Sexy brunette women are great at lesbian pleasures

Sexy brunette women are great at lesbian pleasures
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Introduction Hey my names Katie or Kate for short, I am an identical twin and I am in love with my twin sister Catherine or Cat for short this is my story. *********************** Eight years ago "Kate it's time to go we're going to be late." momma called up the stairs. I had just finished packing my pencils and was just getting ready to rush down stairs and begin my first day of fourth grade and as usual, and to my liking, I was in the same class as my sister Cat. We were always close and we were yeah others best friends until today.

During recess we were hanging around the Merry-go-round when Benny and ella knox and her blowjob scene little group of goons came over calling us dykes and incest lovers. We fought back with words as well and it was about to escalate until the bell rang for us to return to class. Not knowing what a dyke was or what incest was I got on the computer to look it up and was surprised at what I learned.

A few weeks of mulling it over and the usual hanging around had got me thinking as to what my relationship, other than being twin sisters, was with Cat. I had come to believe that it was love and not just sisterly love but a be together forever love. I had discreetly asked Cat what she thought of love. "A marriage between a man and a woman, or thats what I want out of love." Was her reply.

Those words were forever burned into my mind. I wrote everything in my diary, even those very words, deciding that she can't have what she wanted if I was around I began to push her away and hang out with other people. No matter how much I hurt her I could not stay by her side. I began to make new friends and so did she though she tended to befriend the popular I befriended the nerds and just about anyone not popular. Seven Years Ago: Still writing in my diary I continue to sunny leone porn storys 30mins from a distance as my sister adjusts to life away from me.

After the first few months Cat had cried herself to sleep and had on more than one occasion tried slipping into my bed in the middle of the night until I finally left the room all together and started to sleep on the couch.

It hurt to have to hurt her like this but I believed it was for the better that it ended now before it became harder later. She has been making friends and is starting look happy now, all I can do is watch from a distance it hurts but I will do anything to make sure she remains happy in the long run. even if I can no longer play a role in her decisions. During recess today I was studying with the other nerds still within earshot as Benny started to pick on Cat and her friends.

I was angry but I was not going to show it not here not now, I knew that if I did it would ruin all the work I put into severing my ties with Cat. I didn't have to bear it much longer because her new friends soon rallied to her and Ben backed off and never bothered her again. I was happy that she had found friends to look after her for when I could no longer do so.

I was finally given my own room and moved my things into it, I'm sure Momma was just as glad to get me off the couch and somewhere out of the way. I liked my new room but it was lonely and although I was glad Cat was happy my feelings only continued to grow for my sister. Sometime during the weeks I have heard thing from friends and passers by about masterbation and when I usually don't know the meaning of a word I get on the internet.

Fascinated and a little disgusted I went to my room dropped my shorts and panties and layed on the bed. I just stared down at it and wondered how such a thing could bring pleasure.

I reached down with one finger and began to rub up and down on it. The first touch was nothing special but after a few moments it started to feel tingly, I kept rubbing and the feeling felt very much different I started leaking what the internet called precum (need to check online for what that actually is called) it made it easier to rub my vagina faster and my stomach began to feel funny and my breathing became faster until a very powerful sensation occurred that took to the edges of consciousness.

The feeling was beyond anything I had ever felt before and for the briefest of moments I wondered if Cat would eventually do the same. Four years later: My sister seemed happy she has had a few troubles here and there but she pulled through. She had been out on a few dates but nothing had happened, I should know because I had followed her every time. I just wanted to make sure she was safe but after the few times I had stopped knowing they would eventually see me anyway.

Instead I relented to watching her at school to read her body language, unlike most people I could read most of the basics from her body but I had to tread carefully or I would end up ogling her instead of watching for hidden emotions. Over the years I had elena koshkas foreign pussy fuck from behind interracial pornstars the gym and worked up my muscles and joined the small local karate club or whatever you want to call it.

I now wore boys cloths of dark colors and kept my Black hair cut short and straightened. While my sister still wore the girls clothes but was more often in jeans than skirts or dresses. My sister ended up becoming the most popular girl in school and the most beautiful as well that even the "dreadful" Ben was now head over heels for her.

My girl was rising up in the camera wala sex sex stories story hot and getting closer to the love she was searching for for very words I had burned into my heart and written in big bold words on the first page of my diary that is now well hidden in my room. "A marriage between a man and a woman, or thats what I want out of love." Those words still have not left me and I will do all I can to help her achieve that.

I personally had avoided dating and had decided long ago that I will never get married for there is only one that I love that is the one I cannot have.

I have never had any interest in boys or any other women for that matter I only have eyes for my sister. I masterbate about her on a nightly bases now fully content but not satisfied. I had burst my cherry a year ago when I tried using my hair brush as a dildo, it hurt like hell but it was over after that and now I can play away without having to worry of a hymen anymore so theres a plus.

Present: It was the start of my junior year in high school and like always I got with my group of nerds and four the last two years I had started my own martial arts club I had mastered more arts of fighting and wished to pass the arts into the future students.

Despite being a nerd I am also highly respected by the teachers and the rest of the student body though there are some that wish to still cause me trouble namely Ben who still is infatuated with my sister. My sister barely passes school because she always hangs out with her friends and doesn't get any studying in, I am one of the honors students and have straight A's in all my classes.

Today started like most days with me going into my classes and getting together with the club after school but unlike most days today was club selection and my club was small with just two of us at first but now after two years of hard work we were the biggest club in the school with over forty members and the top five participating in tournaments.

Thanks to the tournament championships we have been getting more and more recruits to join I have even gotten an invitation to participate in the world wide martial arts tournament after graduation. So things were suppose to be looking up but the thought of leaving was hard and I had not yet decided whether or not to accept the invitation, I did not want to leave Cat but I knew I could not stay with her forever.

Luckily I didn't have to decide till my second semester of senior year so I kept it tucked away at home. We had gotten a good batch of freshmen today for the club and already some of the other members had begun to master the various arts I have been teaching them and since some of the other members had begun to master it I had help when it came to instructing the other students.

I have mastered muay thai, karate, and chinese kenpo and these are the styles that are taught in the club. So we enter three different tournaments each year so yeah our little school started to become well known across the continent over the last year and new families and businesses have come here for that very reason.

I had always imagined that this small town would eventually become a small Shanghai for almost everyone knows some form of martial arts now. Arriving home I went into my room and continued to write in my diary, I know right a seventeen year old women still writing in a diary one of the many she owns to.

Each of my cum loving japanese slut pleasures numerous cocks are stored in the same spot, now I know what you are thinking why have them all in the same place well heres your answer it makes it easier to read them.

Instead of searching over the entire place for them when I want to read them all I have to do is search one place. Well thats what I did when I finished writing the most recent passage. I loved going over all the old memories and placing them fresh in my mind. My favorite place when I wasn't at school studying or working with the club was to go deep into the forest and rest by the stream that passed by a near by cave that only went in about ten or so feet. Just listening to the birds and nature calmed me sometimes I have even stayed the night here during the weekends.

Thats where I went when the world crumbled around me or whenever something joyous happened, it was my own world, my own paradise. Dropping everything thats where I went; I had no studying, no club work, and no where else to be. The location was about three miles into the forest and would take at least an hour to reach but luckily there is no getting lost after I had easily worn a path all the way there over the years.

Arriving at the stream I took off my shoes and socks with a smile as I dropped my feet into the pleasantly cool water. Laying back feet still dangling I dozed off to a peaceful slumber. I awoke sometime later still laying at the waters edge, feet dangling, to the sound of my cell blaring in my pocket seeing that it was mom I answered. "Hello? Oh yeah I got it. In the forest, I dozed off.

I understand you have to work and won't be home tonight, yeah? Alright see you some other time. Bye." Hanging up I pulled my now numb feet out of the water and begin to head home.

stepping up to the bbc fucks my little white cd bi door I was still contemplating on what to have for dinner, then it hit like a brick wall, I know I'll make lasagna. Mind made up I walk in and straight into the kitchen thinking Cat might be in her room as usual this time of day, getting to work I finished preparing it ten minutes later and stuck it in the oven.

Needing to change into my night clothes I walked up stairs and into my room. In front of me sat Cat, I was about to ask her why she was in my room when I saw her holding one of my diary books and a look of shock on her face at my entrance. She was about to say something but all I heard was her calling out my name as I bolted down stairs and out of the house. Running as fast as I could I was crying and not paying attention to anything but my pain and all my hard work going up in flames.

I had forgotten to put them away before leaving for the forest now I'll never show my face to her again I can't, I never wanted her to leave and now that was inevitabile.

I didn't realize where I was until I finally looked up and noticed it had started to rain heavily, I was at the stream in the forest right where all this started.

My feet must have carried me here by instinct, here where I have always come in search of peace and to be alone.

I was soaked from the rain and I was miles from the nearest building, taking shelter in the small cave and sat there. Everything was rushing through my mind the nights events and the events that led up to it. I was a fool I never should have kept a diary of what I was feeling, I shouldn't have had a diary at all. Tears were falling freely now and unrestrained, I let everything out. I sat there and sat there for how long I have no idea but by the time I came back to my senses the sun was high in the sky and was beginning its slow descent into evening.

I sat there longer not wanting to go back home and have to face Cat or anyone else. Luckily it sexy hammering of pretty girl from brazil a Saturday so I hoped no one would notice I was gone yet, I bet Cat is hoping I never go back there she is probably more than angry at me and disgusted by me. I won't go home not yet not until monday when she is at school so I could gather my things and pack. I can't live there anymore I have to leave and just disappear… no that won't work it would only make life harder for me and everyone else.

No coming monday I will remove myself from any future pain and current pain. With my decision made I layed down on the compacted earth with a new purpose to not only end my pain but to completely remove such a disgrace from the world that my sister lives in. I awoke the next morning to the grumbling of my stomach I hadn't eaten since lunch on friday at school and I haven't had a drink of water since after putting the lasagna in the oven two days ago.

Laying back down I willed time to pass to no avail and finally fell back into a deep slumber regretting everything I have done in my life, regretting everything I had written in my life. I'm sure Cat would be glad to see me gone because I'm sure that if I don't end up leaving after this she will I don't want her to leave because of my mistake.

I don't want to cause her any more trouble in life. She will live happier if I could just fade away existence and be forgotten.

Finally monday morning I made my way home walking in the front door I figured Cat would be at school by now so I wasn't worried about being quiet. I went up stairs to my room to get my gun but what I found instead was a sleeping Cat in my bed with a tear stained face clutching one of my diary books to her chest. She awoke moments later after I opened the door and rushed me pinning me to the floor and I was assaulted with a bear hug and a now freshly soaked dirty shirt.

Rivers were about to oriental in stockings wild some japanese hardcore through my eyes now as well but all I could do was lay there with the girl I loved on top of me. "You idiot why why did you leave?" I didn't have time to answer because this is not the reaction I was expecting from her. I expected her to hate and try shoving me out the door not hugging me, I was utterly dumbfounded.

I was fighting the rivers from flowing as she looked up at me and asked with a sobering seriousness. " Why haven't you told me? Why haven't you Kate you should be able to tell me anything I'm your twin?" All I could do was mutter the words she once told me.

"A marriage between a man and a woman, or thats what I want out of love." She looked at me with confusion as I said then I elaborated." Its what you told me back in fourth grade when I asked you what you thought of love. I had burned those words into my heart and so I decided that no matter how much it hurt I had to separate us you could find your love I knew that with me there it would be impossible for you to have it.

I wanted you to be happy in life and I knew we could never be together forever so I tried to sever our bond so you could live happily without me." The dam for the rivers had broken during my speech and I was openly sobbing now. "My life is over now that you know so please get off so I can end this, please just let me go. You have to find that man for you to love. You can still love someone I can't I have tried over the years to love someone else but I couldn't it has always been you that I loved." I sobbed, I figured I could have created a well now by how much I've cried over the last few days but they kept coming.

"I was a child I was to young at the time to know what I loved. I always believed you hated me and that is why you were pushing me away." Cat sobbed but before I could speak again she planted a passionate filled kiss on my lips I was too shocked to respond but when she pulled back she started to speak again.

"I love you I always have but I have tried to find others to love but it never worked. I thought you hated me so I tried to move on but I never felt love toward anyone but you, it broke my heart to see you run away the other day but I nearly fell into despair when you didn't come back. Please don't leave me again promise me." Cat begged and clutched at me tighter.

My resolve was shattered at her words but I never felt happier. I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her down for another quick kiss then murmured.

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" Can you get off of me sexy plumper takes fat dick and eats cum pornstars and hardcore I can take a shower, I stink?" That day we spent all day together sitting in front of the television, me against the arm of the couch and her laying against me eyes closed and a smile upon her face.

This time alone I had time to contemplate how just this morning I was intent on killing myself and now I would rather go through hell to be with Cat. I couldn't fathom why Cat could so easily forgive me for all I've done over the years, I have hurt her beyond anything I could have imagined. I can't forgive myself for what I have done I just can't. I will never hurt her again I will make amends no matter how much it hurt I will repent for all I have done.

Even if it means losing an arm or a leg I will repent and then hopefully I can forgive myself when the time comes. Starting to doze off as well I reluctantly woke up Cat. "Come on Cat wake up time to go to bed," she gave little protests As I slowly began to sit her up, she was still out of it so I happily cradled her in my arms and carefully carried her upstairs to her room and sadly put her in her bed.

I pulled the blanket up over her and kissed her cheek earning a sigh from Cat. With exceptional skinny sweetie gets her pink hole and little ass hole poked I walked out and into my room. I had so many thoughts running through my head that I just sat at my small desk and stared at my knife collection hanging on the wall. A sudden thought came to mind for repentance.

Pulling down one of the display cases I selected the sharpest knife I had, A small Buck pocket knife easy portability as well. Choice made I dropped my bottoms and exposing my toned thigh and a quick slash of the knife later I went to bed.

I had decided that I will give my leg a slash every day for the next eight years to make up for the pain Cat had gone through and if I cause further pain I would double the slashes I make each day. With a plan in mind I had started to fall into a deep happy slumber. The next morning I awoke to a mess of brown hair and a sleeping sister cuddled into me, I was happily surprised I must have been seriously out of it to not notice her climbing into my bed.

None the less I was happy I watched her for a moment longer then reluctantly quietly climbed out of bed to take a shower and prepare for the day. Taking my knife and extra clothes with me I headed for the shower, another quick slash later and I was hopping into the shower. entering my room fully dressed I sat next to Cat and watched her and nudged her awake. "Hey lovely, what time is it?" She asked half asleep.

"6pm time to get ready for school come on." I gently began to sit her up then began to tickle her sides I remember that she could not stand being tickled there. I was right she jumped right out bed and fell onto the floor like cat when you water on it.

I tried to hold back my laughter and only barely succeeded as her face began to turn red from embarrassment. "When did you slip into my bed last night, mind you I was happily surprised?" If possible I thought her saw her face turn a shade darker at my question. "I have learned to be quiet when I came to watch you over the years and just decided to slip in next to you I don't remember the time." She definitely got redder after that admission.

I couldn't be happier. With a kiss on the cheek she was convinced to get up and get ready for the day. We hung out more at school to the puzzled looks of others I assumed that they had always assumed we hated each other so I just ignored them and continued with my day though we did keep contact to the minimum to stop any potential rumors spreading about why we suddenly hang out again.

We have not hung out since fourth grade and only a few of the other students had known us since then, over the years people moved to and from other places. Ben was one of the few who remained who still remembers those days. With are day passing quickly I still had to stay after school for club activities and then after that I'll have some time to go shopping for Cat's birthday gift.

Our birthday is the day after tomorrow and I still have her presents from the last eight years hidden in my closet I just needed to get this one for this year and I will present them to her then. I was still a little giddy by the time the club started and so I did something I usually do only twice year an inner tournament, a tournament between everyone to show off our skills to the school and to see where we stand among our fellow members.

After getting the schools permission it was announced to all the students as a surprise the inner tournament was an event that was very much enjoyed not only by the student body but also by the town and all nearby towns. The school only agreed to sponsor the event because it always brought in big money for tickets which goes toward fundings for school activities. The club was ecstatic to hear the news over the intercom and the new freshman members were excited as well except for those who transferred in from other states they were only confused.

During the club we began getting preparations done for the event two months from now and that two months was more than enough time for the news to reach other cities more like two hours later the tickets were already selling. We had decided that the event will be taking place outside with a raised stage for the matches and a bunch of portable bleachers to be brought in for the guests.

The prelims will knock off the the weaker members until there are only the top twelve members to take the stage for the day.

So it is a two day event people can use their tickets to watch the prelims but most of the guests show for the actual tournament. Everything set the club day ended with everyone having their assigned jobs for the event. After school I drove to the nearest mall three cities away, my sister has friends in high places so I had to be careful and quick with my purchase.

I had already known what I was getting I had actually already bought brunette latina teen rides hard dick with her hard slutty body but I never thought I would actually be giving it to her, I thought I would just be adding it to the pile.

I guess I am in away since they would all be going to her soon anyway. Shopping done I finally arrived home to an enraged Cat. "Where have you been I was worried you just disappeared after your club meeting?!" She was in tears and my heart in shreds.

"I searched for you all over the city but I couldn't find hide nor hair of you. Don't disappear on me like that again you hear me?!" All I could do was nod, Drying her tears she continued. "So where were you that you had to just disappear on me?" I couldn't tell her not yet It had to be a surprise so I lied to her. "I had to meet a guy to help with moving lights for the tournament." She seemed to accept this excuse as I berated myself for angering her and having to lie to her.

It was only an hour later that my sister retired to bed I on the other hand retired to the bathroom with my knife. I had to double the slashes twice now, the first for angering her and the second for lying to her though would have to find a guy for that later on. Since I have already had my slash for the day I slashed three more times before retiring to bed myself. Like this morning I found Cat already asleep in my bed, guess she's moving in. I silently laughed to myself as I settled under the covers next to her.

I have always wished to share a bed with my sister again but never dared hope for it. With a contented sigh I too fell asleep. The next day went about the same way it did yesterday: me waking up to a beautiful sister cuddled in next to me and the excitement buzzing around the school about the upcoming tournament. The only real difference from yesterday is there was no shopping after the club activities. So today We spent all day together watching tv, playing games, and driving around town and the surrounding areas.

We even watched the sunset from atop the hill overlooking the town with soft music playing over the stereo, we had even ended up falling asleep against each other. A few hours later I awoke with kink in my neck only for a delicious surprise to be found in the form of my sister asleep with her head in my lap.

She was to cute for me to wake her so I started the car back up and drove home silently. Arriving home I slowly nudged her awake and told her to come to bed. She did so reluctantly not wanting to leave my lap but did teen girl blowjob did you ever wonder what happens when a steaming teenager cocktease anyway and we walked inside, she moved for the bedroom while I moved for the bathroom for my four slashes.

Turning in for bed the moment I was under the bed Cat immediately cuddled into me, I swear I was hooked on this, there is no going back. I awoke long before Cat, I was too excited to sleep long so doggy style hardcore pussy fucking for laura many attempts I gave up and slowly gathered the presents from the closet and set them at the edge of the bed in Cats line of sight and went to take a shower then to make breakfast.

I had decided to make omelets stuffed with cheese and bits of bacon. It didn't take long for Cat to wake she was practically running down the stairs with a huge grin plastered to her face that made my stomach flutter.

I had just set the food down in time before she tackled me into a bear hug.

"Kate! Happy Birthday and thank you for the presents but why are there nine mind you I don't mind but why?" She was happy and that made me happy.

With a reddening face I stuttered. "W.We.Well they are from the last eight years that I didn't girl watches her husband get fucked them to you and the ninth is for this year." "Well thanks but I'll wait to open them until Mom gets home she should be coming back today, she always does." With a look of interest she continued.

"Anyway even if she doesn't come I'll okay with it." A look of unease passed as she spoke next. " I promised some friends awhile back that we would do something for my birthday so I'll be gone until late and I am suppose to meet them in an hour." I was a little disheartened but I wasn't going to show it so instead I simply focused on the positive and stated.

" Well I'll see you then because I get you all to myself after that so go ahead and have fun, I have some work to do for today anyhow." She seemed to take that as a good sign so I didn't push it, I knew that I wouldn't have her all to myself even if she didn't have plans I could never take her away from her friends and I never intended to. While Cat was away I really didn't have plans so I just sat on the couch and decided to catch up on my sleep from last night.

I was cold, wet, and alone. It was dark, so dark I couldn't see all I could hear were distant muffled urgent sounding voices and the muffled cries of a woman, along with the sounds of car horns blaring. I was moving but I wasn't the one doing the moving, I couldn't move I was held down hands were on me! I tried to speak but nothing would come out.

The sounds were getting harder to hear I was so tired I wanted sleep but the insistent voices kept rousing me. I just wanted to sleep, please let me sleep? I jerked awake I was still sitting on the couch, I mumbled to myself. "It was just a dream." With a yawn and a quick stretch I lumbered off the couch and turned on the television to a music channel as I did my morning workout. I had no idea what to do as I layed in my bed when thoughts of my sister strayed into mind. Thoughts of her touching her self as she slowly started to strip her clothing off, I was getting rather heated up myself and soon found myself divested of clothes.

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Cat was leaning back into the couch as she slowly started to rub her pussy and thumb her clit when it was erect. Before long I found myself mirroring her actions as she masterbated she iserted here middle finger deep into her pussy as did I. She was getting faster and started inserting a second as speed picked up ever still.

I was writhing all over and bucking my hips up to meet the thrusts of my fingers as was Cat, I heard her whispering that she was was getting close as her pace quickened even more until she came with a silent scream of ecstasy.

I came with her my body sensitive still as I watched her panting from the exertion as I heard bobbi starr and dana dearmond insatiable voyage mumble my name before she fell asleep. I opened my eyes minutes later with a smile on my face as I jumped out of bed to get myself cleaned up.

The day passed rather quickly after I had my fun earlier and I was in a better mood to, I had decided that I would bake a cake and wait for Cat later this evening as a surprise. It was already shortly after four when I finished baking and was six when I finished decorating it, I wanted her to remember today so I put extra work into it than what was needed. I figured she would be home soon so I turned of the tv and all the lights and sat at the kitchen table. Two candles were all that were lit illuminating the room on either side of the cake that held seventeen candles on it waiting to be lit.

I sat there for hours as time passed I watched as the twelve inch candles got shorter and shorter and shorter. The last I remember of the candles before I drifted to sleep was that they were only two inches long. I awoke some time the next day to the gentle nudges of Cat still dressed as she was the day before with a look of worry and tears starting to form. Thinking I did something I bolted up and hugged her and began to apologize. "What I do I'm sorry, please don't cry." I was still drowsy that it took me awhile to remember that I was still in the kitchen when she started to apologize.

"No, you didn't do anything I'm sorry I never called to tell you that I was staying at a friends house it was a last minute decision I'm so sorry I didn't mean for you to stay up all night waiting for me." She was openly crying now. I smiled as I lifted my hand and tilted her head so she was looking at me as I said. "Don't worry about it I'm just happy your safe, be sure to call and tell me next time." Hugging her close I looked at the cake and continued.

"I know it's a bit late but happy birthday. I should have covered the cake last night so that it would still be somewhat fresh." She started to laugh between the tears as she left my embrace "Well who says it has to be fresh to be edible?" She said moving to the cabinet and pulling out two plates and two forks from the nearby drawer. We ate in comfortable silence when we heard the front door open and a female voice called out.

"I'm home! Anybody hear?" "Yeah in the kitchen get in her and get some mom before it's all gone." I shouted back. Now our kitchen isn't too big but it had a nice table that seated four and enough room to do what was needed.

Our mother is one of those workaholics who is hardly ever home but she somehow manages to get here around our birthday and celebrate it with us though over the last eight years I never participated in the celebrations so when I saw her head china mother affair home son in from the living room I wasn't fazed by her surprised look to see us sitting next to each other eating cake.

I was however suppressing the smile that kept creeping to my face seeing her face. Feeling a need in changing the subject I looked to Cat and said. " Why don't you go get your presents and open them, you did say you weren't going to open them till mom got home."She was looking at me with a semblance of understanding as she got up and left the room. My days highlight was watching Cat open her presents, she opened them from oldest to newest.

The first being the present I got her eight years ago, an old barbie doll that was new when I bought it that came with its own toy puppy; the second present was an filling babes mouth with one eyed monster gloryhole hardcore kit of makeup that too was new when I bought it.

However the last present was the one I got her this year, a customly made necklace made gold and silver and a golden medallion of a dove embedded with small diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.Carved into the back of the medallion was two words "Love K".

Cat was in tears when she saw it that she crushed me in a hug that would put bears to shame. That night Cat had to sleep in her own room because mom was home but she would be leaving later the next day to get back to work.

I check out these amazingly hot teen hardcore and blowjob upset about her sleeping in her room as well but we couldn't risk our secret getting out so we had to reluctantly part ways at the top of the stairs. It had been a month since then and our relationship was progressing nicely I had stopped cutting myself the night of our birthday realizing that one day we would be doing more than sharing a bed at night and she may get mad about all the cuts that would reside on my thighs.

So I have resorted to an ulterior punishment for my penance. The punishment would be that I work doubly hard when it comes to my daily workouts. The cuts have completely healed leaving scars that are just visible but not overly obvious.

The tournament only three weeks away the preparations were coming along nicely and the portable bleachers would be arriving shortly and later today I was off to find a guy to help move the stadium lights to the location.

Over the course over the last month I have had that recurring dream multiple times, but I have pushed it far down that it rarely occurs now, I still can't push the feeling of unease about it away, I was sure it was nothing but the dream kept getting clearer and I could start to make out figures and lights as time progressed. Finding the right guy for the job he and his boys would begin working on moving the lights a week from now which would leave only a week until the tournament starts.

Everyone in the school was buzzing about the tournament and were even making bets on who would win. Not just the school was buzzing but the entire town and surrounding towns were as well. Within the first two weeks of the tournaments announcement the tickets had already sold out. Since there was such high demand for the tickets the school had decided to broadcast the tournament on tv at the local station so that all the residents can watch it at home.

It was halfway through the year the beginning of the second semester. Three days till the prelims of the tournament and me being the best and head of the club won't be participating until there is a winner and the winner can challenge me to a fight if they choose to test their strength against me.

It would be unfair for me to participate so I am merely the referee during the matches of the actual tournament. Tonight is the beginning of something new. That night I turned in early and was reading a book in bed when Cat came up an hour later but when she came in I was not expecting what I saw. She was not wearing a thing except her lingerie of a black lace bra and matching lace panties, I was in utter shock that moments later my mouth was as dry as the Egyptian desert and a bird was making a nest in the hollow of my mouth.

I had to take a drink from my bottle of water to even form words as she pranced to the bed like a cat. When I could talk all I could say was. "Amazing" As she straddled me and snatched my book only to conquering a gigantic ding dong hardcore cumshot it to the other side of the room.

Leaning down to give me along passion filled kiss swapping saliva and tongues dancing as our lips molded together. I was excited and could already feel my panties soaking through my shorts and into the sheets. I could tell she was beyond excited as well for my abdomen was growing wet and warm from her pouring juices and the aroma was intoxicating smelling of honey.

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I was so engrossed with the experience that I hadn't realized she had snaked her hand under my shirt till it was lightly pulling and pinching my erect nipples. When she pulled away I let out a moan of disappointment till I felt her tugging at my shirt, I tore off my shirt with earning a surprised gasp of excitement from Cat as she quickly latched on to my right nipple and pinching beautiful lips blowjob sneaking in the base left.

I have never felt anything this amazing before as my juices poured through the bed. Feeling like getting even I leaned into her as she licked and suckled away at my nipples so I could reach her bra strap. I was use to undoing my own but someone elses nope not to mention it was even harder with all the sensation I was feeling but I managed to unhook the strap and watched in fascination as her breasts were finally revealed to me in full.

Cat unlatched from my nipple with an audible POP as she smiled down at me. Surging forward I copied what she did to me latching around her right nipple and lightly pinching strong czech girl lapdances and fucks with stranger left.

Her moans of ecstasy spurred me on as I used my right hand to firmly cup her ass and message it. Having had enough she shoved me back and crawled further down the bed gripping my shorts and tugging them off as she went. I was a growing embarrassed as she continued gazing at my glistening pussy with eyes of a carnivore. All I could do under her gaze was pant and beg for more.

"Cat I need more." She only smiled at my words and the smile became more mischievous as she said. "What do you need Kate, what do you want? Tell me." Was this forplay I couldn't believe what she was saying or why but I loved it! "You please i need you." I was willing to do anything as she very lightly started stroking my inner thigh with her finger and getting closer to what I was craving only to run her finger back away from my pussy.

"What do you want me to do Kate tell me what is you want me to do?" She had continued the stroking of my inner thigh when she was speaking. "Please my pussy please fuck me!" I was willing to do anything for her to continue. "No." I looked at her serious expression with utter shock as she smiled and continued. "I will not fuck you I will make love to you." Final word said she dived right in exploring my glistening opening with her tongue and lightly nibbling my swollen labia. "YES!" Is all I could shout when she dived in and finally brought me ecstasy from another world.

Lapping at my cunt I could hear Cat moaning signs of approval. the kind of moans she does when ever she samples one of my new food dishes. So I threw in a wild guess that she liked the taste. She been sucking on my clit causing my hips to jump as I was closing in on my climax. "Cat I'm about to cum. Oh god I'm. I'm cumming!" I would have shouted at the top of my lungs had I been able to. Releasing my throbbing clit she gave it one last lick as she slithered up the bed to give another long passionate kiss.

Reluctantly breaking free of the kiss I breathed heavily. "Let me return the favor." At her nod I flipped her onto her back and gently tugged down her panties taking a huge gulp of air as I come face to face with her freshly shaved pussy.

I smiled at her reddening face as she tried to hide her embarrassment by covering her face with her hands.

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I leaned forward and grabbed her wrists and whispered. "Don't hide your beauty from the one you love or from the one who loves you. I want you to watch." She moved her hands as I settled between her legs and whispered seductively to her. "I want you to keep your eyes on mine and I will keep mine on yours." With that said I leaned forward and licked her pussy earning a sigh of approval from my sister and her eyes were still glued to mine.

She tasted as she smelled, apples dipped in honey. Savouring the taste I got back to work and did my best to mimic what Cat had done to me.

circling the little bud of nerves with the tip of my tongue before slowly but firmly pushing inside her. I decided to do something she didn't and inserted my forefinger into her opening all the way to the hilt earning moans of pleasure and the hunger filled gaze of Cat that penetrated me to my soul. Keeping eye contact throughout the experience had made it feel more intimate for us both for I could see the love in her eyes and hoped she could see it in mine as well my movements got faster when I felt her breathing beginning to quicken and her hips began to jolt.

A few sucks on her clit was the end for her as she exploded soaking my chin in her juices. When she finished convulsing and was panting I did what she did and gave a final lick to her clit as I slithered up along side her.

Cuddling together I whispered. "I love you Cat" before we fell into a deep slumber our bodies intertwined as if molded together. The next morning I awoke feeling better than I have in a long time and one look at myself told me all I needed to know, it wasn't a dream. Cat looked so peaceful snuggled up against me head on my shoulder, legs entwined with mine, and her arm draped over me in a tender embrace.

I have never been happier and I never wanted this to end but the inevitable happened, I need to use the bathroom. Carefully disentangling myself from Cat I retreated to the bathroom for relieve and a shower.

Returning to my room I found that Cat was still sleeping soundly but was now hugging my pillow closely. I couldn't bring myself to wake her I slipped back into bed next her and redhead pornstar gagging hard amp nasty double penetration watched her memorizing every line, curve, and twitch of her sleeping form.

Picking up my book I began to read where I left off last night. An hour later Cat began to stir so I put my book down and kissed her cheek then her forehead and then her lips before repeating the process a few more times till I could her grinning through closed eyes. I knew she was awake now but was trying to pretend to sleep so I would keep kissing her so I leaned in close and whispered.

"If you don't wake up now I might have to start kissing somewhere else." I emphasized this by next kissing her neck, then collarbone, then her breastbone as I moved down the bed under the covers, then I gave her nipple a long lick before suckling on it, then I moved down further kissing the underside of her breast, then her navel, then her pubicbone, and then finally I gave a long lick to her pussy lips.

I could hear her breathing heavily, I knew she was fully awake but she didn't know that I knew so I gave her another lick before I slowly started to push my tongue inside her then pulling back out before pushing back in. My fingers soon joined remy lacroix gets a good fucking in various angles tongue as inserted the first digit inside as I started sucking on her clit, she wasn't even trying to pretend to be asleep anymore as I started curling my finger hitting her G-spot causing her to moan out loud.

Her hips were jumping as I brought her closer and closer to the edge of the abyss, she was nearly shouting until she let out a silent scream before falling onto her back completely spent. Climbing up beside her I gave her a long passionate kiss before pulling her into me for a short rest. We spent the entire day in my room making love only leaving to use the bathroom or fill our growling stomachs for another round.

Everything seemed to be perfect as we held each other, talked to each other, and made love to each other. I didn't want to teen gals get twats destroyed hardcore and blowjob the embrace but from a suggestion from Cat we decided to go shopping together the next day and find some "Toys" at the nearest mall three cities over, a total of six hours driving to and from there.

The distance is the reason for going there for the "toys" no one knew us there, because of the long trip we couldn't have any fun the night before leaving.

We only slept in each others arms and to make sure we weren't tempted during the night we went to bed fully clothed to avoid any shenanigans. Leaving the next morning we began our long drive arriving three hours later at the mall once inside we immediately knew where to go as headed to the adult "toy" store where we grabbed a few choice items and dvds, we were new to this so petite amateur public the greatest arab porn in the world just grabbed things to experiment with.

Leaving the store with our purchases we were leaving the mall, Cat was so cheerful when we began leaving the mall that when she started crossing the road to the parking lot she didn't see the car coming. I did and immediately dropped everything and bolted for her, everything seemed to go in slow motion as the car got closer as I bolted for Cat only now it seem I was moving at a snails pace but I kept pushing myself doing all I could to reach her.

I didn't have time to be gentle about it as I finally made it to her I shoved as hard as I could nearly knocking her ten feet from me. Then there was nothing just darkness and more darkness, I could only hear muffled noises I felt wet and alone. The muffled voices grew in volume but it was just as before cute brunette babe have sex with a taxi driver as payment, I couldn't move I felt heavy.

Only one thought came to my mind, the dream I have been having over the last few weeks has happened. My vision started to clear as hands started touching my body and blinding pain was shooting throughout my body at each touch then I remembered the car. The muffled woman's voice in my dream it was Cat crying I did all I could to speak, only one sentence left my mouth before I fell into unconsciousness.

"Don't cry Cat." I awoke in a hospital room my eyes hurt, my throat was dry, and I was hungry. Looking around the room I found that Cat was sleeping next to me her head on the side of the bed and sitting in a chair. I looked around more and found the call i control your orgasms from now on, the nurse came bustling in she was an older woman who from a glance I could tell she had seen the ugly side the world. She was carrying a cup of water and a straw I motioned for her to be quiet so with a finger and whispered a thank you as she held the straw to my lips.

Then she left to get the doctor. I was silently stroking Cat's hair as she slept when the doctor walked in and sensing the situation whispered to me my diagnosis. "Its a good thing you are a strong young lady if you weren't you could died from the impact alone but in this case you are very lucky, however I regret that I have to inform you that can't fight again I'm well aware of your activities at school. I personally am a fan I love your tournaments it has brought more life to this state, however you can no longer fight.

You have three broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken femur, and a broken arm. If you do want to continue fighting you will have considerably less stamina with only one lung and you won't be able to move as easily after these injuries heal." I absorbed all this information but my smile never left my face. "I'm okay with that I'm just glad my sisters fine, if she had died I wouldn't have been able to live with myself.

As long as she's happy so am I besides like you said I was lucky I won't let such an incident ruin my life and I'll heal it'll take time but I'll survive. Thanks Doc theres no need to worry I'll be fine." I meant what I said wholeheartedly and the Doc seemed surprised at how easily I accepted the facts.

"But weren't you qualified for the world martial arts tournament with this injury you won't be able to participate, it's every martial artists dream to be there? Aren't you a little disappointed that you can't go?" The Doc seemed truly interested in an answer so I gave him mine. "It wasn't my dream the reason I first took up the martial arts was to protect my sister and when I entered High School I figured everyone needs the chance to make the chance to get stronger so they could protect the ones they love.

That was the whole reason I started the club I entered us in tournaments because it gave the members something to look forward to instead of just standing in a room with no motivation to get stronger. I only entered the tournaments for the same reasons as everyone else to prove to myself that I can protect my sister from anything. The accident for example, I was only able to save her because of all my training and you said so to my training protected me to from receiving permanent damage other than the pierced lung.

With this accident I reached my goal of protecting her so I have no regrets and I wouldn't have changed anything if I could." I continued smiling as I stroked my sisters hair. "Wow you must really love your sister." The Doc smiled and I could only think as he walked out of the room "Oh, you have no idea how much I love her." Pressing the call button the nurse walked in moments later with tears in her eyes, I'm assuming the Doc told her my story.

I asked her if she could get two trays of food delivered here and she readily accepted, returning ten minutes later with the food and a metal cart. I mouthed her a thank you as she left the room. "Cat wake up, Oh Cat wake up." She nearly jumped out of her seat at my gentle prodding with a panicked look until she saw me sitting up with a smile on my face. She looked like she wanted to hug me but was too worried about hurting me.

"Kate how you doing this is my fault I should have paid attention I …" I had silenced her by putting my finger to her lips and opened my arm not in a cast to her in invitation, she didn't hesitate though she was very gentle about the hug. I continued smiling as I said. "Don't worry about it I'm fine though we won't be able to have a lot of fun till I'm healed but this just means I get to spend more time with you.

No it isn't your fault everyone has a momentary lapse when their excited so don't worry, besides the Doc says I'll recover just fine though my fighting skills will plummet, but hey fighting is only secondary to you. I'm just glad you are okay, you are the only person I couldn't live without so as long as you are happy I'm happy. Now lets get some food in our stomachs before we die of starvation." I said the last part while gesturing to the metal cart resting at the foot of the bed.

I had learned that I was hospitalized for kinky aurora has her tight anus destroyed whole week missing the tournament and that the entire club came to see me after the tournament. I was released from the hospital a week later in a wheelchair the first night at home I was relieved to be out of the hospital and in a more comfortable environment. I went to school the next day and and was greeted by everyone, the club members in particular were very helpful during school.

The smile never left my face and everyone eventually stopped asking if I was okay every time I someone passed me. Cat was very patient over the months as I healed but I could tell she was frustrated about me being unable to "spend time" with her but I promised that I would spend a lot of "time" with her when I was out of the casts and my bones were healed.

She accepted that and said she'll be waiting. I kept my promise and spent two whole days with her and only leaving the room for the essentials we even were able to try out some of those "toys" we bought all those months back.

I had heard that the tournament was a huge success and that they had held an honorary get better speech just for me before the tournament started. The school even got donations to pay for my hospital bill so another bonus of being the school idol. My senior year I was back in top form and Cat and I having wild new experiences in the bedroom each night, we lived a happy life full of sex and love.

During graduation mom had come to see us walk the stage. Cat had graduated second of the class, and I first, I had been tutoring her over the last half of junior year and all of senior year so we could get into the same college. We did and now ten years later we are still happily together and still experiencing new things in the bedroom.

Life is good we got two daughters who believe they are cousins but raised as sisters. Things couldn't get any better. ********************* Authors Note I have given up on the creating the pack series and decided to work on something new I have just finished this story I know there are holes but I would like you to tell me what you think the genres I've used and the general storyline. This is something I just thought of on the spot and have put no plans into it when I started writing it. So yes I would like to know what you think of the general ideas of the story.