Georgetown guyana pictures of guyanese girls

Georgetown guyana pictures of guyanese girls
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I am Rohit from India and today I want to narrate my friend's (George) story.

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So please read it its very erotic and Please comment and rate on my story, so let's start. This is the story of my friend George and his ex-girlfriend Jennifer. George was very horny boy he always wanted to fuck his girlfriend but the girl always denied from being physical and the girl only allowed him to kiss her but then also George was very caring for her and loved her very much.

Jenifer was too sexy she had a perfect natural pink lips and her figure was 34c 31 40. Her ass was very fucking big. Her Boobs were so bouncy that every boy wanted to press it. Both George and Jenifer were normal couple until George found that Jenifer is not loyal to him.

So, when he found that she not loyal he broke up with her. After breakup also he was not able to forget her. When they were in relationship Jenifer never allowed him to fuck her so, he decided to take revenge from her by fucking her like whore and humiliating her and to keep her like his sex-slave for the entire life.

So, he planned to kidnap when she return from her music class at evening. Next day according to plan George spied on her and followed her and as soon he got the chance he caught her and shut her mouth with cloth in which chloroform was sprinkled by him.

As soon as she smelled the chloroform she went into sleep. (After two hours) When she opened her eyes she found that she was tightly tied with rope and she was not able to move even she inch.

She started to cry and shouted for help. Listening to this noise Gorge came and told "shut up you bitch; now you are my slave and I will fuck you my entire life" .Then he kicked her ass very badly due to which her ass became red. Then he kissed her lips and started fingering her and after sometime she started moaning and stated making noise like this "Ah Ahhhh fuck me …fuck my pussy".

Actually now she was also feeling very horny. After sometime George stopped fingering and brought iron rod and he started to heat the rod in front of her and then he left the rod there.

Then George went near her and started liking her pussy and biting it. Then he kept his penis on japanese granny mom in law pussy's mouth and then he pushed it and the penis went inside her pussy at once and George started to pump his dick inside her pussy like a machine. As the girl was virgin she shouting in pain and started requesting him to be slow, but he was not in mood to listen her. He started to fuck her very rough. George's dick was digging her pussy very rapidly.

As George was fucking her in doggie positionhe was pressing her boobs and was fucking her pussy from behind alternatively.

Now Jenifer was also feeling horny and after 20 min she squirted over George's penis. George could feel her hot juice. He was fucking her very cruelly. Jenifer started to shout " Yes Yes&hellip.aaaaaahhhhhhhhh Fuck me … fuck me fuck me faster I am your whore, tear my pussy tonight with your dick".

He started to fuck her faster and faster both were shouting in pleasure like wild animals.

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Now the Room's environment became much tensed. After 10 min they both cum together. They remained rested in same position for sometime then George kissed her lips and kicked her ass very tightly. Then George brought the Iron rod which he had left for heating.

Jenifer started to shout " No NO please forgive me for which I had done to you please forgive me" .He Came near her then again tied her. He tied her in such a way that she was not able to move. Then he brought the rod near her ass and started laughing then he inserted the hot rod inside her ass at once. Jenifer started to cry and shout loudly. After few second he withdrew the rod.

European lesbo fingers babe after wrestling lesbian and amateur rod was so hot that Jenifer's whole body was shivering. Then he brought a vibrating machine and inserted it in her pussy, she started to moan and after she few minute she released her juice in a great amount.

He then decided to call his all 15 friend to fuck her so that he can take his revenge nicely. After mew minutes all his friend came and then they started to touch Jenifer some crushing his boobs and some fingering his pussy and some inserting their dick forcefully in her mouth.

They started to fuck her like a whore. She was being banged by 15 men at that time. Now she didn't have enough energy to protest. Her body was being fucked like a sex machine. Now, two boys decided to fuck her ass together. They both started to fuck her ass. She was brutally fucked by the boys.

Her ass and her pussy became red. This whole brutal sex game continued for 3 hours and then all boys cum on her face, her face was covered full of cum. Then she was left helpless and she was been able to move for several hours. Then Next day George came with a electric shock machine. He gave her shock in her pussy and in her ass. From that day she was treated as sex slave by George and his friends.

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She was punished by George daily in different- different ways. Sometimes he gave her electric shock and sometime he give her injection in her pussy. He destroyed her body daily .He enjoyed his revenge his full life. (Don't forget to Comment and rate PLEASE)