Doctor fuckingblue films clips in english clips

Doctor fuckingblue films clips in english clips
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My name is Jan and I am a 29-year-old white woman. I live in the L.A. area. I'm 5'4" and weigh 125#. I have shoulder length straight brown hair, a small waist and firm C-cup tits.

I get a lot of wolf whistles and I always wiggle my tight little ass at the men that do it, to say thanks. I like to flirt and sometimes flirting turns into more. My husband, Ted never knew that I was cheating on him till I had a black baby. Neither he nor I are black but my beautiful little curvy awesome chick enjoys riding a dick is a deep ebony with very curly black hair.

About one month after we brought her home Ted left me and filed for divorce. I wasn't surprised or really unhappy about him leaving because he had changed from a sweet tender loving man to someone that cursed at me all the time, hit me and fucked me hard in all of my holes any time he felt like it with no thought of my pleasure.

He never felt the same in me after my experience with three cocks that were all bigger than his average six inches. I found that loved the feeling of having my holes stretched and filled full.

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He made me stay home and naked all the time. He said it was so I would be ready any time he felt like fucking the shit out of my nigger loving holes. Ted was a real bigot. I didn't completely mind the change in the way he treated me sexually as I enjoyed being fucked hard and nasty and called names like slut and whore and bitch, but the flirty lesbo babes are stretching and fist fucking anal holes abuse was hard to take.

We both knew that the other had slept around some before we met because we met at a sex party and we had done some wife swapping a couple of times with his friends, but except when we did it together he did not think that I was letting anyone else between my legs.

Because of the evidence, he got a quick, uncontested divorce and did not have to pay child support. He did pay me enough to pay the rent, utilities and food each month and had to do that for ten years or till I got married again. I don't know who the father of my little baby girl was because I had to have gotten pregnant one night when I let three black men pick me up at a bar and take me to a motel. I spent several hours fucking and sucking the three of them and they filled all three of my fuckable holes with several big loads of their black seed.

I never asked their names or saw them again. It wasn't normal for me to go with black men.

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That was the first time, but that night, after two strong rum and cokes it just felt like the right thing to do when one of them bought me another drink at the bar. I don't know if it was because I had always heard that blacks were bigger or the thrill of doing something that most people thought was very wrong, but I always found myself looking at the black men in any group feet fuck hairy pussy and face fuck men and wondering what it would be like to sleep with one.

That night I found out and it changed my life. I know that it's not true that all black men are hung like a horse but the three I had been with were all on the large but not huge side and I really liked the full feeling they gave me. I found myself often looking at men's bulges, especially black men, and guessing how big they were hung.

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On an average the blacks had bigger bulges. I had enough money to be able to get a sitter a couple times a week so I could go out, and after about two months from when Ted moved out I found myself going out a couple times a week. Without giving it much thought I started going to bars that were most frequently the hang out of black people. There were always a few other white women at these bars but seldom any white guys. My third night out I was at this old bar on the other side of the tracks.

Tyrone came over, introduced himself and bought me a drink. He sat next to me at the bar and started to talk. It was just small talk till he reached over and took my hand and put it on his crotch. "Ya like big cocks?" I didn't try to pull my hand away as I felt the large lump in his pants.

"You the best lookin hoe that's been in here fo a long time" he said as he stood up from his stool, took my hand and had me follow him. I let him lead me into the back room without saying a word. On the floor of the back room was an old mattress with mistress rhiannon fucks her boyfriend in the kitchen lot of stains on it.

Tyrone pushed me down onto the mattress and fished out his manhood. In front of my face hung the biggest piece of man meat that I had ever seen. Soft, it had to be over nine inches and very thick. I promptly put one hand around the base of it and locked my lips over the head.

The head just barely fit in my mouth. I started pumping my hand up and down his shaft while sucking and licking the swelling cock in my mouth. It grew as I sucked and stroked it, and he had shoved about four inches into my mouth, stretching it wide.

It wasn't long before he had gotten hard.

I leaned back to get a look at his dick. I bet it would have almost reached the end of a foot long ruler.

He quickly took my head in his large hands and pulled me back onto his cock. "Suck it slut. Suck my big black cock. Make me give you my cum." He shoved half of himself into my mouth, causing me to gag, and then started fucking in and out of my mouth like he was fucking my cunt.

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I thought that monster cock was going to split me wide open. He never took his fingers out of my hair. Tyrone lasted a long time and never let me rest. Finally he blasted his load into me.

The first shot was in my mouth but then he pulled out and jerked it. Rope after rope of his thick white cum covered my face and went in my hair and all over my tits, getting my blouse all messed up.

It felt like he had spewed a quart of jiz on me. He stepped away and for the first time I saw that there were four other black men watching me give Tyrone a blowjob. Tyrone stepped back and the next guy stepped up.

I teen big breast fuck father up giving five blowjobs before it was over.

My face and hair were covered in cum and my blouse was soaked with it. My jaw ached and the back of my mouth hurt from being bashed by cockheads so many times. They led me back into the bar and stood me in the middle of the room. I was totally embarrassed as everyone starred at me and many of them laughed. I went home, stopping at a gas station to get cleaned up as best I could.

When I went to the counter to get the restroom key, the man working the counter smiled at me and said that he had better show me where the extra paper towels were.

He went into the restroom with me and he got a blowjob too. He was white but was pretty well hung. As I left he smiled and said, "Have a nice night and come again." When I got home I was still a mess. The babysitter gave me a strange look as I paid her and she left for home. I lay in bed for quite some time thinking about that night and how I had turned into a mom and dughter boy friend fuck com man's whore.

I relived the feeling of having big black cocks stretching my jaw wide open over and over as they stroked into my mouth and then blew their loads. I knew that I had wanted each and every cock that had used my mouth for its pleasure that night.

My pussy was wet just thinking about it. I finally got some sleep.

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I stayed home for about two weeks before I just had to go out again. I got the sitter and said that I did not know what time I would be home.

She was eighteen so I did not have to get her home early. I started out not knowing where I would go but I ended up driving to the same bar that I was at last time.

As I sat at the bar with my first drink, one of the other white girls came over to me. "You haven't been here for a while." "I wasn't sure I would come back after what happened to me the last time I was here but here I am." "There's going to be a big party at Frank's house tonight.

Just about everybody that's here will be there and some more. Why don't you come?" "I downed my drink in one gulp and thought for just a second. "Count me in." 1111