Sexy ebony teen railed by stranger dude

Sexy ebony teen railed by stranger dude
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I've been an English teacher at Border High School for almost ten years.

It's in a small town in northern Missouri that sits on the border of Kansas. The name stands for some misguided leftover pride from the civil war. I have no pride in it and really never thought I would end up in a town like this. It was my husband John that talked me into coming here, and lately I've been finding myself very bored. It wasn't always this way. John and I used to go to Kansas City to see shows on the weekends and go down to the lake on vacation.

We had a great sex life and were pretty adventurous about where we would fuck. But something happened a few years ago when we pushed our way into our thirties.

John became an old man in a lot of ways. We stopped going to K.C. and I was lucky to get some action once every two weeks. Being a high school teacher, one of the first things you realize is that teenagers are kind of assholes.

It's a weird thing to rediscover after you get out of college and you're finally becoming an adult and leaving your own teenage self behind you. Even at 24, when I first started teaching, I had forgotten what it was like, but my first week on the job I realized just how much of an asshole I had been growing up.

After that first week of teaching I called my parents up and apologized; they laughed. Another thing you realize your first year on the job is: it's o.k. that they are assholes. What else can they do? They've got these crazy hormones racing through their bodies and have no control over their lives. So I always give them the benefit of the doubt. And for the record, I had never once considered sleeping with one of my students -- never.

They were just kids to me; I mean, I taught sophomores and seniors, but they were still just kids to me. It's not like you wake up one day and say, "I'm going to impressive solo by sensualnbsprei furuse in heats toy insertion and pink pussy one of the students today." No, it's a long slow burn, and it took me ten years of teaching and a lazy husband who would rather watch the football game than fuck me.

And who would have thought Andrew Docking would be the one to change everything. Andrew Docking was a nerd in the classic sense.

He was tall, pale, and skinny. He had short black hair and thick glasses. The first semester I had him in my Sophomore Lit class, only two things really stuck out about him: one was that he was a straight A student and he wrote great essay papers, the other thing was that he would always have a great work of literature tucked under his arm when he walked into the classroom.

He would look at his shoes as he walked by my desk and say "Hello, Mrs. Collins." My first thought was, he kinda reminded me of myself in high school. I was kinda nerdy and loved to read. He was very quiet and didn't talk much that first semester. But I did notice that when he did talk, his voice was getting much deeper as the semester went by.

This was pretty common for boys his age; I had seen it a hundred times before, but for some reason I was a little more intrigued about Andrew hitting the later stages of puberty. I wasn't sure why. Then the semester was over and it was Christmas break. My husband didn't touch me once during the two-week Christmas break and I fell into a small depression. When my husband was at work I would just lay around the house masturbating.

It was the only thing that saved my vacation. But at the same time I couldn't wait to get back to school and get out of my house; I felt like it was sucking my soul.

It's like that Green Day song I liked back in the 90's -- but you know, for a chick. The new semester meant a new schedule. I had Andrew for 8th period, the last class of the day. Over the first week I realized that most of the guys and gals coming to my class were freshly showered, so I figured they all had Gym class the period before.

Over the weeks Andrew seemed to become more confident and it sounded like his voice had finally changed to a nice bass. Now when he would walk into the class room he would look me in the eyes as he said "Hey Mrs.

Collins." That's when all the talk started. Teenagers will just talk and talk. Teachers probably know more about these kids then their parents do, but as a teacher you learn to block it out.

Half of it is just high school gossip and the other half you wish you hadn't heard in the first place. But this was undeniable. All the jocks were being nicer to Andrew, calling him "The Babe" or "Louie" or "Slugger;" all the girls would giggle when he walked by.

But it seemed nicer for some reason. It didn't seem like they were making fun of him but were in awe of him somehow.

I couldn't figure out what was going on until one day Andrew wasn't in class. The late bell rang and everybody sat down I asked, "Is Andrew here today?" Lance, one, of the jocks laughed and said, "Mrs. Collins, I think he's at the doctor's." "Oh." I said. All the jocks laughed and Lance said, "Yeah, I think he had to get a cock reduction; he kept tripping over it." The whole classroom roared with laughter.

"Lance!" I shouted. "That is unacceptable, go down to the office right now." Everybody kept laughing as Lance walked out of the class room. When Lance opened the door Andrew rushed into the room, hair wet from a shower and a late slip in his hand, he looked at me and said, "Sorry I'm late Mrs. Collins." He handed me the late slip. "Coach Williams made me stay after and help put the baseball bats away." The whole class lost it and started laughing again.

Lance fell on the floor in the hallway, he was laughing so much. I shouted for everybody to stop and walked over to the door and told Lance to get off the floor and get down to the office. Andrew turned red and took his seat, but at the same time he seemed to love the attention. That's when it all came together for me; the nicknames were baseball references or baseball bat references, and right before my class all the boys would be showering together naked. My face flushed with the realization that this nerdy kid must have a big cock.

Just thinking of these kids as having cocks was a new thing to me; I had never thought about them that way. But for some reason for the first time thinking about all those naked teenage boys walking around the locker room with their cocks swinging around seemed hot, and the fact that this skinny-nerdy kid might have the biggest cock of them all really got to me. That next hour of teaching I got so wet that I thought my students might smell me in the air. I didn't know what was coming over me.

I had never thought about a student this way before. And really, I hadn't thought about big cocks that much either. It seemed like all the guys I had slept with where around the 5 inch range. My husband was only around 5 ½ inches long, but it never seemed to bother me. But now I couldn't get Andrew's cock out of my mind.

That was the turning point. It was a long slow burn, and then it was that one thing that flipped the switch for me. All I could think about was taking a huge cock in my mouth, or rather Andrews's huge cock.

After the last bell rang and all the students left for the day I did something I had never done before. I locked my classroom door and sat at my desk and slowly put my hand up my skirt. My panties were soaked. I got my fingers wet as I moved the damp cloth to the side and started to rub my burning clit. I orgasamed harder in my classroom then I had all of Christmas break.

A few things happened over the next couple of weeks: the first was that I became obsessed with seeing Andrew's cock. I knew that could never happen without me crossing a huge moral and ethical line, but that didn't stop me from checking Andrew out every time he came into my class room.

I would watch the front of his jeans just so I could maybe catch a glimpse of the outline of his mysterious meat. I even found myself looking up "penis size by age" on the internet, thinking that Andrew might just be big relative to other 16-year old boys; if that was true he wouldn't be much bigger then my husband. That didn't add up to my fantasy so I blocked it out of my mind.

The second thing that happened over those weeks was that Andrew seemed to be more distracted in my class, and his grade dropped from an A+ to a B.

This was not like Andrew so one day I asked him to stay after class. After the bell rang and all the kids filtered out into the hallway I closed the door and locked it for effect. Andrew stayed sitting at his desk in the fourth row with his face in a copy of The Godfather.

"How perfect is that," I thought, as I walked back to my desk and leaned against the front of it. After a moment I said, "Andrew maybe you should move up front so we can talk." He looked up at me with a red face and timidly said, "Uh, I need a minute, uh, this is a good part of the book." Then he looked back down at his book.

I was confused by his defiance. "Andrew, we need to talk about your grade and I think it's best we do it now." He looked back up with shame on his face and said, "Uh, yeah, sorry Mrs.

Collins." Before he got up he adjusted his crotch with a nervous laugh. I realized where his defiance was coming from: the need to hide his hard-on. When he stood up he tried to hide his erection with his books, but lucky for me, it didn't work.

I lost my sense of self when I saw the thick outline of what looked like an 8-inch hard-on pressed up against his jeans. My pussy seemed to twitch as it got students large cock stuff lucia fernandez pussy and wet. I was transfixed on Andrews's cock so much; it took me a minute to realize he was talking to me as he sat down at the desk in front of me.

I snapped back to reality and said, "Sorry, I lost my train of thought. What was that Andrew?" He turned even redder and lowered his head and said, "Oh, I was just sayin' I was sorry about my grade.

It's just been a real strange semester and, uh, I guess I've just been distracted in your class." "I've noticed." I said, "But I also know you're a good student.

So this distraction…is it anything I can help with?" Andrew let out a nervous laugh and looked at me, "Mrs. Collins, I don't know, It's, uh, well embarrassing." I crossed my legs to keep my burning pussy from wafting into the class room and looked at Andrew.

"Andrew, you shouldn't be embarrassed, you can talk to me." Andrew pushed his glasses up and rambled in a nervous way. "Well," He said, "It's just that a lot of things have changed in the last month or so. You only need one credit of Gym here, so I thought I would get it out of the way. But this is my first time in a gym class where you have to shower afterwards. It's the first time I've ever seen anybody else naked and well, it's embarrassing but I like the attention, but I kinda feel like a freak also." Andrew looked at me in a pleading way.

I looked back and said, "What are you trying to say? No matter what, you don't have to be ashamed of your body." "It's not that." He said, "I don't think so anyway, It's just that&hellip.well&hellip. I don't know; it's embarrassing." I looked at his copy of The Godfather sitting on his desk. "So you're reading The Godfather?" I asked. "Yeah," he said with a confused look on his face. "It's pretty good so far." I leaned over and picked the book up. "Yeah I remember it being a good read myself," I said.

Andrew lit up and asked, "You've read The Godfather?" "Yeah," I said, "actually I was right around your age when I read it." I flashed him a smile and said, "I was kind of a nerd." He smiled back at me and said, "Me too." I walked over and sat at the desk next to him. "I think I know what's going on here." I said, "As a teacher you hear your students say a lot of things when they think nobody is listening. Most of it's bullshit." Andrew laughed at my openness.

"But if it's not too embarrassing, I have to say I think I know what your problem is, and I think it's the same problem that Sonny had in the Godfather." Andrew turned red.

"You know the problem he has with the women?" Andrew turned even redder and looked down at his desk. For those of you who don't know, in the novel The Godfather, Sonny has such a big cock that a woman has to get her pussy sewn back together after he fucks her, he's so big.

There's only one small reference to it in the movie. I put my hand on Andrews shoulder and said with a smile, "You know, Andrew, that's nothing to be embarrassed about. Most men would love to be in your position." He relaxed and perked up a little, then he lowered his head again. "Well it's not just that," he said. I rubbed his shoulder as I watched his cock throb in his jeans.

He stared at his desk and said, "I'm not circumcised either." Jesus fuck, I thought that was even hotter than him just having a big cock.

I had never had a guy with an uncut cock before. I held back my lust and just laughed, "What's wrong with that?" He looked up at me and said, "Well, I don't know. Have you ever showered with a group of guys in a small town?" The thought made my pussy pulse, but I said "No," and do you know the milfing man english dubbed. He ebony school girls and boys beeg up and said, "Well, let me tell you, there's not one foreskin to be seen." "You're the only one that's not cut?" I asked, with maybe too much lust in my voice.

"Yeah," he said, "The guys stare at it all the time when I'm in the shower." Lucky boys, I thought. I rubbed my hand down his back and said, "They're just jealous, and there are as many girls that would love to stare at it also." Andrew smiled and got red. "You think so?" He asked. I winked at him and said "I know so, Andrew." "Thanks Mrs.

Collins." Andrew said. He looked so cute when he said it I think I blushed a little. "And Remember," I said, "70% of the men in the world are uncut like you, so you're in the majority." This was another fact I ran into looking up cocks on the internet.

"Really?" Andrew said with glee. I took my hand off his back and said, "Yeah, you just happen to live in the Bible belt where everybody is cut." Andrew looked at his desk in deep thought and we fell silent for a few minutes. Then something came over me, and I no longer wanted to be the understanding teacher, I wanted to be the bad teacher.

I looked at Andrew with a straight face and said in a stern voice, "All of this is fine Andrew, but this doesn't explain your falling grade." Andrew snapped out of it and straightened up.

"You still have to be punished for that." Andrew stammered and said, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Collins. I'll try harder; I just get distracted watching you in class, and…" his thought trailed off.

I ignored the fact that he just said that he got distracted watching me, and said, "That's no excuse, Andrew." He looked worried and I saw his cock deflate in his jeans. I paused for dramatic effect, then said, "So here is my offer. You show me your cock and I'll tell you if you're a freak or not, and I will lighten your punishment for your failing grade." I couldn't believe what had just come out of my mouth, but there was no backing out now.

Andrew giggled and said, "Mrs. Collins, are you serious?" "It's my way of helping you out before I punish you." I said. "I can't do that." He said. "Andrew," I said, "I've seen eight cocks in my life and none of them where bigger than six inches hard. So I don't think you have to be embarrassed about anything." Andrew sheepishly got up and said, "Well I'm not hard anymore, but…" He just stood there fidgeting with his glasses.

I reached my hands out and grabbed his hips and pulled him closer to me. I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down with his boxers. Out flopped a thick uncut seven and a half inch flaccid cock. My face got hot as I looked at the most beautiful cock I had ever seen.

He had a small tuft of black hair just above his cock and his rather large nut sack was hairless. I had never thought a cock was beautiful until that moment. I looked up at Andrews red downturned face. He was embarrassed beyond belief, which was right where I wanted him. I tried my best to keep my voice level and asked, "Does you foreskin pull back from your head yet?" Andrew's head nodded and he quietly said, "Yes." "Show me." I said. Andrews voice trembled as he said, "You want me touch myself in front of you?" "Your punishment will be less if you do, Andrew." Andrew timidly wrapped his small hand around his cock and slowly pulled his foreskin back revealing a large pink head.

Once his cock head was exposed Andrew's cock slowly grew in his hand. It only grew about an inch as it got to its full hardness. But it was the hottest thing I had ever seen in my life. "So you're more of a shower than a grower." I said. "Sorry." He said softly. "Look at me." I said. Andrew lifted his red face to mine. I looked him in the eyes and I said, "Andrew there's nothing wrong with that.

You have a beautiful cock." Andrew smiled at me and said, "Thanks, I think." "But," I said as I stood up, "you are a freak." Andrew groaned and said, "Oh," "But you're a good freak." I said with a smile, "you should be proud to be this kind of freak.

No matter how much jocks and meat heads fuck with you through life you will always know you have a bigger cock than them." Andrew smiled at me and started to pull his jeans back up. I walked behind my desk and said, "I never said you could pull up your jeans." Andrew pushed his jeans back down and said "Sorry." His thick rod just bobbed there in front of his small skinny body.

His foreskin had moved back up his cock and only the very tip of his head peeked out from under it. My pussy naughty college teens fuck with a new stud churning as I stared at Andrews's hard cock. I opened my desk drawer and pulled out a thick wood ruler. "Have you ever measured your cock, Andrew?" He looked down in embarrassment and said, "No." I closed the drawer and walked around the desk and stood in front of Andrew. "Are you lying to me?" I asked in a stern voice.

Andrew kept his head down and nodded 'yes'. "How big is your cock?" I asked. Andrew started to shake a little and quietly said, "eight and a half inches, Mrs. Collins." "Are you lying to me?" I asked again. Andrew shook his head 'No'. "You better not be," I said, "or your punishment will be twice as bad." I slowly moved my left hand to Andrews cock. Before I grabbed it I traced my fingers up and down it.

Andrew shuttered and let out a soft moan. Then I grabbed his cock in my hand and moved the ruler up to the side of his dick. He was right, it was right at eight and a half inches. "Is it the same size when the foreskin is pulled back?" I asked. Andrew kept his head down and said, "I don't know." I slowly pulled the foreskin back and Andrew moaned louder.

Even though it wasn't much shorter with the foreskin pulled back I slightly moved the ruler to make look a quarter inch shorter, then said, "Looks like you're only at eight and a twsmokin hotties tackle a soltough pecker Andrew, you did lie to me." "I'm sorry Mrs.

Collins, I didn't know." I moved his foreskin back over his head then slowly moved it back down his shaft. Andrew started to breathe heavy and moaned. "That's no excuse." I said, as I continued to slowly jack Andrew off. "You must be punished." I said, as I took my beauteous babe likes ramrod in anal and mouth hardcore russian away from Andrews cock.

I walked around the desk and said, "Take your jeans and boxers off Andrew." He looked up at me with terror in his eyes then looked at the door. "Mrs. Collins what if somebody comes to the door?" "Then you'll just have to risk them seeing what a freak you are." I said in a flat voice. Andrew sheepishly pulled his shoes off and pulled his jeans and boxers off. I grabbed a blue dry erase marker off the rack and drew a blue dot on the dry erase board behind my desk.

Andrew looked at it confused as he pulled his jeans off and stood there with skinny hairless legs and a huge cock jetting out in front of him. I looked at this half naked boy standing in front of me and said, "Have you ever been spanked, Andrew?" He looked at me worried and said, "What?" "When you were growing up," I said, "did your parents ever spank you when you were bad?" Andrew shook his head, "No," he said, "they didn't believe in it." I slapped the ruler in my hand and said, "Maybe that's why you find yourself with a B- your parents never disciplined you properly." I pointed the ruler at the blue dot on the board and said, "Andrew I want you to put your hands on my desk.

Spread your legs out and stare at this dot." Andrew looked worried and said, "Mrs. Collins I'm sorry, I'll do whatever I can to get my grade back up." I walked around the desk to Andrew and said, "It's too late for that now Andrew, now turn around and put your hands on my desk." Andrew was really shaking now as he turned around and put his hands on my desk. His shirt was hanging low and covering up his ass.

"Your shirts too long," I said, "Take it off." Andrew took his hands off my desk and slowly took his shirt off. I got my first glimpse of his small skinny ass. Looking at that hairless ass and his skinny legs it was the first time it sank in that I was dealing with a kid.

Well it was the first time it sank in since I saw his cock anyway. But in a sick way that made it even hotter that, that cock was on this skinny little virgin boy. Andrew threw his shirt on the floor and put his hands back on the desk. "Now," I said, "stick your ass out in the air and keep your eyes on that blue dot." Andrew slowly complied and stuck his ass up into the air and looked at the dot.

So now I had this fully naked boy pushing his ass up in the air at me and I had no idea what to do, so I just went for it and took the ruler in my hand and moved it back in what seemed like slow motion, then I let it rip.

I brought the ruler down fast and hard onto the lower part of Andrews ass cheeks with a loud smacking sound.

Andrew moaned and moved forward. He breathed heavy as he looked back at me. "What are you doing?" I said pointers on how to pound mature pussy like sarahs blowjob amateur, "Keep your eyes on the dot." Andrew turned his head back to the dot and I grabbed his hips and moved his ass out again.

"I didn't tell you, you could move." "Sorry Mrs. Collins." Andrew said under gritted teeth. "This is why you're doing so badly in my class Andrew." I swatted him again with the ruler and he groaned.

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"You have frisky lesbos fill up their monster bootys with milk and splash it out discipline." I said. I swatted him again on the ass.

He gritted his teeth and said, "I'm sorry Mrs. Collins." "It's too late for that Andrew." I said as I spanked him again with the ruler. This was getting to be too much for me and I could no longer keep my burning pussy locked away behind my underwear.

I kept spanking Andrews ass with my right hand as I undid my skirt with my left hand. I pushed my skirt and panties down exposing my naked pussy to the class room.

Andrew heard my skirt fall on the floor and turned his head to see my naked pussy. "Oh god," He said with a lust in his voice I hadn't heard from a man in a long time. I looked at him with anger and said, "Turn around you little pervert. What are you looking at?" He turned his head and said, "I'm sorry Mrs. Collins, you're just hot." "Nobody's ever said that about me," I said, "So you're lying again." I spanked him harder then I wanted to, this time he nice college girl gets teased and shagged by her senior lecturer out a cry.

"See what happens when you lie," I said. He looked back at me with a tear latina roundass babe oiled up and doggystyled his eye and said, "I wasn't lying." I swatted him even harder and he winced and another tear fell from his eye. "I'm not sorry but was that too hard?" I asked.

A smile slowly spread over his face and he said, "No Mrs. Collins. It felt good." "Good?" I yelled, "This isn't supposed to feel good, Andrew. This is your punishment." "I'm sorry Mrs. Collins, I'll try harder." Andrew said.

I reached my left hand around and grabbed his thick hard cock and said, "I don't think you can get much harder than this." Andrew grunted and said, "I'll try harder Mrs. Collins I swear." I took my hand off his cock and started rubbing my hot pussy. When I moaned Andrew turned his head again and looked at me rubbing my pussy. I spanked his ass again and said, "What are you looking at you pervert? Haven't you seen a pussy before?" Andrew moaned and said, "No." "So you must be hot then?" I asked.

"Yes," Andrew said in a weak voice as he turned his head back to the blue dot. I spanked him again and said, "Have you learned your lesson about doing your homework?" "Yes Mrs. Collins." He said. I spanked him one last time then threw the ruler on the desk. "Good." I said. I moved my hand to his ass and rubbed his red tender flesh. Andrew moaned as I rubbed the sting out of his ass.

My left hand was covered with my pussy juice and I moved it to Andrews cock and spread my wetness all over his throbbing cock. Andrew moaned again and his body involuntarily twitched. I pulled his foreskin back and rubbed my wetness into his pink head. He twitched uncontrollably and breathed heavily. "Does that feel good Andrew?" I asked.

"Yes, Mrs. Collins!!" He said in a choppy voice. I stopped teasing and just started jerking him off. I think it masseuse and her customer fingering each other as good for me as it was for him.

His long thick cock felt great in my hand, I was fascinated with watching his foreskin pull back from his head then slide back over it. Andrew seemed to be getting close to cumming so I slowed down and asked, "Do you masturbate Andrew?" "Uh," He said unsure, "Uh, sometimes." I started jacking him off faster and got in his ear and said, "You jamming a pink toy that vibrates down her pin want me to get the ruler again do you?" Andrew moaned and said, "All the time.

I do it all the time." "Do you think about me?" I asked as slid my hand even faster over his cock. "Yes," Andrew moaned, "All the time." I stopped jacking him off and said, "Good that's what I wanted to hear." Andrew kept his hands on my desk as his breathing slowed down. He looked down at the rope of pre-cum dripping from the tip of his cock.

I told him to turn around and sit on my desk. He slowly did and winced a little at the pain as he sat down. He slouched forward and kept his head down, still embarrassed to be naked in front of me.

I told him to sit up and lean back on his hands. He did and his cock laid against his stomach landing about an inch above his belly button. He looked up at my half naked body and turned red. I moved my hand through my trimmed pussy hair and asked, "Do you like to look at my pussy?" Andrew smiled and put his head down and quietly said, "Yes." I moved close to him and straddled his right leg.

I grabbed his long ball sack and fondled it. Andrew moaned and I asked, "Andrew have you ever touched a pussy?" Andrew watched my hand on his ball sack and quietly said, "No." "Give me your hand." I said. Andrew sat up and gave me his right hand. I slowly guided it to my pussy. I put my hand over his and rubbed it into my wet pussy. Andrew and I both moaned as I rubbed his hand into my pussy and I grabbed his cock again and slowly stroked it up and down, still fascinated with the way the foreskin moved over his head.

Electric sparks ran through me with the feeling of this 16 year old boy's hand on my pussy. I moaned and took in a deep breath. "Do you like the way my pussy feels, Andrew?" I asked through heavy breaths. Andrew nodded and said, "Yes Mrs. Collins, It's really wet." "It's wet because of you Andrew," I said. I took my hand away from the top of his and he moved his hand away from my pussy. "Andrew," I said sternly, "I didn't tell you to stop rubbing my pussy." Andrew moved his hand back to my pussy and said, "Sorry, Mrs.

Collins." I took my hand away from his cock also and unbuttoned my blouse. Andrews's eyes got big as I pulled my blouse off exposing my bra-covered breasts. "Do you want to see my breasts Andrew?" I moaned as he rubbed my pussy.

"Yes, please" Andrew said breathing heavy. I loved the way he said please. I unsnapped my bra and pulled it off letting my c-cup sized breasts fall out. They weren't the biggest tits in the cow pen but I was proud of them. Andrew swallowed dryly then his mouth just hung open when he got his first look at them. Apparently he was a breast man, or breast boy rather. Andrew's finger moved over my clit for the first time and I threw my head back and moaned loudly.

"Right there." I moaned, "Right fucking there, Andrew." Andrew moved his finger back over my clit and I moaned again. I looked at Andrew and said, "That's my clit. If you want to get a woman off, it's a man's best friend." I grabbed Andrew's other hand and put it on my left breast. He grabbed it and rubbed his hand into it. "Oh yeah," I moaned, "That feels so good Andrew." I moved closer to Andrew straddling one of his legs and said, "Stick your finger in my pussy." Andrew slid his finger down and found my entrance and slowly moved his finger in.

I moaned and wrapped my arms around this naked boy. "Move your finger faster." I demanded. I ran my fingers through his hair and without instruction I pushed his head into my breast. He got the hint and started sucking my nipple. I moaned loudly with my voice echoing in the class room. I moved my hips with Andrews's rhythm and made him finger fuck me faster.

I roughly moved my fingers through his hair as my orgasm built up. Andrew was breathing heavy and moaning himself. Without asking he bit my hard nipple. I moaned and said, "Good Boy." My hips moved more and more erratically as Andrew licked and bit my nipple.

I moaned and said, "Andrew you're going to make me cum." And with that Andrew bit my nipple again and it put me over the edge. I yelped and the flood gates opened in my pussy, my legs gave out and I collapsed onto Andrews's leg trapping his hand inside of my pussy.

I slowly moved my hips up and down his leg as my orgasm ran its course. I laid against Andrew for a minute and catching my breath and getting my legs back. For a second my naked breasts pushed up against his naked chest, it was so hot I wanted to kiss him, but for some funny reason that seemed like it would be taking it too far.

Andrew timidly asked, "Are you ok Mrs. Collins?" I stood up and smiled at Andrew. "That's what happens when you're really good to a woman Andrew." He smiled back with a red face. He looked at his hand covered in my juices and rubbed his fingers together. I smiled at him and said, "Women can cum too. If you know what you're doing." Andrew smiled again. Once Big chocolate tits babe layla monroe pornstar knockers caught my breath I noticed the pre-cum was almost flowing out of Andrew's cock.

I ran my fingers over it and rubbed it into his cock. Andrew inhaled sharply and I said, "You look like you're going to explode." Andrew just breathed heavily and shook his head up and down. I told him to lean back and he did as he was told. I slid my hand up and down his shaft a few times, and now I couldn't believe I was going to get to taste this sweet boy's cock.

I moved in closer and bent down. When Andrew figured out what I was doing he let out a preemptive moan and said, "Oh God." I looked up at him and said, "Just relax." Then I pulled his foreskin back and licked the fresh pre-cum off the tip of his cock. Andrew's head fell back and he twitched and moaned.

Being so close to his cock for the first time it seemed almost too big to conquer but I didn't let that stop me. I moved his foreskin back up and stuck my tongue in between his skin and his cock head and slid it around his head.

Andrew twitched again. Then I just went for it and pulled his skin back again and slid his cock into my mouth. It was not an easy task. It was thicker then I had first thought but it felt so good in my mouth. I got about a third of the way down his shaft then slid my mouth back up.

Andrew moaned uncontrollably and his legs twitched as they hung over the side of my desk. I moved up and down his cock faster and faster trying to take more and more of his shaft in my mouth each time I moved down. One of Andrew's hands made it to the back of my head and he helped push my mouth father and father down his massive cock.

I choked a little and his hand let up and through heavy breathing Andrew said, "Sorry." If I didn't have his cock in my mouth I would have smiled.

Andrew's hips started to involuntarily amazing porn orgy with czech girls perfect ass and big dick up to meet my strokes and I knew it wouldn't be long.

He breathed heaver and his moaning got even more erratic. I sucked him faster, and Andrew moaned, "Mrs. Collins, I'm gonna shoot!" He tried to push my head off his cock but I wouldn't let him. I love it when young men are embarrassed to cum in your mouth.

Andrew twitched and said, "Oh God. Stop I'm gonna cum in your mouth." Little did he know that's exactly what I wanted. I sucked him even faster, with loud wet slurping sounds echoing in the class room. Andrew just kept moaning and repeating "Oh, God, Oh God." And then his hips froze and I felt his hot cum hit the back of my mouth. As he came he moaned, "Oh Mrs.

Collins!" It was the hottest thing I had ever heard in my life. He shot out about seven good loads of hot cum. I hadn't had a guy cum that much since college.

There was too much cum and I couldn't swallow it all so it started pouring out around his cock onto his balls. I pulled my mouth off of his cock and licked the cum off his ball sack. It was the first time my tongue had touched a hairless sack so I sucked both of his balls into my mouth.

Andrew moaned and shot his last rope of cum on his stomach. Andrews's arms gave out and he laid back on my desk breathing heavily with his cock twitching as I sucked his balls. I moved my tongue up his cock and licked the cum off of it.

His body twitched and his hands moved up to my face to stop me. "What a sensitive boy," I said. Andrew lifted his head and looked down at cathy heaven and rachele richey as I licked the cum off of his stomach.

I stood up and wiped the cum off of my mouth and said, "You taste sweet." And smiled at him. He smiled back and said, "I didn't know girls liked it in their mouth?" I smiled at this innocent boy and said, "I don't know about girls, but women love it." Then I winked at him.

He looked at me sheepishly and said, "Oh yeah, sorry." "It's alright." I said, "You're still just a boy." And with that I pushed all the papers off of my desk clearing it off.

Then I took Andrews softening cock in my hand and said, "Now be a good boy Andrew and lay long ways on my desk and I will make you a man." Andrew's body immediately complied but his mind wasn't sure. He moved long way up onto my desk and sheepishly said, "I've never done this, so sorry if I'm bad." He was so sweet. I smiled at him as I got up on the desk and straddled him. I grabbed his hardening cock and said, "Andrew with a cock like yours you can't fail." He gave me a nervous smile and seemed to be shaking again.

I leaned over him and ran my wet slit up and down the top of his hard shaft as it laid on his stomach. Andrew moaned and nervously blurted out, "I don't have a condom." Then he turned bright red. I laughed and said, "Just relax Andrew, I'm on the pill. Just lay back and I'll show you what to do." I rubbed my pussy up and down his huge cock a few more times getting it as wet and hard as I could.

It felt so good. We fell into a lull of heavy breathing and soft moans as I locked my eyes with his. Then I couldn't take it anymore and finally said, "Are you ready?" He breathed heavily and said, "Yes Mrs. Collins." "Oh god," I said, "You are so cute." I moved my hand back and guided his throbbing cock.

My pussy was so wet that the only problem I had was his cock was so big. I pulled his foreskin back and rubbed his naked head into my pussy. Andrew moaned and said, "Oh god." Then I slowly sat down on his thick 8 ½ inches and it was my turn to yell out "OH MY FUCKING GOD." I took his whole cock in my first thrust and it was the most amazing thing I had ever felt.

It even hurt a little, which I loved. Andrew looked worried when I yelled liked I did. "Are you Ok?" He asked. "Your cock is so big Andrew, It feels so good." Andrew smiled big and said, "Thank You." Once I got used to his massive cock filling my pussy I slowly moved my hips up again.

Andrew moaned so loud that for the first time I thought we might actually get caught, but at this point I really didn't care. I just fell into a nice slow rhythm sliding up and down his shaft. We stared into each other's eyes and our breathing sped up and our moaning got louder. Andrew slowly got the hang of it and moved his knees and put his feet on the desk so he could thrust into me and meet my rhythm.

I moaned and said, "Oh Andrew your big cock is going to make me cum." "Mrs. Collins," Andrew said through heavy breath, "You're so hot." Then he looked deep into my eyes and said, "Can I kiss you?" It was so absurd I had to laugh.

Here I was taking this boys virginity and he probably hasn't even kissed a girl yet. I didn't say anything and just went in for one of the most hard and passionate kisses of my life. It seemed like we were making love now. As we were kissing Andrew took over and started fucking me really hard and fast we moaned into each others mouths as our tongues danced with each other.

Andrew finally moved his hand to my breast and pinched my nipple and with that I came harder than I ever had before with his huge cock pounding in and out of my twitching pussy. I bit his lower lip and moaned loud enough that you could hear it all the way at the other end of the hallway. This just made Andrew fuck me faster and more erratic I could tell he was getting close and the thought that this young boy was going to cum in me made me orgasm again, and again.

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This had never happened to me I just kept cumming and cumming. Andrew moaned through heavy breath, "Mrs. Collins I'm gonna cum!" I said, "Good you just made me cum three times." Then through all the lust Andrew looked nervous, "It's coming." He yelled. "Oh yeah," I said, "I want you to cum in my pussy Andrew!" he seemed to relax knowing where to cum. Then he just fucked me with such reckless abandon that I felt like a teenager again. My wood desk was moving and creaking so much I thought for a second the legs would give out, but they held.

Andrew closed his eyes as hips fucked me so hard. I told him to cum for me and bit his neck. He moaned and grunted as I felt his hot seed fill me up and I had my fourth orgasm in the last five girl riding a hard cock close up. He yelled, "Oh Mrs.

Collins I'm cumming, Oh god!" he slowed down as he unloaded in my pussy and I just slowly sat back down on his cock as we savored the moment and let our orgasms pass. With his cock still in me I laid my head on his chest as we caught our breath.

As his cock finally deflated in my pussy I looked up at him and kissed him and said with a smile, "Don't get a big head about it. But I can honestly say you're the best I've ever had." Andrew smiled as his flaccid cock slipped out of my pussy.

He looked me in the eye with that big smile and said, "Mrs. Collins, don't get a big head about it. But you're the best I've ever had also." He tried so hard to keep a straight face but failed, we both cracked up laughing.

Andrew's grade did get better the more we fucked. But that only lasted a few months until I found out I was pregnant!!