Kagney linn karter tits to die for

Kagney linn karter tits to die for
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As Jenny and I left that morning we both wondered just how this was going to turn out, we both had some fantasies fulfilled and were still talking about how exciting it was to make love with Beth, a lovely young black waitress working in a strip club we visited. We were riding and Jenny was sitting behind me and kept playing with my nipples and whispering in my ear how exciting it was to lick Beth's pussy and have her do the same, and how hot it was to see my rock hard cock pumping into Beth's black pussy.

This was making my cock rise and very uncomfortable in my jeans. It just so happened around the next turn was a state park and being during the week was almost deserted, it seemed a perfect place to stop and give Jenny what she had been asking for all day, a good hard fucking.

We pulled in and stopped and Jenny jumped off and started taking her clothes off as she ran towards a few pine trees where there were soft needles lying around. Watching her run naked was a pleasure and when I got there she was on her knees and was rubbing her pussy and sticking 2 fingers in there already, I pulled off my clothes and kneeled down and shoved my hard cock matildee e filha se exibindo na web cam into her wet pussy, It felt wonderful, I kept sliding in and out just keeping the head of my cock in and then driving back until I felt my cock bottom out in her pussy, we were such a great match, seemed her pussy and my hard cock were just made for each other.

We fucked for several minutes and I felt my cum starting to rise, out of the corner of my eye I caught some movement behind some bushes, I slid my cock slowly from Jenny's pussy and whispered for her to look at the bushes. I continued to slide in and out of Jenny but without as much enthusiasm as before, I really wanted to see who was there and how Jenny might handle this situation.

Jenny told me to lay down she wanted to ride my cock, so I pulled out, laid down and watched her pussy engulf my hard cock.

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Now she could see what was going on in the bushes, she started fucking me with a slow rhythm and watching to see who might be there. After a bit we both heard voices and the rustling of the bushes. Jenny asked what should we do, I told her it was up to her, but remember we didn't know who was back there, Jenny kept riding my cock and squeezing it with her pussy muscles until I was almost ready to cum, but she stopped and shouted, "We know you're watching, so you might as well come on over and get a closer look".

We heard whispers and giggling and a soft voice asked are you sure, both Jenny and I said at the same time, "we're sure." Jenny had got off my cock and we both sat up to see who was coming out, well it was 2 teen aged girls, they looked to be 18, at least I hoped they were.

They walked over and sat down. They were both watching us and couldn't take their eyes off of Jenny's lovely naked body or my hard cock, although it had lost some of its stiffness, but was still sticking up half-mast I guess. We talked a bit and they explained they were freshman in the local college and were here on a trip to study wild life around the lake.

They laughed and said we never thought we would find anything as wild as two people fucking, Jenny and I both laughed and said, sorry we got carried away.

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They were both very friendly and asked if we would continue, as they had never seen anything so exciting in their life. I looked at Jenny and she said, " I love an audience" and leaned over and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it.

It didn't take long for it to become hard and wet. I couldn't decide which to watch, the girls or Jenny sucking the head of my cock in and out of that lovely mouth.

Maybe I better describe these two hotties, both probably 110 lbs., again I hope 18, both were in cut off jeans, and I mean really cut off, and bikini tops. Karen was a redhead with a killer set of tits that looked way out of place on such a small body, but still made me look, and Katie was much smaller chested, I would guess a small B cup, you know the kind, perky and cute.

They were both really watching Jenny as she kept taking my cock out and rubbing it along her lips, just so the girls could see I'm sure. After maybe 10 minutes of this the girls slide closer together and danejones big tits beautiful sex sticky wet pussy kissing each other right in front of us.

Jenny was still sucking my cock and she reached over and began to play with Karen's nipple through the top. With that Katie reached around Karen and untied the knot and the most wonderful set of tits with nipples the size of marbles spilled out, Jenny really had access to them and was pulling and twisting them and Karen was moaning like crazy. Karen then untied Katie's top and I had never seem titties like these, they were small and perky but they had the largest areoles ever, they actually started at the nipple, which was almost non existent and went over half way towards the base of her tits.

The girls were still kissing and playing with each other when Jenny left my cock and german women xxxmax sex lot of money towards them.

She was playing with both of their nipples, and I know hot ebony getting horny and fucked blowjob cock was hard to decide which to play with, but she was doing a great job.

The girls then started kissing along Jenny's face and lips and I have never seen such tongue action, ever. They pushed Jenny to the ground and began to lick and kiss her entire body. I got up on my knees and laid my cock on Jenny's lips and she started sucking it again, well the girls came up and started licking on both side as Jenny sucked the head and shaft.

I was almost in heaven and my cum was busting to get through. They both started kissing down Jenny's body and I warned them about staying away from her nipples, they both looked at me really strange and kissed around her tits and down her stomach, Katie was licking Jenny's belly button and Karen had gotten between Jenny's legs and started licking her pussy.

Jenny was sucking my cock and moaning, I couldn't stand it any longer, I told the girls to watch and pulled my hard cock from Jenny's lips, stroked it twice and the cum started shooting out and hitting Jenny on the chest and her nipples.

Both girls started back up and as they reached Jenny's nipples they looked and asked if it was ok, I smiled and assured them it was, so Karen had 1 nipple and Katie had the other, and as soon as they began sucking and licking Jenny's nipples, you guessed it, she started cumming, moaning and bucking, the girls were really surprised but kept right on sucking Jenny's nipples until Jenny screamed for them to stop, she had enough.

Both girls asked at the same time what the hell happened, and I explained how sensitive Jenny's nipples are and all it took to make her cum was sucking them. The 3 of them relaxed on the ground and just cuddled. The girls explained that they were both virgins, but had been lovers since their first classes in high school. I would like to have had the chance to fuck either or both of them but it didn't seem like the time or place to relieve them of their virginity.

We talked a bit, and we did eventually get each other's names and phone numbers, and the girls asked if they could come visit when we got home.

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Jenny and I both expressed that it would be fine. We all got dressed, Karen and Katie hugged and kissed us both goodbye and thanked us for the most exciting experiences of their young life. I'm sure someone will get lucky enough to sunny leone 3xx sex stories 2019 more exciting times with these two. Jenny and I rode off, and as we rode I keep thinking back how buying a motorcycle and stopping to help a damsel in distress had lead to such fun times.

Jenny and I stopped for dinner and as we sat finishing our desert I told Jenny I had something to talk to her about, she got really sad looking and asked, you're not leaving me are you? I smiled and said no Jenny I want you to come home with me and stay and on second thought, " Will you marry me when we get there" Jenny jump across the table right in my lap, started kissing me and screamed " YES ".

We're now heading home and neither are sure how things will go but it looks to be a great time for the both of us. I guess we found something we were both looking for, love and friendship, not to mention great sex partners.