Adorable girlfriend loves blowjobs and wild sex hardcore teen

Adorable girlfriend loves blowjobs and wild sex hardcore teen
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Carriage Ride Jasmine smiled at the carriage driver as Ryan helped her in.

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The cool air tingled along her damp thighs as her pussy dripped down her leg. Sitting back she grinned at the driver as she crossed her legs flashing her bare slick pussy at him. Ryan chuckled as he watched her his cock hard against the tight tuxedo slacks. Sitting told the driver he would pay him when they were through since he had no idea how long this ride would be. Turning he pulled jasmine across his lap sliding his hand along the front of her sheer white dress.

Clucking to the horse Kent smiled turning the horse toward the quiet darker section of the French quarter. Thank god the horse knew the way so he wouldn't have to pay to much attention to driving. Hearing her gasp he turned as Ryan's hand slipped between her thighs as she lay stretched across him. His cock stiffened as she spread her legs allowing the hand to slide higher. Chuckling to him self he rubbed the length of his swelling cock thinking this might be an interesting ride.

Jasmine ran her fingers into Ryan's hair pulling the ties that held it back allowing it to fall over her as she rubbed it across her lips. Pushing her dress down she lay back teasing her hard nipples with the soft ends of his jet-black hair.

Leaning down he licked the hard peak as he watched her hands slid down her stomach. Licking her lips she pushed the material back exposing her slender hips and the tiny batch of hair above her throbbing clit dark. Ryan watched, his hand resting on her raised knee. Her fingers slipped down squeezing her pussy lips together catching her hard little clit between them.

Jasmine moaned as she felt the wetness sliding from her pussy tickling over her ass. Ryan glanced up and smiled seeing the driver watching her.

Catching his eye he winked and nodded. Looking back he saw Jasmine pulling her pussy lips open her pierced clit standing at attention as her French manicured nails circled it gently tugging at the thin gold ring. Pushing her finger into her pussy she moaned then placed her wet finger to his lips. Ryan laughed as he sucked her slick finger she had almost cum when he drove his finger into her at the restaurant. Jasmine closed her eyes as her finger rubbed over her clit and she pinched her nipple with her wet fingers.

Ryan watched the driver as he began rubbing his cock while watching Jasmine play with her heated pussy. Smiling he reached down and pulled her up. Moving her to the other seat his hands pushing her thighs wide as he pushed the sheer material up to her stomach baring her throbbing pussy.

Removing his tuxedo jacket he knelt his fingers brushing her pussy as he separated the lips pulling them tight and wide. Looking up at the upeksha swarnamali sri lankan actress sex storys dawnlod he saw that he had a perfect view smiling he leaned down and slowly snaked his studded tongue across her hard clit.

Jasmine groaned as she felt his tongue lap over her the hard metal stud raking her clit as it passed. Lifting her hips she pushed her tight hole directly onto his thrusting tongue.

Kent felt his cock jerk as he stroked the head feeling the wet precum soaking through his jeans. He watched as Ryan slid his hands under her hips and lifted ass spreading her wider as his tongue drove in making her groan as he sucked her clit into his mouth raking the metal stud over it hard.

She held his head against her as he watched him pulling the gold lope through her clit with his teeth. Thrusting her pussy against his mouth as she moaned loudly his lips sucking her pussy into his mouth as her cum was pulled from her.

Sitting back Ryan motioned for the driver to stop as he undid the tight slacks his rock hard cock jumping out as he pushed them down. Kneeling again he placed her legs over his arms as she grabbed his waist length hair and pulled his mouth to hers. Leaning back he saw the driver pulling his cock from his jeans and stroking it as he looked down her hands wrapping around his cock rubbing the head across her swollen clit.

Her fingers slid along the lips and slowly spread her pussy open as he looked at the driver thrusting his full length into her throbbing snatch. Jasmine screamed as she felt his cock ripping her open, driving in hard, his balls slamming against her tight ass. Ryan watched as his cock pulled to her lips and thrust again burying it deep within her. Jasmines raked her nails across her nipples as she felt the savage pounding begin in her dripping pussy.

Driving into her he looked up and saw the drivers cock slick with precum his eyes glued to her filled pussy. Pulling his cum slicked cock from her he turned her, placing her knees on the seat.

He laughed as she gasped seeing the driver stroking his cock just inches from her face.

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Slapping her ass he pushed her forward watching the driver turn as she wrapped her hand around his stiff cock. Grinding his fingers over her clit he tugged at the gold ring as his fingers thrust hard into her dripping hole. Pulling his fingers out he pushed the head of his cock into the tight pussy just settling the ridged head inside of the band of muscles. Watching her suck the hard cock deep into her mouth groaning as the head thrust against her throat he rubbed his cum slicked fingers over her tiny pink asshole.

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Pushing his finger in slowly he felt his cock swell as he began stroking his cock and his finger into her at the same time. With in seconds he saw that she had gained his rhythm and was pumping her mouth down around the driver's cock as he drove into her pulling back to her lips as he pulled to her pussy lips.

Seeing the driver tense his balls burned his cock beginning to leak his cum into her throat. Ryan slammed his hard cock and slick finger into her pussy and ass grinding down.

Her throat took the head of the cock deep clamping around it as the driver grabbed her head holding his pulsing cock in her throat as he shot his load of cum directly down her gulping throat. Slamming his cock deep into her he felt the cum boiling along his shaft as he thrust his finger into her ass faster. Feeling her pussy beginning to throb he ground his balls hot ebony getting horny and fucked blowjob cock her clit with each pounding thrust.

Jasmine pulled her mouth from the driver cock screaming as she felt her pussy tightening cum flooding his cock and running down her legs. Gritting his teeth tightly Ryan threw his head back groaning as his cock head erupted shooting her full of pulse after pulse of his hot sticky cum.

Pulling back up to the carriage stand Ryan helped Jasmine down smiling as he saw the slick cum still dripping down her legs. He turned to pay the driver laughing when he told him the ride had been on her. END Thanks to JMM & JAD