in mind for her. As she was rinsing off, she heard the bathroom door open and a smile played across her lips.

"Have you come to join me, Daddy?" He said nothing, but David stepped into the shower and roughly gripped Aria's hips. He forced her body straight up against the marble wall and shoved his massive ten inch cock all the way inside her pussy. Aria cried out and closed her eyes. Her cunt was slick, but having him so forcefully shove his whole length in her hurt.

Aria whimpered as he continued to slam in and out of her. One of David's strong hands pulled roughly on her hair as he drilled into her tight little cunt. Aria gasped and squeezed his thick cock with her walls, and David let out a low grumble.

"Fuck yes," David moaned. "That's my good little girl. Milk Daddy's cock, baby." "Yes Daddy!" Aria cried out and pawed at the shower wall. David was fucking her so hard and deep her feet weren't even on the ground anymore. The marble was cool against her chest and her nipples were rock hard. She tried to rock her hips back against David's, but he just gripped her hair tighter.

"Don't you fucking dare!" He growled deeply into her ear. "You're MY little slut, and I get to fuck YOU however I please. You only sit there and take my cock like the fuckhole you are, do you understand?" Aria whined out in agreement. She couldn't form any words. She felt his cock pushing at her cervix and it was hard to breathe. She felt her pussy start to tremble and pulse, his huge cock felt so good inside her!

She needed to cum! Just as she was about to open her mouth and beg to bangla indian babe in bra kissing bigtits exposed to cum, David let go of her and pulled out.

Aria froze for a second as she realized what had happened. She had been so close, and she knew David was too. Frustrated, she turned around and saw Carlos step into the shower with them. Carlos sat down on the marble bench and Aria knew what was expected of her.

She positioned her knees on either side of Carlos and slowly sank down on his cock. Carlos wasn't as long as David, but he made up for it in sheer girth.

Aria cried out as the thick cock stretched her little cunt wide, and she leaned forward with her hands on the wall for support. Once she was all the way down on his cock, Aria let out a long moan.

David took this as his queue and he came up behind them and shoved his massive cock into Aria's ass. Aria screamed as both men filled her up.

They fucked her in perfect time, alternating from having one of their cocks balls deep inside, and the other pulling out, to having both jam in and out at the exact same time. Aria was lost in the pleasure. David pulled her hair and Carlos charlotte sartre in an overdue anal payment pornstars hardcore and sucked her tits until they were all marked up. She felt their speed increase and she started to clench and pulse around both cocks.

"Mmmm, fuck yes." Carlos moaned, "You wanna cum so bad, don't you, you little whore?" "I do, Sir!" Aria cried, "I wanna cum so fucking bad!" "Beg, little girl. Beg, let Daddy and Sir know how bad that filthy cunt needs to cum." David growled as he buried his cock all the way in her ass. "Please! Please can I cum? I wanna squirt all over your cocks! Pleasepleasepleaseplease&hellip." Aria paused, her entire body starting to clench up as she came nearer to her release.

"I don't think she wants it bad enough, Dave." Carlos grunted. "You have to be more convincing, babygirl." David moaned out and gripped her ass tightly in his hands. "And you better convince us quick." "I'm such a filthy slut!" Aria cried out. "It feels so fucking good to be used like a whore!

Please can I please cum? I need to cum while you both empty your balls inside of me! Pleaaaasseeee Daddy? Please Sir? I'm so fucking close, please!!" "Good girl," David gasped, "Cum for me babygirl!" Aria screamed and her entire body shook as she squirted over Carlos' cock.

She gripped tightly down onto his shoulders as she came. She felt both cocks twitch and spurt deeply in her holes and that furthered her own orgasam. She kept cumming until she was only a whimpering mess in Carlos' lap. Eventually both men pulled out of Aria's holes and they all rinsed off again. They all washed each other, and Aria playfully rubbed up against both men. David was the first to get out, and as soon as he closed the shower door Carlos forced Aria to her knees and shoved his entire cock down the back of her throat and held her head there.

Aria gagged and choked so hard she started to cry. Carlos smirked, then pulled his cock out of her mouth and got out of the shower. On shaky legs, Aria stood, turned off the water and followed the men to the bedroom. "You're such a good girl," David said as he pulled Aria in for a close embrace and kissed her head. "You make Daddy very happy little one." Aria blushed and gave him a quick kiss before she went to dry off.

"You think she's ready for sunny leone delhi strip show boys?" Carlos asked. "I think so," David grinned and zipped up his pants. "What do you say, baby? Are you ready to take some horse cock?" "Yes please!" Aria grinned. "I'm ready!" David chuckled and threw on a tee shirt. "Alright. I'm going to get her set up.

Whenever you're ready, bring your horses over into the pasture." "Okay," Carlos smiled and reached over to pinch Aria's nipple. "I hope you're ready, slut. My boys are big." Aria sighed blissfully and David chuckled as he led her out the back of the house. David led her to the pasture where she would be fucked. Another leather bench rested out in the center of the field, and Aria ran over to it. Once she was close, Aria threw her leg over the side and laid back on it.

David walked over to her and pulled her legs back to her chest. He then tied her legs there, so she could not move them. He then fastened her arms down at the front legs of the bench. Satisfied with his work David slowly rubbed Aria's clit up and down. "Are you sure you wanna do this, little one?" "Yes Daddy," She breathed and tried to buck her hips up into his touch.

"I need to have my little cunt stretched by horse cock…" "Oh you need it, do you?" He asked as he rubbed her clit faster. "Mmhmm," She moaned. "I really do." "Fuck, you really are such a dirty little girl. You just had both of your little holes stretched and fucked, but now you need a horse cock? You're so fucking filthy!" David growled and slapped Aria right on the clit making her cry out. "Ye-yes!" Aria whimpered. "Yes Daddy I am!" "Looks like you don't have to wait any longer, you dirty slut.

Your horses are here." David whispered in her ear and lowered the front of the bench, so her head was lower than her hips. Aria looked behind her and she saw Carlos walking up, leading one brown and white painted horse and another that was solid brown. Both horses were beautiful, and Aria was squirming in anticipation. "Well slut, I figured I'd start you off with these two. These are the smallest, they're only gonna get bigger from here." Carlos smiled as he handed the painted horse to David and led the brown one over to her face.

Aria gasped when she saw their cocks already stiffening, the size alone made her tremble. David teen white girl gets interracial cream pie his grip on the painted horse's lead, and that was all he needed. The huge horse put his two front hooves on either side of the bench and forced his fourteen inch cock as far in her cunt as he could.

The painted horse snorted when he hit Aria's cervix, and started to pull his cock out of her. Aria whimpered, but then screamed as the horse shoved his cock inside her cunt again. This time, the horse pushed in so hard he pushed all the way past her cervix. Aria sobbed from the pain, but the horse didn't care. Carlos led the other horse to be standing in front of her.

When Aria saw his huge cock and massive balls she drolled. The horse stood right over her face so she leaned up and licked the entire length of the horse's cock, from balls to tip, then back down to his balls. As she sucked, the painted horse drilled into her cunt hard.

Forcing her head up and down as she licked the brown horse. The brown horse brushed his hoof back and forth on the dirt. Aria took this as him wanting more. She licked back up to the head of his cock and opened her mouth wide.

Aria was planning on taking the brown horse's cock in her mouth slowly, but as soon as she opened her mouth, the painted horse thrusted hard. Aria choked as the brown horse's thick cock was shoved down her throat and the horse whinnied. Carlos held him steady and Aria was forced to be throat fucked by the painted horse's movements. The taste was something entirely new to her, but Aria didn't have much time to contemplate.

The painted horse bucked deeply inside of her cunt, and she felt his long, thick cock pulse in her womb. Aria gargled on the brown horse's member and sucked hard, knowing what was coming. The brown horse bucked his hips, and forced the head of his cock down her small throat.

Aria almost threw up and started to sob again. It hurt so much, but she was here to make these horses cum, and that's all she wanted to do. The pain and pleasure mixed so beautifully. She loved being just holes for these beautiful beasts to dump their cum into. She clenched her cunt around the painted horse and forced the brown horse just a little bit deeper into her throat.

Suddenly, the painted horse neighed and bucked into her so hard Aria almost blacked out. That didn't stop her body from twitching and squirting hard all over the horse's massive cock. Hot cum flooded her cunt and the paint pulled out of her as quickly as he delved in.

Aria slurped on the brown horse's cock as it pulsed and throbbed in her throat, tears streaming down her face as she choked on him. It didn't take much longer, and the brown horse dumped his load down her throat. There was so much cum, she could barely swallow any of it and Carlos helped the brown horse aim onto her chest where her tits and stomach got what her mouth couldn't hold.

"Holy fuck, that was so hot." Carlos grinned. "You did such a good job, slut." "Mmmm, yes you did babygirl!" David cooed. "Do you need a break, or do you need more?" "I need more!" Aria whimpered.

"Please, can I please have more horse cock?" "Fuck. Yes you can." Carlos sighed and adjusted the huge bulge in his pants. "I'll be right back." David took pictures of his little girl covered in horse cum and Aria laid back on the bench breathless.

The warm, gooey horse cum dripped down across her tits, chest, and stomach and leaked out of her abused cunt.

She wondered how much bigger her next lovers would be. Carlos was back in only a few minutes. This time he brought a stunning all white horse and the other was a deep brown that faded into solid black. The white one was led over to Aria's cunt, and with his already rock hard cock, he didn't need to be told what he had to do.

The beautiful white stallion pounded his entire length in her all the way to the balls. Aria screamed, but this time, it was out of pure bliss.

The white horse was longer than the other two she had taken, but because she had already been wrecked and stretched by the painted horse, she was able to feel nothing but pleasure. "Hey Dave?" Carlos asked. "What do you think about putting those big, slutty tits to use?" "Well, I think you're a fucking genius." David laughed and the two men stood on either side of her. David grabbed Aria by the back of her head and forced her to gag and suck on the brown and black stallion's cock.

He forced her head down as deep as it would go until she was gagging and choking she was crying again. Once David was satisfied with how wet the horse's cock was, he placed the brown and black horse's cock in between her massive G-cup tits. Carlos held one tit up against the hot cock and David the other. The two men pressed her tits in and the brown and black horse did the rest. The horse's balls were right in her face, so Aria licked and sucked at his balls as he fucked her tits.

Between getting her tits fucked and cunt destroyed, Aria was only focused on the sensations going through her body. The white stallion was one of the roughest fucks she had ever had, he was slamming into her so hard his balls hit her ass and smacked so hard she was sure there would be a bruise. The sensations were so intense she felt herself writhe under both horses and her cunt gushed for the third time that day. The white horse seemed excited by that, and he bucked in and out of her faster.

David and Carlos leaned down and sucked and bit her large nipples as they forced her tits against the brown and black horse's 15 inch cock. Her tits were so large, they were almost able to cover the girth of the massive dick. Both men pulled their pants down and started jerking off to Aria. Aria hardly noticed what the men were doing, she was lost in the bliss of being stretched, fucked and used.

She felt herself start to squirm again and both horses enjoyed her sensual movements. The white horse bucked hard three more times, and then emptied himself into Aria's womb, filling her to the brim with his cum which forced les reines du sex scene hells ground productions to have her fourth screaming orgasam of the day.

As the white horse pulled out, the brown and black one had more room to buck and grind. It wasn't long after the other horse had gotten off that the brown and black horse's cock shuddered and spurted his cum all across Aria's body. "Fuck." David moaned. "I wanna see you take a horse cock in your ass." "Mmm, that would be such a fucking sight to see." Carlos agreed.

"Can I? Can I please?" Aria begged. "I wanna try and fit a horse cock in my ass!" "I don't wanna rip you open babygirl," David smirked. "I have an idea. How about Carlos and I both fuck you ass at the same time to stretch out?" "Fuck yes," Aria moaned. "Please double fuck my ass so I can take a horse cock!" The two men didn't have to be told twice. David freed her hands and got underneath Aria's body. Using the four layers of horse cum on her body as lube, David andrea sultisz has anal sex on christmas morning all the way inside her ass easily.

He slowly started to fuck her as Carlos grabbed some more horse cum and lubed up his thick cock. Carlos stood in front of her and pushed her legs further back and then slowly pushed his girthy cock in her ass alongside David's. They went slow, stretching Aria's ass a little at a time. It hurt more than Aria had ever done before, but both men were reassuring and took it at her pace. Tears freely flowed from her eyes, but she never asked to stop. She wanted to be able to do this.

She had to! She wanted nothing more than to stuff her ass full of horse cock, it was the only hole left she hadn't had filled with horse cum yet. She also knew that by getting her ass stretched, it pleased her Daddy, and if she could get her ass fucked by a horse, she knew that would please him even more. Eventually, both men were balls deep in her ass and they started fucking her.

They went slow at first, but that didn't last. Aria had never felt so full in her life and she started moaning as she rocked down onto their cocks. Her ass was so tight, and the friction of her ass alongside the other cock felt amazing to both men. "Fuck yes little girl." David growled as he gripped both of her cum covered tits in his hand. "You're gonna take a horsecock in your tightest little hole for me, aren't you baby?" "Yes Daddy!" Aria cried as David bit down hard on her neck, which sent a shudder through her whole body.

"What a good little slut!" Carlos praised as he rubbed her swollen clit. The two men plowed into her and teased her until all three of them came. First Carlos exploded deep in her ass, and David wasn't far behind.

When both men pulled out, Aria came once again and shuddered on the bench. "I'm going to get the last one," Carlos said as he slipped his pants back on and walked away. David untied her legs and helped Aria bend over on the bench. He kept her ass higher than her head and positioned her how he wanted her. Then he bound her arms back down to the sides of the bench, and her feet to the edge.

A few moments later, Carlos came back with one of the biggest horses Aria had ever seen. He was solid black, and his coat was so shiny it reflected the sunlight. She saw his cock and her eyes almost popped out of her head. The black horse's cock had to have bubblebutt slut cum cover pornstars big butt close to twenty inches. Aria shuddered as she thought what it might feel like to have this monster to rip apart her holes nightly.

Carlos led the stallion to her rear and this horse went up on his hind legs.

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Carlos helped guide his cock to Aria's ass, and as soon as he found his i love you xxx cid the horse forced his enormous cock all the way up her ass. Aria sobbed as the monstrous cock tore apart her insides. The horse was relentless, he simply was using Aria as a human cock sleeve. Aria almost asked to stop, it was too much, but then the horse slammed into her even harder and his balls hit her clit.

Fuck. She wanted that again. She bit her lower lip and the horse continued his rough thrusting, and slowly the pain became less and she started to feel good. Aria was so deep in subspace, all she wanted was to be a good slut and make her lover cum. She started to whine and buck her hips back up against the stallion, who in turn bucked up even further into her ass.

She squeezed her ass around the stallion and pushed further back onto his cock. The horse snorted and slammed his cock harder into her, his massive balls slapped her clit with every thrust.

His cock began to twitch and Aria couldn't help herself from begging. "Fuck yes! That's a good boy!" She screamed. "Cum in my ass, you beautiful beast! Give me all of your hot horse cum!" The stallion snorted again and forced his cock balls-deep in her ass, and let out a torrent of cum deep inside her.

Aria screamed as she i fucked the milf in her bedroom him fill her up and she came sixth time that day. Used, sore, and dirty, Aria sighed as the stallion pulled out of her ass. A sense of bliss and pride filled her and David picked her up off the bench.

"Come on now, little one, we need to clean you up."