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Monday, August 22, 2005 "This couldn't be good," I thought, "what could I do to get called to the principal's office on the first day of school?" Hesitantly, I knocked on Dr.

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Martin's door. "Come in" "You wanted to see me sir?" "Yes, son, why don't you sit down?" I eased slowly into the leather chair facing Dr. Martin's desk. "Mr. Martin, whatever it is." "That's Dr. Martin as of last May, and you're not in trouble" "Right, sorry sir" "Hunter, I called you into my office because you've been selected to be St. Mary's first participant in the Naked in School Program." The Naked in School Program, as you may have guessed from the name, is a program in which students are selected to spend one week absolutely naked in school.

It was introduced about four years ago in an effort to help students develop a better understanding of their sexuality and reduce "body shame," but the results had been mixed at best, and the whole thing aroused the ire of social conservatives, so the state legislature had banned it from jong wit afrikaanse meisie van suid afrika spyker schools last year.

Apparently the Episcopal Diocese of Orlando was more forward-thinking, and the new guidance counselor, who also happened to be my mother, had convinced St. Mary's to start a pilot program. Dr. Martin continued: "I'm sorry to spring this on you the first day of high school, but your parents were the only ones to agree to let their children participate, and we didn't want to select your brother because we were worried about his .

orientation" "You think Quint's gay?" "Well, he is president of the fine arts club." "Yeah, his extracurricular interests don't really match his sexual interests. In fact, we like to joke that he and I somehow switched orientations." "You mean you're." "Gayer than Elton John doing the YMCA in a rainbow-colored tutu." "I guess I shouldn't have assumed." "Your punishment will be to have that image in your head for the rest of the day." Dr.

Martin frowned. "I think I need to discuss this with your mother." "Well she knew when she signed me up." "I meant in her official capacity." Dr.

Martin picked up his phone and dialed his secretary. "Can you get me Dr. Weems?" "Right away Mr . uhh Dr. Martin" After a minute of awkward silence, my mom entered the room.

Dr. Martin began, "Dr. Weems." "Please, call me Lanh" "Were you aware when you signed your son up for the program that he is .

erm, not, shall we say . entirely heterosexual?" "Rush, I would be extremely surprised japanese slut claire hasumi dominating black dicks my son turned out to be at all heterosexual.

If you thought this would be a problem, then why didn't you mention it at some point earlier in the process?" "To be honest, that's why I selected Hunter and not Quinten." "Since he's president of the art club and all" I chimed in. Suppressing a laugh, mom addressed Dr. Martin "Look Rush, the purpose of this program is to make students more comfortable with their sexuality, whatever form it happens to take.

Hunter's the perfect candidate for this. We go nude at home and he's been naked in front of family and friends hundreds of times. I know my son, and I know he can handle this." Dr. Martin replied "Be that as it may, a lot of eyes are on this, and I don't want to give anyone ammunition to blame the Program for your son's .

orientation." "If they try we can just show them his internet search history." Dr. Martin looked defeated. "I suppose if you're both ok with it." We both nodded, and mom asked if she could leave, as she had a lot of student scheduling issues to deal with. Dr. Martin replied: "Very well then, I suppose I shall begin reading the rules. Taking a pamphlet out of his desk, he began reading.

"You are required to deposit your clothing in submissive young chick gets tied and fucked harder than ever box, which will be returned to you at the end of the day, however, you are allowed to wear shoes and socks." "Do I have to?" "I'm sorry?" "I like going barefoot, can I take my shoes and socks off too?" "That is allowed, but I imagine you will wish to keep your shoes on in the bathroom." "That's ok; I have some shower shoes in my backpack for gym." "Which brings me to my next point, most versions of the Naked in School Program require you to use the showers and restroom facilities of the opposite sex, however, in light of a number of complaints from parents of female students, I have decided to waive that requirement." I began untying my shoes as Dr.

Martin continued. "You will also be required to participate nude in any school sponsored extracurricular activities, with the exception of any safety equipment deemed necessary by supervising faculty. Ordinarily you would also be encouraged to do 'outreach' outside of school, but the city of Adeline has shown no intention of repealing its public nudity ordinances, so that portion of the Program will also be waived.

You will, however, be required to comply with Reasonable Requests. Any student may request to have you pose or to touch you and you will have to comply as long as you deem the request reasonable. They may appeal if you refuse a request, however, I will generally trust your judgment." "How will other students find out about these reasonable requests?" I asked as I folded my shirt.

"They are being informed over the morning announcements as we speak." Dr. Martin continued. "In addition, as a male student, you will be entitled to Request Relief. That is, given the potentially, shall we say, exciting nature of The Program, you will be allowed at the beginning of each class period to erm .

manipulate yourself or to ask another student to manipulate you until the point where you are no longer . excited." As he said this, I pulled down my boxers, revealing that I was already 'excited.' This caused Dr. Martin to blush profusely and stare at the ceiling. Seeing that the information session was finished, I stuffed a copy of the pamphlet in my backpack and excused myself. As I walked down the hallway towards my first period class, I noticed a girl staring at me with a facial expression that recalled the "runaway bride." Thinking to be friendly, I smiled at her and waved.

Apparently this was the wrong approach, as her eyes got even wider, and she stammered out "H-how did you get so bi . tan all over." Laughing, I replied "One, I'm half Vietnamese, so I have a bit of a head start, and too, we have a swimming pool and I like to skinny dip." She turned a shade of red not normally found in nature and ran away.

I was beginning to think that this might end up being an interesting week for more than just sex. Arriving at my class, I opened the door and was greeted with a round of applause, with a few cat whistles thrown in for good measure. The teacher, Ms. Lease, immediately noticed my sizeable erection. "It appears that your not-so-little friend is excited to see us." "He loves meeting new people." "Perhaps you'd like to calm him down." "I'd prefer for someone else to calm him down." At this, a number of girls' hands shot up.

"He's somewhat partial to men, not that I'm not flattered." No guys raised their hands, although a cute redhead in the second row seemed to consider it. I made eye contact with him, which I thought might encourage him to volunteer, but my hopes were dashed when a voice from the back of the classroom called out "Eww gross he's a faggot!" Ms. Lease suddenly became a lot more serious, and sent the guy to the principal's office. I felt instantly sorry for Dr. Martin, not to mention the redhead.

I turned to Ms. Lease "I guess that only leaves adorable teen fucks on cam hardcore reality option, but fortunately I'm something of an expert at this, do you mind if I use your desk." "Go ahead" I sat on Ms.

Lease's desk and began to jerk off. The 24 pairs of eyes on me definitely enhanced the experience. I couldn't believe how good this felt. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that the redhead seemed especially interested in me. I also noticed that there was an empty seat next to him.

That thought made me even hornier and I groaned as I felt the unbearable pleasure that signaled the beginnings of an orgasm. Stroking faster, I aimed for my stomach as I passed the point of no return.

And then I came, shooting hot strands of semen all over my stomach and chest. I suddenly noticed that the room had gone silent except for my own panting. I stood up slowly, having anal and snatch drilling smalltits and hardcore myself off with a hand towel that Ms.

Lease offered me, and walked towards the empty seat. "Actually," Ms. Lease interjected, "would you mind staying up there, I thought we might take this opportunity to discuss the similarities between the summer assignment and your recent experiences, particularly the unfortunate disruption of class earlier." "Damn," I thought "so much for the empty seat." Even so, the class was really interesting.

We talked about the connection between the sexual repression in "The Scarlet Letter" and modern day homophobia, and how a lot of people seemed afraid of sexuality, especially latasha sucks cock tube porn it was different from theirs.

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Ms. Lease said that part of the purpose of The Program was to get students accustomed to sexuality at an earlier age, so that it wouldn't seem so scary anymore. She was about to start on the connections between Puritanism and the opposition of many social conservatives to The Program when the bell rang.

I got my schedule out of my backpack to look up my next class, which turned out to be Geometry. Despite the crowd of people who went out of their way to look at and/or grope me, I got there a couple of minutes early and paused to take Requests.

After the bell rang, I sat down between Laura Williams, who I knew from middle school, and a neighbor of hers, Tammy Kidman. The class was pretty boring, so we spent the time passing notes.

It turned out that Tammy and I were both planning to try out for the swim team. When the bell rang for lunch, we all went to the cafeteria together. After getting our 'food, ' we sat down next to my brother and a couple of his friends. One of them, Christine Varghese, I recognized from one of my brother's school plays, and the other, Zach Assad, turned out to be a junior on the swim team. I asked him if he thought I had a good chance of making the team. "Well you definitely have a swimmer's build." "You noticed" "It's a view I enjoy, not lily rader shares dick with mom cory chase I .

I mean, sorry if that offends you." "Not at all, in fact it kind of turns me on." By this point, my boner had returned, prompting giggles from Tammy and Christine. "Yeah, I heard you really pissed of Vernon Neale, Jr. with that kind of turn on" said Quint. "Please tell me Vernon Neale, Jr.

is no relation to The Reverend Vernon Neale" I responded. "Sorry bro." This was not good. Vernon Neale was the pastor of a church with 14,000 members.

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He was the driving force behind the ban on the Naked in School program in public schools, and was rumored to be contemplating an entry into politics, facilitated by the favors he was owed by a number of prominent politicians, including the outgoing governor, and his brother, the President. This was not somebody you wanted mad at you. Changing the subject, I asked Quint and Christine if they were planning on trying out for this year's school musical. "No," Christine answered, "They're doing 'The Sound of Music, ' and I don't think a black Nazi would be very convincing." "Or an Asian one," Quint said, "I'm probably going to focus more on photography this semester.

Actually, you might make a good model brunette babe gives bj pornstars and hardcore week. What does the rest of your schedule look like?" "Gym with Elliott, then moist milf adores getting fucked hardcore and blowjob with Guzman." "I have gym next period too" Zach told me, "I can introduce you to coach Overholt." "Cool." The bell hadn't rung yet, but Zach and I left for the gym locker rooms.

Zach knocked on a door labeled Overholt, which was opened by the coach. "Zach, I told you you can't use the locker rooms for sex." "Ha-ha, Hunter's doing the Naked in School Program this week, coach." The Coach looked at me. "Tough luck kid" "Well, Mrs. Weems is my mom, so I knew it had to happen someday, I replied." Coach laughed "You certainly look like a swimmer.

Actually, this gives me the perfect opportunity to test out a little theory of mine, let me see if Elliott and McCall will let me borrow you two." Coach Overholt returned a few minutes later, carrying two Speedos. "Here's the deal, there's a theory floating around that swimmers would have better times if they went naked, because swimsuits increase drag.

So what I want to do is have you both swim laps, alternating between Speedos and nudity, and we'll see which is faster." "Guess I need to strip then," said Zach. He did so and we followed Coach Overholt out to the swimming pool. This day was turning out great, not only did I get the best wank of my young life, but now I was following Zach's well-toned ass out to the swimming pool, and I got out of gym. We got in the water for the first lap. I did pretty well, 50 meters in 25.22.

My second lap, with a Speedo, was a little slower, 25.44. We kept this up for the rest of the block, and by the end Coach Overholt was sure that we were faster naked. "This is interesting," he said, "I just wish there was some way we would be allowed to compete naked." "You might be able to find a loophole in the rules," I offered "I know I'm supposed to do all extracurricular activities naked." "I'll see what I can do" Coach replied, "In the meantime, tryouts are tomorrow right after school." Zach went back to the locker room to get dressed.

I headed for my last class. History went by pretty fast, Mr. Guzman mostly provided an overview of the class; grading procedures, how to take notes, that sort of thing. When the bell rang I went out to the parking lot. Dr. Martin was standing at the door with my clothes.

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"Here you go, you can get dressed in my office" "Actually, I think I'm going to stay naked" I said. "But the Adeline City Council thinks you aren't" "Damn" I thought, after a day naked in school, it felt strange to put on clothes again.