New english medium sexy story sex stories

New english medium sexy story sex stories
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The phone woke up Bridget and Dewayne. It was the wake-up call they requested. They wanted to eat the complimentary breakfast even if it meant not getting a full 8 hours on the first night of their week's vacation. They could always go back to bed. Hurriedly they put on their clothes and walked downstairs and across the parking lot to the main lobby.

In the breakfast room they noticed another couple in the corner. Both wore tee shirts from "Kent's Erotic Photography." The lady had a "J" on her purse. "I think that's them," Bridget whispered.

"Don't look anymore than you have to. I could be wrong. Get a table on the other side of the room as far away from them as you can at least until we check them out more." "What's to check out? They appear to be pretty cool," Dewayne said.

"Shit, let's go for it. I'm going to sit near them and find out for sure." As the parties eyed each other, Dewayne spoke up. "Bridget, will you get me a knife from the counter. I forgot to get one while I was there." Taking the hint she said. "Sure Dewayne." When she got back to the table the other lady said, "Excuse me, did I talk to you on the phone last night?

I'm Janelle and this is Kent." Janelle appeared to be only 2 or 3 years older than Bridget. She had very long bleached-blonde hair as compared to Bridget's shoulder length sandy blonde curls. Bridget noticed the tongue ring in Janelle's mouth and some ink on her biceps and on ankles. Despite the early hour, Janelle appeared made up for the evening.

Her halter revealed a perfect athletic figure that only comes from continual aerobic workouts. Kent had a much smaller build than Dewayne's construction worker body. He too appeared about 3 or 4 years older but about 20 to 30 pounds lighter. He appeared to have a large bulge in his shorts. Kent probably had even fewer body hairs than Dewayne but he certainly had a better haircut.

Like many construction workers, Dewayne seldom visited a barbershop. After shaking hands the two couples exchanged small talk, before getting to the main topic. "We'd love to accept the offer you made last night, if it still stands that is," Bridget said. "Sure it still stands," Janelle replied with a wink. "We'd be crazy not to hang out with you two hotties." "We've been planning on going to the beach since we got here," Bridget replied.

"We'll work up a good appetite for dinner though. Busty stepmom and sweet teen nasty some beach really takes it out of you. What time and where do you want to meet?" They agreed to meet at 6:30 p.m. in the hotel bar. They'd go to a nice restaurant and then decide the rest of the evening's activities over dinner.

"You're probably heading to the beach that's a block from here, but if you don't mind driving about 15 minutes, there is a great private beach," Kent suggested. "It costs $50 each to get in. We usually go there because bathing suits are optional and anything goes. And I mean anything you feel like doing, you can do it out in the open." He wrote the directions on the back of one of his business cards.

"Give them a 100 bucks baby," Janelle suggested. "Our treat! Just promise me you won't get too sunburned today. I want you comfortable tonight when we're having fun." Kent explained they already had their day of activities planned too much of it work related. "You guys have a lot of fun at the beach young doctor xnxx boy ang gilr america dating jackson citi dating we'll catch you later." Sitting alone in the breakfast room, except for the attendant who was taking up the food, Bridget and Dewayne talked about what seemed to be a game.

The idea of hanging out with Janelle and Kent excited both of them. "Are you ready to watch me fuck someone else?" Bridget asked Dewayne. "I think I can handle it," he replied sipping coffee. "But you know that you are much more emotional than me about these things. Can you handle the emotions of seeing me fuck that chick? You're going to have to perform in front of me with Kent and maybe even with Janelle. Are you OK with that? Have you thought about being with a woman?" "The last time I was with a girl was back in high school," Bridget explained while eating a piece of fruit.

"Since I met you I hadn't even wanted to be with a woman. That was until last night. Going to the club and dancing with those girls and letting them feel me and me feeling them, I began thinking about what I've been missing. Then what happened after we got here and performing for Janelle and Kent through the condo wall. I think I'm ready. I don't fucking know anymore. Shit is happening too fast." Both agreed that things seemed to be moving very fast and appeared out of control.

But they liked the general direction of events so the next logical step was going to the private stacked blonde starlet has her pussy nailed. No matter what would happen, both really enjoyed the possibilities of the future.

They agreed that they should have handled things differently in the past few months. But as for the immediate present, Bridget had to do something first. She needed a bath. She smelled from the previous evenings sexual activity, and it was very obvious when sitting next to Janelle. But she said there was another reason for taking a bath. "Shave your pussy!" Dewayne whispered in bewilderment after Bridget revealed the real reason for the bath.

Both had an evil gleam in their eye as they left the breakfast area and walked across the parking lot toward the condo holding hands and kissing like newly weds. Once in their hotel room, Bridget peeled off her cutoff's to reveal she wore no underwear to breakfast. Soon her top was also on the floor. Dewayne hung the "Do not disturb" sign on the door. Instantly when the door closed, she grabbed Dewayne by the crotch and pushed him gently toward the bed. Then unzipping his cutoff's she began feeling the warmth of his manhood inside her mouth.

Her tongue played with the tip and encircled the head several times as her hands ran up and down his body. "That's it baby. Suck my cock. Play with it with your fucking tongue.

Get it all wet and hard for me." "I want you to shoot your fucking load all over my face and my hair. I'm going to wash my hair anyway. I want it cum-stained." "Not so fast. I want to fuck that adultmemberzone stacked slut gets the lassiter and amateur fuck hole one last time before you make it the way I have wished for so many times but just never told you.

I want you shaven just like those porn goddesses, but I want you to fuck your hairy pussy now to close a chapter of our marriage." "Yeah, we're closing a lot of things right now," she said dude banged milf pussy outdoors hardcore amateur up and looking her husband in the eye with his cock in her hand.

She also looked in the mirror so she could see and admire both of them naked. "What's happened in the past is gone. I'm starting my new life fresh without any baggage. When I step out of that fucking Jacuzzi tub in a few minutes I'll be a new woman. My bald pussy will be the sign that I'm forever changed. Is there anything else you desire of me? Anything? I will do whatever you want because I love you and will do anything for you no matter what is and no matter how crude or demeaning or submissive or sexual or whatever.

I love you that much." They kissed long and passionately as they caressed each other. Bridget got Dewayne rigid before dropping to her knees and engulfing that stiff cock into her waiting mouth.

Her spit glistened his warm cock. She rubbed herself, making a special effort to feel her pubic hair that soon would be gone. "Let me eat your hairy pussy," Dewayne asked.

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"All this nasty talk gets me so fucking hot. I can't believe we didn't do this shit a long fucking time ago." Getting into their favorite 69-position, with him on bottom and her on top, they started each other's juices flowing. Dewayne could smell the odor on his unbathed wife. Most of it was the smell of day old spit and semen on her body. It was nasty, but he loved it.

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"I hope Janelle and Kent are listening. Let's put on another show for them," Dewayne stated. "Even if they're not, let's celebrate our new fucking lifestyle anyway by fucking the shit out of each other like the nasty mother fucking perverts that we are." Dewayne went down on her. His fingers separated the mounds of womanly flesh to reveal the pink and her clit. His tongue played with her clit at first. Then he lapped the pussy flesh loudly.

Tongue fucking the small opening for a few minutes, he felt her hands push his head even deeper inside. "You like eating my nasty pussy?" Bridget said in a loud voice.

"I love having my pussy licked. I enjoy a hot tongue fucking my horny twat. My cunt is so fucking horny. Eat that fucking shit. Eat my pussy you mother fucker." Coming up for air, Dewayne felt Bridget's mouth make a "b-line" for his rock hard cock. She continued ceremoniously licking the entire shaft one portion at a time. She kept her eyes wide open as she also enjoyed his musty odor.

"Fuck yeah, I love to eat pussy about as much as you love to suck cocks. Oh fuck" Dewayne moaned as Bridget sucked his cock as hard as she ever did before. She was like a horny 16-year old, but with the skills of her 20 years. "You're a great cocksucker. Take it all the way down your mother-fucking throat whore. Gag on that nasty shit.

I want to see that spit ooze from your fucking mouth and down your slut chin." Suddenly the sounds of Janelle and Kent in the next room became clear. That only made Bridget and Dewayne fuck each other louder. Both smiled as they knew she had turned on the other couple.

They let their minds run wild with imagination of what was happening next door as they continued to work each other into a surreal state.

"Give it to me doggie," Bridget asked as she got to her knees and turned around. She faced the adjoining wall. It was clear she was talking to the couple in the other room as much as she was to Dewayne. "Oh fuck yeah! Your fucking cock feels so fucking hot inside my tight pussy," she moaned as he inserted his cock.

The tight fit felt good to both of them. As Bridget relaxed more she could contract her pussy muscles for an even hotter fuck. "My pussy loves being fucked. Fuck me deeper. Make my pussy cum, like you made it cum last night.

Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Cum you fucking pussy." "Rub your clit while I'm fucking your pussy, slut. Play with yourself while you have my cock stuffed in your fucking pussy." In and out, in and out, in and out it rode. Dewayne would stuff it all the way and then withdraw it so he could tease her cunt.

"I love having your fucking cock fuck my pussy," she said as he again resumed the pounding. "My pussy is so fucking horny.

I'm so fucking wet." "Then eat your pussy juice. Suck my cock bitch." Putting her hands behind her back, Bridget licked Dewayne's cock and getting it even wetter than before. Slurping the cock loudly for the couple in the next room, Bridget wanted the mess run down her chin and feel the sensation of each drop of spit falling in the cleavage, down her stomach and eventually in those womanly folds below.

"Oh fuck yeah," he exclaimed as Bridget swallowed every bit of his dick all the way to his balls. Her nose pressed against his stomach. Never colombia tribogota colombianas latinas trios culioneros sexmexicana sexmex argentina had she gone this deep in her mouth. Then she gagged and nearly threw up to keep from chocking. Then she spat on his dick. She got under his scrotum to catch any falling spit.

Her face was a mess. "Open your mouth," he commanded. When she obeyed, he spat in it and immediately she spat on his dick before returning to the doggie. "Fuck yeah," Bridget said as she exhaled as Dewayne inserted his dick.

"Fuck my pussy good. My pussy needs to be fucked hard and often. Fuck me deeper. Oh fuck yeah." "Go pussy to mouth again you fucking dirty slut." After doing as commanded, Bridget went reverse cowgirl facing the mirror.

Now she could see the action, despite that she was facing away from the adjoining room. "Fuck yeah. That's it. I love watching you fuck my cunt. I love watching your cock go in and out of my twat.

I love seeing that fucking dick fuck my dirty pussy. Keep fucking my nasty pussy. I'm getting ready to cum. Make my pussy cum. Make my fucking pussy fucking cum. My fucking pussy wants to fucking cum. Seeing you fuck my pussy is so fucking hot. I love watching my pussy fuck. Oohhhhhhh. Fuck. Fuck me harder." Suddenly she felt her inner most tighten.

The hardness that pounded her began throbbing even more as its internal warmth grew. She arched her back and felt a new wetness inside her womanhood.

The feeling of climax shuttered throughout her entire body but she was yet to be fully satisfied. "Go pussy to mouth again bitch. Don't let my cock go soft. Keep it hard." Going down on him again, Bridget tried to be especially loud with her slurping for the couple next door. Taking a cue from the many porn movies she watched, Bridget again took the entire shaft in her mouth and gagged loudly until she could no longer hold it.

Even when she breathed, it was loud. She loved being like those porn movie whores. From her back she licked Dewayne's shaft while rubbing her clit hard. It didn't take long until she came again. Dewayne then shot his load onto her face and hair as she wanted.

He rubbed the male goo into her face as she sucked and licked the cock savoring every last drop before swallowing it, while rubbing her wet pussy and then sticking her fingers in her mouth. They relaxed in the bed until the hot sex action in the next room ebbed. "Come take a bath with me," Bridget said. "You're going to make me into the woman you've fantasized about.

I want to be that woman. I want to be what you want me to be. If you want me to be a whore and a slut and a bitch, I'll do what ever you want.

I'm ready for whatever lies ahead." As the warm water filled the Jacuzzi, the two kissed and fondled each other standing as the water went past their feet, up to their ankles, then to the lower calf and finally near the knees. Bridget sat down. Dewayne got out to get his razor and shaving cream. When he reentered the water, Bridget stood up. Dewayne knelt in the water.

Before he applied a thick layer of shaving cream on the neatly trimmed patch, he kissed it one last time. "Hold my hand as I shave your pussy," Dewayne commanded. "That way both you and me are shaving your pussy." That worked only for the first few strokes. As Dewayne took firm control of sexy teen pussy lexi diamond2 94 tube porn razor, Bridget let her hands caress her breasts.

She bent over to be sure that Dewayne also completely shaved her ass. "I guess I'm done." Dewayne said with a little hesitation.

Bridget then went over the area herself and got into the deep crevices. She looked at it for a long time, facing the mirror and admiring herself. Dewayne rubbed his fingers over the newly exposed flesh and st class knob sucking session hardcore and blowjob her gently.

"You're beautiful," he whispered with a kiss first on the pussy and then standing on her lips. Bridget then sat in samantha gets fucked by a girl in bed pornstar and lesbian warm water for a few more minutes.

Dewayne followed. They talked about their new lifestyle and how getting away for just a few days was not only the right thing to do, but now seemed liked it was the best thing they ever did for their marriage. They had learned so much about each other's fantasies. Bridget proclaimed that the miscarriage was now completely behind her. She would no longer sulk about things in the past. She no longer carried any guilt.

She also made a startling announcement to further demonstrate her total change in attitude. "When we get out of here, I want you to fuck my ass.

The new Bridget is going to be an ass whore. And the new Bridget is going to be a pussy eater too. I'm now bi." "Oh fuck. You asked me a few minutes ago if there was anything I else I wanted. I should have told then but I didn't. I've never told you but I've wanted to fuck your ass, especially last night. Now can I tell you something else that I've never told you?

If you gonna go bi, I guess I'm ready too. I'm going to suck a cock and be an ass whore too. I guess I've been intrigued with guys while watching porn, just like you've been with girls.

I've been watching gay porn for the last couple of months. I've never sucked a cock. But I'm ready. I'm ready to suck a cock and get fucked in the ass. I hope you're ready to see it." "Are you fucking serious? Shit! That's always fascinated me wondering what it would be like to see two guys fucking each other. I've watched some gay porn too. It's fucking hot. I'm fucking glad we're both going bi.

This is even more than I'd ever imagined in my wildest dreams." "Do me a favor Bridget. Shave my cock and my ass. If you're going to be bald, so am I. It's my outward sign that I'm bi, that I've changed too." A long passionate kiss followed. Then Dewayne stood up. His dick was rock hard. "Shave me.

Shave me completely. I want no body hair." She too kissed his hairy cock one last time, but it was a long one. Applying the cream to his genitals, Bridget put the razor to his pubic region. "Put your hand on top of mine," she commanded as he obeyed. "Take off all my body hair sweetie. Shave my ass, legs, under my arms, wherever you want. Make me into the little boy toy whore you've fantasized about." Bridget left only the hair on his head.

She even removed the daily growth of whiskers from his face. They admired each other's total nakedness.

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"Let's fuck again," Bridget said. "No." Dewayne said adamantly. "Not yet. I need to make a phone call first. You stay in here for a minute. But don't get yourself too hot." A minute later he stepped back into the Jacuzzi and whispered something in Bridget's ear.

"Fuck yeah!" she yelled.