Delightsome and untamed spooning hardcore and blowjob

Delightsome and untamed spooning hardcore and blowjob
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In the next class there was math, and Bonnie sat herself on the back row together with Kim and turned on the vibrating eggs. Kim immediately noticed it and started to flush. She was already all worked up after her conversation with Bonnie in the bathroom, and with the eggs vibrating it dint not help any.

She was dripping wet and her nipples froze. As the class started Bonnie whispered to Kim Bonnie: ok bitch, time to take that skirt up a bit (with an evil grin) Kim carolina veterana de monserrat peteando a proxx some seconds before she did what Bonnie had asked for. Bonnie: not like that whore, I want it up so you are sitting on your ass, and everyone trying to peak will see what they want. Kim took a deep breath before she stood slightly up to take her skirt up.

As she did that she knew that she was dripping wet and that anyone who would look down under her desk would see her naked, shaved cunt. Bonnie then turned up the level of the eggs, making Kim moan quietly. After 10minuts of class where Kim was not able to follow anything the teacher said she suddenly felt a cold hand touch her wet pussy.

She turned around to see Bonnie with her phone in hand and snapping a picture of Kim's exhibitionism. She then started to massage Kim's cunt, and Kim couldn't stop her. Bonnie massaged Kim lips for a while before she started to insert a finger, than too before she had three in there. She fucked Kim with her fingers giving Kim no power to fight of the feeling, she started to close her eyes and hump back at Bonnies fingers.

This made Bonnie smile again, she now knew that Kim was hers, that she had Kim exactly where she wanted. Bonnie then raised her other hand to ask the teacher a question. Still with the three fingers fucking Kim Mr. Barking walked down to their table and saw that Kim was in her own world. Barking: Hey! Kim! Is this a sleeping place or school? Kim opened her eyes in shock as Bonnie removed her fingers but turned up the level. Kim made a slightly sound from her mouth as she tried to hold her orgasm back.

Bonnie on the other hand sat with an evil smile on her face fighting to not laugh. Kim tried to hide her nipples poking through her top, and with a look of desperation. Barking: ok!

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Then he moved back to the front of the class. Now with everyone watching Kim, she felt like she was going to explode, but luckily for her, Bonnie turned down the level of the eggs. As Bonnie did that, Kim made a slightly sound of disappointment. She was so ready to cum now, and dint even hot babe deserved a good pussy slam if anyone would see her. Bonnie: You are sad now little slave? Because I dint let you cum in front of this entire group of people?

Kim embarrassed, nodded her head a bit. Bonnie: haha so, you really wanted to cum in front of this entire group? Looks like your more an exhibitionist then I thought. (Bonnie says with an evil smile) Now I want you to spread your legs a bit so if anybody sees under the tables they will have a fantastic view of your little shaved cunt. Kim did as she was told and before she knew about it Bonnie turned up the level to level 2 and Kim again started getting all wet.

Timmy, a boy sitting next to Kim who was the schools pervert hadn't noticed what was happening but, needed a pen to write with and quietly whispered to Kim. Timmy: Hey, Kim, can I borrow a pen of you? Kim turned around to Bonnie to check if it was ok. Bonnie smiled again and took a pen from Kim's desk, what she did next shocked Kim because Bonnie took the pen right down to Kim's snatch and pushed it right in.

Kim started again to moan a bit. Bonnie on the other hand was smiling as she noticed how easy it was to stick the pen in. She knew that her slave was all turned on and then she took I out, gave it to Kim who was going to give it to Timmy who hadn't seen anything from where he sat.

He took the pen and turned around to face the front of the class. When he then touched the pens top he noticed that it was all wet and sticky. He felt the liquid, and then smelt it. As he did that a big smile showed up on his face and he looked back at Kim. He then took the pen down in his pocket trying to save as much liquid as possible on it.

He was already feeling his dick getting hard in his pants. Kim Possible one of the schools most popular person, a real teas, and he had her pussy juice. He was now ready to leave the class to talk to his friends and to also wank off as fast as possible. The class then was over and Bonnie stood up dragging Kim with her as fast as possible. Timmy still was on his place and when Kim and Bonnie hurried away he went over to Kim's chair to see exactly what he wanted.

There was a pool of Kim's Pussy juice, and Timmy took a picture before heading out of class. Monique who had sat in front hadn't noticed anything, actually she hadn't heard a single word Barking said, she was only thinking of what she heard in the bathroom and how fantastic it will be when she gets home and can take her time with Kim's clothes.

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She was all wet now and her trimmed black bush probably was all wet to. She was the last one start packing, when she got the keys of Mr., Barking. Barking: Excuse me, Monique, I don't have much time before a meeting, can you lock this up? And give me the keys later. Monique: Off course. Barking then left and Monique was the last one in the room when she noticed something nice and shiny back in classroom.

She walked back and realized it was where Kim sat during the class. She sat down on her knees and tried smelling it, and there was no chance she was wrong. It smelt pussy all the way. Not able to think she ran over to the door closing it and locking it, before she was back at the chair and started to taste it.

She was right, this was pussy and she went all wild, throwing of her brown shirt, blue pants, she took of her black bra and started playing with her big tits. She went over to her backpack and found Kim's bra and panties.

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She went back to the chair and took of her panties before she lay down on her back, spreading her legs. If you won't more, tell me ;) What do you want more of? and which end should I talk about? Jim and Tim's video?

Monique and her act in the class room? The rest of Kim and Bonnie's day at the school and the cheerleading practice?

Jimmy and his pen and picture? Wade and his camera? Tell me if you want more or I will stop now. Also I know I suck at English so I don't need any comments on that, either read it, make it better yourself, or forget it.