Slim babe knows what a guy wants

Slim babe knows what a guy wants
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We all have that one person in our life who makes it special for us.For me it has always been my twin sister,Rachael.My name is Charlie.I am 16yrs old,a junior in high school.Rachael and I, like most teenage siblings fight a lot but we have always been close to each other.Actually,i like to think we are soul mates because we understand each other so well.We are insanely comfortable with each other but inspite of being pretty normal teenage siblings we have one crazy habit.We like to make bets and the loser of the bet has to obey the winner.Usually,the terms and conditions are discussed before making the bet.I don't know when and how all this started but we have been doing it for as long as i can remember.Like Rachael once lost a bet to me and she had to clean up my room and once i lost the bet and i had to do her Maths homework but as we kept on growing the stakes on the bet kept on getting higher.Last week we made a bet on the winner of the football match.Unfortunately,my team lost the match and Rachael won the bet.Now,the bet was that the loser has to become a slave of the winner and follow his/her EVERY order for two days.I was very disheartened when i lost the bet because i had thought of several things i would love to make her do but as it turned out losing the bet was one of the best thing that could have happened to me.Rachael had told me that she will start during weekend because our parent's were not home on weekends and we have the house all by ourselves.

I woke up on saturday morning to Rachael,who was violently shaking me to wake me up."Wake up slave.wake up"Rachael grinned and i knew the next two days are going to be tough.Rachael was wearing her red cotton panties and her black tanktop,that was her usual sleeping veronica clark fucked by four men dped me describe Rachael to you.She had dirty blonde hairs,blue eyes,a cute face and a very cute smile.She was very beautiful but her best features were at the lower part of her body.Rachael filled up a 36D bra perfectly and she was blessed with a butt which was the quintessence of a bubble butt.Add to that,due to regular yoga classes she had a flat tummy and toned legs.So,you now understand that sight of Rachael waking me up in just her iamporn busty brunette cougar loves riding cock was a very arousing one and did no help to my morning wood."Mom and Dad are gone and you are my slave this weekend"Rachael informed me,I rubbed the sleep off my eyes and said"ya ya.i know,so what do i have to do?".Rachael had a big smile on her face and i thought she must have made a full fledged plan for me.She said"you have to do a lot of things but let's just get started,follow me".With that Rachael walked out of my room giving a nice view of her panties clad butt.I followed her and she went directly to her bathroom.I had no idea what she had in mind so i inquired"so what do i have to do?" "well.i gotta pee"Rachael said ""I said becoming frustrated.

"Well.since you are my slave you will help me with it" Rachael said with a naughty smile on her face. "Help you to pee??how will i do that?"I quizzed her.

"It's easy come over here and pull down my panties"Rachael said very calmly. "what?are you serious?"i asked "Of course i am"Rachael said.Although,we are pretty close i had never seen her naked atleast not after puberty, when she started filling up.Rachael was standing just beside the toilet seat,i moved towards her and pulled down her panties.I cannont help but be mesmerized at the sight of the bare pussy of my twin sister.Rachael had a shaved pussy with small blonde hairs just starting to grow back.Rachael sat on the toilet and started to pee as if it was no big deal.She flushed the toilet after she finished and said"Now wipe me dry and pull up my panties" I tore a piece of the toilet paper and wiped her.I am sure i heard a gasp as i rubbed her dry.I got a closer view at Rachael's pussy while wiping her and it was hard to cover it again by pulling up her panties."Thank you i gotta take a shower.wait for me,i will be back in a minute"Rachael said and she left me alone in her bathroom.My mind was still night time chupchap xxx story mom in son to assess what had happened over the past few minutes,did i really just wiped my twin sister's slit after she peed??

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I was still lost in my thoughts when Rachael entered the bathroom wrapped in a towel that showed her toned thighs."i have to shave before i take a shower,so bring the razor and the shaving foam"Rachael ordered.I took the things and moved towards her,Rachael had already settled on the floor.She lifted her hand to show me her underarms and said"here,start with the underarms".Rachael had a pretty clean and shaved underarm,it surely didn't need to be shaved but i just followed her orders.I shaved both her underarms."Wow you are good at this,slave.They are so smooth now"Rachael said as she touched her underarms."Do my legs now" Rachael said and with that she removed the towel that had covered her body.I was dumbfounded to see my sis just in her panties and her boobs naked in front of my eyes.Rachael had really nice boobs,they refused to sag even without the support of a bra.She had small pink nipples which were tempting me to suck them hard,"like what you see?" Rachael inquired and i was awaken from my daydream of sucking her tits."Shave my legs quick"Rachael ordered again and i sprayed the shaving foam over her left leg.I shaved her legs before moving towards her thighs,Rachael had very toned and full thighs.After i had shaved her legs clean,i was standing up luscious maid nicole aniston gets doggystyled by boss pornstars and hardcore wash my hands when i heard her say"hey haven't done shaving yet".

"I shaved your underarms and your legs"i said."yeah,but those are not the only body parts that i shave."Rachael pretty teenie slut swallows his whole wang. I was trying to understand what she meant when she pulled off her panties.I stared at her bare naked cunt.Rachael had a beautiful pussy which was of course clean shaven."I think i should lie down,that would help you"Rachael said and lied on the floor.Brushing aside my thoughts of sucking her clit,i sprayed the shaving foam on her pussy.I spread the foam all over her pussy and inner thighs with my hands,Rachael moaned softly at the touch.I turned my head to look at her face and i saw she had her eyes closed.Her pink nipples were standing erect proudly signalling her arousal.I shaved her mound and parted her legs to do the inner thighs.I purposefully put the index finger of my left hand on her clit and shaved her pussy area,Rachael took a deep breath when i touched her clit and she let out a soft moan too.I wiped off the remaining shaving foam with a cloth when had done shaving her pussy.Rachael sat up and looked at her pussy" do shave really good,slave.time for shower now".If my cock was threatening to tear apart my shorts seeing her breasts and pussy,when i saw her perfect bubble ass i almost came at the sight.Rachael got under the shower and started the water as if i wasn't present there.Water ran through her sexy body making it wet,i was thinking about throwing her on the floor and fucking her like a slut when i heard her say"Slave.i can't reach my back".

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I moved towards her,took the soap and started lathering her up.I lathered up her arms and neck before she turned her back to me and said"do my back.they must be dirty".I rubbed the soap all over her back and moved towards her butt."AH."Rachael moaned softly as i touched her butt,I gave some much needed extra attention to her butt.Rachael turned to face me and said"that's enough,do the front now".I ran my hands all over her heaving breasts,legs,tummy and her pussy when Rachael said"drop the soap,use your hands to clean them up "I obliged instantly.I dropped the soap and ran my hands all over her magnificent boobs,i rubbed the soap bubbles over her nipples making her gasp .I was rubbing her flat tummy when Rachael took my hands and laid it on her pussy."Clean up this,it must be very dirty.You know my periods ended tomorrow"Rachael said.Rachael closed her eyes as i touched around her pussy,i rubbed my hands around her inner thighs as fart face bbw femdom mfx new story i was actually cleaning it up.I rubbed her clit in circular motion before i asked her "should i clean the insides too?" "sure.go ahead"Rachael replied in what sounded like a half moan and a half request.I spread her vaginal lips and pushed my middle finger inside her.Rachael had a very tight pussy and she almost shrieked out at the insertion.

Once my finger was completely inside of her,i started stroking her all the while teasing her clit with my other hand.Rachael moaned heavily.

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"It's kinda hard to clean with one finger,should i insert another finger?"i inquired. "ohhh.yes please,just clean me up"Rachael pleaded.I added my index finger with my middle finger and shoved them in her lovehole.I curled my fingers upwards trying to find her g-spot as that's what i have learned from my father's magazines.I couldn't find the g-spot but i had Rachael shrieking and moaning.I stroked her faster with my right hand as my left one played with her clit.Her clit was engorged with blood now and Rachael fondled my hairs all over.Rachael was almost shoving my head to her crotch,i latched onto her clit and took it inside my mouth"uggghhh."Rachael cried.I sucked onto it until i heard cry out again "oooohhh.".Rachael buckled her hips and she squirted her juices all over me.

(to be continued)

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