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This is not my story, however, the author is completely unknown. I found it in The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive BySimon bar Sinister. I may continue the story if it is ended, if the author doesn't mind. The Amplifier byAnonymous-002 1993 Jerry Gilman yawned and wiped his face with a towel.

He stared blearily at his watch. Slowly, his eyes focused on the face. 2:30 A.M. He carefully put down the solderingJerry Gilman yawned and wiped his face with a towel. He stared blearily at his watch. Slowly, his eyes focused on the face.

2:30 A.M. He carefully put down the soldering iron and stared at the device on his bench.The Amplifier i love you xxx cid look like much. A tangle of wiring and integrated circuits. In the center was one of the new room-temperature superconducing chips. He'd had to scrounge it from the University's Supplies Department.well, he thought.steal it, really.

The idea had come to him one day as he worked on his PhD thesis.

He was working on a double doctorate, Cognitive Science and Electronics. His thesis had to do with 'coupling' to brain signals. Originally, he'd expected the work to lead to better EEG machines.But a breakthrough had happened.

Jerry had realized that there were two sides to communicating with the brain. And the new superconductors.He had been working like a fiend for two months. He hadn't mentioned it to his thesis advisors--the implications envy star fine and cute black pornstar too huge.

So he'd had to pretend to be working on his original thesis. This amounted to two full-time jobs, and the effort was beginning to tell on him.

He shut everything down and went to his apartment to crash. He slept for 48 hours straight, then returned to the lab. In the light of day, the Amplifier looked even less imposing. His calculations and tests said it should work.

But would it? He placed the Amp into a small plastic box and put the unit in his pocket. In the other pocket went the heavy battery pack which would power it.

Grunting, he made a note to work on minimizing the power requirements. A fine wire ran under his shirt, up his neck, and to a small adhesive patch on his temple. He covered the patch with a cap. Inspecting himself in the mirror, he decided the set-up was unobtrusive enough. Only the thin wire was visible. He strolled outside onto the campus. It was a sunny, bright day, and the green quadrangle was filled with students.

Jerry switched on the Amplifier. He staggered, almost fell to his knees. A wave white girl with sexy back rides a big black cock amateur webcam thoughts and emotions surged through his mind. Frantically, he fumbled for the gain control. At last, he had adjusted the Amp so that he could deal with the input.He explored the gain and other controls. He discovered that he could control the range of the Amp, from a few feet to hundreds of yards.

As a mere novice, he decided to keep the range short for now. More confident, Jerry wandered the campus, feeling a secret exaltation at being able to literally read minds.

With the Amp, he could penetrate the thoughts of anyone within the device's range. Surface thoughts, deep thoughts, emotions, everything.He had considered himself to be a cynic; thought that nothing he could possibly encounter would shock or surprise him. He was wrong. After a few hours, he switched off the Amp and returned to his apartment, shaking his head at the primordial swamp of lust which surrounded him.

Tomorrow, he would experiment with the second function of the Amplifier. He plugged the battery pack into a charger and switched on his computer. He had some ideas for reducing the size and power needs of the device. The following day, Jerry again attached the electrode to his temple and put the device in his jacket pocket. He paused, briefly feeling butterflies.

"Calm down, Jer," he told himself. "What can happen? If it doesn't work, nobody will know. And if it does.if it does." His first subject had been selected long before.

Bonnie Tsunishi, his department secretary. She was a beautiful oriental, about 20 years old. She treated Jerry with a combination of amusement and barely-concealed contempt. To Bonnie, Jerry was just another unattractive nerd, his work inexplicable, uninteresting, and impenetrable--a giant bore. He knew she usually arrived at her desk at 7:30 A.M., an hour and a half before most others were due to arrive.

At 7:32 Jerry entered the building and walked to Bonnie's office. He strolled past her door, just to make sure she was there. He continued a few feet down the corridor and paused to switch on the Amp. He adjusted the gain. Reading her mind was easy since there were no others nearby to generate 'background noise'. Jerry stood for a few minutes, rummaging through her thoughts and desires without her knowledge.

Then he took a deep breath and thumbed the button on the Amp labeled "transmit". Carefully, delicately, he projected a tiny tendril of thought towards Bonnie's mind. Now he was in her mind. Jerry was shocked and elated at how easy it had been. The girl still showed no sign of knowing anything was happening to her. A test. Jerry wanted to influence her thoughts without her being aware of it. He grinned. Stepping into a shadowed office, he formed the thought, projected it. Bonnie came running out of her office, rushing towards the ladies room.

Jerry had transmitted the feeling of severe bladder pressure. And she had responded! Jerry was elated. He had, in a sense, controlled Bonnie--made her obey his will instead of her own. True, it was only by projecting a sense impression.but it had worked--and it was a start. When she returned, Jerry tried a few other experiments. With each test, his ability and technique improved. Finally, he decided to try a really big test. He walked directly into her office, but she did not see him.

He had commanded her mind to ignore his presence. As far as Bonnie was concerned, he was invisible. Grinning, he projected another thought. The lovely girl stood up and removed her clothes. She believed that she was in her bedroom, preparing for bed. Now he had her turn around, slowly, as he admired her.

Finally, fearing that others would soon arrive, he had her dress once again and return to her office routine. She recalled nothing of this bizzare interlude; Jerry had wiped her memory of the entire episode. He went to his lab, heart pounding. It worked! With the Amp, he could read the mind of anyone he wished, and control the mind of anyone as well!

His experiments on Bonnie had shown that the Amp's power was virtually unlimited. He could control thoughts, behavior, beliefs, and memories. When he remembered to switch the device off, his hand was shaking. Over the next several days, Jerry worked feverishly on the Mark II Amp. The new device occupied less than a cubic centimeter. He built it into the frame of a pair of glasses. The pick-up was improved, too; he no longer needed the adhesive patch.

It was ready to be tested. Today was Friday; at 3:00 P.M. he was ready. Wearing the new glasses, Jerry decided that Bonnie would continue to be the experimental subject as he tested the new unit. Now more confident in the power of the Amp, he simply walked into her office and extended a mental tendril into her mind.

"Bonnie, please come with me," he ordered, and she stood and followed him without a word. He had her drive him to her apartment. Inside, without a single word from Jerry, Bonnie removed her clothing--except for a pair of tiny nylon panties-- and knelt before him.

For the rest of the weekend, Jerry used the Amplifier--and Bonnie--to their limits. He spent the time alternately using Bonnie's body and programming her mind. After hours under the full power of the Amp, and the detailed and inventive control of Jerry's imagination, Bonnie was transformed. If anyone had been watching, he would have witnessed an amazing weekend.

Between periodic bouts of sex, Bonnie appeared to sleep. Sometimes she lay curled with her head in Jerry's lap. At other times he held her head and face, looking into her eyes, which were wide with awe and wonder. But during these times, instructions, programs, symbols, and commands were flooding into her brain--into her mind. She was entranced--completely in thrall to the power of Jerry's Amplified mind.

Like a child in the allinternal anal creampie squirting from hot russian chick of a god, Bonnie was helpless to resist. Her mind was like plastic, like soft clay, in the hands of the molder. Jerry explored Bonnie's mind and body deeply and completely.

Soon he knew her more intimately than any man had ever known any woman; she had no secrets from him, could have no secrets from him. Bonnie's mind was violated more thoroughly than her body. Under the power of the Amp, her mind was altered, transformed, and remodeled to Jerry's whim.

She awoke on Monday as Jerry's helpless and devoted sex slave. She was deeply in love with him, had always loved him, and could not imagine any other situation. She was obedient; submissive and eager to do anything her Master desired. She knew how he'd altered her; she was fully aware that her condition was artificial, but she loved it, and simply could not even think of resisting him or disobeying.

Other changes, less obvious, had been made in her mind--and body--as Jerry had thought of them. Bonnie now had an almost infinite capacity for oral sex. Her gag reflex had been totally suppressed--at least when his penis was in her throat. And he had programmed her to believe that she was addicted to his semen--that she would die without regular doses of it.

As Bonnie joyously, langorously, gave head this morning, Jerry told her, "You are only the first of my slaves, Bonnie. There will be many others, all serving me as you do. But you will always be special, for you were chosen as the first of my servants." "Oh, yes, Lord, thank you," she cooed, then returned to her slow bobbing on his cock.

It was Monday; he had his new toy call in 'sick'. He called her to his side, and she ran to him, kneeling before him. He smiled down at her, admiring the curve of her neck as she bowed her head. She was dressed only in tiny blue nylon panties and a pair of panty-hose. "Bonnie, I want you to think about all the girls you know, your friends and acquaintances." jerry told her. "Yes, Master." "Can you tell me which are the sexiest, the most beautiful?" he asked.

Bonnie spoke up enthusiastically, "Oh, Luscious girls lick moist love tunnels lesbian college, Lord. I think Wendy Michaels.and Susie Chin.and Brenda Conners." "Fine." interrupted Jerry. "Are they students?" "Susie and Brenda are.

Wendy works at Nordstrom's." she said. "Good. Wendy is probably at work. I want you to call Susie and Brenda, and invite them over. Don't say why." Bonnie went to the phone and began dialing."Susie? Hi. Can you come over? Oh, nothing much.but I've got something you'vegotto see! OK, I'll be here.bye." "Brenda? It's Bonnie. Can you drop by? It's not important, but I want to share something with you. OK. Bye."She turned to Jerry. "Brenda is coming right over.

Susie has some things to do; she said she'll be over later." Jerry smiled, "Excellent, slave. Go and unlock the front door. Then you may pass the time while we wait for Brenda by licking my cock." Bonnie spent twenty minutes, sweetly and gently licking and sucking. When Brenda knocked, Bonnie looked up at her owner. "Tell her to come right in," he ordered. She did. Brenda walked right in and stopped, stunned by the scene before her--because Bonnie was still servicing Jerry's cock.

Jerry looked up at her and smiled."You cannot milf sucking long bigdick watch more of her here ulacamcom, and you cannot speak. You will stand right there, and watch Bonnie give service," he ordered, and Brenda was compelled to do exactly that. As Bonnie continued her sucking, Jerry looked over the newcomer.

Blonde, about 5'4, trim and tanned. Big brown eyes. Her tits, while not large, were firm, and her thighs were muscular and tight. Brenda was wearing a short skirt and sweater, and Jerry was very interested in what was underneath."Brenda, lift your skirt for me." She did. Jerry grinned at the shiny nylon panties gorgeous babe please this stud hardcore and blowjob wore.

"Very nice. Now turn around slowly." Helpless, she pirouetted. "Lovely ass. I'm going to enjoy that," he told the mute victim. Ten minutes later, Bonnie had a mouthful of Jerry-sperm, and was lazily kissing and stroking his rapidly-softening cock."Bonnie, tell Brenda what has happened to you." Jerry ordered.

Bonnie smiled happily. "Brenda, I am Jerry's slave, and you will be his slave too! I belong to him; I was born to obey and serve him. I know you will be as happy as I am when you join us!" Jerry told Brenda, "You can speak--softly--now, but you are still frozen right there." Brenda, still holding her skirt up (as she had not been commanded to lower it) said heatedly, "Let me go, you creep!

I don't know what you've done to Bonnie, but you'd better not lay a paw on me! I'll never do anything to help you, and I'll do anything I can to save Bonnie from you!" "Hmmm. Sure. Why not? Go ahead, talk to Bonnie; try to reason with her. If you can convince her, make her see that this is wrong, I'll let you both go." To Bonnie: "Go over to Brenda and listen to her.

She has something she wants to say to you." For half an hour, the panty-clad slave and the frozen girl talked. Brenda argued. She pleaded. She reasoned. Bonnie listened politely but was simply immune to Brenda's logic. As far as she was concerned, Brenda was speaking gibberish, when she talked of feminism, women's rights, self-esteem, and so on.

Bonnie only smiled sunnily, and replied, "Yes, that's all very interesting, but I must serve my Master", or "The Master owns me; my life kinky chicks penetrate the biggest strapon dildos and spray spunk everywhere body and soul. How could anything else be right?" Finally, Brenda gave up.

She wearily turned to Jerry, and said, "I don't know what you did to her, but whatever it was, I'm not smart enough to break through to her. But you'll never do it tome!" Jerry grinned. "Why don't you look at yourself, girl?" With a start, Brenda did so. She found that she was completely naked, with her clothing lying in a neat pile on the floor.

"I ordered your body to undress while you talked to Bonnie," he told her. "Now come over here."Helplessly, struggling to resist, Brenda approached him, finally standing before him, only a foot or two away."You are naked before me, girl, which is fitting as you are about to begin a new life. Kneel before me." She did, helplessly. Jerry reached out and touched her forehead.

The power of the Amp surged forth. And Brenda became as Hot babe jessica cage enjoys dick of custodian, a willing and loving slave. A little later, as he was exploring Brenda's mind and body, Susie arrived. She was a petite asian girl, with small breasts but spectacular mistress alexandra snow strap on and hips.

A similar scene to the one that had happened with Brenda was played out, except that Jerry had Brenda play Bonnie's role as Susie tried to 'talk her out of it'. Bonnie stood by, giggling at Susie's exchange with Brenda, occasionally commenting to Susie: "It's no use, Susie, she will never listen," or "You'll understand soon, Susie, 'cause you'll belong to our Master too!", or "Can't you see that we belong to the Master, girl?" Eventually, as had Brenda, Susie gave up.

Then Susie, too was totally controlled and joined Jerry's growing harem. Later, he had Bonnie call Wendy and soon she had joined the group. Wendy was a tall, lithe readhead, with incredibly long legs and ample tits. She had the body of a dancer, and Jerry found that she indeed had once dreamt of becoming a ballerina. Now she dreamt only of pleasing Jerry. Jerry looked at his little harem with immense satisfaction.

They gazed back at him lovingly, with nothing but complete adoration and submission on their faces. All three girls were dressed only in sexy lingerie, but this was perfectly normal to them. Jerry caressed and fondled their bodies, his hands roving at will over tits, ass, and cunt, and they sighed and stretched for him.

He put them through their paces as sexual slaves, and their responses were perfect. He was in Heaven, and so were they. The girls' programming actually made them rejoice when he thought of a new way to use their bodies, or some other task they could perform for him. They leapt to do his bidding, eagerly performing the most menial and degrading tasks for him. As they spent more time under his domination, his control over them became ever deeper, more subtle, and more refined.

Soon, he found that he barely needed to command them--they began to display an almost telepathic ability busty angel long takes a long one anticipate his needs and desires before he could state them. On Tuesday morning, he sent Bonnie off to work with a fond pat on her firm rump. Jerry planned to eventually have her quit her secretarial job; however, for now, Bonnie had to keep her job, if only for appearances sake.

Wendy, too, returned to her job, with orders to quit immediately. Using the amp, he put the other love toys to sleep. Jerry again wandered sexy tranny in white lingerie fucked anal campus; this time, not as an observer but as a predator on the prowl. He used the Amp repeatedly, and each use increased his skill and control. As he wandered the campus, good looking females stopped what they were doing and lifted their skirts for him.

He fondled and caressed them, and then moved on. Lowering their skirts, the girls went on with what they had been doing, as if nothing had happened--and in fact, nothing had, as far as they knew. He entered a classroom. Looking out at the seated students, he issued a mental command: all of the girls spread their legs. No one seemed to notice, not even the professor, who went on with his lecture without missing a beat.

Jerry strolled through the classroom, pausing here and there to inspect a particularly lovely girl. When he'd completed his inspection, he caused two of the sexiest to stand and join him at the back of the classroom.

He took them both, nosily, but the rest of the students and the instructor didn't notice. He returned the girls to their seats, his semen still visible on their lips and hands. He sauntered, unseen, into the girls' locker room in the gym. The power of the Amp ensured that none of the girls noticed him.

He sat, grinning, enjoying the numerous lovely views as girls disrobed for showers or dressed after showers. He spotted one lovely Freshman and his prick became even harder than it already was. She was petite, blonde, with firm upthrust tits and remarkable hips and thighs.

He walked up to her, sliding a tendril of control into her mind. He read her instantly, with ease. Her name was Laura. He made some simple adjustments to her mind, and allowed her to see him. "Hello, Laura," he said. She showed no surprise at seeing a strange man seemingly appear out of thin air, nor any embarassment at her state of undress before him, or even any shock that a male was at large in the girls' locker room.

All this seemed perfectly normal to her, courtesy of the Amp. For Laura, Jerry was instantly her beloved, and she was his willing slave. "Come with me," he ordered, and she followed him as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Finding a bench in the center of the locker room, he ordered her to kneel and suck his cock. Laura complied, unzipping his pants and eagerly giving head. As she did, he reached out with his mind, altering the perceptions of all those nearby. Girls began to notice what was happening.

Ordinarily, there would have been an outcry and attempts to put a stop to such 'inappropriate' behavior. But the Amp altered the responses of all who noticed the proceedings. They were compelled to draw near and watch. Compelled, but not willingly.

As Laura slurped and stroked, a dozen or more girls became 'stuck', standing helplessly nearby and watching. Jerry could feel them trying to resist, trying to pull away and call for help, but they could not.

He looked down at the young girl.

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Her whole conciousness, all of her attention, was focused on his cock. For Laura, nothing else existed, nothing else mattered.

She existed to suck and pleasure this cock. Jerry knew she would continue until she died, were he to command it. Now he looked at the growing circle of half-clad girls, his unwilling audience. One by one, he mentally ordered them to display themselves to him. Those who were more fully clothed were forced to remove their outer garments, retaining only panties and half-slips or panty-hose. They turned, bent over, and performed other motions to allow Jerry to evaluate their charms.

All did as commanded, but again unwillingly, forced by the power of the Amp. Jerry selected one of the women, a Junior named Julie.

She was a long-legged brunette with milk-white skin and small, firm tits. At his mental command, she replaced Laura at his penis, and Laura took her place in the circle of on-lookers. Slowly, Jerry had the girls do a 'rotation', taking turns giving head. Finally, he returned to Laura, who was rewarded by an enormous spurt of semen. She managed to swallow most of it, but some ran down her lips and chin.

Finally, Jerry decided to try something really spectacular. He triggered all of the girls in the room to orgasm at the same time. The orgasm was so intense that none could remain standing. He smiled, as he watched the naked horny busty babe wants his big dick semi-naked girls writhing and flopping on the tile floor of the locker room, gasping for breath and sobbing with pleasure.

He lesbian luscious babes know a lot about lechery that, over by the entrance, several girls had just entered the locker room and were still dressed in street clothing.

They too, squirmed and spasmed on the floor, overcome with orgasm. Satisfied, Jerry had one of the girls clean him up, and left the locker room. None of the girls remembered anything about what had happened during his visit, but all of the most beautiful retained subconcious mental programming which would bring them to him later. Jerry smiled, congratulating himself at the cleverness of this.

Whenever he wished, he would trigger this program, and the girl would come, helplessly, compulsively, to him. They would resist, would fight, but the program would bring them to him, and then they would join his growing harem. That night, Jerry amused himself with Bonnie, Wendy, Laura, and Julie. He had programmed Laura and Julie exactly as he had Bonnie, and the four girls served him joyously and eagerly.

Brenda and Susie had been sent out to buy sexy lingerie for busty blonde gets to taste some cum big tits and cumshot and the others. He had his new slaves suggest the names of other girls to him, and they eagerly compiled a list of the prettiest of their girlfriends. Jerry would add them to his 'family' in due course. The following evening, he left his sex toys at home (for now, Bonnie's apartment), and visited the girls' dormitory.

He walked into the lobby, where sat a Senior girl. She was the 'dorm proctor' who was supposed to prevent unauthorized males from gaining entry. The convention was that a male student would tell this attendant who he wished to see, and the proctor would call the girl down to the lobby. The proctor, a plain girl named Carol, glanced up.

She saw a beautiful coed, one she recognized as a resident, but for some reason she could not quite recall her name. This was Jerry of course, who was completely naked, with his cock already stiffening in anticipation, wearing only the glasses which contained his Amp. Carol returned to her reading, never thinking to offer a challenge to the 'girl' who passed by. Jerry rode the elevator up to the top floor of the dorm. He figured he'd work his way down. He stepped out of the elevator, and grinned at the sight which greeted him.

On the way up, he had used the Amp to issue 'instructions' to the residents of the top floor. Each girl now stood in the doorway to her room.

Each was dressed in silky nylon panties or in a shortie night gown. All stood at attention, their chests bare, eyes straight ahead, like soldiers ready for inspection.With a raging erection, Jerry commenced his 'review of the troops'. He slowly strolled down the hallway, pausing to look over the girl or girls who occupied each dorm room.

One by one, he caressed and fondled the girls. He read each one's mind, and implanted deep programming in each one. Sometimes, if he found a truly beautiful girl, he would linger. Once or twice he entered a girl's dorm room and took her.

Finally, he had completed his 'review' of the floor. At his silent command, most of the girls returned to their rooms, having forgotten completely everything which had occurred since he arrived.

A few, still dressed in lingerie, followed him as he returned to the elevator. The same scene was re-enacted on each of the floors below. Finally, Jerry emerged, still naked, on the ground floor.

Twenty young girls, dressed in next to nothing, followed him helplessly. The Amp ensured that anyone observing this parade would see only modestly dressed students, apparently bound for the library. * * * Jerry had a new idea which he thought would nicely compliment the power of his Amp.

After some experimentation, he found that he could record and play back the mental impulses that the Amp produced. He then built a small device he called a "mind bomb". It was a tiny but powerful Amp, connected to one of the new gigabit memory chips and a bit of "glue" circuitry. The whole thing occupied about one cubic centimeter. It could record up to ten minutes of mental commands and programming, and would "play back" the program upon receiving the correct signal.

Grinning, Jerry decided to give it a test. He programmed the "bomb" and put it into a fancy ladies' wrist watch. The trigger was connected to the wrist band. If the band was closed, the device would begin working. Jerry also included a small thermocouple, which would trigger the device when body heat warmed the case. Jennifer Michaels signed the UPS slip for the small box and carried it inside her apartment.

Frowning slightly, she tried to figure out who had sent her this package; she certainly hadn't ordered anything. Shaking her lovely head, she opened the box. Inside was a jewelry box with a card. The card said, "For A Pretty Lady", with no signature. She opened the jewel box and found the watch. It looked like a nice one; she decided to try it on.The instant she snapped the watch clasp close, the device was triggered.

A powerful blast of mental energy surged from the watch. Jennifer gasped, staggered, and collapsed. The device continued to emit its recorded program until its battery ran down; Jennifer's mind absorbed the program like a sponge. * * * Jerry was lounging by the pool, fondling two of his girls, and watching several others frolic in the water. Like all of his slaves, they were topless, and wore only tiny nylon panties, even in the water. A slave approached, knelt, and murmured, "Lord, there is a girl here.

She says her name is Jennifer." He patted the two toys fondly and went to greet her. When Jennifer spotted him, she fell to her knees. Using his Amp, Jerry examined her mind.

Her programming was perfect; she had responded exactly as he had expected. When Jennifer had regained conciousness, she had been under the total control of the bomb's program. She'd rushed to pack her undies and then to the airport, hurrying helplessly to his side on the first available flight. Nothing mattered to her except carrying out the commands which the device had forced into her brain.

The need to obey, to carry out the command to rush to him, sang and pulsed in her mind, blocking out all other thoughts. She still wore piss drinking sluts lucia love amp julie skyhigh pee swallow sz watch, which was now dead, its battery spent. Jen's program had been rudimentary; little more than an imperative compulsion to come to him. Jerry knew he would need to adjust her mind as he had the other slaves.

It would be a pleasure. He smiled down at Jennifer, thinking of the possibilities of his new device. * * * Becky Wilson and her mother were shopping at the mall. Becky was 18, and was exceptionally beautiful. Her legs were exceptionally long, giving her a coltish grace which was extreme even for a young girl. Her long brown hair glistened, and full sex stories all sezxy xxx soft brown eyes had an innocent and fresh puppy-dog look.

Becky and her mom had stopped for lunch. They didn't know that Jerry had been watching them for some time. As they chattered away over lunch, they didn't notice the strange man approach their table. When he sat down, Becky's mother turned coldly to him, and said, "I don't recall inviting you to join us.

Please leave our table." Jerry smiled. "I don't think so. And you should learn some manners, bitch." To Becky's surprise, her mother, instead of reacting angrily, seemed to change her attitude completely. " are right. I'm sorry. Please forgive me." "Very well, just don't let it happen again. Now why don't you introduce me to your delightful daughter?" Jerry requested.

"This is Becky. She is 18. I'm sure you will like her." She replied. "Yes, indeed," Jerry remarked. "Becky and I are going to become very close." Becky didn't understand.

What was her mother doing?

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She didn't know this strange man. And her mom was acting as if he was an old friend, or as if he had some sort of control over her. Becky became frightened."Mom, what are you doing? I don't like this.

Please send him away," she begged. "Hush, Becky. Be nice to Mr. Gilman." Her mother replied rather sternly. Jerry turned to Becky, and said, "Be quiet, little girl. Listen attentively as I give your mother her instructions." Becky found that she could not speak or make a sound. Or move. All she could do is listen helplessly as the stranger spoke to her mother.

"Spend a few hours buying Becky a new wardrobe. Only underwear and nighties. Sexy things, in nylon or silk. Baby-dolls, half-slips, bikinis. Mostly in her size, but some in other sizes.

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Don't buy too much in any one store--not enough to draw attention to yourself. Stop when you've hit the limit on all your credit cards." Jerry ordered. "Yes, Sir." Becky's mother replied.

"Bring your purchases home. Becky and I will already be there. Tell no one what you are doing, or why, or anything else about this." He continued.

"Go." "Yes, Sir." she happily answered. Becky watched, helplessly, as her mother walked off without another word, hurrying to begin her buying spree. Now Jerry turned to her. "Come, Becky," he ordered, and Becky found herself helplessly following him. He drove directly to her house. Becky didn't know how he knew where it was.

Becky let him in with a key her mother had given her. Inside, he had her take him to her bedroom. "Remove your outer clothes, girl. Leave your panties on." Helplessly, she obeyed. She stood before him, blushing furiously. "Turn around--slowly." She turned. Jerry smiled in appreciation. "Very nice. You will do nicely. Sit on the bed."She did.

Jerry began exploring her dresser. He quickly found her lingerie drawer and examined each little garment. Becky felt she would die from embarassment. She was furious, but could not say anything. He divided her undies into two piles, then pointed at one pile. "You will discard these. Never to be worn again." The rest he returned to her dresser.

"Come here." Like a puppet, she obeyed. "Becky, put on a fashion show, using the undies left in your dresser. Show each one to me, tell me about it, where you got it, why you bought it. Then put it on and model it for me. I want you to go through the entire collection. Begin." He seated himself on the bed. Becky, mortified with embarassment, found herself helplessly obeying. One by one, she took tiny bikini panties, half-slips, nighties, panty-hose, and teddies from the drawer.

With each, she faced him, held the item up for his inspection, and gave a little description: "These are flowered white panties.I.I think I got them at Nordstrom.I bought them 'cause I thought they looked nice against my tan." Then, mom and daughter and dad sex without the slightest ability to resist, she found herself removing the previous garment and donning the new one.

Once it was on, she turned around slowly, to allow Jerry to appreciate it on her body. Occasionally, he directed her to bend over or assume some other pose. Once or twice, he had her put on another item to go with one she had just put on.

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The "fashion show" seemed to go for hours and hours. At last, before she had gone through every garment, her mother returned. She carried bags and bags of lingerie into Becky's room, and still more bags. Becky's eyes widened.

There were hundreds of lovely nylon panties, slips, baby-doll nighties, and other things. A riot of soft pastel colors, florals, and shiny fabric. Recovering from her surprise at this deluge of undies, Becky pleaded to her mother, "Mom, help--he's making me do things--making me undress and show him my panties! Make him stop! I don't like it!." Her mother smiled. "Now, Becky, Jerry is our Master. We must obey him. You were born to serve and please him--that's why I raised you. I want you to be a good little slave and obey the Master.

You belong to him, now." In shock, Becky began pleading anew. But this time, Jerry made a gesture. She fell silent and approached him, still dressed only in her revealing nylon outfit. "All right. Enough of this game." Turning to the mother, he said, "I shall now bind your daughter to me, even as you are bound.

Watch as I complete her enslavement." He reached out with the Amp. With practised ease, he adjusted Becky's mind. The teen gasped, a little "oh" of surprise and pleasure, as his mind entered hers and began installing controls.

In a few moments, the process was complete. Becky, 18 burglars tied up milf and orgy fucked her old, fell to her knees in helpless worship of her Master.