Petite redhead pounded by a large dick

Petite redhead pounded by a large dick
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BEST FRIENDS CAMPING TRIP Part 1 *NOTE* All characters depicted in this story are considered to be at least 18 years of age and older. So this story takes place a little over 20 years ago with two best friends since nursery school named Blake and Pete who were about to be out of school for the summer and couldn't wait to be going with Blake's family's on their awesome annual camping trip. But they had no idea just how awesome it was going to be.

For the past 5 or 6 years, Pete had been going on these week long camping trips the first week of every summer with Blake's family and as soon as school let out on those Friday afternoons it was go time. Blake had a unique family dynamic that not many other kids his age had In common.

Blakes mom formally known as Mrs. Lynette Cocksweller really lives up to her name sake and could swell a cock at from 100 yards away. She was a smoking hot blonde milf mother in her early 40's and while being pretty young she was very old fashioned in her ways and a bit dotty and naive in her thinking when it came to the younger generation and could be a bit conservative and innocent but she could be so sexy if she wanted.

Like I mentioned before, She was an early 40's somethin, smokin' hot, blonde short haired Milf. She had the most amazing set of natural size DD tits that were always hastily stuffed into a sports bra, a tank top, or a pair of romper style overalls that were always about two sizes too small and those fuckin knockers of hers were always slipping and falling out everywhere.

(You know, the kind of tits that would pop out the top of a turtleneck if they could.) on top of that.we'll actually below.She had a nice big ol' tight ass to match and with a toned little athletic body like hers.she was constantly giving Pete and even Blake, along with all their classmates and neighborhood friends, raging mega huge boners. When ever she'd come to pick Blake up from Pete's house after school a amber woods tom byron marc wallice in classic porn scene days a week, she'd show up still dressed in her workout garb which was again a tiny little sports bra and some skin tight little volley ball shorts.

She would always call Pete "sweetie" or "hun" or "sugar" which as innocent as it was, it was enough to cause Pete to immediately run up to his room right after they'd leave and jerk his hard prick off just thinking about her in those tight little shorty shorts and daydream of plug stuffin her keister right there on his front porch!

Now Blake never really knew his real dad because he left Lynette shortly after he was born and his dad was the only man Lynette had ever been with when she got knocked up at the age of 16 with Blake's older sister, which left Lynette to take care of both kids by herself.

Blake was still little when she met a man named Tom who was in town one night with his crew of biggest cock makes sexy slut happy hardcore and creampie working on an oil rig outside of town. When they'd get done after a long hard day of work, they'd all come in to town from the oil fields to blow their paychecks and get shit-faced and try to pick up women and that's when Tom met Lynette.

She happened to be out at a bar with some girlfriends and she was desperately searching for a new man. Tom was a much older man and was in his late 40's when he met the then 22 year old Lynette and little did she know but He was a real womanizer and a drunk and a complete sleezeball who was very manipulative and wasn't very good to the then desperate Lynette but some how charmed his way into Her heart and the two eventually got married.

He was a total dickhead to Blake and any time Blake would have Pete or other friends over he was always crackin wise on them and talking shit. With a cackling grin on his face while grabbing another beer He'd say things to them like, "Hey!

What are you two queers up to today? Better not let me catch you boys playin grab ass or any of those other homo games you play these days. I don't wanna have to take you out front and beat ya with the hose ya hear me. (Ha heh ha hah!)" Talking to them like that really caused the boys to despise him and even more so because When it came to Blake's sister, he was as nice as could be.

Mostly because she was pretty and he was just a dirty old pervert. Even though Blake never liked Tom and his bullying ways and that he treated him differently than his sister, they still called him dad. Lynette didn't really care about the intimacies of marriage at that time and by then Tom had already had his fill of her and hadn't touched her in years. Being that Lynette had never really been with another man since the kids dad and that she was so young when she became a mother, she never really knew how normal relationships worked and remember When I mentioned she was pretty dumb and gullible earlier?

Well Tom picked up on that pretty early in the relationship and took full advantage of it. He would tell her things like, "Anytime a man gets horny or his cock gets hard, it's a woman's duty to take care of it right then and there.

No mattyer where they were or who was around, it's a woman's job to "relieve" the men, but only when I say, you got that sugar tits?!?". He'd also add shit to that and make things up as he'd go along like, "Oh yeah.and if you ain't around when I needs ta cum, it's ok for me to find a woman who will do it and that's just the way marriage works baby cakes! I don't make the rules it's just the way it works! It even says that in the Bible!" That sexy blonde spreads her legs for the toy masturbate and homemade the old pricks way of not having to feel guilty about cheating on her when he had to go out of town for work.

Lynette always agreed to all toms crazy made up rules and that was fine because all she really cared about was having a decent provider, "A good role model" and to help in raising Blake and his Full time secretaries full french movie tube porn when they were younger.

Now, Speaking of his Blake's sister. Janelle was her name and she was every teenage boy's wet dream. Same tone tight body and face as Lynette with slightly smaller tits and a waaaaay bigger ass. On top of all that, she had a set of DSL's that could suck the chrome off a bumper and had longer blonde hair that was always up in a pair of tight pigtails.

She sure knew how to work all her assets in her favor. She was always teasing Blake, Pete and every other boy that crossed her path and even had that perverted old step daddy wrapped around her finger and swoonin over her pert little tits and tight fat ass and because she was so young too when Tom married her mom, he was able to fill her head with a bunch of made up shit about a daughters role in the household as well.

Whenever she wore her little daisy duke jean shorts with her long blonde hair in pigtails, she would roller skate around town while pop smackin her peach bubble gum through her cherry tart flavored lip gloss and all the men in the entire town would stop whatever it was they were doing when she'd skate by just to get a glimpse of that hot piece of jailbait ass. Now.The last member of Blake's family to go on these little summer camping trips was Granny fanny.

This was Lynette mother and She was a completely dirty filthy ol' whore back in her day but even now a days she was still able to make the younger boys heads turn when she'd waltz by with her voluptuous size F breasts and nice wide buxom swaying hips.

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When her husband died she was left with millions and She was always very well kept with her hair always done up nice and fingernails well manicured, and was always properly dressed wearing black stalkings with garter belts and a corset under her shear blouses with mid thigh high length skirts and a matching pair of high heels, it was no wonder the boys loved when she'd come for visits and always made it a point to come for that family camping trip they all loved and looked forward to.

She was very stern and proper dominant type but knew how to gorgeous teen gets milk show for gold have a good time once in awhile. So Finally the last day of school came and as soon as that 3 o'clock bell rang, the boys were out front of the school where Blake's family was to pick them up.

They'd finally pull up in Tom's big white Chevy Duelie with a 30ft 5th wheel camping trailer on the back and as Soon as the boys were loaded up and in, they were off to the campground as the 1st week of summer began. It was a long 5 Hour Drive up to the mountains and it was easy for the kids to get bored in the backseat. Blake sister who sat in the back middle seat, is was always picking on and teasing the two boys by making fun of them or poking at them, sticking her tongue out and flicking the air with it, making obscene hand gestures which really tormented the two.

She would even whisper dirty comments to the boys about some of the older men she'd see staring at her just to get a rise out of them and she'd say things like "Oh gee whizz guys! Look at that poor old man over there with his frumpy old wife, I bet she never ever fucks him.

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He probably hasn't been fucked in years. Did you see the way he was looking at my ample boobies and big fat ass?!?! I bet he would just jump at the chance to stick his hard old man cock right up in my tight pink free porn holly halston anal gang bang teen butthole and really blast me with a good one huh guys?!?!" As she'd then lean forward and grab the head rest on the seat in front of hers and shake her ass in the boys faces while giving it a playful little slap.

This really made the boys uncomfortable in the back seat. Mostly because of the sprouting hard-ons she was constantly giving them practically the entire car ride.

Blake finally broke down in protest and said "Mom! Tell Janelle to leave us alone please, she's being annoying and is really bothering us." Tom fires back, "Hey boy, you quit yer cryin and tattlin on your sister.

She's a perfect little angel and wouldn't hurt a soul!" Janelle leans forward and kisses her step daddy on the cheek and says "thanks daddy!" Lynette looks back over the seat at janelle and says, "would you please stop teasing those two?!?! I've had big tit pale brunette teen and ebony anal cum the sugar daddy dilemma of this arguing, at the next gas station we're switching seats!" Janelle rolled her eyes and sat back down while teasingly butt bumping her brother and saying, "you guys are such big babies, I was just goofing around." Then she turned and looked Pete right in the eyes and whispered, "or was I" while making the hand gesture of stroking off a dick in her mouth, which only added fuel to the already blazing fire burning in Pete's shorts.

By now it was after dusk and just a few more miles passed before they stopped to gas up the rig and everyone got out to stretch their legs and use bathrooms if need be and when everyone got out except the two boys, Lynette stayed back to investigate and see why they didn't want to get out and use the facilities or take a picture in front of the giant Indian statue like they did every year previous.

Granny fanny was headed into the convenience store to get some of her favorite hard butterscotch candies and Janelle was headed around to the back of the gas station to use the restroom when Tom suggested he better come with her too by saying, "there's always a bunch of creeps in those bathrooms and I should go in there with you just to make sure it's safe sugar plum." The young harlot replied "ok daddy, lets go!" Grabbing her old daddy's hand, they walked behind the service station.

Mom Lynette smiled at them as she watched them walking away and then turning her attention back to the boys she folded down the front passenger seat to get access to them and be able talk to the two boys. "Don't you guys need to get out and stretch or use the bathroom too? Why don't you boys go stand by the Indian statue and I'll take your picture like you like" said Lynette. "Uuummm.No thanks mom I think we're just going to stay in the truck." Replied Blake as she then noticed that the boys had their hands covering their laps.

Lynette thought that mom and son sex vdecom were hiding something from her. Showing concern She says, "what's the matter with you boys, what's going on? What have you got in your hands?!?

Show me right now what you're hiding!" She turns on the dome light In the truck and Grabbing both boys hands she lifts them up and reveals two huge fuckin erections pitching tents in the boys shorts. "My word! Just look at you two! So hard! So inappropriate! Is that from all your sisters teasin she was doing to you boys? I know she's a handful but cum drenched gloryhole euro toyed with dildo threesome cumshot just have to bare with her and try to ignore her and ignore.those.those big.

hard.young penises!" Said Lynette while making a shocked face with her eyes bulging out of head while being somewhat impressed and aroused at the same time.

Both boys embarrassingly nodded their heads yes and were embarrassed and ashamed of themselves and thought they had done something wrong. By this time fanny was returning to the truck with her candies and sees her daughter standing there frozen while looking at the two boys.

She's asks Lynette what the problem was and Lynette says "LOOK!" Fanny pokes her head in the back seat and says, "Yeah so what's the big deal, I'm sure their little cocks are like that 24/7. Young dick like that is always hard and horny and have a desperate need for relief dear.

Don't tell me you didn't know that?!?! I'm sure draining those puppies is all they've thought about doing since we've picked them up from school. You do know that It helps keep them calm and more well behaved don't you?." Lynette shockingly looks at her mother and says "I don't even think they're old enough to do that or even know how to do that to themselves Ma!" Fanny replies, "That's why you need to show and teach them sweetie." The boys look at each other in disbelief.

"Me?!?! But I'm his mother, and Petes been Blake's friends since they were babies and is over at our house so much I might as well be his mother so I can't do that. It's just not right mom are you crazy?!?" Fanny says, "For Christ sakes Lynette! What's the big deal? I did it to your younger brother jimmy when he was their age. I Even did it to all his little neighborhood friends too when they were growing up.

Why do you think they'd all show up every morning before school soon as your father would leave for work? You think they were coming over to walk with jimmy to school or for extra tutoring with homework?!? Hell No! I was jerkin all their little dicks off and makin em spunk their loads every morning. You remember the line of boys down the hall to my bedroom every morning dear, don't you? I might add that each and everyone one I helped got straight A's.

Even your brother." Lynette stood there shocked and silent with disbelief. Just then Blake chimes in, "wow granny! You really jerked off uncle jimmy every day?!?" Fanny says, "Sure I did honey, why do you think your ol' uncle jimmy didn't move out till he was almost 40 years old" fanny looks at Lynette who is still clearly trying to process everything she's just heard and then says, "Oh for crying out loud do you need me to show huge boobs babe sensual jane toys in bath masturbation and pornstars how it's done!" Placing her purse and bag on the front seat she hikes up her skirt a little to aid in getting into the big 2 ton diesel and Fanny hops into the back seat in between each boy while hauling out her giant firm tits in her lacy sheer brazier and says, "Ok boys out with em!

We don't have much time. If Tom comes back and sees you two like this you know you'll never hear the end of it so hurry up and show granny those young cocks now" Each boy had their shorts around their ankles in about 1 second flat and they really surprised granny and Lynette with what they had to show.

For being such scrawny young boys, they really had some unnatural oversized thick meaty big boy cocks. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Completely hairless but with thick full ball sacks and giant thick apple sized heads. Both Lynette and Fanny's twhungarian girls casting by pierre woodman wake up bulged from their sockets.

Meanwhile at the restroom, after a short wait in a line of about 3 other people, Tom and Janelle stepped into the grungy rest stop bathroom. With only one toilet Tom insisted Janelle go first. "Ladies first pumpkin" Janelle rolls her eyes at Tom and said, "ummm can go outside now daddy since you can see no one is in here" Tom, quick on his feet and the dirty old bastard that he is says, "oh don't be silly darlin, I gotta go too and I promise I won't look.

Here how bout I turn around and you just go and then me ok. No big deal." Without much thought Janelle smirks and rolls her eyes again and decides to just do it.

After a quick tinkle, she pulls up her little jean shorts and flushed the toilet and says, "ok daddy, all done. It's your turn" Tom turns and steps up to the plate. Before his step daughter can zip up her shorts and turn to look away he unzips he pants and hauls out his jurassic old dong mere inches from her face. The young girl's eyes go wide as she's never before seen her daddy's cock let alone a cock that fuckin large.

The old pervert looks down at his step daughter and smirks while saying, "whatsa matter sweetheart, never seen one like this before?". With her mouth agape she silently and slowly shakes her head "No". Quickly snapping out of her trance the outgoing slutbox asks, "can I touch it?" Her dirty old daddy replies, "well it would be down right rude of me not to let you touch it darlin" Her warm little hand reaches out and grasps the giant 14 inch monster.

She can barely even get her little hand around the entire shaft and after pulling out his huge old gnarled balls, she practically has to hold onto them like a bag of fuckin groceries. "Wow daddy this thing is fuckin enormous" says Janelle while she playfully begins tugging on the the old mans shaft. With a big perverted shit eating grin on his face, Tom looks down at his hot young daughter and says, "ya think so?

Well thanks sugar tart. Now why don't you hunker down there and give your ol' daddy's dick head a little kiss. It's Been soooo long since it's had some lovin' attention." Without hesitation the little girls pink lipsticked lips and kitten like tongue start to kiss and lick lap at her daddy's now completely swollen cock head.

Meanwhile now back in the truck, Fanny is skillfully jerka jackin off her young grandson and his best friend and edging them closer to a huge gut busting yet ball soothing orgasm.

Lynette looks on with a Hesitant eagerness to learn as granny fanny is teaching her daughter how to tug young dick. "You see how they respond to a tight grasp down at the base by these full little balls?!? Yeah that really fires em up and gets these cocks nice and hard.

But What really gets them all worked up in a tizzy is to give a rapid fire tug on the tips like this! Japanese slut claire hasumi dominating black dicks Both boys practically drooling and their eyes rolling back in their sockets she continues ramping up her hand speeds before carrying on, "Ooooo Yeah!

That's it! You two like granny's soft warm hands masturbating you boys?!? Sure you do. Won't be long now, I can feel it! Nice big young hard cocks like these need to be worked over at least 4 or 5 times a day, ain't that right boys!?!" As she gives each of them an evil seductive looking grin, both boys moan and grunt their agreement in unison while being jacked into utopia.

"Alright you guys, it's almost time you give granny what she wants ok. So now hurry up and shoot those big hot loads for me ok".

Now really trying to speed things up and get the boys to bust those nuts, she kicks things into high gear. Granny lets go of each stiff prick and then spits in her hands before wrapping them both around her grandson Blake's already pre-cumming cock and begins jackhammering the poor boys rock hard dick. Sliding down to the floor boards and leaning over Blake's lap she hiked up her skirt so Pete can get a good look at the sexy Gilf's swaying hips and wobbling pantied ass.

She then turns to Lynette who has been watching so intently the entire time and says, "here I'll finish off this one and you see if you can get that one to squirt" looking down at Petes pulsating pecker swaying in the breeze inches from her warm cleavage, she looks at the poor young boys face which is by now, beet red and sweating. Just then he breaks the silence and Pete says, "Oh gee whizz Mrs. C I don't mind, I've always thought you were a hot sexy milf and have thought about this so many times and I promise I won't say anything to anyone if you're worried about that ma'am." Somewhat flattered by his sweet innocent words of thinking she was an actual Milf the hot house Mom hesitantly wraps her hands around the boys twiching and swollen unit while giving a somewhat gentle and safe smile and saying, "Oh gosh Peter, well if you really consider me a milf and think about doing this all the time while you're alone, then maybe just this once I can help you.

I didn't know you felt that way about me. Oooo My goodness! Soooo stiff and hard pete! Feels like your skin could pop!" Pete lets out a soft groan as his best friends mom begins slowing jacking him up and down. While she's glancing over to see how her mom is doing with her son, she can tell by the look of urgency on Blake's face that he's about to give up the ghost. She then hears Fanny say, "If you need to squeeze your granny's boobs, you go right ahead baby, don't be chubby oriental babe gets on her knees for a dick. Just do what ever you need in order to spray your boy juice ok sweety." Not wanting to blast off too quick and really savor the moment, Blake concentrates and regains his composure and without any thought at all, Blake's greedy hands reach into his grandmothers blouse and he really gets a good handful of those big motha fuckas.

Practically groping, squeezing, and straight up molesting his nana's ta-ta's, Blake feels his balls begin to boil again. Thrusting his slim hips up off the back seat in unison with granny's hand, it's apparent that granny's expert jacking is doing the trick and her young grandson is about to lose his nut load.

Sensing that her precious baby boy is about to blow it, granny says, "Ooooh baby! Is that it? Is granny's hand feeling good on your cock sweetheart? It is isn't it. Oh yeah that did it! You dirty naughty boy! Squeezing your granny's tits and pinchin her nipples you bad bad boy!

Oooo yeah baby give me that sticky hot load of cum?" Blake, now huffing and puffing to try to catch his breath while stammering and stuttering and not wanting to swear in front of his grandmother, starts to get a funny sensation and can feel his young hairless sack tightening up. Knowing by the sounds he's making, granny says, "Ok now sweets, don't make a mess everywhere.

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You tell granny when you're close and she'll take you in her mouth ok? Now you give your granny that sweet boy cream and don't hold back." Upon his granny uttering those dirty words, Blake cried out "OOOH GRANNY OOO!!!" While clenching the back of his grandmothers head and getting two big handfuls of her silver laden hair he pushes her mouth down around his exploding cock head.and Boy howdy did granny get a gallon mouthful of young molten jizz.

Now being that this was the first time Blake had every actually orgasmed, he had a lifetime of built up spunk and unbeknownst to fanny, he let it all go. She could feel that first jet onto the back of her tongue, then a second blast down her throat, and then the flood gates. Soon granny's mouth could no longer contain the boys spewing cock and without warning, her mouth pops off the boys dick as cum goes spraying out the sides of her mouth and all down her chin onto her massive mammy cans.

While Blake's cockhead is still erupting onto granny's face and glasses she yells out while sputtering hot cum through her crimson lipsticked lips "HOLY O' FUCK BOY?!?! There's More?!? Oh god! It's like a fuckin fire hose! Geez Louise sweetheart! You really had a lot backed up in that thing for your ol' granny huh. Awww you Poor baby. There now that's better" She continues to suck and slurp on the big purple head of his youthful cock As the young studs dick meat rests across granny's pursed lips.

Upon witnessing what just happened to his best friend and still having Blake's mom lovingingly jerk-a jackin his dick meat even harder now with reckless abandon, Pete too begins to feel that old familiar sensation deep down in his big boy balls. Asking his friends mom if she too would let him feel her tits, Lynette again hesitantly agrees while saying, "well I guess.if you think it will help" "it sure will Mrs.

C!" Says Pete excitedly. The milf slowly eases up her tank top revealing a deep cavern of tan sun spotted cleavage that disappears down into her lacy bra, Lynette leans forward smart teen revenges on busy bf by seducing his handsome dad to give the boy a better view and make it easier for him to grab and squeeze.

The hot sexy Milf begins to let herself give in and soon feels her own panties begin moisten as the boys eager groping becomes more and more aggressive. Her breasts have been ignored by her husband for years and she was really enjoying all the newfound attention they were getting.

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Lynette was feeling alive again and was really beginning to let herself go with this dirty perverted act she was participating in. The young boy then suggests that she wrap her glorious mountain of tit around his now pre-cumming cock shaft and being that she was so engulfed in the lewd behavior, Lynette doesn't even give it a second thought this time teeny lovers she loves his abs and cock is soon slapping her giant tits on the boys small lap.

Pete begins breathing heavy as Lynette herself is panting like a dog in heat. Only after gliding her soft milky smooth cleavage over the boys hardened prick pole a few times, was all it took for poor pete to blast off into outer orbit and soon she felt the young boys hot lava-like load spurt from his tight tender little scrote. Lynette's tits and neck and chin receive blast after blast of hot teenage buckshot all over those magnificent mommy milkers.

Just as the young boys hip thrusting begins to slow and she is no longer being pelted with her young lovers seed, Lynette still relishing in the moment, starts to climax all over her soft cottony white mommy panties while loudly letting out a guttural moan right there in the parking lot of the Flying J Gas N Grub. Feeling more alive than ever, She quickly regains her composure and embarrassingly looks around to make sure no one heard or witnessed the lewd behavior.

She quickly pulls her top down over her cum covered knockers while giving Petes slowly softening pecker a few more rubba tugs and even leans in to give it a little kiss right on the bulbous head while glancing over at granny who is still cleaning up her grandsons cock and making sure that all evidence of his choad load is swallowed away. While the boys having looked like they just ran a marathon, immediately go back to being boys and pull their dicks back into their pants and ask if Blake's cum plastered mom will now take that picture of them in front of the Indian statue now.

Meanwhile back in the restroom, teen honey slut Janelle is showing her step daddy what she learned at cheer camp a few years back from the old Afro American groundskeeper "Mr. Willy", and is really giving her daddy's dick one helluva sucking deepthroat job. The old bastard has the girl by her pigtails and is forcefully humping her velvety soft tonsils with his grizzled old man meat.

With his stepdaughters Spit and saliva dripping from his liver spotted testicles, Tom is in fucking heaven. "Awww fuck! That's it girlie, hoooweee! You keep that up and daddy's gonna pop his puddin in horny snatch of a legal age teenager needs fuck pretty little mouth ok pumpkin. How's that sound? you want some of dear old daddy's cum". The girl gurgles and gargles something unintelligible while both her hands are grasping the old mans hips and he's heaving his geriatric cock down her gullet.

Still using her pigtails like they're handlebars on a 10 speed bicycle he starts humpin harder and gets a little carried away. Then wouldn't you know it. he's yankin up on the girls top and starts pinching her exposed pink little nipples as she's kneeling down in puddles of piss and various other mystery fluidsh. Soon Toms knees begin to shake and buckle as he begins grittin his teeth swearing under his breath as his daughters hot teen mouth is about to make the dirty pervert lose his collective load.

Janelle can feel the thick veiny cock shaft begin spasming and convulsing due to the sloppy suckjob she's issuing upon the giant member, and after just a few more hard pumps down the poor girls throat, Tom let's out a primal growl that has some of the other patrons to the service station assuming it must just be the traditional Kodiak bear mating call they're use to hearing this time of year and carry on about their business. What they don't realize is that it's actually a nasty old man cumming something awful into his own stepdaughters throat.

After a few violent convulsions and more grunting and howling, Tom pulls out his still shootin cock knob and it makes a loud vacuum suction "POP" sound upon exiting the girls vac-u-suck lips. He then proceeds to blast the last few volleys of his wad onto her pretty little face and she's loving every minute of it while flick a' lick lappin at the air with grinning eyes closed.

"Hallelujah GOD! Dog gonnit darlin! Hooo yeah it's Still shootin it! Ah fuck! Oooo yeh yeah yah!!! Ahhh ya there we go! Fuckin hell girl, I ain't cum like that since I was a kid".

The girl still smiling and giggling as she's wiping the old dudes glue off her chin before sucking her fingers clean as he rests his slowly softening dong across the girls face. After taking a few seconds to catch his breath Tom buckles he pants while handing his stepdaughter some rough brown rest stop paper towels and says, "clean yourself up baby, we better get back on the road before it starts getting late and we don't need your momma comin lookin for us.

And remember this is just our thing between us and no one is to know about this ya hear me." Then being the fuckin gentleman that he is, he helps the teenage girl up out of the cum and piss puddles she's been kneeling for the past ten minutes and on to her feet. She wipes her face and tits with the scratchy paper towels and adjusts her tits back into her white horny teen gets fucked by black dick then takes a quick look in the mirror before being grabbed by her elbow and shoved out of the restroom door by Tom.

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Some of the other truck drivers and perverts alike who were waiting in line and who could hear all that had just taken place in the bathroom, see the old man with the young girl and tip their hats or wink at Tom as he and his sex xxxii bff google play grinning sluthole daughter walk back to the truck.

Getting back to the truck, Tom finishes filling up and gets in and no one says a word as Tom starts the engine and they drive off with only 20 more miles down to the camp ground to go. End part 1